is he not the cutest thing

Voltron S2 Reaction Post~!

yooo i just finished watching the new season of Voltron, here’s my live-blogging reactions plus final thoughts. it does contain spoilers, so proceed beneath the cut at your own risk!

please note: this isn’t a glowing positive A++ review so if you’ll find that opinion upsetting, maybe skip out on reading.

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hob’s ♡ is so cute and fat 😭💛

Klance moment

Okay but why is no one talking about how in episode 10 when Lance is talking about all the other paladins he says:
“And keith is always doing things like flying into asteroid fields and black holes and cool junk like that”
And he says it with the cutest heart eyes ever

I need more Lance and Keith bragging about each other and just being overall proud it’s just so °*•°\( ^-^ )/°*•°


idk why but when i watched this last night it was just about the cutest thing i’d ever seen, so. i had to gif it. look how startled he looks look at him. look. look at the way he keeps his hand there like. just in case they move again. juuust in case. he a startled puppy. it’s adorable.

Do you think Zen is more of a light sleeper or heavy sleeper? Just imagine:

• If he was a light sleeper, you would stroke his cheek or play with his hair, and he’d pretend to be asleep (you know he isn’t), but then your hand starts travelling to his more sensitive areas in a teasing manner and accidentally lets out the cutest sound.

• If he was a heavy sleeper, you would do whatever you want with him, like a challenge to see what it is that would wake him up, and by the time Zen wakes up, he’s confused as to how on earth the two of you ended up in such a compromising position.

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Ok so Mitch's insta bio says Lk 9three cause of his junior team and I thought he probably just forgot and will change it when he notices but then he changed his icon so clearly he looked at his own page and kept the thing to do w the knights. A lot of other guys who were on that team (and aren't anymore) still have something almost the same except their own number and it's the cutest shit

Omg Ik it’s the cutest thing ever💕💕💕

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Headcanons! 1) Ransom has 2 cats at home, they're brothers and really fluffy and sweet but love holster more than ransom (traitors!!) 2) Dex and Bitty go to the farmers market together, which is a huge thing if you grew up small town!!

OH MY GOD LISTEN THIS IS THE CUTEST THING OF MY LIFE whenever holster visits they sit on his shoulders and he insists ransom refers to him as “The King of Pussy” and ransom is just like…adam ur dating someone with a dick (holster argues that the pun cannot be wasted so ransom goes along with it anyway)

also bitty and dex!! comparing prices for produce!!! bitty talking to the cute lil old lady who’s a beekeeper about her different flavours of honey and offering new ideas!!!! dex fixing her beehives or helping build new ones when she needs them!!! i’m gonna die!!!!!!!

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Snb! Sinbad scenario where cute little baby Sharrkan has a huge crush on his s/o

[I have about 31 Sinbad requests. Be prepared.]

Snb! Sinbad: It was really obvious that the little boy had a crush on you. Everyone thought it was the cutest thing ever when Sharrkan got flustered around the older female. Somehow, the ex-prince always managed to bring you a handful of flowers, shuttering out ‘I hope you have a great day, Ms. [Y/n].’  

It didn’t take long for you to notice that Sinbad wasn’t enjoying the little crush Sharrkan had on you. It was almost funny that he got jealous over a little boy. “Oh, come on, you got to admit it’s cute.” You huff, placing the flowers in a vase. The future king grumbles something under his breath and becomes pouty. Crossing his arms, sitting on the bed, refusing to look at his S/o. “Sin, it’s just a small crush. Besides, I love you and wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

Sinbad felt the bed dip as you crawl over to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, in hopes he will talk to you. “Do you mean it?” You saw a glimmer of hope in his golden eyes when he shifts his gaze.

“Of course! Now stop being pouty and get to work, you still have documents from your last trip to sign.” Sinbad froze, looking away from you again, going to deny it. “I’ll stay and help, two great minds are better than one, after all.”

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Komaeda~what's Hinata-kun's cutest mannerism??^^

Hinata-kun does this really cute thing where sometimes he tries not to smile and his bottom lip trembles a little and I think that’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

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When its time for bed my cat (Rowan) will sit on my chest and watch me scroll thru your page and sometimes he puts his paw on my thumb which causes me to like posts and I just thought you should know that we love you lots 💕💕💕

This is honestly the cutest and most blessed thing I’ve ever been sent;;; This is seriously so precious omg ;w;

I love y’all too!! That means you too Rowan, if you’re seeing this!! :D

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Hc: Tweek Hates to listen to loud noises so whenever he goes somewhere in the car with craig its a must to bring his headphones and his phone. Since a lot of songs are mostly upbeat and there are to many sounds than he can handle he just usually sticks with soft love songs. And he loves them, he will close his eyes and smile while tapping his fingers and Craig thinks its the cutest thing ever.


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Hey, what is it loving expression thing? Do you know where can i see it? And also how many chapter left until the final arc?

This illustration Ishida did, Kaneki is looking at her as if she’s the cutest thing he has ever seen lmao

Ohh well, this arc has just begun, so I’m assuming we have a lot to see until it’s over? not sure!

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Luke is the softest, cutest, dorkiest, sweetest, kind hearted, beautiful, human. I'm so in love with him sometimes oh my gosh. His hair is gonna be the death of me. I love it so much. Just cuddling and messing with his hair. Hugging and getting to tangle my fingers in his soft long locks. God he's so fucking beautiful. Honestly. So so beautiful

i knoooow omg (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ he’s the softest warmest lil bub in all the land and i wish i could cuddle him for eternity and play with his hair and tickle him and poke at him and lay on top of him :’) 

that parental controls video is the cutest thing i have ever seen



he has to jump like 3 feet in the air to high five his dad im crying

his lockscreen is peach,


bowser having a good time listening to what’s important to his son and playing his favorite game with him???? bowser is such a good dad??