is he like trending on tumblr

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it makes me sad that people don't seem to adore tarjei they same way they do henrik. like, henrik breathes and everyone loses their shit over him and he starts trending on tumblr etc. Dont get me wrong, I love him too, but I feel tarjei doesn't get the same reaction and he's so insanely talented and beautiful and seems so shy and humble. Like ??? it's just weird to me idk

its interesting bc a few months ago it was the opposite haha but i think its bc theres not much update on tarjei? which i dont mind ,protect my son from this mess…..and it might also be the reason that alot of us are over 20? but like i would definitely die for tarjei in a heartbeat and he deserves all the good things in the world

Yoi in a nutshell

Yoi truly made history

I mean… we’ve already broken crunchyroll/goganime/tumblr today…

but never forget about what else has happened… 

made the Pewds talk about yoi and trended alongside a lot of famous youtubers  


Yoi has trended higher than the president… THE PRESIDENT!!!! (I mean he’s not going to be the prez for long… fuck america)

oh and guess what happens when you type in crunchyroll… yeah

also, guess who yuri’s shipped with? yeah you guessed it…


this is legit the fandom every week



I think we’ve made too much history…

I know basically no-one here on tumblr will care, only a few of my followers do, but today is the Day of Unity of Ukraine. This day is symbolic, as the country is now divided due to the invasion and part of it is under occupation.

Today also marks the date of the first deaths among the protestors at Independence Square (or Maidan Nezalezhnosti) in Kyiv, exactly three years ago. Their names were Mikhail Zhyznevskiy and Serhiy Nigoyan. More than 100 more protestors would be killed not long afterwards. Thousands more have died (and still keep dying) in the war that broke out afterwards. Because SOMEONE didn’t like us going away from under their influence.

And all we got is those two magic words - ‘deep concern’. Cool.

YOI Episode 8 - A poem by Maki :D

The hype is real, tomorrow a new episode of Yuri on Ice is here.
Tumblr will be trending, the fandom will be trembling.
New questions will arise, though I’m sure we’re in for a surprise.
We’re hoping to see a long steamy kiss,
Yurio will probably be so pissed.
We’re praying Christoph will stop nutting,
We’re so done with all the butting ;)
J.J comes to our screens, he sure looks like he’s gonna be a tease.
The Korean dude is gay, so a new ship will sail?
Phichit’s phone is ready,
Will Victor and Yuuri finally go steady?
Yakov and his ex, look like they need some make up sex.
Theories here, speculations there, essays of episode 8 everywhere.
Oh what a time to be alive, if they mention the kiss I think I’m going to die.

The End

LOL! I know it’s pretty bad but this kinda sums up everything hahaha 😂
I need Jesus cause this series is possessing me, no joke. I’ve never been so invested in an anime before and this is my first time actually joining a fandom.

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What do you think the Volturi's blogs would look like if they were on Tumblr?

I think we can all agree that Aro would be obsessed with the idea of followers online, just as he is in real life. His tumblr would be very on-trend: study aesthetics, mythology, libraries, text-posts that he deletes if they don’t get 1,000 notes in an hour, that kind of thing. ( “I am relatable and loved,” he’d coo to himself, petting the edges of his laptop. Meanwhile, Sulpicia would wonder how you split 2,000+ years of marital property in a vampire divorce.)

Caius wouldn’t have a tumblr, but he would have a lot of opinions about the Frivolous Youths Today. 

Marcus would totally have a black-and-white sad-aesthetic blog. It’d play melancholy music at you, no matter how hard you tried to turn it off. 

Sulpicia and Athenodora would start a joint tumblr, because it’s easier to share things that way than to yell across a castle every time you see a cute video of a hamster. It’d actually be a super-wholesome and adorable blog. 

Speaking of wholesome, Renata would run a craft tumblr with lots of tutorials and helpful advice. 

