is he proud

Just 11 things I liked so far

I can’t wait to see how anti mon el people try to turn this one against him
1. He wants to be romantic
2. His mother is a bitch
3. He is proud af of his job as a bartender
4. He /has not/ finished Romeo and Juliet
5. He sacrificed his life on earth for Kara
6. He is ready to become king just to turn Daxam into a democratic planet
7. His mother is a bitch
8. Who tries to put him in a cell for four years
9. He finally saw Star Wars
10. He holds onto Winn
11. His family is on Earth with all his friends and his love



Her Protesting for Animal Rights and Getting Arrested on Live TV: BTS


Would go blank while watching the TV, his food falling out his mouth.


Would pretend that he doesn’t know you, while covering his face with a hand… However, inside of his head, he would still be proud of what you fought for.


Arrested together with you.

Rap Monster:

Would quickly rush over to the station to get you out.


A concerned mochi mode: ON. He’d rush to the station, much like NamJoon, and ask the officers to see you so that he could coo over you, praising you for the right thing that you did.


Arrested together with you pt.2.


Would laugh at you so bad that he’d fall to the flour in front of the TV, later picking himself up and that’s when the realization of you sitting in a prison cell began settling in.

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it looks like they scuffled because kaner got checked and he felt pouty about it

it was embarrassing

watch the magic here

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im readinng new chapter of reverse and got to this part where they're discussing food: "“Sushi is better,” Yugito puts in as she reenters the kitchen, Utakata just behind her." AND I MISREAD IT AS SHISUI. so im here imagining the poor guy clinging to kakashi like "you have to help! it's not just your boyfriend anymore - HIS KIDS WANT TO EAT ME TOO." also, guess who has just become kurama's new favorite. he's so proud of her *wipes a single motherly tear*

Made even better by the fact that I totally typed “Shisui” the first time around and didn’t catch it until I went back to edit. xD

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can we have hcs/a scenario of either dazai or chuuya(or both) reacting to finding out that their s/o is terrified of lizards(or amphibians in general)? will they scare the living hell out of poor s/o?


  • You know Dazai would tease you about this. At first, he’d probably leave a fake frog on your desk or next to you on your pillow.
  • If you’re seriously afraid of them, he’ll be dramatic about protecting you.
    • “Oh, I HAVE to protect my darling from those atrocious beasts!”
  • If you’re out on a walk and you see a frog and start hiding, Dazai will go pick it up and try to coach you into getting closer to it without freaking out.
  • He’d actively work so that you’d eventually at least tolerate the creatures because NOTHING is allowed to terrify his significant other.
  • He’s super proud once you get over your phobia and will chatter nonstop about how you’re capable of anything.


  • He’s super confused about why you’re scared of such things. After all, Chuuya is much more terrifying.
  • He’ll never actually tease you for it, but if you hide behind him, he will encourage you to approach it.
    • Plus, he’ll protect you if it “attacks you”.
  • He’d also work so that you’d eventually get over your phobia, but he’s a little more caring and gentle with it than Dazai is.
  • He’d show you the cuter reptiles, like a tortoise, in an attempt to get you to be more fond of them.
  • It’s through this adventure that you find out that Chuuya’s definitely an animal person and he has a lot of chemistry with smol, cute animals. Definitely not because he’s also smol and cute.

How ivar would react to you being on your period (this is a modern au answer I hope you don’t mind) •"your on your what??“

•being the confident boyfriend that is almost proud he gets tampons for his girlfriend, even though it’s challenging to go shopping by himself with his condition

•when a guy walks up to him and pokes fun at the fact he has to buy pads he shakes his head and grits his teeth, because you told him he needs to check his temper

•"at least I have a girlfriend to buy tampons or pads for, lonely bastard”

•also buying you chocolates and tea and other snacks.

•telling him he doesn’t need to get everything for you and that you can get it

•"you will stay on this couch and I will get what you need, there’s no need to put yourself into more pain"

•watching netflix together

•him holding your heating pad on your belly

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Namjoon as Athena

And now it is time for the second half of Namseok, the Ilsan prince, my lowkey spirit animal who is s o incredibly talented like he can rap, he can sing even though he always jokes around with it, he’s just so full of talent what a gem, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon as Athena the Goddess of Wisdom (and many other things)

  • I was tempted to make him Zeus bc he’s the leader but Athena fit so much better in my opinion, one of the biggest reasons I went with Athena for Namjoon is bc she’s intelligent
  • One of my favorite things about Namjoon, if not THE favorite thing, is how smart he is and that he doesn’t try to hide it and that he’s proud of it without being cocky about it
  • He doesn’t look down on other people if they’re not as smart as he is and he doesn’t think he should be treated special just bc he’s intelligent and that’s really nice to see someone be so down to earth but still be proud of their intelligence and not be afraid to use it
  • Namjoon does so much with his intelligence, he speaks English in interviews, he translates for the boys, he likes to throw English sentences into his V lives and as a non-Korean speaking fan I really appreciate him doing that
  • He doesn’t have to do it at all, he could very easily say Korean’s my first language, it’s what I’m most comfortable with but he doesn’t, he takes that extra step to include more people, he even throws in a bit of Japanese sometimes and that just really says something about him as a person I love that he always tries his best and goes 110% and he even gave a lil shout out to the translators in the fandom which I think was really thoughtful of him (I love that all of the boys try their best to communicate with as many fans as they possibly can bc it’s really really sweet to see they want all of us to feel included)
  • Athena is also wise
  • He’s also v v wise, we love to tease him about being super deep and I think that’s really cute bc it’s like one giant friendship between all of us and them but it’s always so cute to see him going off on one of his life speeches or say something really deep
  • I love that he’s so wise and smart but then he’s also not too serious, he still has fun with his life, he really knows when to be serious and when to be goofy
  • Athena also does a lot with politics and social issues
  • Namjoon doesn’t really shy away from stating his opinion about politics/social issues, from their debut song to just a week ago with “Change”
  • Just the fact that he’s addressing that they’re a thing is really cool bc he doesn’t have to, a lot of artists don’t talk about politics/social issues but he’s using music as a way to express his opinion and that makes me really happy bc you can tell his music means so much to him
  • Athena is compassionate and generous
  • Namjoon is really kind and when you first see him performing and hear his voice and see how tall he is, it’s just w h o a but then you get to know him and you realize he’s actually just a giant teddy bear that giggles 25/8 and trips over air
  • Namjoon is so caring towards everyone around him and he’s always so polite and he holds himself really well?? like he has such a confident air to him, he really is a leader, even if he isn’t the oldest, you can tell every single one of the boys and the people around them respect Namjoon so much and it’s easy to see why
  • He’s a hard worker and he’s so patient with people around him and he’s just really kind and sweet and caring and thoughtful and he’s so amazing and talented I love him so much, I feel like Athena is a good fit for him