is his last name richards


I could see all the stuff that was special to me. All the stuff that matters. I love you, Shelly. And I wanna spend my time with that. I mean, you know, if that’s okay with you.

  • [at a restaurant]
  • Dick: Man, this turkey sandwich is so good. I’m so glad we came here.
  • Jason: I know, the food is always great here, and it’s great value.
  • Damian: You guys are so positive, it’s great. I know some people that are negative and they can’t see anything good in anything, and people like that just aren’t very pleasant to be around.
  • Tim: you guys, I’m right here…
  • Damian: what?
  • Tim: I said I’m right here. You guys are talking about me like I’m not here and I don’t like what you’re saying about me.
  • Jason: Tim, I don’t think he was talking about you.
  • Tim: How can he not be?! You guys know how much I hate sandwiches and love being negative!
  • Dick: I didn’t know you hated sandwiches…
  • Tim: I’m eating soup, Dick, and it’s like 100 degrees outside!
  • Dick: that makes sense…
  • Damian: I’m not talking about you, Tim.
  • Tim: promise?
  • Damian: promise.
  • Tim: Sorry guys, I don’t wanna be that guy who’s always so prideful and not willing to back down, and probably pops up his collar…
  • Dick: you guys, I’m right here!
  • Tim: Dick, I didn’t mean you…
  • Dick: I can’t help it that I’m more confident than you guys! Sure, I’m physically built as if Michelangelo chiselled me from stone, but don’t put that on me!
  • Tim: Oh, so you’re a little cocky. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Dick: And the truth comes out — you know what? Most of the time I’m just acting confident to hide my insecurities! I don’t wanna be the guy who’s overly sensitive about everything…
  • Steph: *gasps* I’m right here!
  • Damian: do we know you?
  • Steph: you don’t remember me?!
  • Damian: oh, fatgirl! You’re not the type of person we normally forget…
  • Duke: guys, I’m right here!
  • Jason: how long have you been there?!
  • Duke: I drove you all here!
  • Jason: I remember being driven here by a faceless blob…
  • Duke: Yeah, yeah, I know. I was voted most forgettable in my high school. Didn’t end up in the year book, they forgot, but at least I’m not one of those people who steals food from other people’s plates!
  • Damian: *whilst stealing food from Jason’s plate* Duke! Dick’s
  • right there!
  • Tim: Wait! We have to go, the movie starts soon. It looks like we’re gonna have to take main-street, the cops just shut down the freeway because they’re looking for a homicidal maniac.
  • Jason: guys! I’m right here!

exy-king  asked:

I have no idea what kind of stuff you're into writing, but i've been super curious about this idea for a while and how differently it can be written, so, if you're up for it, consider: Andrew's stint in juvie, and coming to terms with liking men, or even being attracted to/'crushing' on a boy for the first time. It can be angsty or dark or smutty or literally whatever, do what you like with it!

Hi! So sorry this took so long! I toyed around with what I wanted to do with this and where I wanted it to go for a long time. I have decided that I’m going to make this a chapter fic that will go through each of andrew’ s big moments with his sexuality in juvie! So here is chapter one!

tw: remembered abuse, panic attack

Andrew didn’t know his brother but he hated him. If he would’ve just fucked off when Andrew told him to Andrew wouldn’t be stuck in this place.

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The Fall - talon!damian au

Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne
Summary: They never knew what it was going to take to get Damian’s memories back. Turned out to be the smallest thing in the world.
A/N: I always wanted something ridiculously minuscule to be the thing that triggered Damian’s memories, and I always wanted it to be something related to Dick. Just because his memories are back though, doesn’t mean his struggles are over. Now he has to deal with what happened to him, and the guilt of what he did as a Talon. But that’s a fic for another day. Based off the song ‘The Fall’ by Imagine Dragons, which always struck me as a perfect Dick and Damian song. So I’ll probably use it again one day, in a non-AU setting. But for now, use it as supplemental listening for this, because it’s wonderful.

Other Talon!Damian stories


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For many years now, Richard’s birthday had been dull and sad. Not a day like any other, no, but a day of brooding and regret, of melancholy and sadness.

Richard’s birthdays had been lonely, too.