Felix would start a tumblr called Demetri Looks Terrible, filled only with bad pictures of Demetri. Demetri would report him at least once a week, but the powers that be would never shut down the blog. 

And finally, Jane would have an earnest tumblr filled with, like, pictures and poetry that made her happy. And the occasional wildly popular text-post, of course, because Jane is Angry™ in a way that tumblr appreciates. 

  • Me: *sees killing stalking trending yet again
  • Me: doesn't
  • Me: doesn't the yuri on ice fandom have other things to do
  • Me: like message Russian figure skaters about marrying a Japanese man he doesn't know
  • Me: or changing the Wikipedias of real life figure skaters to match their animu
  • Me: or writing angry emails to hallmark for copying their teacher falls in love with student story
  • Me: or writing some article for kotaku about how progressive anime is now
  • Me: or invading some Tumblr post that has nothing whatsoever to do with yuri in ice
  • Me: or sending me anon hate about how I'm homophobic for disliking the show
  • Me: or spamming the crunchyroll anime awards with write-ins of yuri on ice on every category
  • Me: or cooing about how hot boy on boy is on some YouTube video
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: maybe you're all just excellent multi taskers
“Submissive my ass.” A Dan Howell Smut

You didn’t get it one bit but it was really funny. “Hey Dan, come here a minute.” You heard Dan groan from his room, making it quite obvious that he didn’t like moving, but soon he poked his head into the lounge. “This better be important.” You turned your computer screen to him and let him read what was trending on tumblr. “They think I’m submissive?!” The look of pure horror and disbelief on his face made you crack up laughing. “That is not funny Y/N!” He waked away with a grumpy look on his face. Not long after that Dan left the flat claiming he was out of ribena. When he came back he went straight to his room with a bag filled with more than just ribena from the size of it. You were curious but the movie you had promised to watch with Phil was just starting so you stayed where you were thinking of all the things he could have bought.

Once the movie was over you told Phil you were gonna check on Dan. Phil said he was gonna head to the shops to pick up some stuff he needs for the tour bus. You left the lounge and headed to Dan’s room, finding the door closed you knocked. “Dan you in here?” You walked in to find the room dark barely making out the silhouette of Dan sitting at his desk. “Dan why is it so dark in here?” You reached for the light switch and turned it on. “I’m proving something wrong.” You jumped at the sound of Dan’s voice which was now right in front of you.

Before you could respond he sashed his lips to yours, reaching behind you to shut the door and pinning you against it. Trailing his lips to your neck where he started to leave small love bites and hickeys, he let his hand reach between your legs and rub your center through your jeans. “Oh god Dan.” Soft moans left your lips as your legs grew weak with pleasure. “Strip and lay on the bed.” Dan pulled away from you leaving you dazed as he walked to the black box that was on his desk. “Now.” Shaking your head you stripped off your clothes, leaving them in a pile in front of the door before laying naked on Dan’s bed.

Dan grabbed what ever he was looking for in the box and concealed it behind his back with one had before tossing a night mask at you. “Put it on, I don’t want you ruining the surprise.” Dan has never used blind folds with you but than again he has never been so controlling and dominate with you either. You put the night mask on moving it around till it was comfortable before laying still and waiting for Dan. It was quiet in the room for a minute before you felt Dan kneel next to you and grab both your hands and bring them up to your head. You heard the clanking of metal before you felt the cold of it clasp around your wrists, pulling on them you found your hands bound and stuck above you. “Dan?” He leaned down and kissed your lips. “Shh baby, it’s ok.”

Dan got up and walked around the bed to kneel at your feet, spreading your legs he leaned down closer to your center. “Let’s not wake the neighbors now.” You were gonna give a sarcastic reply but was cut off when you felt his tongue lick along your slit slowly. Using his finger tips he spread your lips using his tongue to explore your folds, teasing your clit by licking it in lazy circles. Sucking it between his lips and sucking hard before slipping his tongue inside you and swirling it around. “So good baby.” Your wrist were starting to hurt from how hard you pulled on your restraints. “Oh god Dan, don’t stop!”

