is he wearing the same thing in all of them

Ok so here’s the thing about Newt Scamander…

I don’t think I’ve ever related to a character so much before him. Honestly though, you know how a lot of stories talk about that “awkward person” and how a lot of the time they are actually not awkward at all, they just trip a lot and wear glasses?
Well Newt was awkward. And he was awkward in the same way I am. He’s not good with people. I’m terrible with people and it is only with very specific people that I can truely be myself around.
I enjoy my own company as does newt, and I guess I don’t realise how much I need companionship until I meet beautiful people who like me for who I am (sad how rare that is right?)
The character is so enduring, and it proves that you don’t have to be the most competent, stealthy, confident person in the world to make a difference. I like this a lot.

Also, as a side note, can we please talk about how all the characters in this film took gender stereotypes and threw them out the window!!

I mean, Newt the main male protagonist is not a natural fighter, he is nurturing and caring. He openly cries in the film, blatantly refers to his male friend as a “friend” and someone he “likes”. Also, refers to himself as mother to the creatures in the case. I mean, COME ON! How often do we get to see this on screen!

Then you got Tina and Queenie. Both brave, and caring, strong and fragile - and so far from one dimensional that I want to cry!

Then of course Jacob! The average joe of the film who is “actually” an average joe. Completely regular, friendly, and an all-round good person, who is not only there for laughs but also for his huge heart.

Anyway sorry for the long post, but this film is so beautiful that is hard for me to take in.
Be ready for most posts :P

     I get that Buster wearing an over-sized shirt is  “ cute “  but I’m a bit tired of people ignoring WHY he’s wearing such a shirt and saying how ‘funny’ or ‘cute’ this scene is because of it. The creators said Buster ‘dresses to impress’ and I believe this symbolizes a few things here.

     If you take a look at the room, you can see Moon probably was there for a bit. Eddie appeared to have bought them a pizza to eat, and even made a little bed for his friend. Sounds like a typical thing I do for my own friends! I’ll even spare them clothes to wear. But consider this:

                  MOON HAD NO HOME TO GO BACK TO.

     When the theater crumbled down, Buster lost all of his belongings … plus the only place he counted as his “house”, for he was sleeping in the drawer. Probably couldn’t afford his own place, AND the theater at the same time. All he got to take back with him was the clothes on his back, his father’s old car wash bucket, and the picture frame of when he first opened the theater.

     So, the shirt Eddie offered him to wear, deep down, is kind of … sad. Moon is probably washing the ONLY outfit he himself owns, but he probably doesn’t even care that much at that point. There is no reason to dress to impress anymore. Eddie is a good friend for letting him wear an old college shirt, even if its a bit big on Buster. 

     The whole scene when everyone comes to help Buster, and he tells them “NONE OF THIS IS OKAY” says a lot, really. He isn’t lying anymore. He isn’t going to pretend. From this moment, we can see the amazing character development the characters have went through so far —— and how despite Moon lying, and that there is no prize, and that there is no theater … everyone still comes around to SUPPORT Moon, and wishing to do the show. 

     He ignores any sort of help, for he is hopeless at this point. He doesn’t CARE how someone sees him at this point. This is so against his character beforehand, so we can tell how broken Buster is in this.

     Hell, even when he’s reading the newspaper, and what they said to him … do you know what he does? HE BOWS. As if he’s like  “this is me. this is all i am. this is what my life is.” and he does later say this! Admitting how AFRAID he is. Well —— wouldn’t you be in his situation? 

     So, I don’t find this scene cute at all. It’s really sad really.

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hey could you explain the Bell & Clarke blue/tan shirt thing?

Hey anon! Sorry I’m replying to this so late, I just wanted to make sure I was able to think of a good answer for you.

