is he pantsless

to add to @still-intrepid’s recent post i’m just like. the fact that feliks walks around his house shirtless (tbh he could be pantsless too for all i know since his lower half is hidden) with his hair done up and eating what looks like some sort of fruit is just the best thing i’ve heard all day

As someone who’d been doing at-home injections for nearly seven years now, Harley had gotten rather… lackadaisical about where and in what company he did his weekly hormone shots. Being a person that had few physical and emotional boundaries in the first place, this often created some entertaining scenarios.

Like now, for instance, with Harley perched up on the cleared away check-out counter of the Wroughtery, pants around his ankles and boxers hiked up to his hip crease, a ¾ inch needle jammed into the side of his thigh. As luck would have it, just as he began to depress the syringe, the front door of the shop opened. 

“Good morning,” He chirped, completely unconcerned with the fact that he was pantsless and sticking himself with unlabeled fluids. “I’ll be with you in a moment. If you’re looking for anti-vampire charms, I’m afraid we’re all out.”


Well….since you’re all probably aware that I’m suffering from Homestuck emotions today, I decided to combine the fandom I was in when I joined Tumblr with one of my biggest current ones and drew some of my RvB faves in some Homestuck panel edits.

This was actually a lot of fun. It’s been ages since I did panel edits and I’m proud of the results. Also click for captions.