You felt him reach for something before you heard a buzzing sound. You were gonna ask what that was but soon figured it out when a smooth, cold, and small object was pressed to your clit. “Ohhh f-fuck.” You arched your back as he rubbed your clit with the small vibrater, turning the power up the more you squirmed on the bed. “You like that baby?” You nodded your head quickly. “Ah fuck, mm yes baby I like it.” The vibrations on your clit had you curling your toes and trying to squeeze your legs clothes but Dan’s body stopped you. “Than you’ll love this.” Before you could respond you felt him slip a smooth vibrater into your pussy and start fucking you with it.

He started off slow before moving faster and turning the vibrater on high and angling it to rub your g spot. “Oh FUCK!!” You screamed out as your orgasm hit you unexpectedly. “Holy fuck! I’m cumming.” Dan moved the vibrater in and out faster while sucking on you clit. When you calmed down he removed the toys. “That was bad baby, I didn’t say you could cum yet. I think you need to be punished baby.” You heard his hum to him self, almost picturing the look he pulls when he pretends to think. “I got it. Roll over baby.” You were still a bit weak from your climax but complied with what he said and rolled over.

“Hips up baby.” You used your knees to lift your hips off the bed feeling Dan slide a fluffy pillow under you, keeping your ass in the air. “Perfect baby. Love the way your ass looks from here.” You could hear the lust dripping from his voice. “But a perfect ass doesn’t excuse cumming without permission so.” He trailed off. You were gonna ask what your punishment was when you felt the first smack from a leather flogging whip. Your body jumped lightly from the unexpected contact but the moan that slipped past your lips told Dan it was ok to continue. “Count them for me baby.” Dan spoke while rubbing his hand over your ass soothingly. “One.” He smacked your ass again. “Two.” And again. “Three.” Again. “Four. “He kept going till you reached ten, then he stopped and rubbed your ass, soothing away the pleasurable sting. "Good girl. Now are you going to ask for permission next time?” You didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out. “Yes daddy.” Dan didn’t seem to mind. “Good girl.”

You heard Dan putting away the whip and pick up something else from the box. “We can save that for another time.” You wanted to ask what it was but remained silent when you heard Dan remove his clothing. “Ok baby, I want you to do something for daddy.” The bed next to your head dipped from his weight and you felt him climbing in front of you. “Open up baby.” You looked up and opened your mouth. “Good girl.” Dan slid his dick into your mouth, pushing as far as he could till hit the back of your throat. “Suck it baby.” You closed your mouth around him and started sucking and bobbing your head as best you could. “Mmm fuck, so good baby. Such a pretty mouth. Ah just like that.” Dan started thrusting his hips to in time with your bobbing.

“Ok baby stop.” You stopped sucking and he pulled out and climbed off the bed. “That’s a good girl, and good girls get rewards.” You agreed with him while trying to hear what he was doing. “Now baby, I’m gonna do something we’ve never done, but if you want to stop just tell me ok?” He waited for your reply. “Ok daddy.” He leaned down and kissed your lips before getting on the bed behind you and rubbing your ass. “Relax ok baby.” You nodded and gasped when you felt his finger rub your asshole, spreading a slick gel on it. You never done anal before but that felt good. He rubbed it a little longer before slowly pushing his finger inside you. Letting you adjust before fingering you slowly, the more you relaxed the further he pushed. “You’re doing so good baby. ” He rubbed your lower back and sides as he added another finger and started to stretch you.

When you could take three fingers he pulled out and reached for something beside him. You heard him slick something up before a cold object was pressed to your asshole. “Remember baby, relax.” You took a deep breath before he slowly pushed the toy inside you, twisting it the deeper he went. Once it was as deep as he could go he started fucking you with it, watching you writhe on the bed from the pleasure. “Oh daddy that feels so good. F-fuck.” He went faster while reaching under you to rub your clit making you moan and push back on the dildo.