I think a lot of it has to do with them being two sides of the same coin. And their shirts swapping colors runs throughout the entire series, not just s1 and s4. Like really. I was looking through old stills and they both literally only wear tan or blue with rare color changes in between

For reference, here’s a pic from Clarke in s1:

Tan shirt. and s2:

Blue shirt. And bellamy also wears a blue shirt in s2 (and s1 but we all already know that):

And he wears tan in s3:

I also found one more thing that I thought was interesting. The only times they wore anything but their colors (blue and tan), was when bellamy wore the mt. weather guard’s uniform (white)

And when Clarke started wearing black at the end of s2

and throughout s3

But then she’s right back to blue in s4

Look for yourself in other pictures even. Besides maybe a few times, they are always wearing these same colors and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The fact that they swap them could also mean that they’ve really gone through everything together. They share most of the same burdens and completely understand and empathize with each other. It’s almost as if it’s an unspoken “i know you”

But really, you shouldn’t take my word for it. I honestly have no experience in costume or makeup in a field like this so please, if anyone else feels like they want to add something, feel free to do so. 

Fraywood things :

Clary : i know we don’t always see eye to eye on things-
Alec : that’s because you’re too short

Jace : well you can’t always be so negative about things; when life gives you lemons-

Alec : You throw them at Clary 

Alec : *resting his hand over Clary’s head, making her an armrest*

Alec : On Wednesdays we wear black

Alec : And Thursdays

Alec : ….

Alec : And every other day

Alec : You can’t sit with us Clary

Everytime someone insulted Alec, Clary would storm forward to attack that person with all she has. Alec would hold her back, telling it’s okay. If the same person ever did the same to Izzy or Jace, he would slowly let her go while whispering, “MAKE IT HURT!”

Jace : whats wrong br0?

Alec : I’m having a serious headache and stomach upset that comes and goes

Clary : *enters*

Izzy : *enters* I made dinner today

Alec : oh look, both of them are back

When Alec and Clary slay demons together, both of them initiate high 5, but for the person Alec is, raises his hand at a height that is almost impossible to reach, but since Clary never gives up, she keeps jumping, something she holds Alec’s hand using it as a lever. Sometimes she also brings a chair so that she could climb up, sometimes jace lifts her by the waist, simon rambles his nerdy jokes, magnus distracts him and izzy tickles him, finally when Alec’s hand gets tired he lowers it and Clary finally is able to do the high 5 and then she jumps in triumph.

Whenever there is a movie night at the Institute or Simon’s concert, clary always climbs and sits on Alec’s shoulders whether he likes it or not because she can’t see it from the back and he is the tallest.

Clary : *takes a picture with alec and prepares to upload it on instagram with the tag* #hangingoutwithcoolpeople #demonhuntingsquad #bestfriendsforever

Alec : *rolling eyes* Jace, what is this red thing still doing here???

Alec : I’m starving, i’m off to Subway, you guys want anything?

Izzy, Jace, Simon, Magnus, Luke : Uh yeah actually, i would like-

Clary : *who was until before busy with her drawing* a smoothie, some cheese sandwiches, some french fries, garlic bread sticks, a chicken patty and coke, yeah that’s all.

Alec : Yeah, i got like eleven bucks?!?!

While Clary is sketching, Alec always finds a way to annoy her and his very famous tactic is snatching away her sketchbook usually when she is engrossed with her drawing. He raises her sketchbook thinking she can’t reach, but Clary works her way by hitting him in the stomach. Due to this, he curls down, holding his stomach and in the mean time Clary snatches her sketchbook, snaps her fingers and walks away.

Clary and Alec watching sports tournaments together and scowling at their favorite team players like they’re gonna actually hear them from the other side of the screen, the one whose favorite team wins, has to make the other watch their fav movie together even if they don’t like it. There is popcorn and soft drinks and moral support to each other when their favorite character dies or there is a sad ending.

pls read the post under Newt’s lovely body in Graves’ coat

i guess every fandom is the same with all the reposted fanart without so much as putting a source link? which really brings a LOT of memories when i was in twd fandom and, you know, with that twitter account reposter thing and i took off and stuff LMAO

but i think i’m not that surprised cz internet is convenient and people don’t think giving fanart a proper credit is important enough for them to do cz it takes like, 30 seconds to find the source link? i don’t know. 


