is her hair even that color


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RULES: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture

i tag @audiocircus, @asleepmoodlet, @simulatedsimmer and anyone else who wants to do it!

So I was asked to do some headcanons for my shiny cutiefly, Chou, (which is now a Ribombee now as ya’ll can see) I bred for a while ago, and I figured why not? :3

* When she first hatched, she was the most timid cutiefly I’ve ever met. She’d try to hide herself in pieces of eggshell from when she hatched.

* She always flew around so fast that it was hard to see her, even with her bright pink color. It was also pretty easy for her to blend in with all my fuzzy clothes and she’d often sleep inside the sleeves of my sweaters.

* She was always so startled by loud noises (like me sometimes) so when we hear a noise we both jump a little and Chou will try to hide in my hair.

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1/ As a WOC from a third world country in Asia who started watching TXF when I was 5 when it started airing in my country, I can honestly say that Scully had zero effect on my life even though I remember her very clearly from when I was a kid. I was wowed by her hair--it's a very unique color--but I couldn't relate to her at all. Her white Christian family life didn't make sense to me, the freedoms she was allowed as a white woman were alien to me (like being able to pull a gun in an airport???)

2/ Scully had no effect on my life, but Mulder and Scully’s relationship (pre-romance) had a huge effect on my life, because a man and woman being partners and being emotionally intimate but not romantic was just an alien concept in general, throughout the world, and when I was a kid, and even now when I’m rewatching (although less now because I want them to kiss lol), I absolutely loved that they were friends but not romantic partners. This is however a v personal effect for me in particular.

3/ Most of my friends watched TXF too, but all the ones who went into STEM fields, including me (I’m working towards becoming a medical doctor), honestly forgot Scully. None of us would ever cite her as an inspiration for any of our choices (except maybe a hair color or two). She was somewhat memorable as a leading lady in a show when there were few leading ladies who weren’t actually just love interests, and TXF was a memorable show because of its nature, but there was no Scully Effect for us.

4/ 80% the POC international students I’ve met in America, and POC American students, never watched TXF and don’t even know who Scully is. While this is obviously just anecdotal evidence and not statistics, I’d say that the Scully Effect is very white woman-centric. TXF is by no means an intersectional show, and in a lot of ways it’s not progressive even by white feminist standards. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like it needs to be critiqued for all its shortcomings as well.

+ + + + 

Thank you so much for your perspective, anon!  I appreciate the time and thought you put into these responses!  You definitely brought up some things I hadn’t considered.

One thing I’ve noticed about some of the media I’ve watched that originated in Asian countries (not trying to generalize here, and most of what I’ve seen is from India) is that it can be rare to have portrayals of m+f friendships, and the strength of that facet of M&S’ relationship remains very important to me (although honestly, a lot of American media isn’t any more positive in its portrayals, as certain friends are coded non-romantic due to ethnicity or other social factors, or bullshit love triangles abound, or there’s *friendzoning*, which is complete nonsense).  I’m glad it was meaningful for you as well.

As a person who didn’t start watching TXF until Season 8, when arguably its influence on media and pop culture had almost completely faded, the show had little influence on my choices either, although I did find it somewhat more relatable.  It is a bit cringy by current standards, and wasn’t entirely progressive even in the 90s, but I’m glad so many of us have found something valuable or lovable in it.  

So I’ve been thinking about Fox and Bunny a lot lately (I even had a cool dream about them last night >w<), and while driving I would listen to “Try, Try Again” from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which sounded very Underswap to me. It made me want to draw them in “Underswap form,” so here they are!

Try, Try Again:

@phaunicier and @bun-bunmuse I hope the two of you like it and I hope you’re both doing well. 

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One of the million things that bugs me about glee is how they ruined Tina .. RIB could have done so much with her character but they decided to use the same story line over and over (Rachel doesn't get her way, sings about it, talks for five minutes trying to prove a useless point, gets her way, sings about it) And when they put her in the spotlight did it negatively. also how they dressed Mercedes so stereotypically and the whole Mercedes/west side storY THING don't even get me startED

someone made a post saying that they eevntually just tried to turn tina into rachel and IM SO ANGRY BC THE Y ARE RIGHT ;__;

tina suddenly switched from goth to super bright colors to eventually having very similar hair and clothes to rachel. she looked better in them but it made me mad bc tina was a REALLY neat character in s1-2! then they made her rachel’s #1 fan for some..reasON.

yo i can write ESSAYS about the shitty ass WSS plot LOL. it still angers me how mercedes was seen as immature and rude for not wanting to split a role that she worked her ass off for? 

