is he.. tugging at his ears

“Hello. Ahem Mr. Claus?” The male says into his phone, clearing his throat, “Mr. Santa Claus?” He gives the person next to him a wink before grinning down at his daughter, “Yes hi. I’m calling on behalf of my daughter who just wants to thank you for all your hard work even during the non-Christmas days and to make sure that you know that she wants the new Moana doll for Christmas.” Dani tugs at his shirt, brows furrowing as she whispers into his ear, “Oh okay she also wants me to tell you that if another kid deserves it more and you run out, she’ll understand.” Jeremy gives his daughter a thumbs up, “I think you’re getting the doll, baby girl.” Though he quickly turns to the person beside him, “Sorry. Sorry. Fatherly duties. Want me to put in a good word for you with the Big Man?” He teases.

DeanCas Coda to 12.05

So, uh, guess what, Sunshine?”

Castiel smiles at Dean’s enthusiasm, grinning at the tinny voice in his ear. Resettling on the lumpy motel bed, he crosses his socked feet at the ankles and tugs on his tie. “What?”

I killed Hitler.”

Unconsciously, Cas’s head tilts to the side. “You… killed Hitler.”

Yep,” Dean replies. The angel can practically see his hunter’s chest puff up with pride as he struggles to contain his glee. “I killed motherfucking Adolf Hitler. I punched him, and then I killed him. I killed Hitler.”

A frown. “Dean… not that I doubt your skill or prowess, but—Hitler killed himself years ago. He’s already dead.”

No. No he’s not. Because the thule put him in a fancy-ass nazi pocketwatch and brought him back—and then I ganked him. Cas, your boyfriend—huh?” 

There’s some shuffling on the line, and Cas can hear Sam and Dean speaking and then bickering before the former’s voice filters through the speaker: “Hey, Cas.”

Sam Winchester sounds incredibly unenthused.

“Sam,” the angel replies. “Is everything… alright?”

Oh yeah. I mean, other than the fact that Dean won’t shut up about—fine, yeah! Fucking—jesus, Dean, stop! I’m telling him, alright! Fuck—” A heaving sigh. “Cas, Dean killed Hitler. I saw him do it—Stop it! There. Are you happy now?!?”

The phone changes hands again and Dean is smiling through the receiver. “So,” he grins.

“So.” Cas can’t stop himself from huffing a laugh. “This world owes you a great debt of gratitude, Mr. Winchester. On behalf of all of us, I thank you.”

Well y’know,” the hunter says, overly casual. “Just doin’ my duty.”

“You must have been very brave.”

Dean’s voice pitches low. Cas’s smile widens. “Oh, I was, Sunshine. The bravest. You’ve never seen, um… uh. Yeah.” He clears his throat. “Real brave.”

“Bravery should be rewarded,” Castiel murmurs.


“That was more or less my thinking, yes.”

“…I miss you,” Dean says, suddenly sounding vulnerable. “Is it really dumb that I just wanna kiss you right now?”

“I don’t think so,” Castiel replies. His voice is soft and his heart is warm. “I want to kiss you, too.”

In your text, you said you’ll be done tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” Cas confirms. “I’ll probably be back by about eleven.”

I think I can handle that,” Dean hums. “FYI: the first thing I’m expecting when you get out of that POS pickup truck is a congratulatory kiss.”

“Because you killed Hitler,” Castiel teases.

He’s certain Dean nods.

Because I killed friggin’ Hitler.”


— Broken? Me? Oh no, Ana. Just the opposite.” He reaches out and takes my hand. “You’re my lifeline,” he whispers, and he kisses my knuckles before pressing my palm against his. 
With his eyes wide and full of fear, he gently tugs my hand and places it on his chest over his heart—in the forbidden zone. His breathing quickens. His heart is beating a frantic, pounding tattoo beneath my fingers. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine; his jaw is tense, his teeth clenched.
I gasp. Oh my Fifty! He’s letting me touch him. And it’s like all the air in my lungs has vaporized— gone. The blood is pounding in my ears as the rhythm of my heart rises to match his.

