is he srsly talking to a fan

my fav lil things abt jin

- how he uses food to express things “you peel off layer and layer and find there is always content there. it’s like an onion”
- “no it’s not”
- hella calm and collected when members start a ruckus
- how he will nvr admit food > bts but we all know
- his fingers! i love them so much
- that judging look when jihope were doing a love shot
- somehow finding out tht touching jk’s nipples would wake him up??
- tht iconic aegyo fail where he trips
- turtle neck + long coat + glasses look
- super duper flexible back, walking while doing a backbend 👏🏼
- endless dad jokes
- sleeveless jin
- jin & rice scooper, ult otp ❤️
- the long ass eye contacts w camera
- his imitations of tae & jk during the bts of asc
- when he gets amazed by how loud the members get
- when he puts yoongi back where he belongs
- !!!!steals army bombs!!!!! but then returns them back while giving them the most soft most gentle smile ever
- will be on his 3rd bowl of rice while you’re on your 1st
- “I was awkward since I was born!”
- has one by one tips on how to look ‘cool’ & if tht isn’t the cutest thing
- we rly do not appreciate his english enough!!
- no matter how much he gets teased for his dancing, he is nvr discouraged and still tries hard w/o getting upset
- when he asked if the woman was having a sad day during their hidden camera
- can’t contain laughter when beatboxing
- kinda reminds me of flappy bird sometimes
- when he helped yoongs put on his contacts
- the beginning verse of ‘dead leaves’
- human gps
- cute easy recipes tht come w adorable pictures
- car door guy
- wore a beanie and felt insecure but he looked so good!!
- doesn’t know how to turn on v app notifications
- “im only 3 yrs older than you!”
- can do everything w his toes
- the type to beatbox to a stranger and take a fry afterwards
- will answer if a member calls him mom
- works out in the hotel rooms bc he can
- bringing food to jimin and not knowing he was being filmed :’)
- #1 super mario fan
- plays w armys on twt
- eating food to the aura of the song
- how he flaps his arms when the food is 2 good
- the way he snorts when a member shit talks
- blessing us w his priceless blowing kisses
- no hesitance in using jk’s head to climb up the bed
- calls rap monster “rm” and jeongguk “jk”
- always ends up as a victim of rm’s dance moves
- no jin, no bangtan (he’s the oxyjin) but srsly.

yoongs | hobi | hobi pt.2 | rapmom | jimin | tae | jk


※Please give us your impressions about the scenes/dialogue after recording.※

Horiuchi Kenyuu (Yuuki): My favorite lines would be whenever Mutuo is distressed. In the anime and in this drama CD , he is a distinguished presence, but he’ll experience a lot of sarcasm from everyone. This volume powered up even more so than the last, that everything is peppered with gags.

Shimono Hiro (Miyoshi): Really, I’m very surprised as I didn’t think that this would return. Seriously, this makes me wonder about how these guys were when they were in elementary school. In any case, they did have a pillow fight…

Kimura Ryouhei (Kaminaga): The super popular middle school parody series has returned! Even though the original work has ended, these parodies has continued! Please continue to support this series!

Hosoya Yoshimasa (Odagiri): I think that this parody of Joker Game that Mr. Tsuitsui Haru wrote is very astounding. I hope that everyone would be able to enjoy this unique setting.

Morikawa Toshiyuki (Amari): Amari’s line, “Life is about freedom, it’s important that you live it at whim.”, sounds like a heart wrenching line from some drama series. Is he really a middle schooler?!

Kaji Yuuki (Hatano): Joker Game returns! Or did it really…? Can we really still call this Joker Game? Was Hatano really that kind of a character?! Are the confusing questions in my head during recording, though I had a good time. Hatano-kun is once again, in the familiar role of the tsukkomi, he goes all out this time as well. Though it’s a lot different than the original work, there is a certain charm to this series, so please enjoy it fully!

Fukuyama Jun (Jitsui): Was this really scheduled to return? It’s uncertain but for now, 2nd Year D Class and Sakuma-sensei has returned. Though there is nothing close to the original work’s air in this series, please enjoy the refreshing charm of these students.