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Oh my god they do have the same eyes! Eye shape. I thought it was just their face shape. But jeez. I'm amazed they're not related IRL. Seeing them together like that in your post makes me long for a gifset comparing Liv/Aaron's looks. I can't believe one hasn't been made. Better casting than Buffy and Dawn.

The similarities really are remarkable. I noticed other small similarities when looking at those gifs. They almost have the same chin shape and they have the same laugh lines above their mouths. Everything is almost spot on except their hair coloring. I’m also convinced that Isobel studied Danny’s mannerisms. She does the same lip bite, the downturned mouth like “I have no idea what you’re talking about”, the way she touches her face sometimes, the exasperated eye rolls and she even does the sweaterpaws a lot. Kudos to the casting department.

I would love to see a big gifset like that. Which of my lovely mutuals is taking prompts because this would be amazing to see.



afghafuckin’ WOW.

So I commissioned @yliseryn to draw Allura in my wedding dress because personal vanity and LOOK AT THIS PERFECTION. She even threw in an appropriate Shiro reaction shot. xD And Allura’s holding my bouquet and the ribbon color is the same and omg OH MY GOD the lighting and her hair and look how happy she is and it will take me a bit to formulate actual words to describe this RIP my writing ability. #__#

Anyways since I’m still upset about Tiana how about the fact that she’s the only Disney Princess since Aurora to literally only have one animated feature centered on her? Besides a 3-5 minute cameo on Sofia The First, Tiana has not been seen in any other animation (or live action for that matter).

Aurora had a straight-to-video short

Cinderella and Belle had multiple tv/straight-to-video movies

Ariel and Jasmine both had multiple movies and TV series based on their movies

Mulan and Pocahontas both got (admittedly bad) animated sequels

Rapunzel had an animated short and is getting a tv series, and I don’t even have to mention Anna and Elsa’s copious media.

They literally??? Could have addressed all the issues they had with the first movie (displaying their leads of color as frogs ¾ths of the movie, Tiana having to work during the entire thing, her hair never being out, etc) with a short, tv movie, or a series

Explain that.

screen portrayals of jo march ranked by butchness

I’ve never seen any of these but does jo even cut her hair off in any of them? has anyone even read the book?

katharine hepburn (1933)

sorry katharine, but there’s just nothing redeeming here. I guess she’s leaning against the mantel? that’s a little butch.

1980 anime christmas special

pretty bad. the mom wears some kind of waistcoat thing in this so I don’t know why they put jo in this weird ruffled dress with that ugly brooch

susan day (1978)

wrong hair color, but they still got her mostly right. the plaid on plaid makes up for the bow. (she marries william shatner in this movie)

june allyson (1949)

this is a butch outfit. the colors are really masculine and I like the collar and that weird square pattern. they could have taken it a lot further, but a really good effort. also the first google image result was from afterellen, so I’m giving her points for that. I would probably marry this woman.

winona ryder (1994)



from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco (x) (x)

Old Hollywood Trivia

Dolores del Rio : Reportedly slept for 16 hours a day to maintain her beauty.

Marlene Dietrich: She was the first German actress to be nominated for an Academy Award.

- Marlene was one of the first artists to use surgical tape to pull back the skin on her face, thus giving her a ‘facelift’. She hid the tape in her hairline or under a wig.

Jean Harlow : She was the first actress with ‘platinum blonde’ hair.
Her hairdresser used peroxide, ammonia, Clorox and Lux flakes to create the color.Obviously, the mixture was toxic for her hair and near the end of her life Jean wore wigs because her hair was falling out.

- Jean and fellow actress Hedy Lamarr were the primary inspirations for Catwoman.

Ava Gardner : When she was a teenager she had a big crush on future co-star Clark Gable.

- Although Ava drank plenty, she did not even like the taste of alcohol. She often drank because she was shy and nervous and it
helped her feel at ease in social situations and in front of the camera

Katharine Hepburn : As a child, Katharine cut her hair off, wore boys’ clothes and made people call her Jimmy.