Driving himself deeper and deeper into his work, it was rare that he noticed the lack of private life. The lack of people. Of family and friends. Work covered up for the fact that he had none. Of course, being asked, he denied that. Counted the many colleagues he’d have drinks with after work and who sometimes invited him for a barbeque or a dinner as friends and companions. But the truth was that he was lonely. The truth was that he was withdrawn and shielded.

He knew how to socialize. He went for drinks when he was invited. He attended the Christmas parties of his department dutifully.

But all of this felt superficial and hollow.

Behind the façade, he was alone.

It was days like Christmas and his birthday that made it painfully obvious.

Of course, he always got a cake at the station. Of course, his colleagues and subordinates gathered each year and sang a song for him. Of course, he got the typical practical, yet anonymous gifts.

Ties. Tie clips. Mugs. Gift cards. Scarves. A bottle of fine wine. A silver frame he couldn’t fill with any meaningful picture. All of it strangely sterile and neutral.

Birthdays had never been days to look forward to. Especially not when it started to snow early. This made everything even more depressing and lonely.

But things had drastically changed about a year ago, when Sonny had crashed into his life without finesse or elegance. Back in a cold, wet alley.

He’d even spent last Christmas with him. He’d started kissing Richard and allowed Richard to kiss him in return. Richard had offered that he could move in. And Sonny had done that.

Richard had asked him to quit his job. And Sonny had done that, too.

Richard had fallen in love.

Things weren’t easy, by all means. His life had become awfully complicated and dangerous.

But also wonderful and filled with joy.

Richard was in heaven and hell at the same time.

In heaven when he woke up to the little cherub smiling and quietly snoring in their bed. In heaven when he fell asleep curled up around the small warm body at night.

It wasn’t even hell when his flat appeared like a battlefield when he came home.

It was hell when Sonny had one of his teenage tantrums and left to pick up anonymous guys to fuck him. It was hell when Sonny told Richard how much he hated him.

It was also hell when Richard couldn’t sleep all night because of the dangerous game they were playing.

He’d become a little paranoid, even. Scared of discovery and the fatal consequences. Scared that their perfect little idyll might pop like a soap bubble. One all too curious eye, one all too sensitive ear would be enough. And everything would be lost.

Not only had he – the Commissioner of the District’s Purity Force, dutiful and honourable - an affair with a minor, he had a homosexual affair with a minor. (It was an affair, wasn’t it? Not something like a relationship. That would be ridiculous to believe, right?)

And sometimes, the sheer terror of picturing that bubble pop, of losing his job and his home and his freedom and above all Sonny robbed Richard of his sleep and peace of mind and serenity.

Thankfully, these episodes never lasted long. Thankfully, there was usually a half-naked Sonny bouncing through the loft or pouncing on him from behind. A bright and cheerful laughter coming from the bathroom. A reassuring touch. These things kept the shadows at bay.

It didn’t even matter that he didn’t know Sonny’s real last name or his birthday and that Sonny denied an answer whenever Richard asked. It didn’t even matter that his confessions of love remained unanswered.

It didn’t feel as awkward and strange as it should whenever he got no reply.

But Richard had discovered that he didn’t need it.

He loved Sonny. And Sonny didn’t love him.

That was… alright. Not really, of course, because the human heart was greedy and unreasonable, but Richard was happy that, at least, Sonny wanted him. Needed him. Lived with him.

It was enough and Richard was modest.

He hadn’t really expected anything for his birthday. Not really. Anything Sonny would have bought him as a gift would have been paid with money from Richard’s wallet anyway. Maybe he’d hoped for a kind word and a kiss. Maybe he’d hoped for a handwritten card. Because whenever Sonny managed to read or write something out it filled Richard with pride. Their lessons were frustrating and difficult and often ended with Sonny throwing a fit, but it was worth it. And Richard was ridiculously proud of every tiny progress and success.

But when Richard woke up, a toe almost stuck in his nose and Sonny’s nose rubbing against his knee – he had given up wondering how the boy ended up in such positions sometimes – when he greeted his angel boy and kissed his ankle, when he waited with a hint of anticipation for Sonny’s answer… nothing happened. There was no happy birthday. Not even a tease about how old he’d become.

There was nothing.

Sonny behaved like it was a day like any other, groaned and rolled over.

He’d forgotten.

And this shouldn’t sting so horribly. This shouldn’t feel so disappointing and painful.