Shiro meeting Takashi, the galra
  • Shiro & Keith: * enters the control room *
  • Takashi: * leaps out of Alluras arms * KEEF!! KEEF!!! * runs over to Keith and hugs his leg *
  • Shiro: Who is this?
  • Keith: He's a galra child I saved a while ago.. I.. I named him after you..
  • Shiro: You named him Shiro?
  • Keith: * shakes his head * I named him Takashi..
  • Takashi: Keef!! * tugs his pant leg * Carry me!!
  • Keith: * smiles and picks him up *
  • Shiro: * smiles * Hey little guy.. My name is Takashi, too!
  • Takashi: * his ears perk up * Really?? Did Keef name you?
  • Shiro: * chuckles *

Bitty was awakened by a series of soft kisses that began at his temple before making their way down to his neck. It was soothing and pleasant causing Bitty to sigh as he leaned into the arms that had been wrapped around him all night. The kisses soon reached his left ear and there was light tug at the top of his ear which made him release an amuse huff. 

He didn’t even know what time it was but he guessed that it was around early morning if Jack was awake. The boy never seemed to sleep in, even if it was one of his days off. Bitty inwardly rolled his eyes and tried to capture a few more minutes of sleep but Jack was being persistent in his quest to wake him up. 

“Good morning.” Jack greeted, smiling softly as Bitty opened his eyes. The sight of Jack’s warm blue eyes was something that Bitty would never tire of. “Good morning.” Bitty murmured, his voice slightly hoarse and still filled with sleep. He raised a hand to rub at his eyes before staring at Jack with a slight pout. 

“May I ask why you’ve woken me up at heavens o’clock in the morning?” Bitty demanded though there was no heat in his words, only mere curiosity. 

Jack leaned closer until the tips of their noses were touching before grinning as he said:

“Come jogging with me.”


“Derek?” You sung seductively as your boyfriend had his nose buried in a book. You leaned against the kitchen counter in nothing but your laced underwear and bra in an attempt to get Derek’s attention. His eyes trailed up from his book and landed on your body that instantly made him throw his book on the floor. Using his inhuman speed he was on you in a blink of an eye. Both his arms trapping you by being on each side with his face next to yours.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He whispered and growled into your ear sending an electric shock of pleasure through your body.

“Making a sandwich, you hungry?” Your eyes locked with his as it flashed red, and indication that he was most definitely horny.

“For you” He lifted you up onto the counter and attacked your lips. Your hands flew to his hair and you tugged lightly on the soft strands. He moaned slightly in your mouth and you felt accomplished knowing that rarely happens. You lifted his black tight V-neck off his body and you took a second to admire his toned, perfectly sculpted body.

“Like what you see?” He snarled.

“Always” He lifted you off the counter with both hands on your butt and walked towards the couch. He gently set you down on it and pulled off your underwear giving him easy access. Derek began to trail his kisses from your mouth to your jaw, leading down to your neck.You heard his zipper open and his jeans pooled at his ankles. 

You two were in such a heated moment that your senses weren’t active except for arousal. You felt his head lower down until the door to the loft was flung wide open. Derek growled in annoyance and your breathing was uneven from what just happened. You saw the whole pack minus the girls stand there with their eyes wide open and mouths hung.

 Your cheeks were flushed and you were so annoyed, you forgot you weren’t wearing any pants or underwear. Derek jumped up from his position hovering above you and all he was wearing was his tight black boxers. With his obvious erection.

“WHAT?” Derek snapped at Scott, Isaac and Stiles. Isaac winked at you and Derek watched his eyes trail down your body. Derek looked back at you and he quickly covered your body up with his.

“Isaac I will rip your throat out with my teeth ” Derek’s eyes glowed red and his fangs began to grow. You picked up the blanket at the end of the couch and wrapped yourself in it feeling all eyes on you.