- When she was growing up, it was normal in the Hepburn household to take ice-cold baths or showers daily.
She continued to do this for the rest of her life and would give it as health advice to people.

James Stewart : He was head male cheerleader at Princeton.

- James was one of the first stars to receive a percentage of the gross of his movies, a common practice today

Elizabeth Taylor : She was known to be at least ten minutes late for everything.
So at her request, her funeral began 15 minutes after it was scheduled to begin.

- She was reportedly so poorly educated that she needed to use her fingers to do basic arithmetic,something that bothered and emberassed her when she started seeing the intelligent Richard Burton.

Cary Grant : He sunbathed everyday for thirty minutes to ‘keep that healthy glow’.

- He was very good friends with his colleague Ingrid Bergman.
Cary was one of the few who supported her throughout her notorious affair with director Rossellini and he accepted her Best Actress Oscar for her in 1958 while she was in exile in Italy.

Grace Kelly : All of her leading men were old enough to be her father
(with the exception of William Holden, who was 11 years older than her)

- In her senior yearbook, her classmates predicted that she was certain ‘to become a great stage and screen star’.


One more time, I blame @pimpdaddysebastian for this. Here’s +1k words of barista!Bucky headcanons.

Bucky’s job isn’t very exciting or fancy or classy at all but he loves it anyway. Every morning, he opens up the small coffee shop in Brooklyn and waits for the ever up and coming flow of people coming in and out with their coffees everyday.

He puts his long hair up in a tight bun, cleans up his stubble a little bit and serve everyone in the kindest way he can – even when people don’t seem to care about kindness at all.

It’s a slow day when she comes in for the first time. There’s barely 3 people scattered across the room but she still chooses the farthest spot around before bringing out a pile of books, several colored pens and notes plus her laptop. He swears he tries to hold the thought because that’s most definitely something he should not think about but she’s just way too pretty for him to ignore.

Their first interaction goes as good as it can be but even so, Bucky doesn’t think she’ll be back. Too much flirting, he thinks to himself once he’s about to close the shop later in the night, too unprofessional.

She surprises him in the next day when she comes to him in the counter and asks for his opinion about the greatest drink in their menu. Then, the next day again. And the next.

He’s labelling her as a regular by the middle of the second week and by the end of it, he’s writing messages on her cups that makes her smile every time once she sits on her usual spot. He catches that moment every day but he never mentions it to her. Even after they get together.

She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to say her order anymore because he knows. She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to look for a spot because he always make sure her usual one is available. She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to buy anything to eat because he always sneaks up a pastry for her.

(Sometimes it’s on the house and sometimes it isn’t. Bucky pays for it occasionally but he figures she doesn’t need to know that).

There’s this one day that his shift ends while she’s still there and he can’t help but go to her to see if she’s satisfied. That day also happens to be the first day they spend together. Maybe our first date, as she says to him in their first anniversary. Their first date of many, given she started waiting for his shift to end almost every day from that moment on.

Bucky realizes she’s way more than just a crush when she arrives at the coffee shop later than usual with puffy eyes and red cheeks. An exam gone wrong and she’s upset and he’s suddenly asking for an early leave, just so he could stay with her rather than just watching from the counter.

It takes some time until they officially start dating but his co-workers at the shop say that he’d been dating her since the moment she stepped in the place.

Their life isn’t fancy or classy at all but neither of them would have it in another way. It can sound silly to other people’s ears but the domesticity they live in is just enough for them and to be honest, with the amount of stress they endure every day, it’s just what they need.

A part of their life revolves around cooking and baking and Bucky is pretty sure she’d say it’s her favorite.

Working in a coffee shop earns him some pretty mad skills with food in general, while her constant studying and working routine gives little to no time to think about cooking at all, leaving her to rely on takeout menus constantly. Bucky never really says it but she just can’t seem to cook or bake at all.

But she’s a good helper when it strikes in him to do a new recipe, even if she ends up sitting on the kitchen’s counter while eating half of the ingredients before it makes to the bowl.

Sometimes she tries to cook under his supervision when she finds a nice recipe in the internet and more often than not, they end up in the nearest grocery store with way too much ingredients and unnecessary things on their basket. Still, 99% of the time the recipe fails.

(Though she blames him. Apparently, it’s impossible to cook with her body all wrapped up in your big arms, Bucky, and your chest pressed against my back. Jesus!).

