is he saying wow

my dad shows his like coworkers and family everything and he says they’re all like wow you must be so proud of your son she’s so beautiful


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um, ok bitch if you're not disgusted by jeffery star wearing makeup what is it then. care to evaluate or do you really think you sound intelligent by saying ""

why are you so mad? he’s a racist, what do i have to evaluate when you yourself can do with a simple youtube search?? you’re so entitled……’re really out here pressed over someone Online saying they don’t like someone without explaining why for the 50th time……..i can’t relate

my favorite thing i’ve learned in college is that way back in ancient china there was this poet/philosopher guy who wrote this whole pretentious poem about how enlightened he was that was like “the eight winds cannot move me” blahblahblah and he was really proud of it so he sent it to his friend who lived across the lake and then his friend sends it back and just writes “FART” (or the ancient Chinese equivalent) on it and he was SO MAD he travels across the lake to chew his friend out and when he gets there his friend says “wow. the eight winds cannot move you, but one fart sends you across the lake”

When people tell stories about how their parents beat them, it’s always interesting to see their face change because they expected me to say “me too lol” but I instead say “I’m really sorry. You didn’t deserve that”
Last time a co worker who also has West Indian parents was telling me in a joking way how he remembers being beaten with a belt because lied about his report card. As he was laughing it off and saying he deserved it, I just said “wow that’s awful hun. You didn’t deserve that.” And his whole face changed. Like it hadn’t occurred to him that it’s messed up that a part of remembering his childhood is remembering how badly it hurt to be beaten so badly at such a young age.
Another time I had a friend, non West Indian parents, who talked about how she made a mess on a dress that her parents got her. It was really expensive apparently and she spilled red juice on it. She talked about how she was ordered to take the dress of and was beaten with a belt too without any clothes on. And she was laughing and said “I was a bad ass kid lol” and I said “no hun you were just a kid”. And she looked at me and immediately stopped laughing and just sat there like “yea…I was just a kid. I don’t know why they did that to me”
My mom was raised in a household where she was beaten so badly….I just don’t understand how she is so loving now growing up in a home where she got so little love. They called it discipline, but once she became a social worker she began to see that it was abuse. That she grew up terrified of her parents, although they thought it was respect that my mom felt. It was fear.
We have to get comfortable challenging what is often seen as cultural norms. We have to be a generation of people who are not ashamed to say “I would never beat my child”.

I’m gay. If I were a popular fictional character, there’d be endless debates online on wether or not I’m gay, on me being actually bi/pansexual. I’ve been in relationships with men in the past and have shown interest in men in the past, and I’m 100% sure people would use this as “undeniable evidence” that I’m bi/pansexual. People would say I’m canonically bi/pansexual, confirmed, and would call people who interpreted me as a lesbian biphobic because of my past involvement with men, that no longer means anything at all to me. When seeing good-looking men, I still say or think “Wow, he’s handsome/hot/elegant/charming!”, despite not being attracted to them or interested in them in a romantic/sexual way. People would see this as me validating my past involvement with men and meaning that I’m still interested in them and still want to be with them. They would see this as more “evidence” of my bi/pansexuality. But the thing is, I’m still gay.

What I’m trying to say is that there are many characters out that are like me. They could be bi/pansexual, and you’re completely allowed to imagine them as such. But they could be lesbians too. If lesbians like me exist in real life, then we can exist in fiction too. So please don’t make us feel bad for having lesbian headcanons for characters like this, and seeing ourselves in them. If we’re not erasing canon, confirmed bi/pansexual representation, please don’t insist that we are. Please don’t insist that having been involved with men in the past or interested in them equals bi/pansexuality.




As of ep10, I think this scene in ep04 takes a whole new meaning. Let’s see:

1st gif: When Victor asks why Yuri would have pushed away the girl trying to hug him, he doesn’t say ‘wow’ because he thinks it’s strange to have that reaction, but because he recalls Yuri latching on to him desperately. Even if that was his drunken self, it was still something Yuri wanted, so Victor is wondering what’s the difference between him and this girl.

2nd gif: He isn’t being presumptions in asking what Yuri wants him to be. Again, as far as Victor knows, Yuri wanted him there and his behavior (the hugging, their intimate dance-off) hadn’t been that of just wanting Victor as a coach, so he wanted Yuri to make it clear what he wanted. And he assumed (and likely hoped) that Yuri liked him romantically.

3rd gif: I think Yuri caused another misunderstanding here…that fixed the previous one. See, Yuri was apologizing and explaining he ignored Victor, but he was talking about a recent situation between them since he was unaware of the banquet. For Victor, however, his apology/explanation was over the whole period since they met. Victor may have seen this as Yuri explaining why he didn’t say another word to Victor after the banquet: like he was explaining that he was too unsure of himself (when not drunk) and so couldn’t bear to face him. In other words, he wasn’t rejecting Victor, but lacked the sufifcient confidence to further a relationship

4th gif: Victor accepted the apology and understanding that sober!Yuri wasn’t that comfortable with as much skinship as he was when drunk…Victor promised to start demonstrating his love through not being easy on yuri’s coaching. Oh, and since we now know Victor was already in love with him at this point…when he says “my love” he does mean romantic love for Yuri

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october 25th, 2016.