“Y/N, is this why you wouldn’t go out with me? You’re with psycho, throat ripping, workout freak Derek?” Stiles asked and you nodded.

“Problem?” he shook his head mostly in fear and you walked up to Derek. You whispered in his ears knowing the whole pack except Stiles could hear.

“I’ll be upstairs, on your bed, spread out and in absolutely nothing except your leather jacket. Keep me waiting and ill start without you ” you walked away from the boys and up the stairs. You were halfway into your room until you heard Derek roar.



“This is the absolute best!” You beamed, bouncing on the balls of your feet after watching Harry jump through the breach. Barely managing to contain yourself and grinning from ear to ear, you threw your arms around Cisco’s neck and whispered, “Thank you.”

“I got your back, Boo…” Cisco said with a smirk, pulling away and gesturing toward Harrison who was standing a few feet off with his hands tucked into his front pockets; a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Plus, I was picking up some serious vibes over this guy moping around cause he missed you just about as much as you missed him.”

“You did?” You asked, rounding on Harrison and reaching out to place a light grip around his forearm as if you couldn’t believe that he was actually real.

“Every day.” Came his quick response as he stepped in and gathered you against the solid wall of his chest; his mouth dropping to your hairline and his arms wrapping tighter around your middle just to feel your warmth.

“Okay, guys… Merry Christmas.” Cisco pulled his goggles away from his face and snarked out, “Just be sure to wrap it before you tap it. You get me?”

“Ramon…” Harry growled.

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Cisco Opening a Breach  for You So You and Harrison can Spend Christmas Together*

Request: Hi! So excited for Christmas imagines! Would I be able to request: Cisco’s present to you is to open up a rift to earth 2 so that you and Harry can spent Christmas day together? Thank you!


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Sex marathon

Word Count: 204

Warnings: smut

A/N: aaaaand another!! @bucky-plums-barnes and me did this one in a time crunch 

“Oh god, Bucky” you cried, your hands in his hair tugging slightly. You climaxed as his tongue continued to play with your over sensitive clit. Your thighs tightened around his head slightly as you rode out your pleasure. Sighing you collapsed and relaxed amongst the tousled sheets and pillows.

“That’s six” Bucky smirks and crudely wipes the arousal from his face with the back of his hand.

You huffed, laughing as he crawled up to lay next to you. You were both covered in a light sheen of sweat, panting.

“You were serious about that” You tucked his sweaty hair behind his ear, laughing softly.

“Oh this is just a break, doll, we aren’t done” He grinned down at you, his eyes bright.

You smirked up at him “Oh yeah? You think you can give as much as you take there Buck?” He laughed and rolled onto his back, pulling you with him. He grazed your arm with his metal hand, sending shivers down your spine.

“Why of course, Y/N, I am a super soldier after all, but” he glanced at you, “we both need a small break before this marathon continues. And then,” he growls “I am going to ruin you darlin’.”



Theo x Reader

Requested By Anon

Furious didn’t begin to describe how Theo had you feeling. He’d played you like a fool and expected you to not notice when he’d attacked your friends. You were fully prepared the hit him if you had to.


“Theo!” You yelled and stormed through the gym until you found him.


“Princess?” He hummed back.


“You lied and you’ve pushed me to far so I’m…” You trailed off when you found Theo tugging his jacket off.

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so my table is right next to M’s desk so whenever he gets up he walks past me. he usually tries to do something to mess with me like tapping on the opposite shoulder of where he’s standing or flip my hair or something like that. but yesterday he was walking past me and he just traced my ear and jaw? like he kind of gently tugged my ear and then ran his fingers along my jaw as he sat back down. i smiled and looked at him and said “what was that?”

he replied “sorry that was weird.” but i told him i didn’t really mind and he looked down and smirked. idk what that means omg but it was cute lmao

I just want to play with Harry’s hair. His head laying on my tummy, his cheek nuzzled against my skin. He’s holding his arms on my sides and breathing calmly, a wide smile on his puffy cherry lips. I want to massage his scalp and scratch it lightly, going right behind his ears, and he’d get shivers down his spine. I want to twirl my fingers in his curls and let them fall down his beautful face. I want to make small plats and buns. I also bet his hair smells like green apples or some kind of an expensive ass shampoo and conditioner to make his hair look shinier and softer. He’d humm when I’d gently tug at his hair, letting his head move where I pulled it. And when I stop, he’d grab my wrist and put it back on his head and whimper quietly “Mo’ ”.