The takeout menus are still there but with time they’re totally forgotten over his homecooked meals and fresh baked pastries that she swoons and kisses him for everytime. Bucky knows he doesn’t have much to offer but he loves the fact that he can do this for his girl and that she loves it so much.

Pancakes and fresh coffee in the morning that results in content hums against his mouth, nuzzles against his neck and lazy thank you’s until she realizes she’s late for class. Instagram food posts that she jokingly sends while asking for him to cook only to come back home to the said dish and a cute dinner.

She has credit in this too, given she’s the one who introduces him to different and peculiar types of food and sweets like Japanese seafood flavored Kit-Kats and hot chili lollipops. She’s the one who suggests a day out every week just so they can taste weird food.

(She’s the one who comes up with the idea but she never finishes what they buy).

But there’s normal restaurants and new introduced dishes that it suddenly becomes his new favorite. There’s feeding each other between laughs and scooping a little bit of the other’s dessert. There’s kisses that tastes like wine and tomato sauce or chocolate and strawberry.  There’s finding out new restaurants and cheap diners and low-key bars with acoustic music and a local singer.

Also, it’s funny how people at the coffee shop are already used to her presence.

Sometimes she just pays these little visits and Bucky starts to notice that not just his co-workers but other regular clients also know her. It’s pretty impossible not to, even more when they make a point of asking about your girl, Barnes, or when they tease him to death with the help of his co-workers.

Ever the worried and busy woman she is, Bucky isn’t surprised to know she often overworks herself with study and her job. She’s incredibly smart and he genuinely admires how dedicated she is.

He’s seen her spend nights awake just to finish a college paper, he’s seen her cry in frustration over that one subject she didn’t understand while studying for an exam, he’s seen her run up and down the city in order to do something for her boss. There isn’t much he can do to help except his little things.

Back rubs and massages and 5 minute breaks when she needs to stay up until late, tea and coffee and sweet pastries and sweet good luck kisses in the next day when she’s got dark circles around her eyes. Slow readings and quizzes when she needs to grasp a hard subject. A way or two of carrying her up to the bed when she falls asleep in weird positions on her desk. A celebration coffee as he waits for her outside the university building after a good exam.

Their first five years together pass by as a lightning.

She’s nearly over with college after several times of him leaving hickeys on her neck and thighs, almost getting her in trouble for it, after several glares when she sees him at the coffee shop, after several of his smirks as a reply.

She’s nearly over with college when he buys her a puppy, brown and caramel and grizzly with blue eyes that she insists it looks like him.

She’s nearly over with college when he realizes that maybe, this is just the beginning.

And then, it’s her graduation day and he feels like he can burst with pride and joy for her but also of nervousness because nobody knows, but there’s a little red box inside his black tuxedo that might change everything for them.

(It changes. But just for the better).

It makes me so happy when you remember the little things that I told you on our first date. Even the things that I wouldn’t ever remember saying, you somehow manage to recover them from your memory.
That’s how I know that you were in love. When you’re in love, you remember the little things- you remember their favorite color, the way their hair looked, the way their eyes lit up when they talked about their fears and motivations. Although it’s just a distant memory, and I barely remember most of the things we even talked about, I still vividly remember the way you looked into my eyes when I walked up to you. So captivated. So intrigued. So in love. Those deep brown eyes pulled me in oh so fast, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fall back out… and I’m okay with that.
—  i’m in love with the little things //

I wish harry got to know more about the marauders era so we can find out more too. imagine remus, sirius, and harry just sitting by the fireplace eating treacle tart and talking about anything but the war   

  • maybe talk about the pranks they used to pull at hogwarts 
  • and how they kept track of the amount detentions they got
  • james and sirius would always be neck-to-neck trying to get more detentions than the other 
  • and how sirius colored mcgonagall’s robes neon colors for an entire week 
  • and talk about how lily became like a sister to them 
  • she also joined in on their pranking 
  • and helped peter with his essay 
  • and how the five of them would sit around the common room laughing and talking till someone complained to mcgonagall and she came in at 2 in the morning with her hair in a messy bun wearing a neon pink robe looking like she’s about to murder them, and they just laugh even more until they’re crying 
  • telling harry the little sweet moments between james and lily 
  • and even better, getting a pensieve and showing harry all the moments the five used to have
  • so harry can know more about his parents than just the fact he looks like them