He didn’t grab the throne laughing evilly. He rose to power because he was a terrific orator, captivating his audience, promising to bring their country back to greatness while blaming all their problems on scapegoats - Jews and homosexuals and everyone who was deemed “imperfect”. People didn’t look at him and say, “Wow, he’s a monster. That’s great, I’m gonna vote for him!”

Most people didn’t believe the worst stories about him. In fact, a lot of people never started believing them. They didn’t call them “fake news”, they called them “American propaganda”. Four weeks before her death, my great-grandmother got into her nth shouting match with my father because she didn’t believe the Holocaust ever happened. She just couldn’t believe it. After all, Hitler was supposed to save them all after World War I. He couldn’t have been a monster, right? She didn’t just sit at home and enable him to kill all those innocent people, right?

And that’s just it: Hitler was not a monster. He was just a man. An awful man, sure, rotten on the inside, but nonetheless just a man who convinced people that he was the right guy for the job.

For years and years we’ve been telling you to see Hitler as a man rather than the far-away historical figure, the dragon atop the castle. We’ve been telling you to stop painting Nazis as cartoonishly evil guys in your movies and you ignored us. Now you have the Alt-Right on the rise and the media refuses to call them Nazis because, woah, wouldn’t that be silly and kind of offensive to treat them like the villains in next week’s blockbuster?

On the 1st December 1941, the United States granted Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father, asylum. They cancelled it ten days later and you all know how this story ends. On the 28th January 2017, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban citizens from various countries that have been bombed and torn apart by the United States themselves from entering the country. People who were already in an airplane, on their way to safety, while the order was signed, were detained upon arrival at the airport.

The night of 9th November 1938 is called Kristallnacht because broken glass from the smashed windows of burnt down synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses littered the streets of Germany. On the 28th January 2017, the Victoria Mosque in Texas was burnt down, mere hours after Donald Trump officially blamed all of America’s problems on an entire religion.

You think he’s not going to make those Muslim internment camps a reality? People didn’t think the concentration camps were real.

You want to give this man a chance? People gave Hitler a chance.

You think what happened in Nazi Germany can never happen again? It’s happening right now.

Ok so I watched Voltron in the French dub and...

The famous “I cradled you in my arms” moment is even gayer, just wow.

In the dub he says litteraly “C’était un moment très intense! Je te berçais tendrement dans mes bras!” 

which can be translated to “It was a very intense moment! I rocked/cradled you tenderly in my arms!”

I love the dub now.


I’ve spent a lot of time rewatching the end of Episode 9 and I Noticed something!! When you watch the gifs of Victor and Yuri from the last few minute of the episodes, you notice how victors shoulders move: 

It looks almost as if he’s putting something on a hand, like a bracelet or ring, eyes slightly downcast, shoulders shifting as if he is slipping something onto another person. Now, as we all know, this is the scene where Victor asks Yuri what he’s going to get him for Christmas, to which Yuri responds, “something round and golden,” possibly implying a ring or a medal. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT! In the OV we hear Victor say ‘Oh wow,” but clearly that is not what he is saying here. His mouth does not form the O shape, not even by any stretch of imagination. He is most likely addressing Yuri in someway, which leads me further to believe that Victor is the one giving Yuri a ring. 

This brings me to Yuri. 

First off, notice the way he’s dressed. Hair down, glasses, looking like he’s in a state of vulnerability instead of being as confident as he is on the ice. He looks almost as he did when we first met his character in the beginning of the series. The point I’m trying to make is this is not the Yuri that would propose to Victor, this is the Yuri and is so shocked that he doesn’t know how to react. We see a similar reaction the first time that he sees Victor in the Onsen for the first time, one of pure shock. ALSO!!! Notice how he looks slightly down at his hands, gulps, and then looks back up to Victor, almost as if to say ‘are you sure?’ because we know Yuri struggles with anxiety, and he needs to make sure that Victor actually means it. 

side note, christmas is the most romantic holiday in japan so a proposal would make sense   

One Night:

Me: Watching Yuri on Ice for the millionth time.

Husband: “Really, again? Is this one of the gay ones or a sports one?” (Yes he knows of my … cough…obsessions.)

Me: “Both, it’s a sports one that happens to have a gay couple in it.”

Husband: Has walked over by this point and is watching over my shoulder. “What sport?”

Me: “Ice skating”

Husband: “Humm, like it?” 

(Victor has just paused in the frame of the show to talk to Yuuri) 

Me: “Yeah, it’s a favorite.”

Husband: Looks at Victor and then me out of the corner of his eye. And my husband (one of the straightest people on the planet) says “Wow, he’s hot.”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. There is a reason I married the man. Well one of them.

*Disclaimer: He’s 100% supportive of anyone’s sexuality