Nakai Kazuya (Fukumoto): A cat getting caught in a stupendously astounding story is amazing. I particularly liked the scene where Fukumoto worries if the stray cat is hungry after hearing it cry, as it seems like him to worry like that. Sakuma’s ending scene is nice as well.

Sakurai Takahiro (Tazaki): Tazaki being Tazakin, being a JG girl (TN: I srsly have no idea what Sakurai is talking about smh, or he might be talking about how the JP fans call Tazaki and how female fans refer to themselves), these words and expressions are very powerful and fascinating. Personally, I would like to take lessons from Gordon-sensei. Since my character’s personality does not change, please enjoy the gap between the others!

Seki Tomokazu (Sakuma): I’ve always wanted to become a school teacher, so this parody is very enjoyable for me. This brought back nostalgic memories, so I am grateful!

Great stuff in the Assassin’s Creed DLC

Disclaimer: I played the german version

- Ignis knowing EXACTLY that Prompto and Noctis are huge fans of Assassin’s Creed. And he said it in this mommy tune it’s great. Srsly my mom doesn’t even know I like Final Fantasy XV.

- The costumes. Thank you for the costumes

- Ignis being VERY bothered about the fact that the costume doesn’t cover up his whole body. He’s actually ashamed (for no reason btw)

- Gladio knowing nothing about the franchise and decides to stay and flirt with Cindy instead.

- He must have talked with a lot of women in the city because some of them mention a muscular man with a huge tattoo who asked them something. Their boyfriends flip when they hear “how strong and beautiful he seemed”

- Prompto DOES NOT APROOVE of Gladio’s talks with Cindy and gets a bit smad (sad and mad). And Noct kinda wishes he had Gladio’s confidence.

- Gladio impatently sending Noct away when the prince interrupts his flirtations because the woman he was flirting with is suddenly very interested in the shy prince who doesn’t have enough courage to flirt with her anyway.

- Prompto getting sad when he sees all the couples. Which was cute

- Ignis standing in front of this balance thingy and wondering if he should partake. And later on you hear a little boy tell his mom that a man with glasses pulled out a notebook and mumbled something about the wind and the diameter of the tubes. Yep that’s our Ignis!

- And when you talk with Ignis after the main story is completed he’ll tell you that he already did that but didn’t want to interrupt Noct because he knows that the prince didn’t have a whole lot of fun lately.

- Generally just the fact that Prompto and Noctis have a nice time.

- Cindy saying that the guys jumping from the tower are pretty cool. And I screamed at Prompto that he needs to jump!

- That they let you decide who goes inside to protect Cindy. And I’m a good wingman so I chose Prompto.

- The fact that you can ask Ignis for help when you do those little puzzles around town.

- Gladio’s distraction including just going for it and screaming while running past the guard. I didn’t even get it at first so I had to ask him a second time.

Add more if you want :D

werewolfsupersoldier  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if I could request headcanons for Crocodile, Smoker, Doflamingo, Zoro, Kidd, and Aokiji reactions and behavior when they're dragged by their female s/o to the mall? Thank you so much! (P.S, your writing is so beautiful and it inspired me, just like op-headcanons :3)


Funny hcs of those dweebs girlfriend dragging them to go shopping

Reaction gifs because you said reactions







  • Getting dragged to the mall will be hell on earth for Zoro, Kid and Smoker
  • Especially Kid
  • THey hate shopping more than anything srsly all three of them are the black shirt for everything guys, Smoker might get talked into looking for a nice leather jacket on the internet and thats the end of it
  • Kuzan is not a big fan of shopping either but he’ll settle with carrying all her bags and have a nice cup of coffee at one of the coffee shops to not completely die of boredom
  • Speaking of boredom, everytime his girlfriend shows her outfits once she gets out of the fitting rooms hes probably sleeping
  • In fact Zoro is too
  • Now Crocodile and Doflamingo love shopping and they wouldn’t even need to be ‘dragged’ to the shopping mall
  • Hell those slutty old guys are gonna drag their gfs to the shopping mall
  • In the end Smoker will be more grumpy than usual, Zoro is gonna constantly whine about wanting to go home, Kid will roll his eyes so hard he’ll see his brain, Kuzan will have to be slapped out of his nap and Doffy and Croco will enjoy themselves.
capitanarmandosalazar replied to your post “capitanarmandosalazar replied to your post “capitanarmandosalazar…”