gonna say this yet again 


thanks for reading, all hail gramander 

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Sorry to vent at you, but I'm rewatching this episode and I just got to the half elves argument and Vax just saying that Vex is obviously in love with Percy made me so uncomfortable. I'm dating a very cool human right now who I love very much, but due to circumstances I'm not comfortable telling anyone I'm related to that I'm dating them, because that would lead to a family queer religious shitshow. And then Vax just goes and outs Perc'ahlia without Vex's consent and I'm So Uncomfortable Why Vax

Yeah I noticed that too and I have a couple of thoughts

First off, Vax wears all of his emotions on his sleeve. Everything he told the girls in that room, there was nothing new, y’know? Vax is brutally open and honest and tends to expect the same thing from everyone else which becomes a point of issue in his argument with Scanlan but that’s another post so he doesn’t filter stuff, whether he’s talking about himself or other people

he’s also clearly got expectations about Percy and Vex’s relationship––his assumption she’d stay in Whitestone shows that. Vax has a sort of fairytale view of the world; you meet the person you love and you stay with them (or you don’t, but that means you didn’t love them, like his mother and Syldor). Which is why he’s honest with Gilmore, I think––because he does love Gil, but he’s also a complicated mess and at the end of the day wants to make sure Gilmore knows where he stands, much as that hurts. But he projects that same sort of brutal honesty onto Vex, who is far subtler and more methodical about her life choices, which puts them in conflict

and to get into the meta aspect, I think this is one of those cases where sitting at the table comes back to bite them, because like Marisha/Keyleth halfway alluded to, the split between what the players and the characters know is pretty wide and that gets glossed over sometimes? not to the point of metagaming, but to the point that they have to actively ignore what they know, which makes RP hard. (I also think, tbh, the fandom has something to do with this––perc’ahlia has been so prevalent for so long that it’s hard to remember they only got together like, a week ago in-game; there are expectations on them that don’t really line up with canon)

but Vax and Vex have been shifting away from each other for a while now, in terms of how they deal with the major issues of their lives and where they see themselves in the future, and I think that despite the similarity of their response to Scanlan’s exit, this is the sort of thing that’ll drive them further apart, and Vax’s attempt to air the secrets between them is part of that

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You can totally see the moment when Alec realises he hurt Magnus. I think sometimes Alec is quite bad with articulatiing his feelings and unintentionally hurts people around him with quite a sharp tongue. What would you like Alec to do when he (apparently) goes to see Magnus at his loft after that fight? (I think he is bc they're wearing the same clothes?)

alec to clutch his chest and fall down at shirtless magnus KIDDING but yeah tbh alec and magnus both! alec is blunt with his words (a little too blunt) and magnus can choose them to hurt when he’s upset, so. they each have things they need to sort out.

i just want to see them talk it out like adults! i don’t think they need to air everything out or openly apologize (bc IRL sometimes things are implied between people and as long as you both understand each other it’s all good) but i’d like to see them acknowledge that on both sides emotions are running pretty high. and maybe just reaffirm their support for each other? alec appreciating magnus for being there and worrying about him, and magnus understanding that alec is willing to do anything for jace but that throwing his life away is helpful to no one.

also if alec would like to touch his lips to magnus’s that would be good, too.

so I realized that the clip near the beginning of this interview, Lukas is wearing the same outfit that he’s wearing in the pictures from 1x06:

and the way that his dad looks at him and he turns around all startled makes me wonder if Bo found something out? or maybe Helen randomly invited them for dinner to make things right between the boys since Bo thinks that Phiip is a troublemaker and when he tells Lukas he freaks out?