Just as you were gonna ask to cum he stopped and pulled the toy out. “Daddyyy.” You whined at the loss. “Sh baby.” Dan got of the bed and put the toy away before walking back to you. “I was gonna save this but you earned it baby.” You felt him press another toy to your ass and rub the tip around your asshole before pushing it inside you, it was a butt plug from the feel of it. “How does that feel baby.” He rubbed your back and sides softly to relax you. “Feels so good daddy.” Dan hummed happily in response before getting up again and walking to the desk. This time you heard a wrapper crinkle before Dan returned to his spot behind you.

“Ready baby?” Once you nodded he placed the tip of his dick at your entrance before pushing in slowly while twisting the butt plug. “Mmmm fuck daddy!” You pulled on your restraints wanting to be free. “Stop before you brake them.” He smacked your ass when you kept pulling on them. “Ah ok daddy.” He gripped your hips and started thrusting into you and pulled you back on him, speeding up the louder you moaned. “Fuck baby girl you feel so good on my cock.” Dan started thrusting hard, slamming into you making your body rock forward. Soon the bed was hitting the wall making a loud thudding sound. “Oh fuck daddy! Fuck me harder!” Dan started thrusting harder and reached under you to rub your clit fast. “Fuck baby!” The room was filled with moans and grunts as you both chased your orgasms.

Dan reached up to you head and pulled the blind fold off, you were blinded by the light at first but soon your eyes adjusted. “Look at me baby girl.” Your looked over your shoulder to be meet with Dan’s dark eyes as he leaned forward to kiss your lips roughly. “So beautiful.” You moaned out in response making Dan rock his hips faster. “You gonna cum baby?” You nodded your head. “Yes daddy, I’m gonna cum!” He gripped your hair and pulled your head back. “Not till I say you can baby girl.” A whine left you lips making Dan thrusts faster and twist the butt plug. “Hold it!” You squeezed your eyes shut, biting your lip, trying to hold back till he gave you the ok. “You can do it baby just a little longer. C'mon on hold it.”

You held off till it was to much. “Oh god please daddy let me cum. Please I’m begging you I need to cum. Fuck I can’t hold anymore!” Dan started rubbing your clit fast while fucking you as hard and fast as he could. “Cum for me baby, let it go!” You screamed out as the orgasm over took your body, pleasure rushed through your veins sending you to cloud nine. Your vision going spotty as you tensed up and relaxed repeatedly, moaning out Dan’s name as he hit his high. “Fuck baby, oh fuck!” He pushed as deep as he could before cumming inside the condom and collapsing on top of you. Your body gave out and you slumpped to the bed, breathing hard and shaking from left over ecstasy flowed through you.

When you both calmed down Dan stood up and removed the condom before throwing it away. “I’m gonna remove the butt plug now baby, try to relax.” You took a deep breath and relaxed as best you could before giving Dan the ok, he slowly pulled it out careful to not hurt you. “There we go baby.” He put it in the box before walking to your hands and unlocking the cuffs, rubbing the faint red marks softly in his hands. “I’m gonna run a bath for you ok?” You smiled at him as you rolled over to lay on your back. You had a dull ache in you bum but it wasn’t to bad. That was honestly the best sex you ever had with Dan. “Ok baby let’s get you to the bath.” You sat up slowly. “Hey Dan, was all this because of what tumblr said?” He smirked before lifting you in his arms, he claims to be weak but damn this boy had so muscle, responding with. “Submissive my ass.”  

