is he saying wow


Update on Untitled, 2017 (GD cafe) and AC.III.T Bowling & Pub inside Shinhwa World Resort 💕

nothing to see here, folks, just need a quick outlet for some ??? what is my life, why are there feelings all of a sudden i am not equipped for this

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in the liveshow dan was gonna say hes married to his job but he refrained wow rip phan

why did dan say he’s not going to get married im literally crying in bed right now tears are leaking down my face i’m questioning everything i just want daniel howell to have a pretty wedding with a cool venue and pretty flowers and a pretty designer suit and


you’re still our brothers———-
and we will F I G H T for YOU.


Doyoung’s honesty bringing out Taeyong’s laughter once again ❤️

bangtan as good feelings

jin: feeling like everything in the world is alright when you’re in someone’s embrace, the feeling of satisfying a craving, the feeling of peace.

yoongi: feeling utterly exhausted but deeply contented, but also feeling like you have unlimited energy when doing something you love, the feeling of passion.

hoseok: the feeling of the warm rays of sunshine on your skin, the feeling of laughing with someone, the feeling causing laughter, the feeling of liberation.

namjoon: the feeling of being at peace with yourself, feeling your heart beating and your body radiating heat after a run, the feeling of adrenaline.

jimin: cheeks hurting from laughing too much, the feeling of the cool breeze while you stand under the starry night sky, the feeling of happiness.

taehyung: feeling someone’s love for you, feeling complete adoration for someone, the feeling of stroking the soft fur of animals, the feeling of love.

jungkook: the feeling of watching the people you adore laugh and smile, the feeling of wearing a freshly washed hoodie that smells of fabric softener, the feeling of achievement.

things i still cant believe
  • the lighter was invented before the match
  • oxford university is older than the aztec empire
  • the national animal of scotland is a unicorn
  • ishida sui dedicated an entire chapter to touka and kaneki fucking