is he like german or something

Pro years when Neil and Andrew are on the same team and their teammates have gotten to the point where they no longer bat an eye when the two of them speak to each other in Russian.

– Cue the new season starting up and a new rookie joins the team.
– Andrew and Neil are talking about something, probably just errands, in the locker room when the new rookie gets excited because they speak Russian too!!
– Usually he only gets to speak it with his grandmother!! They have something in common!!
– He interrupts their conversation to say this.
– The team is pretty surprised and curious how Andrew and Neil will react.
– There’s maybe a single awkward half beat before they continue their conversation…in German.
– The rookie is a bit let down. The rest of the team isn’t even surprised by anything anymore.
– (Neil eventually gets around to talking to him because the kid looks like a kicked puppy after the entire incident.)
– Andrew and Neil still keep to German when they’re having private conversations at practice. They still annoy each other in Russian during drills though.
– (Later Neil finds an book on learning Finnish on his nightstand.)

Honestly but what if Neil is like a languages prodigy who just doesn’t realize it before Palmetto.

Like it was always Just Another Skill for him, not to mention the years kinda blurred together so he never really realized how long it took him to learn German or French.

But then he took Spanish in Palmetto and, when he ended up a whole year ahead of the teacher within two months, he realized that his aptitude for languages is higher than most people.

So he just kinda says to himself ok cool so I’ll just keep learning languages if ever I have a reason to.

Except now he’s Good For Something that isn’t Exy so his reasons become increasingly more ridiculous.

First he starts learning Japanese because Ichirou.

Then Russian with Andrew.

Then Italian because a new fox speaks Italian and hey if he already speaks Spanish and French why not complete the set.

But then he comes home one day with a Korean portfolio because he SWEARS those Korean guys at Starbucks we’re talking shit about him.

And then he learns Latin in 6 months because Jackson from the football team bet him $38 he couldn’t. Eat shit, Jackson.

And when he joins the US court he always makes sure that he speaks the native language wherever he may end up playing which gives him Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Greek.

(Mind you this all takes him about 15 years and he has the weirdest accent you’ll ever hear that NO ONE can pinpoint.)

Once he goes pro he creates this cycle of learning a language during the game season, mastering all the mechanics, and then during the off season he takes a month off to go to that language’s country of origin to pick up the slang and a bit of an accent. He doesn’t consider his education complete until a native speaker can’t tell how long he’s been learning. Then he comes back and starts a new language.

He always likes surprising reporters in foreign countries who attempt to translate their questions to English by replying in their native language.

Whenever some fuckwit American interviewer asks him to say something in [insert language] he always recites the Mac & Cheese recipe he uses on cheat days that Kevin fucking hates. Somehow the interviewers never fucking learn.

(God help the boy when he retires from exy and has time to learn even more.)

Basically Neil turning what used to be a tool necessary for survival into an actual hobby that he enjoys and puts effort into because he feels like it and no other reason.

