is he too young for me to call him daddy


Went to meet my favourite daddy (I shall call him young daddy from now onwards, he is in his early 30s) after my long-term daddy. 2 dates in the past 12 hours, feeling a little cray cray and like a true hoe, lolol

Love young daddy because he is never too particular on allowance, he doesn’t stay in my city so he travels here on every week or so. On top of my fixed allowance, he always like to hand me his leftover money from the trip, #bestdaddyever

Stayed with him for awhile at four season and after sexy time, had some supper, a heavy one! Seriously, I like to order expensive food (if not now, when?) when I’m with my SD, I eat like a pig in front of them sometimes. 🙈

Meal was so so, but the best thing today is the tips he shared with me on stock market. Really think I should start venturing into that. Hmm.. will research a little more and hopefully when I get the hang of it I will share some tips here. ;)

On my way home now, feeling a little car sick behind the cab for typing this.

Till then, 😘

So I went to the store today

There was this really hot guy in front of me in line and by hot I mean this guy looked like he was chiseled out of marble by God himself. He was with his girlfriend to which I came to the assumption bc the were acting all lovey dovey and then I hear the girl go “Daddy can you buy me some more lingerie for play time?” And he just nods in return looking around to see if anyone heard that.
Then this little kid with his mom behind me who looked like he was 4-5 he says “mommy why did she call him daddy? He looks too young to be her daddy?”
The mom just lowly whispers “I wish he was my daddy”
and I hear this and I just turn around make eye contact with her and we just slowly nod in agreement/approval

Adore POT

So, this one I’m calling him Adore because he is absolutely infatuated with me and we’ve only spoken on Skype twice. Now, he’s from the UK (beautiful accent), he works with a Hedge Fund, and he’s ready to drop any dime I say. he’s young, too! 29. Which isn’t that far off from my age so that’s refreshing. but he doesn’t seem too hip to things that’s going on in young culture, so i have to tread lightly. said he finds this type of dating more thrilling than regular dating.

It is a little overwhelming or odd for me because he seems so open. Is that normal for a SD? Like, he REPEATEDLY said, “you deserve the best. i know you know you deserve the best. i can’t wait to spoil you. i’m just ready to give you what you deserve.” lines in that nature, and he even said he would compensate me for my time when we go out. but he said absolutely anything i need, he wants me to be honest and say so. & not be afraid to ask for it. he offered to help me get an apartment, my passport, bills, shopping. he even asked me if i want to go shopping before our date. he asked if $500 was good to bring for me, and initially i said okay. so he kept stuttering and he’s like, i can bring more, its no problem. & i said, ummm $700 is fine. (sue me, i was taken off guard that he even thought that was too low lmao)

from talking to him, or trying to get an idea of what he’s looking for, seems like he wants a hot arm candy to take out and spend money on. he didn’t hint too much towards sex at all, only briefly (& barely). just kept saying he wants to see me look “hot” and “fantastic” .. i made sure the restaurant i chose was “Ultra High End” thanks to Yelp.

He said he’d prefer me to be the only SD he has, so in the back of mind I thought of Lawyer Bae, but ultimately i can see them each once a week. and hopefully I’ll be getting enough $$ to work less and have more time to shift things around. 

Sugar Gawds, I hope this is a good heaven I am stepping into. He’s making me want to create an entire “Want” List and hand it over to him lol I feel like i hit a goldmine so i may stay off the sites. which is perfect timing because school is about to start up and i need to shift my attention.

But I will ask one more time, is it normal for a ‘legit’ Sugar Daddy to just be so ready to spend??? All the advice on here and i’m still a little nervous lol he even offered for me to hold his credit card and i asked to be given cash and he was okay with that.

“I know, I know. It’s just…he’s so proud of me and he’s been so supportive of all the changes I’ve made. I’d hate to disappoint him.”

“What about Bella?”

Cassie’s brow furled at the mention of her mother. 

“Her too, I guess. She finally stopped bugging me about Vidcund. I think a lot of that is because of Daddy though. You know, she actually paid me a compliment the other day.”

“Oh yeah?”

“She called me a lovely young woman and said anyone would be lucky to have me.”

“Just out of the blue?”

“No, she was responding to the fact that I have a date on Tuesday.”

“Really?! With who?