50. Chair Sex

Word Count: 303
A/N: Guess who’s writing all the left over kinks! 
Written by: @bucky-plums-barnes

Originally posted by pocahontas-cd-4-daddy

“No touching, Bucky” you remind him standing before him as he sat on a chair in your bedroom.

“Not exactly like I can, doll” he tugs the handcuffs which secure him to the chair for emphasis.

You roll your eyes at his answer, before straddling him slowly. Bending to his ear you whisper, “it’s not like you couldn’t break out of those if you really wanted to”. You lick the shell of his ear and softly bite the lobe, the resulting rattling of the handcuffs leave you with a satisfied smirk. Perching yourself on a single muscles thigh of Bucky’s you begin rolling your hips slowly. You steady yourself with your hands on his shoulders. The denim is deliciously rough against your wet pussy and you let out a moan.

Bucky’s eyes are glued to you and he finally husks through gritted teeth “what are you doing?”. The veins in his neck are prominent and you know he’s thinking about how he’d feel inside you with the same rolling of your hips.

You throw your head back a little and groan before answering, “I’m riding your thigh, soldier”. He moans at your response and you speed up your movements. You think you have the upper hand as you roll on his thick thigh, but when the filth rains down from his lips you know you don’t.

“Come on kitten, you going to be a good girl and cum on my thigh?” he jolts up his thigh slightly and you cum from the movement. Resting against his chest to catch your breath, it takes you a couple minutes to realise his hands are stroking your back. His free hands.

“How-” you begin to ask before he rises with you in his arms.

“About five minutes ago, I was just enjoying the view too much”

nurse chuuya & suicide survivor dazai??

Based off of this

Brown eyes blinked open hazily.  

Where was he?

Dazai Osamu struggled to wake up; his limbs felt heavy, like someone had tied cinderblocks to them.  His eyes fluttered open slowly, taking in the unusually sharp white lights above him as he ignored the dull ringing in his ears.

As his eyes slowly adjusted, he caught a flash of red and brilliant blue eyes the color of the sky.  

An angel.  

Ah, he realized, a smile tugging at his lips, I’m in heaven.  

The beautiful creature stared at him, his scarlet locks trailing past his shoulders, his captivating eyes glimmering in hues like the ocean.  If he wasn’t already dead, Dazai would gladly drown in those endlessly blue orbs.    

“Oh, thank God I’m finally dead.”

Chuuya Nakahara’s eyes widened in horror.

“S-sir, you’re not dead.  You’re at the Yokohoma Hospital,” he explained carefully, staring at the obviously maniacal man.  He’d just woken up after a failed suicide attempt—he was obviously very confused. Chuuya took a deep breath, ready to give his normal speech about treatment for depression and options for recovery when he all but choked back the words in shock.  

To the nurse’s disbelief, the man winked at him.

He fucking winked at him.  

“Are you sure this isn’t heaven?” He practically purred, sitting up as he pushed the covers back, “Because you look like an angel~”

The redhead gaped in open-mouthed shock.  

He should really call the psych department, immediately, like right now. This man needed serious help.  

Backing away slowly, the redhead held his clipboard in front of his arms almost like a shield.  

“Sir,” he said calmly, because he was a calm person goddammit, “Please get back in bed.”

Dazai ignored him completely, like he was nothing more than a passing breeze and instead, swung his legs over the side of the bed, his bare feet dangling on the ground.  

“So, Angel-san,” he said, beaming at Chuuya, “Do you mind giving me a tour of heaven?”