nicky hemmick masterlist (fave moments/most heart wrenching for me bolded)
  • Nicholas Hemmick was the only one who looked genuinely happy to see Neil, and he stepped up to the curb at Neil’s approach.
  • “If you take  German as your elective here, just let me know and  I’ll tutor you. I’m good with my tongue.”
  • “That’s not okay.” Neil said, pointing at the door. “That’s nothing.” Nicky said. Neil caught his arm as Nicky passed and hauled him to a stop. “Don’t let him get away with things like that.” Nicky considered him for a moment, his smile fading into something small and tired. 
  • He smiled when he saw Neil. “Hey stranger,”  Nicky said. “What did you think of Matt?” “He seems fine,” Neil said, not slowing on his way by. “He is fine,” Nicky called after him with a laugh. 
  • “I’m not willing to give up on them yet. I want to fix this.”
  • Surprisingly, it was Nicky who found the strength to cross the room toward her. He crouched in front of her, moving slow like he thought she’d run off if he startled her, and gazed up into her face. “Hey,” Nicky said, soft and nice like the two of them hadn’t spent all summer cutting each other down on the court. “Is there anything we can do?”
  • Neil expected him to fall, but Nicky slung an arm around Andrew’s shoulders and yanked Andrew close to him. It let him take some of Andrew’s weight without it being too obvious what he was doing. Andrew looked ready to say something about the unasked-for help, but Nicky didn’t give him a chance to argue. He pumped his fist and whooped. “That was awesome! We are going to own this season!”
  • “Kid, you’re killing me,” Nicky said. “Why do you always get that deer-in-headlights look when someone does something nice for you?”
  • “I can’t.” It was too ragged and too honest, but Neil couldn’t help it. If he didn’t get rid of that phone he was going to be sick. “Nicky, I-” “Okay, okay,” Nicky said, taking Neil’s hand in both of his. “We’ll figure it out.”
  • “You’re family, so i can tell you”
  • “I thought I could show Aaron and Andrew how to be brothers again. And I’m not giving up.”
  • “I thought God abandoned me; sometimes I thought I failed Him. Halfway through my junior year I started thinking about suicide.”
  • “Erik Klose,” Nicky said, sounding it out like he was saying it for the first time. “He taught me to believe in myself. He showed me how to balance my faith and my sexuality, and he made me okay again. I know it sounds dramatic, but he saved my life.”
  • It could have been the most awkward dinner in the world if not for Nicky. Nicky hated how isolated the twins were and was desperate to make friends with the rest of the team. It was as if he’d developed a sudden allergy to silence. Any time the conversation started to slow he threw out another topic to salvage it.
  • Nicky cradled Andrew’s face in his hands. 
  • Nicky trudged across the room and sank into one of the empty chairs. He dropped his phone on the table and buried his face in his hands. Abby slid into the seat beside him and wound an arm around his shoulders.  Nicky leaned against her but said nothing else. 
  • Nicky caught hold of Matt’s wrist instead. “Thank you,” Nicky said, quiet but fervent. “I don’t know why you did it, but–thanks.”
  • Nicky reached out and scrubbed a gloved hand through Neil’s hair. “You are going to be the absolute death of me,” Nicky said. “Yeah, kid. We’re friends. You’re stuck with us, like it or not.”
  • “It’s not really about the food. It’s about family. Not necessarily the one we were born with, but the one we chose. This one,” Nicky emphasized, gesturing between them. “The people we trust to be part of our lives. The people we care about.”
  • Nicky, on the other hand, looked absolutely crushed as he took in Neil’s wrecked appearance. He reached out as soon as Neil was close enough and wrapped his hand around the back of Neil’s head. Nicky was tense as stone but the long breath he let out was shaky. “Oh, Neil,” he said in a choked voice. 
  • He could hear pain in his voice, thick enough to slur his words. Nicky looked stricken with guilt. “I can’t yet.” “I’m sorry,” Nicky said. “I didn’t–I wasn’t thinking. Here, here. Let me. I’ve got it.”
  • Nicky was too afraid to go after Andrew, so he slowly dropped to his knees and slid a hand across the asphalt. He curled his fingers around Allison’s and gave her hand a tight squeeze. 
  • Nicky blew them a kiss when he was handed his red card. 
  • “We’re such hot shit sometimes!”
  • Nicky was a disconsolate mess near the window
  • “A dashboard lighter.” He winced at the awful sound Nicky made. 
  • “You can’t have him,” Nicky said. “He belongs with us.”
  • “Neil or Nathaniel or whoever,” Nicky said. “He’s ours, and we’re not letting him go. You want us to vote on it or something? Be you it’ll be unanimous.”
  • “As a family.” Nicky attempted a smile. It was weak but it was encouraging.

Of course, right after I make a happy Jazi’s Adventures in Dog Training ™ post, there comes a sad one.

Today, I had to recommend a dog be rehomed. He is not happy with this family and they are not a good fit for him. For the past several weeks I have had to watch this dog’s behavior continue to worsen because, although the owners were able to recognize that he needed help, they are completely unable to provide for his needs.

T* is actually a fairly normal german shepherd puppy. He is a young, energetic idiot that has been allowed to get away with doing whatever he wants with zero consequences, is completely unexercised and undersocialized, and in honest if any of my followers reading this are around Southern Maryland or can reach us, I will do my best to vet you and place him with you. Otherwise he will be in rescue likely by next week.

His owners brought him in because he “has a mind of his own” and “something’s wrong with him”. They have some disabilities that make them unable to provide the physical stimulation he requires, and they did not expect him to grow larger than their last dog which was 45lbs. They also did not realize just how much training is required to have a mostly sane working breed puppy, and wanted me to train him for them.

He is a smart dog. He listens well, within just two full sessions he can reliably sit, down, walk nice on leash, and stay on command with me. He is biddable and eager to please. He is polite and mindful and wishes very strongly to follow the rules I have set in place for how he can interact with me.