When I was, a young meme, my frogther, took me into the city, to see a memeing band, he said, "pepe, when you grow up, would you be the savior of the memeless, the tadpoles, and the dankests," 

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Honestly I h8 this trend that says the only real heroes are flawless cinnamon buns, and therefore if a character is flawed they can't be GOOD anymore. It makes me feel like shit too, I can't relate to flawless characters, and the idea that good people can't be flawed is messed up. And then they wonder why some ppl relate more to sympathetic villains. Its because heroes can't be flawed without being called trash on this site, and that's why ppl think its Finn bashing to say he's not perfect.

I think it’s symptomatic of Tumblr’s total inability to handle nuance. Everything is in absolutes. It’s this idea that for a “good” character to be Truly Good, everything they do has to be good. If they deviate even slightly from that or do anything questionable or even possess flaws (like, you know, all rounded characters do), it’s either glossed over or everyone turns on that character for not being pure enough anymore (same thing if a “bad” character does something good – people rationalize and hem and haw about how they’re still Truly Bad, it doesn’t erase their past, etc.).

Finn gets this treatment from the SW fandom, which is baffling to me. As I’ve mentioned, Finn is unquestionably heroic IN SPITE OF his flaws, and that’s one of the things that makes him so damn powerful as a character. It makes him rounded and dynamic. If you reduce a character down to their positive traits, you stop giving them room to grow. They don’t evolve. They just stay hermetically sealed so they can’t make mistakes or learn lessons or do anything that would further their character. They’re STATIC.

But then, that’s how Tumblr often operates. It’s very all-or-nothing. Think about what happens whenever someone does something deemed “problematic”. Even if it’s a mistake, even if it’s minor, they get run out of town. Like something that Tumblr doesn’t like (e.g. Reylo) and it supersedes anything else about you. It’s so reductive and childish.

BTS Blog Types

A/N: I was inspired by ships to do this. This is basically what type of blog BTS members would have if they were on tumblr.

Namjoon: Aesthetic and fashion blog. He is up to date on all of the newest trends no matter how strange they may be. He also likes to reblog a fair amount of aesthetic pictures, usually involving music or fashion. 

Hoseok: Dance and shitpost blog. He would have so many videos of people dancing and would cover some of his favorite dances and post them to his blog. He would also shitpost all at once. He would have only been posting dance covers and gifs for a month straight and then one night your dash is filled with text posts and weird pictures courtesy of Hobi. 

Seokjin: Food blog. His blog would be pleasing though it would occasionally be spammed with video games such as Mario. It would be a very personal blog that had about 13,000 followers because Jin was always so kind and very cute.  

Yoongi: Shitpost with some quotes. He’d probably have a lot of aesthetic as well, though it would be different from Namjoon’s blog because it was less fashion aesthetic and more like cities and maybe even some hair. He would rarely update his blog. 

Taehyung: Animals. His blog would be filled with adorable animals and adorable animal videos. He would be the type to write what he was thinking in the tags. He’d occasionally reblog something weird but for some reason it would fit in with his blog ???? 

Jimin: His blog would include a little bit of everything, but it would contain a lot of selcas. He’d be tumblr famous because so many people thought he was adorable. He would always low-key be trying to get Jungkook’s attention. 

Jungkook: The quietly inspirational blog that makes you feel good about yourself. He also would post the occasional selca that would get a lot of notes. He may reblog some fandom posts and probably some pictures of iron man. He would also have a lot of followers because he’s adorable. 

Introspective bliss

The grass swayed in the wind
Like drunken patrons of now empty bars
Finding their way home.

He felt the moist soil
As it conformed to his every footstep
Clinging, like society does to the trends he wanted so desperately to avoid.

The trees remained stoic
As he attempts to do
When things in his life don’t go according to plan.

And the sun retreated into the darkness of the night,
As if the star was running from it’s problems,
Just like he was.

That connection he felt
With the grass, soil and sun
Taught him of neglected beauty
And how the things we look past everyday
Are astonishing treasures waiting to be plucked from the realm of triviality
By the blessed eyes of meticulous onlookers.

For those who find the beauty in everything

Find an abundance in themselves.