Chuuya stared at him for a full minute, expecting the man to laugh it off like he was joking.

The guy was dead serious, his smile never leaving his face.  

Taking in a deep breath and steeling himself, Chuuya slowly approached the deranged man.  He remembered his training; in times like these, it was better to play along to a hallucination and then calmly subdue the patient.

He’s probably a schizophrenic, Chuuya thought, he has a condition—he’s confused.

Chuuya hoped he had a condition, any excuse to account for his weird-ass behavior.

“Of course,” the nurse spoke slowly, like he was talking to a child, “I’ll be happy to show you around, uh…’heaven’, Dazai-san.”

The brown-haired man grinned brightly, making a move to stand up.  

In that moment, Chuuya leapt.  

Practically tackling the deranged schizophrenic, Chuuya jumped on his chest, pushing backwards until he fell back on the bed.  Then, before Dazai could blink, the nurse fastened the restraints on his hands and then his feet.  

He paused, breathing heavily as he stared down at his patient.  His cheeks flushed with the exertion it took to bring down the idiot and he stayed perched on top of Dazai, his legs straddling the larger man’s waist.  

Dazai stared at him in confusion before his face twisted into a lecherous grin.  

“Wow!” He exclaimed happily, “I didn’t know BDSM was allowed in heaven!”

Chuuya toppled backwards off the bed in shock.  

Thighs || Fred Weasley

Pairing: Fred x Reader
Warning: smut
Request: yes
(Y/h/c) - your hair color
Short little Fred smut because why not


You climbed onto Fred’s lap, giving him a shy smile. He smirked, draooping his video game controller and placing his hands on your hips. You shifted, your long (y/h/c) hair falling down your bare back. He played with the lace trim on your panties, brushing his thumb across your hip bone.

“You need something from me baby?” He asked, his lips brushing your neck softly as he whispered in your ear.

“Can you just sit there please? I want to,” you trailed off, blushing deeply. Everything had been fairly vanilla in your sex life since the two of you got together, you hadn’t even given him a blowjob so you were a bit embarrassed with your request.

“You want to ride my thigh, don’t you?” He growled, tugging on your earlobe with his teeth. You nodded rapidly, biting down on your own lip. “Go on then, I’ll help you if you want.”

“I’ve got it,” you smiled, moving so that you were straddling his leg.

His hands returned to your hips as you wrapped yours around his neck. You rolled your hips forward hesitantly, a soft moan escaping your lips as you rubbed against the fabric of his sweatpants. You rolled them again, this time pushing down onto him a bit more, your lip finding itself between your teeth again.

“Look at you, riding me so good,” Fred purred, placing a soft kiss to your neck with each word. You moaned at his words, quickening your pace. “You’re so wet baby, I can feel it.”

“Fuck this, take them off I need you inside of me,” you demanded, stepping off of his lap and hooking your fingers in the top of his pants. He laughed softly, pulling them off quickly along with his boxers.

You sank to your knees, wrapping your fingers around his half hard cock. You pumped your hand a few times impatiently, slipping back onto his lap once he was fully erect. He tutted softly, flipping you over onto the couch so he was hovering over you. He hooked his finger in the band of your panties, slipping them off of you. He leaned down, attaching his lips to yours as he slid into you slowly. You moaned into his mouth, pressing your hips down to meet his.

“My sweet girl, taking me so well,” he mumbled into your collar bone, thrusting into you quickly. Your nails dug into the soft skin of his back, the familiar feeling building in your stomach all too soon.

“S-slow down or I’m gonna,” you whimpered, throwing your head back in ecstasy as his hips snapped forward to meet yours.

“Cum for me Y/N,” he begged, his thrusts becoming harsher, needier. You let out a loud moan, your leg wrapping around his hips as you came. He thrust into you a few more times before collapsing on top of you in his own orgasm.

“We should do new stuff more often,” Fred smiled as he pulled out of you. You shook your head, a fond smile on your lips as you looked up at him.