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Jimin in that fuzzy blue hoodie with his pink hair-yes pls

he looked angelic

Kumamonymous said: Idk why but Jungkook in a hoodie is so fucking sexy to me idk why he just looks so good and I guess cause it kinda reminds me that he’s still a 19 year old? Like okay ima try to explain that better. Whenever I see BTS wearing things like sweatpants, hoodies,, etc, it reminds me that they’re still people if that makes sense? So whenever I see Jungkook in a hoodie he just reminds me of one of the guys I’d go to high school with (were the same age so he’d be in my grade)

yeah i also like seeing them in pjs because the more domestic the better 

Kumamonymous said: Jin Jin Jin Jin Jin Jin Jin

Kumamonymous said: Jin’s vocals on Spring Day= Orgasm inducing

Originally posted by meganhyunhee

Kumamonymous said: I swear all the yoonseok, namjin, and taekook has me dead omf

even you’re dead please don’t forget to stream mv and the album 

I love the idea that Kuroo, Bokuto, and Oikawa (oibokuroo?) all go to the same university so here’s some HC’s for that:

• they decide to get a place together and it’s a giant mistake, not unlike most of their choices

• Bokuto and Oikawa can’t cook at all so Kuroo has to make all of their meals 

• (he wears a “kiss the cook” apron and, unsurprisingly, they both give him kisses. He lives for that sort of thing.) 

• oh ho ho did someone mention polyamory I think they did 

• Oikawa is given a scholarship to their university for volleyball, of course, but he actually majors in astronomy 

• leading off of that, the three of them often go and stargaze when they feel like procrastinating their coursework. Oikawa calls it “studying”

• they often pull pranks on the other members of their volleyball team (especially Ushijima) and almost always get caught. 

• Bokuto gets bad nightmares and usually wakes them up so they can all go to sleep in one of their beds. Oikawa and Kuroo tell him funny stories until he feels better and then they all fall asleep cuddled up with each other.

• Kuroo is the best kisser out of all of them

• Bokuto loves to cuddle and hug them

• Oikawa is best at… :) ;) :) ;)

• Their house is surprisingly clean because Oikawa stress cleans 

• They study together while listening to each other’s spotify playlists (Kuroo: punk rock, Bokuto: mainstream pop, Oikawa: indie obviously) 

• they have so much owl and cat and alien furniture it’s disturbing to anyone who comes over 

• Bokuto is always throwing parties and it annoys Kuroo and Oikawa so bad but they put up with it because they love seeing Bokuto happy

• when they see each other around campus they always shout “hey hey hey!” it’s their thing, no one understand them at all

• Daichi is always yelling at them for hitting each other’s asses during practice (”but Daichi-san, you’re always tapping Refreshing-kun’s ass??” *cue high fives*) 

Oikawa is the bottom no matter how you look at it :)))) bye

• they spend a lot of their free time watching anime together. They mostly watch sports anime (they love this anime called Haikyuu!! whatever that is..) but they LOVE LOVE LOVE creepier anime’s like Attack on Titan and Parasyte. 

• oh and yaoi bl anime’s like Junjou Romantica, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, and Love Stage (sorry now I’m just recommending anime gtg) 

• Bokuto always randomly buys them flowers and it makes Oikawa blush so hard and Kuroo gets competitive (he wants to be the best boyfriend). 

• Kuroo was the first to say the “L” word and it was an accident. During one of their games, Oikawa and Bokuto looked like they wanted to give up and Kuroo panicked yelling “I love you guys, but you need to get off your sorry asses and play like you mean it.” 

• “Kuroo-san, did you just admit you love us~?” “We love you too, bro!” “I hate you both, I’m quitting this team.”


*disappears into the darkness* 

We really have no biblical parallel to see what the subculture of Christianity looked like then (circa when Jesus was crucified), since these were the very first Christians.  The closest we can probably get to see a biblical representation of this would be the Pharisees praying loud in the streets and expecting those who call themselves “spiritual” to do the same and to follow all the rules set up by the religious leaders of their day.  But Jesus did none of these things.  He didn’t push spirituality on people.  He didn’t push prayer for safe travel.  He didn’t push people to dress up like the Pharisees, in long beautiful robes indicating a higher level of spirituality. He asked them to see Him, love Him, and live for Him, and…that’s pretty much it.  He never said “pray for a good haircut, silk screen my face on a shirt and wear it, only sing songs about me, read this version of the Bible, call them ‘brother’ and ‘sister,’ wear a cross necklace (preferably gold), if you tattoo, scripture only please, if at all possible buy from Christian vendors, make my last name a brand and place it before things you like; for instance: Christian music, Christian movie, Christian book, Christian herbal remedy, Christian flatware, Christian political candidate, Christian doctor, Christian boy band, Christian poly-blend pantsuit, etc.”
—  Matt Bays, The Blind Writer
Fic: Freaks and Geeks

