is he rlly 19

  • [ch 184, probably]
  • She Li: hold on. before we fight, I'm going to ask you a favor.
  • He Tian: [grabs him by the collar] what?
  • She Li: tell that pretty friend of yours, Jian Yi, to go on a date with me this sunday.
  • He Tian:
  • Zhengxi: [magically appears] He Tian, move aside. let me handle this.
  • He Tian: you can barely handle your sexuality, sit the fuck down.
  • She Li: whoa, #rekt.

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what do u think about he tian remembering his and his brothers flashback when he is about save guan shan from she li? Is he remembering that he has to save someone or something?

I’ve been thinking about this…. it honestly surprised me a lot! I mean, I’ve been waiting for an insight on He Tian’s past for ages; about his childhood, his family, his brother, you know, some kind of basis, because I’ve been sitting here analyzing him over and over, relying mostly on my own interpretations, sometimes afraid I might be a little subjective/ooc.. I never expected it to pop up in such circumstances. Which makes it all so great, don’t you think? It’s actually a m a z i n g. 

Not only it suggests that He Tian doesn’t really hate his older brother [personally, I never thought he hates him and now my thoughts are pretty much confirmed― he used to have a good relationship with his brother! now, maybe not so much, and…. I’ll make sure to talk about this as well!] but also.. that he cares about Guan Shan… a fucking lot. Like, I knew he’s head over heels but damn, this is a different amount. It’s much more than having a crush on someone, he’s about to risk his safety for.. what? Someone he approached a few times, flirted with, didn’t even know how he’s called until some days ago.. but hey whatever his lips are kissable? Really? Yeah, sort of, but there’s a lot more behind his actions.

Also, I feel like that’s a memory he really cherishes. His brother’s words probably had quite an impact on him as a child and, the more I think about it…  it really makes sense. Remember that time Jian Yi was about to get kidnapped and he sprinted to help him? Because maybe he thought Jian Yi is his friend and he has to be strong [’the strongest’] and protect him. [ok wait! that’s when he met his brother, too! interesting, isn’t it?…. shit what a mindfuck. ox had planned this all along..]. But we didn’t really get to see that and now I understand why. Because it had to be Guan Shan. The one he’s going to protect at all costs has to be Guan Shan. Let that sink in for a bit.

This is clearly more than just saving ‘a friend’. This is He Tian’s train of thought. It’s like.. he has molded himself this way all along and now he finally gets to protect someone he genuinely cares about. That’s why he thought about his brother, the situation itself triggered something crucial for him; and maybe part of him has been secretly waiting for this moment, for something like this. No wonder he lost his sense and temper there. He Tian is going risk everything [and I believe he’s pretty aware of how bad it can get.. but then again, he can’t help himself] even getting himself hurt, because he wants Guan Shan safe. Again, let that sink in.

tbh I don’t understand at all why people think Even was acting ‘weird’ or ‘manic’ in that last clip….. I personally didn’t get that. Like at all. I felt like he was completely in character, the only difference being that he sounded angry when talking about Sonja, but then - at the halloween pregame - we saw that same irritation when he asked her not to control him. This time we just saw it in a different setting.

And the only time I can think of that his behavior might’ve been interpreted as ‘manic’ was after Isak had literally called him the man of his dreams. So. I mean. Lets not kid ourselves, Even very clearly (loves) cares for Isak, so obviously he’s going to be like ‘!!!!!!!’ when Isak practically confirms he feels the same way. He’s only 19 guys. That’s still rlly young. And while these two have shared a lot of soft, sweet moments, they haven’t actually said out loud how they feel. Isak saying that was the first verbal confirmation that we’ve seen, and they both handled it in a teasing, light way, which I thought was a+ 

so yeah, stop saying even is behaving weird just because he’s happy and in love,,, let him be young and silly and euphoric if that’s how Isak makes him feel