Lol, yes it is. But srsly, though, they aren’t friends. The whole “friendship” thing between Salazar and Lesaro was created by fans, not the filmmakers. When was there ever a moment in the film where it showed Salazar being FRIENDLY toward Lesaro, the way a friend would be? It doesn’t. Salazar never goes up to Lesaro and smiles at him, never greets him, in fact the only time he talks to him is when Lesaro says “They are begging for mercy”.

Technically all of Salazar’s scenes involve him either a) killing people, b) talking about his revenge, c) escaping the Triangle, d) trying to kill Jack, or e) dying. We didn’t get any scenes of the Silent Mary crew just being — they are always in action. No time for pleasantries or idle chit chat.

Hey guys, so this is the infamous frucien scene that got deleted and honestly it was perfect and everything I knew frucien could become if they were given a chance. I mean Lucien telling Freya he admired her and sharing his understanding about just loving someone without a reason ( he obviously was talking about Aurora) but still I feel like they were starting to connect and personally as a frucien stan I feel cheated because this was so raw and simply beautiful not just flirtation or bickering which we saw on the screen. I understand that some things need to be cut out because of the time, buy srsly?? This scene is just over a fucking minute!! A MINUTE! They could’ve had shortened some other dialogs in the ep. The writers knew Lucien would become the villain of the season, so they could have at least given us frucien fans this moment on screen before everything went to shit. There might even be more scenes of Freya and Lucien that were cut and never made it to DVD. I know I should be grateful we got to see this gem and obviously I am, but at the same time I feel petty& salty af because I got to see something that could never happen now. As I watched this scene I saw something others didn’t from the start, from the first phone call they shared and their flirtation I knew they would become something special for me and others like me who enjoy their interactions. So I created this blog and now I have 300 followers it might not seem like much, but to me it’s 300 people who understand and love frucien just as much as I do. Ok I’m ranting aren’t I? Sorry I just needed to get that off my chest lol enjoy this little gem 😉😊

Credit of the video goes to the owner, it’s not mine.

ok so ppl have talked about andreil being role models for lgbtq kids but what about nicky

  • don’t even try to tell me nicky doesn’t become an icon™ over his years at palmetto
  • he goes to pride every year (sometimes w erik sometimes with andreil sometimes on his own it doesn’t matter)
  • his official twitter is full of tweets congratulating ppl on coming out or offering support nd resources to those who need it
  • he talks a lot about being out and the importance of having a positive group of people to support him
  • he oks it with andrew and speaks a little about his experience with hate crimes too and how it affected him/his family
  • makes sure to cement his experiences in the context of being a gay man of color specifically
  • like srsly he has his own press nightmare moments bc he refuses to tolerate homophobia/cissexism/racism from reporters, coaches, players, fans, anyone and doesn’t hesitate to call them on their bullshit
  • as he came to terms with how things were gonna stay re: his parents he also started sharing what it was like growing up in a homophobic household with a few of the kids who write him letters
  • speaking of letters he gets SO MANY
  • some of them are addressed to him and erik thanking them for being so openly loving with each other
  • bc nicky talks about erik so much that even if he only makes it to a handful of games their relationship is still relatively established within the community
  • erik is just as cheesy as nicky don’t get me wrong btw
  • he brings cute signs to games and coordinates cheery outfits w dan’s sisters
  • leading up to graduating and afterward nicky starts offering his marketing skills to projects geared toward helping young lgbtq athletes
  • even after moving to germany he keeps it up and maybe shows up at a couple exy camps for kids every so often and starts vlogging and in general remains a pretty prominent figure and between that and knowing his family’s doing ok and his life with erik he couldn’t be happier
harry is adorable when he's ill and it makes me angry, a masterpost

seriously no one should look this cute when they’re sick get oUT

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Possessive Sehun texts

Sehun being a little possessive to you while he was away on tour. International fans 