Summary: Jon invited her to the bleachers after school and there’s only one reason couples come to hang out here.

Ship: Jon x Sansa


Note: Written for the Countdown to Wintertown @gameofshipschallenges event. Inspired by the show of the same name.

The pack of boys sitting on the bleachers facing the brown football field turns to watch Sansa’s approach. It makes her internally squirm to have all their eyes on her and she’s aware of each footfall of her moccasins. There’s not a girl among them, their lone female friend, Val, having ditched school earlier in the day. They’re all gangly, pimply faced boys, wearing dirty jean jackets and band t-shirts they probably pulled off their bedroom floors this morning. Except for Jon. He’s pretty much the most perfect thing in her messed up universe and there’s nothing she likes better than looking at him and having him look at her. Except maybe touching.

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hc for paladins with a s/o that always has cold hands? (idk why but my hands are always really cold lol)



  • He doesn’t notice at first
  • Once he see’s you rubbing your hands together though, and he asks whats wrong 
  • You tell him and he puts his hands over yours for a while 
  • Just until they’re heated up again <3 


  • Gloves!
  • He got them for you since your hands are so cold all the time <3
  • He compliments you on them whenever you wear em’ too 
  • He’s just super sweet about it <3


  • Clearly the best thing to do here is to sit in front of a fireplace for a while!
  • Unfortunately the castle doesn’t have a good old fashioned fireplace
  • They do however, have the tradition of bonfires! 
  • He ends up starting a bonfire party because he wanted your hands to be warm 
  • All this trouble he’s so sweet goodness gracious 


  • He holds your hands
  • He like puts the over yours, and intertwines your fingers together 
  • When you comment on how they’re cold all the time he stays silent for a few seconds 
  • “Hm… I guess I’ll have to hold your hands all the time.” 
  • You agree because clearly thats the only option here 
  • <3

I would just like to say that JB is an extremely private person, we all know this. If he’s actually dating someone it probably won’t ever be confirmed unless they get married or something because of this fact. And honestly, I don’t blame him when fans are reading way to into things. The thing with ring is that just because he’s wearing it all the time doesn’t mean its because of being in a relationship. I wear a necklace all the time because I like it and it was a graduation gift. Always on his phone thing, I’m always on my phone, not texting or anything, just playing a game or taking photos or videos or reading things. 

But if he’s in a relationship, I don’t blame him for keeping it private. And also, I’m happy for them. But at the same time, I don’t think they can date yet but I’m not sure. JB deserves to be happy, all GOT7 does so we should be happy for him if he’s dating.

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What do you think future Superman writers could learn from Spider-Man's rouges gallery in developing Superman's rouges?

Basically nothing. Spidey’s rogues gallery is great, but the vast majority are pure gimmick villains for the most part: the walking beach, the octogenarian lime bird, toothy ink-guy, mysterious fishbowl man (love me some mysterious fishbowl man), nerd with too many arms, Mister Sparkle Head, businessman with a hair condition riding a gargoyle, guy who wears a lion as a shirt because he’s a fucking lunatic; all those classic supervillains. A few like businessman with a hair condition and nerd have gotten a little more weight behind them over the years, but for the most part they’re all there to be colorful obstacles to ruin Peter Parker’s day. And they don’t need to be appreciably more than that, because his combination of low-level powers and goofiness makes it easy to threaten him with that sort of thing. Superman on the other hand is more in the same boat with Batman of being better threatened with enemies tuned to specific aspects of his own character, but since most creators can’t think of any aspects of Superman beyond “tough and nice”, they can’t think of anything to oppose him but “tough and mean”. I’ve gone into it further elsewhere, but in short, they operate on different enough wavelengths that it wouldn’t work.