His owners, however, are not able to do the same with him. He jumps on them and nips them when they ask him to do something he doesn’t want to. He will redirect and throw a complete tantrum if he self corrects while they are walking him on a flat collar. He has a history with them- he has been with them for 5 months and the majority of that has been spent in his crate or in his yard. If they ask him to do something, he has learned that if he jumps and pushes them down, or nips at their hands, that they will become afraid of him and let him resume whatever it was he was doing. That they get frustrated easily and give up, instead of taking a breath and trying again.

His owners are convinced that he is “not right in the head”- because he is so different with me than with them. He is wrong, defective. They got a german shepherd because they wanted a big protective dog, but they did not want to get an adult german shepherd because big dogs scare them, so they got a german shepherd puppy because he was small… and now he is large and untrained and they are afraid of him. They have learned, the hard way, that just because you want a specific dog does not mean that you should get a specific dog.

To say that this has left me frustrated and disappointed would be a massive understatement.

T is a 7 month old longhair GSD. Dark sable, looks to be WGSL, was purchased off of craigslist at 8 weeks from someone who bought him from someone else and didn’t want him anymore. He needs a lot of work with his obedience training, but I think he could make a nice pet for someone willing to satisfy his energy and intelligence needs. He probably should go to an only-dog home as he shows some fear based dog reactivity while on leash, but he is a giant mush with people and loves to be affectionate. I do not think he is a good candidate for bitework. He is in a bit of a fear stage- he startles at some typical things like automatic doors and loud bangs, but recovers quickly. He is a sensitive boy and cannot take harsh corrections- a foundation in +R is an absolute must for him. Those interested in adopting him should contact me and I will begin the interview process to make sure he would be a good fit for your home.

Voltron Pet Store AU


The manager of the place.

He hosts dog training classes every week with his black german shepherd, she is a lovable angel.

Gives Lance and Keith challenges to let of rivalry steam, like who can unload the truck fastest, stock shelves, etc. It gets work done quicker.

Everyone’s Dad. 


The fish guy.

Manages all the aquariums, and makes sure all his finned friends are happy and healthy.

Watching them swim and cleaning them is relaxing for him.

There is one fish who’s been in quarantine for a while, and he always sneaks in some of his lunch for the little guy. (Its an Oranda) 

Enjoys teaching small children how to properly care for fish.


In charge of reptiles.

Tinkers with the lighting, wiring, heating etc. to make sure their babies are always happy and healthy.

Also helps out Hunk with cleaning the fish

Leopard geckos are their favourite


Bird man.

Got the position after adding “good with chicks” to his cv.

Gives all the birds personalities and talks to them like real people. No one questions this.

Constantly gets bitten by one blue bird who hates him for some reason. 



Specifically loves rabbit and chinchillas.

Constantly has to tell kids not to touch the rabbits. They instead proceed to touch his hair instead.

Whispers “you owe me one” to the rabbits after the kids leave.

Everyones named a brown lionhead Keith Jr.  


Cashier and security.

Will kick your ass if you give trouble.

“Sir if you keep causing issues for our employees I will have to escort you out, with force if necessary” All with a charming smile and perfect winged eyeliner.


The delivery guy.

Makes sure all the animals arrive safely.

Too good for this world.


There’s a cat outside the store.

Lance feeds it in the morning, and Keith feeds it in the evening.

Lances names it Voltron, and Keith names it Zarkon.

They find out like a month later and argue about the name.

Votes happen and Voltron Wins.

It’s the only contest between the two Lance has won.

I’m about to start tutoring a 5th grader whose family will be moving back to Germany next year. The father is Brazilian, the mother is Spanish. He speaks Brazilian-Portuguese as a first language and works for the German government. She speaks Catalan and Spanish as first languages. Both kids, a 5th and 9th grader, mainly grew up in Germany and speak German and English to each other. That is five, FIVE languages in one household. As I’m chatting with the father in German, the kids and mom and speaking Catalan, Spanish, English, and German all in a mix. The dad asked them something in Portuguese for good measure.

I have literally never been so jealous in my whole life. Like???? That’s SO COOL???? ALL THE LANGUAGES?!

Brb, gonna go weep over amazing multi-lingual families and the stunning power of multiculturalism.

What Dating Xiumin Would Be Like

A/N: Hehe…its been a while since I posted something on this account. I kinda lost the motivation to write but I have some new idea’s swirling in my brain! Death of a Bachelor Pt. 2 will be out on Friday so look forward to that coming up!!! And also expect some more saucy reactions coming soon *wink, wink*. But for now, enjoy some Xiumin my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

•eskimo kisses are common

•and so are butterfly kisses too

•but when he truly kisses you, it’s the most romantic thing in the world

•him being super cuddly when he’s tired and just wanting to be held by you.