Let’s talk about this Sehun. Keep on your lane Hunnie. Last for tonight because we’re going somewhere tomorrow. srsly. I have to wake up around 3 am

wehey Molly finally got off her ass and did a masterlist woo party

- au memes with * by the side means they have a one shot as well.
- au memes with ** means they could be triggering (I don't like writing triggering stuff so it's rare as fuck)
- au memes with *** mean they have smut in (yet again I don't really write smut yet)
the au memes listed at the top of each section are the most recent ones

ALL (the boys) AU MEMES






  1. Any requests, make sure to send them here - I’m putting them in my book of doom - might make a to-do page?
  2. love feedback so if you like/dislike any one of my au memes then let me know here bc it’s what keeps me posting (I’m not trying to be thirsty it srsly makes me do more bc otherwise i feel guilty so I need some inspiration yo) 
  3. IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT STUFF PLEASE FUCKING DO I LOVE OTHER PEOPLES WORK SO PLZ SEND HERE (even if you don’t want credit or you want credit or want me to ut an au meme with it etc then please come ask bc I’m up for it) 
  4. I want to start dong preferences but idk what do you guys think

That’s all fuckers be back soon for more as I’m updating this as it goes on the page of doom aka this 


lmao…Himdaejae on v app was like: Daejae hyping himchan to eat…dae struggling with spicy food (he was literally dying), yjay talking with his mom… they ate like 44545 cups of ramen+ brownies+ cinnamon rolls+ coca-cola+ more ramen..HOW??? plus they keep joking with the “FANTASY” part on skydive bc of the fan, himchan saying how he screwed his ticketing (lol)…this kids lol  they are adorable!!!

Being Calum's ex:

- “Boys, Y/N posted this with this person and I don’t know who he is? Maybe is he overl like I just…”
- “I’m not obsessed”
- Fans being really supportive to both of you
- The boys trying to convince him to talk to you
- You crying a lot bc srsly you broke up with Calum Hood
- Him being really moody and grumpy
- “I don’t remember how to be single”
- You going to his shows without telling him
- Him tweeting you song lyrics
- You replying with corny pickup lines
- “I kinda deleted your number so maybe you can text me”
- “….. I deleted yours too”
- “…oh.”

anonymous asked:

Wuts a Michael Clifford

*cracks knuckles* ok HERE IT GOES

So this is what i’ve gathered on this Micheal Clifford


He too is in that band 5sos and of course he looks the most punk rock out of all them

Michael Gordon Clifford is the kind of person that can ruin you completely with his angelic voice (that can change to the devil and completely DESTROY YOU TOO) and his sick guitar skills (especially those guitar solos damn). BUT ALSO with his face that somehow manages to suit any hair colour possible and his natural adorable being. 

 look at him all stepping and flexing those arms while he strums that guitar. he just can’t stay still AND THAT MAKES HIM THE GREAT PERFORMER HE IS.

but have you ever wondered if you could marry a voice (what no) well michael’s voice is so obvious and you hear him harmonising in songs and you just think “woah michael how” AND WHEN HE SINGS HE’S OWN VERSES NOW THAT JUST RUINS THE LAST OF ME. 

here is more of what he does best except so much more passion is put into singing. i can just feel those high notes getting hit through the gif.