bad boy!Jeonghan:
  • really mysterious and like everyone’s afraid of him but at the same time they’re so mesmerized bc he’s so beautiful and like everyone knows him
  • he usually wears his hair in a low ponytail, save for his bangs and he likes to brush them back with his fingers and like every girl within a mile radius swoons over this small movement
  • leather jackets all day every day
  • the way he laughs is a total contrast to his whole bad boy image because his eyes disappear and his nose scrunches up and it’s like the cutest thing to witness
  • ok so like one day you’re walking down the hallway, too distracted by your notes and then suddenly you bump into someone and it turns out to be jeonghan 
  • you’re like ‘holy shit holy shit holy shit he look so much better up close’ and you’re tripping over your words trying to apologize
  • but then he gives you a half-smile and tells you it’s alright and then he walks away and you’re left there blushing 
  • every time you see him, you turn the other way because what if you embarrass yourself in front of him again oh my god
  • but sometimes it really can’t be helped that you have to walk by him when going to class and every time this happens you catch him looking at you and you don’t really know how to react 
  • this continues on for weeks and then one day while you’re fixing stuff inside your locker and you feel a set of eyes on you and you turn your head around and sure enough jeonghan was down the hall, staring at you
  • you hide behind your locker door and you have to give yourself a pep talk to try and calm yourself down because if you don’t your leg might just give out
  • but then you hear footsteps coming your way and then you can feel someone standing right next to you and you’re like 101% sure it’s jeonghan
  • well what do you know it is jeonghan
  • and you ask him in a very shaky voice ‘i-is there a problem?’ 
  • and he’s like ‘oh no, not really i just really need to ask you something’
  • and you look at him expectantly and his eyes are boring straight into yours and you’re completely frozen on the spot jesus fucking christ jeonghan why do you have this effect on people
  • “do you maybe want to catch a movie with me sometime?”

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okokOK j has this tradition of buying ty something pretty every weekend so that's y ty has all his cutie clothes like his kimono and his pretty jackets cuz he's a spoiled baby boy I'm in love 🎀

oh gosh and tyler loves them all, wishes he could wear everything at the same time because josh treats him so well.

his favorite is the plain yellow sweatshirt, though. it’s technically josh’s, something tyler stole from him even though it’s two sizes too big and also not what anyone would normally say is a pretty color.

but tyler loves it, snuggles into it just to smell josh on the collar, chews on the strings and gets them all wet and gnarled at the ends.

and it’s josh’s favorite thing to see tyler in, rolling over sleepily in the hotel room bed and rubbing his eyes, muttering, “hi, papa,” and clad only in josh’s mustard yellow hoodie so josh can crawl in next to him and ruck it up, run his hands all over tyler’s long, warm legs and give kitten kisses to the swell of his stomach.

AU in which everything is the same but Belphegor is a ghoul
  • The reason why he hides his eyes is because he lacks the pigment to turn them a human colour, which may or may not be a family thing.
  • Him being able to keep up with the Varia as an 8-year-old would make much more sense that way.
  • When he goes out hunting he pins his hair back and wears a mask that doesn’t really hide his face? After all nobody knows what he looks like under all that hair.
  • Disposing of bodies just became a whole lot easier for the Varia.
  • There would still be some rules, like not attacking members of the Varia/Vongola/allied families but Bel is smart enough not to cross that line.
  • His need to feed himself aside, he still likes killing for the thrill of it so Prince The Ripper is still a thing.
  • Widespread rumours about the possibility of Belphegor being a ghoul exist, but no one (except for the Varia itself) has any actual evidence to support this claim.
  • It adds a whole new layer of creepy to his character tbh
  • Belphegor with ghoul eyes??? Would be so cool??