They had only an affair, after all. Richard was lucky that a little rentboy like Sonny would move in with him and give up his job. He should feel happy and lucky for all of these things. Expecting him to remember his birthday on top of all had probably been too daring and overconfident.

And still, it hurt. Still, his heart sunk into his stomach and formed a strange hard lump there.

They didn’t always eat breakfast together. Sonny loved to sleep in. And Richard loved Sonny. So, often enough, he just bent down to kiss his little angel boy and told him to stay in bed a little longer, let the tired mumbles fill his heart with warmth and love for the day before leaving the bed.

He usually made breakfast for Sonny, too, placing it on a tray for whenever the boy would wake up.

Today, he didn’t even make breakfast for himself, even though Sonny got up with him. Richard just felt the urge to leave. He didn’t want the hard lump become something upset. He didn’t want to make a scene because Sonny behaved like any other day. Because Sonny had forgotten.

So he just pretended being late and having a coffee at work.

The message came around lunchtime, a subtle buzz in the pocket of his jacket announcing another arriving text or picture. Both could mean a disaster. It could be anything, from a silly message full of mistakes and typos to a devastating picture of a naked stranger in a hotel room. From a complaint about not enough leftover gummy bears to another one of the Wondrous Adventures of Sonny’s Dick. These made Richard laugh. They made him laugh and hard, made him sweat and scared again. These messages were like Russian Roulette.

And every buzz or beep pushed Richard into a state of mixed feelings, something between terror and anticipation.

He’d told Sonny how dangerous this game of his was. He’d told him in how much trouble he could get both of them. He’d told him that – even though he was appreciating the gesture and the undeniable splendour and grandiosity of Sonny’s cock – Richard would much rather see it in person than at work on a tiny screen. With people walking behind him. People with curious eyes.

But Sonny had never stopped.

And Richard had never dared delete these masterpieces.

He knew Sonny was bored at home. And for two or three months now Richard was contemplating the thought of getting him a pet. Someone to take care of. But it was a difficult choice. Sonny would find fish boring. He’d find a cat disappointing whenever it would reject or ignore him. And Richard was afraid of giving something as fragile and small like a hamster or a rabbit into Sonny’s overeager hands.

He’d thought a dog might be a good choice. A small one, since he didn’t own a garden or a big house.

A Jack Russell or Yorkshire Terrier, he’d thought. A Welsh Corgi or French Bulldog maybe, or a Beagle. Definitely something small. Richard just hadn’t decided yet. But it was obvious that Sonny needed a little companion. Someone who’d keep him company and would distract him from his boredom while Richard was at work. Someone who’d keep Sonny from going out and tending to old bad habits again, too.

It was obvious that the boy was bored.

A dog might save his loft the horrible fate of total destruction due to pent up teenage energy.

The content of Sonny’s message pushed away all thoughts about dogs and dicks in an instant, though. Instead, it brought a huge smile on Richard’s face and for a moment he found it strangely difficult to fight the tears as his heart beat in his throat.

The content of Sonny’s message wasn’t a picture of his dick. Or of a naked stranger. Or an addition to the groceries list.

It was the picture of a decadent birthday cake. Next to it Sonny’s ragged little plush bunny wearing a ridiculous birthday hat in screaming colours. Sonny was nowhere to be found on the picture, but Richard could swear he’d worn a hat as well while taking the photo.

The picture came with the message: We didn’t forget.

A short text was typical for Sonny, but Richard felt a warm wave of pride whenever he didn’t find any spelling mistake or typo in them. No matter how short. No matter how silly. He was proud of Sonny.

And this message was so much better than dick pictures and anonymous gifts at work.

With shaking fingers, feverish and grinning like an idiot, he typed: You’re amazing. I want to come home and give you a hug. I just decided I will leave work early. I’m going to finish this one thing and then come home. Should be there in an hour or two.

No “I love you” or “miss you” at work. Nothing that could give him away. Nothing too obvious. Although Richard doubted that most of his texts were subtle. But at least he tried.

He was done after fifty minutes and sped home, ignoring all speed limits on the way.

Sometimes it was helpful to be a cop.

His heart was jumping and dancing now and he felt giddy as though he’d never had a birthday before.

Sonny hadn’t forgotten, after all.