is he still on standby

You know since I tend to use Grondin as my main fc for Gwyn I can prolly use Veidt (sans the dentures) for Gwyn’s daddy if the need ever arises. 

The black ice, by Michael Connelly

I read this book in August 2000. Harry Bosch is on standby duty during christmas, but still he isn’t called when a homicide is reported. But it got to be something special about the murder because all the bigwigs goes to the scene. So does Harry. It turns out to be a colleague that’s been missing for a while. It looks like suicide, but something about it isn’t sitting well with Harry. His bosses tells him to not get involved, that this is outside his juristiction. But Harry is stubborn and starts his own investigation. Soon he discovers that two of his own cases has points in common with the dead colleague and he can’t see it as something accidental. Against orders Harry follows the trail, towards Mexico.

What I thought about the book: Good story, no fuss. I think I meant that this was a classic police story with no real surprices. I have to admit I don’t really remember this book, except that I wasn’t that fond of the main character Harry Bosch. So I haven’t read any more of Connelly’s Bosch books. :)