With hair that changes colour on a regular and a voice that can scream in songs you would think he’s personality would be punk too but really he is just a cuddly kitten.

this is him talking about his likely species 

lets just ignore the eye brow piercing that has already killed many michael girls

AND SWEATER PAWS MICHAEL! if you don’t like sweater paws michael well then you’re lying to yourself 

he’s just so punk rock (but srsly i haven’t seen daniel in a while)

and sometimes kitten michael tries to do stuff like this

but it just makes him look like an aggressive kitten which makes him even cuter



just look at that perfectly sculpted face and those beautiful lips that can probably do a lot 


and recently snapback michael had graced us 

and it really WASN’T NECESSARY (no what im not crying that’s just his snapback in my eye)


*breathing increases* *faints*


Michael clifford is also dorky look at him dancing like an idiot

and last but not least it’s dirty minded michael 

yep that’s him being a mature 18 year old 

no one was thinking that michael there really wasn’t a need to clear it up

but seriously michael clifford is that guy that randomly get’s excited over little things and just yells at inappropriate times. he just deserves sooo much more love than he gets and i wish people can see that 

 i could continue to talk about his game obsessions, small hands, that tongue he always sticks out or how he is actually hilarious at times but i think i should stop bc my body heart can’t handle any more michael clifford.


Permanent Masterpost !!

OK OK OK. So like Permanent is my all-time fave fic so I decided to try and make a masterpost kinda thing about it. Basically I just found gifs/pics that remind me of scenes from the story. I also found some songs. The breaks are sudden and not smooth at all bc I tried to minimize the amount of text and shorten the post overall so you should probably have read the fic already.

The lookalike porn gifs were a nightmare bc I was always way too picky so I gave up my search and added whatever I already collected. I mean it would’ve been easier if there was a ziam sextape ya feel? but like sometimes your heart’s just meant to be broken.

And sorry I got lazy towards the end and rushed through it because I just wanted to finish it. This was so much harder than I thought so please use a strong imagination. Like A LOT. BUT ALSO HAVE FUN BC I I SURE DID.

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The different major reactions I’ve seen for the two breakups/cheating stories ;

Elounor: “Omg yes finally Larry is real” (not a word bout that girl he kissed cause it “was so obviously fake”)

Zerrie: “Aww poor Perrie, we hate you Zayn how can you do that to her?!” (Here withstands the fact that he ONLY FUCKING HELD THE GIRLS HAND AND POSED WITH HER FOR A PHOTO)

I don’t even know anymore, but I feel like if the roles were switched, we’d get a far different reaction (like if Zayn had actually kissed a girl and confirmed that he and Perrie had broken up). Ugh I srsly don’t understand, what is it that the world (can we talk about that articles about Zayn brought up the smoking video and drug rumours, while the article about Louis didn’t even mention it?) and even the fans too, have against Zayn?! It makes me so fucking furious bc either; loads in this world is fucking racists , or loads has something against Zayn personally.

-It can’t be his voice cause we all agreed that it fucking slays
-It can’t be his looks cause the mayor part of this fandom and media has admitted that he has the looks of a God
-It can’t be his personality bc of you have been here 4 a while, you know that cute, dorky, kind, sweethearted, a lil bit shy, family loving, wonderful boy that he is

So what then is it? Bc I can’t see it

And lastly;

Why the fuck would a breakup between Elounor mean that Larry s real, while a breakup between Zerrie + Liam confirming that they’ve kissed + A FUCKING DESCRIPTION of how it happened doesn’t confirm anything and especially not Ziam.

I kinda feel like if you see the love between Larry, how the fuck can you be that oblivious of the love between Ziam?

Sincerely , a Ziam shipper aka hardcore Zayn girl (if that wasn’t clear enough)

anonymous asked:

During the wwa tour I met ZAYN at a night club in chicago and I was scared how he was going to ask but he was the sweetest person. Me and my coworker were talking to him and he seemed so happy. And we even offered to buy him shots and stuff but he said he was getting his drinks for free so he didn't want us to pay and he was so nice. UGH. And at the end before we left my friend said to him that I was a big fan and he gave me a hug (he's my fav) and he is the best person ever. 😭

you literally lived out my dream !!!!!! running into ZAYN in a CLUB. a CASUAL LAID BACK ENCOUNTER. a HUG !!!!!!!

that’s so awesome, nonnie. srsly. and i’m choosing to believe you so u betta not be playin with me. ily