I’m not saying the McElroy brothers are anything like Markiplier but I can definitely understand why people would be uncomfortable with them because the trend of everyone liking them and calling them perfect is similar to what happened with Tumblr worshiping Markiplier in 2015.

but the difference is that the McElroys are really funny and Markiplier was never funny (and even when I used to be a fan I could admit this) he just made some silly faces and said some nice things and wasn’t as Problematic as other LPers so everyone was like “whelp he’s the best we got so let’s put him up on a pedestal.“

and also that the McElroy brothers are genuinely willing to improve and will try to make up for even small things and Markiplier was…… not.

The #WeLoveH2O Project

I know yesterday’s stream with Nogla sparked some conversation in all of us about Del, and many of us showed interest in doing some sort of fan-appreciation for him. So, I feel like we should start by doing this. Let’s make this a project. An ongoing, never-ending project, where we make art, messages, stories, or anything related to Del to show our appreciation for him and that there are some out there who truly don’t care about his looks and just love him for who he is.

Use this tag on tumblr, twitter, deviantart, facebook, any social media you’d like. But let’s make a special place for this and put it in one spot where we can all see it. If you make art, put it in the tag along with the usual ones. If it’s writing, do the same thing. A personal message, do the same thing. But let’s do this and try to get it trending. Spam the hashtag on twitter, tag Delirious in it. Any effort is a good effort, and let’s make sure that we let our voice be heard by the one person we want to hear it more than anyone else.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to message me. This is a free-form project, with no real official rules, but let’s just try to keep it 90-100% Delirious central. The other guys being including is fine, but is exclusively about Delirious and Delirious alone. But let’s have fun with this, and lets show our favorite, crazy, hockey mask wearing clown how much we care about him.


Settle down, Tumblr. It’s Friday and we have trends to discuss

It’s Women’s History Month all month

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  • Japan: Remembering the tsunami five years on. 
  • Tayvin: Refuse their love if you must, but he loves those cats like they were his own children.
  • Maria Sharapova was caught doping. 
  • And happy birthday Remus Lupin.

We also have Tumblrs

  • My Terrible Diet: “Terrible” can mean a lot of things. Like delicious. 
  • Selfie Gods (@selfiegods​): Capturing the face of the gods. 

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My old therapist, despite being mean when my parent were around,highly recommended meditation for anxiety/depression. My dads physical therapist practically begs his to do yoga for his back. My doctor high fived me when I told her all he teas/herbs I drink to help my stomach. Literal professionals recommend these things, tumblr can kiss my ass if they want to try to stomp these things out. White girl trend? Many of these things come from Asian cultures lol

Ikr and sometimes I see people saying that all it is is racist appropriation and I’m thinking… so… the Ayurvedic healing center I went to, which was founded by Deepak Chopra, and where doctors and meditation gurus of Indian descent, as well as people of other backgrounds help to heal very sick people like me and teach us how to care for ourselves (which is what a doctor should be doing) is bad, then, because I am not Indian. Mmkay. I’ll just roll over and die like I would have if I hadn’t gone to Chopra in 2014. I legitimately do not think I would still be here today. I would have been dead for a few years now if I hadn’t made Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and herbal treatment part of my daily life. 


Fairy Tail Chapter 450 Reaction


  • So is the ship name for Yury and Rita Yurita?
  • I would like to think Makarov thought this whole time his mom died from childbirth and as Mavis tells her story he is in disbelief for the rest of the story.
  • I feel like when the anime reaches this part, they have to animate parts of Fairy Tail Zero but at the same time would it be weird?
  • Fairy Tail trended today on tumblr. That makes it four times Fairy Tail trended since I started reading the series. (Igneel’s death, 413 days episode, when a lot of people started to argue about Mary/Gru.via/ and now Zervis)
  • This totally mean totally kissed. Mashima only wants to draw Ga.jevy making out. Everyone else gets black silhouettes.