“I agree,” you sighed, bringing your hand up to play with the soft hairs at the nape of his neck. “My parents won’t be home for another two weeks, why don’t you just stay here? I’m sure George will understand.’

"He’ll take great joy in being the hottest in the house while I’m gone.”

“Good, round two?”

a day in december: christmas lights

on ao3

my friend buff asked for djwifi so here i am!!! really though this ship deserves more love, i love them so much

i finished at exactly midnight. why am i like this. also i start school again tomorrow so we’re going to see how this goes yikes

(unfortunately, nino is no longer considering the coconut)


Nino checks up and down the street, checking to make sure there’s no raging akuma headed his way before he crosses quickly and ducks inside the small café. He closes the door quickly before the icy air can blow inside and tugs his beanie down over his ears. He spots Alya sitting alone in the corner.

“Hey,” he says as he drops down into the seat across from her.

She looks up from her phone with a smile. “Hey! You found me.”

Nino snorts. “Wasn’t hard. This is your favorite post-attack hangout, after all.”

“You know me so well,” she teases. “It’s almost like you’re dating me. But it’s not post-attack for once.”

“Get sick of the cold?” Nino asks. He steals her drink and takes a sip, making a face at how bitter her coffee is. “Ew.”

Alya rolls her eyes. “Sorry I don’t like hot sugary milk. But yeah. The fight is long and cold and it’s getting too dark for it to actually be worth filming.” She sighs and rests her chin in her hand. “No point in videotaping mostly darkness.”

“Man, I’m sorry, Al.” He pushes her drink back toward her. “I’m sure whatever footage you got is great though. And if it makes you feel better, I can buy you a pastry.”

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Dating Pan Would Include:

• Lots of PDA (honestly SO MUCH TBH LIKE IT’S hard to comprehend)

• Exchanging random nose kisses throughout the day

• Having to pull him down to kiss him because he’s REALLY tol

• goodness just imagine the makeout sessions HOLY CRAP

• Tugging on his ear to get his attention because you know it annoys him


• Him being super protective of you because Neverland is extremely dangerous

•Being like a rebellious sister to the Lost Boys

• “Don’t be like that, love, you know you want me!”

• “Shut up, love”

• Being his partner in crime and loving every single second of it

• Giving him butterfly kisses because he blushes profusely at the adorable gesture

• Him playing with your hair to calm himself down (it’s probably saved the Lost Boys from a bunch of lectures)

• Always switching positions at night; somtimes you’re the big spoon, but most of the time you lay on his stomach with his arms wrapped tightly around you and his legs intertwined with yours


 • Just play fighting in general

They’re Not You (pt 2)

Steve Rogers x Reader

Part 1

Summary: As a SHIELD agent, you spent a lot of time working with Steve Rogers and became best pals. When he decided he wanted find a place in Brooklyn, you offered to let him move into the spare bedroom of your apartment.

Character(s):  reader, Steve Rogers

Warnings: fluff, (mild) smut

Word Count: 2129

A/N: First attempt at smut, so, there’s that. As always, advice/comments/critiques are highly appreciated and cherished, and I’m down for requests or prompts too!

Master List

The words rang in your ears and kicked your heart rate up three notches. “Because they’re not you.”

You watched him as he stood in front of you, eyes still closed peacefully relishing the moment, fingers still resting on the skin of your thighs. During the kiss your hands had moved to his chest to pull him closer, so you released your grip and tugged on the tie that hung loosely around his neck, getting him to look at you. “How long has this been a thing?” you asked. “How long have I lived here?” he laughed sweetly in response.

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“With his eyes wide and full of fear, he gently tugs my hand and places it on his chest over his heart—in the forbidden zone. His breathing quickens. His heart is beating a frantic, pounding tattoo beneath my fingers. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine; his jaw is tense, his teeth clenched.
I gasp. Oh my Fifty! He’s letting me touch him. And it’s like all the air in my lungs has vaporized—gone. The blood is pounding in my ears as the rhythm of my heart rises to match his.”