•"Jagi, come cuddle with me?~“

•while you cuddle he’d love to nuzzle his head into your boobs

•"Jagi, your boobs are so soft! They’re like little pillows!”

•*commencing nonstop giggles and blushing*

•sharing bubble baths together

•even though he’s super cute, he’ll act like manly man whenever needed.

•"Minnie! There’s a spider, please save me!“

•*Xiumin rushes in with a shoe, ready to battle the beast*

•"Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll save you!”

•you giving him showers of kisses when he defeats the evil things

•he’d sing to you if you can’t fall asleep

•he’d stay up just to make sure you’re actually asleep

•he’d love running his fingers through your hair as you sleep, staring at your peaceful figure with so much love it almost hurts

•"Sleep well baby, I love you so much.“

•stuffed animal collection anyone?

•random coffee dates during the winter

•going to the place you first met every year for your anniversary

•finding little notes around the house to let you know he’s thinking of you

•"Jagi, don’t stress to much at work, okay? Keep smiling for me! You’re smile is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen! I’ll see you when I get home! Love, Xiumin”

•keeping every little note/letter he writes you in a special box

•wearing couple outfits. All. The. Time. It’s just too cute!

•kissing each other on the cheek in public

•having a pet hamster and comparing it’s cuteness to Xiumin

•he’d get super jealous though when you hang out with other guys alone

•"B-But Y/N, you can’t hang out with Junmyeon, what if he tries to steal you from me?“

•"Minseok, I love you, not Junmyeon. You’re mine, and I’m yours.”

•"I love you, Y/N.~“

•"I love you too Minseok.~”

•Xiumin blushing out of love and pride and smiling a lot every time you say “I love you” because he doesn’t know what he did to deserve someone as amazing and special as you but he’s always grateful to have someone like you in his life

Puppy Love

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: You and your dog, Max, run into someone at the park who just so happens to be insanely hot, single, and into you. (AKA the one where you and Sam have dogs and then go back to his place and have sex with each other)

Tags: AU, fluff, omg doggies!!!, Sam’s basically perfect ugh, smut, light spanking

Words: 2,592

Note: A+ for the original title amiright? also, sorry it took so long for me to write something, ugh. hope you like it!!

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things to consider
  • dylan and eric being the cliche couple youtubers that everyone loves to hate. “hey eric, people in the comments say they ship us”  “tell them i wish i could ship them straight to hell”
  • eric hating smartphones because ‘it doesn’t make any fucking sense, dylan!!!!’ and dylan having to teach him how to use one.
  • dylan being a fuckin nerd and listening to owl city and being super defensive about it. “this is shit music, dude.” “fuck off reb you don’t even really know german”
  • speaking of music, eric would secretly fucking worship eminem
  • “omg eric look!! it’s snowing!!!” -d  “i fucking hate winter” - e
  • eric being completely wrong about something and when dylan corrects him he’s just like “that’s what i meant. it’s basically exactly what i just said”
okay kurt and peter bonding??
  • kurt asking peter what he’s doing and peter just being like “idk playin pacman” when hes obviously not, punk is just eating a sandwich or something, and kurts like “??whats a pacman??” peter is just “!!!! ok dude, we’re going to an arcade, im teaching you the finer things in life”
  • the two of them having a race around the mansion to see whos faster, the speedster or the teleporter
  • peter showing kurt all the music the 80s have to offer 
  • kurt showing peter how to meditate and breathe when peter gets too hyper and jumpy and needs to calm down
  • kurt teaching peter a bit of german and its totally not to try and connect to a certain german father, nope not at all, peters just curious
  • they would cause so much trouble pranking people jesus christ, do not leave water balloons with these two
  • (not to mention during christmas, so many mistletoe just appearing or poofing in)
  • and if the school catches them standing a bit too close together, or sleeping on top of each other on the couch after a movie marathon with vhs tapes all around the floor, well, that’s neither here nor there

{Some NSFW Kurt because I am a happily nasty person. Ahem,}

I think I’ve mentioned this somewhere else before but I’ve always thought rubbing/touching the tip of Kurt’s tail would make him all affectionate (as if he isn’t always) and purry but the base would make him nut and almost overstimulate

Sitting next to Kurt while he’s curled up on a couch reading very common for you two, sometimes he’ll read to you happily, in English or German but this time you were just growing bored.
his tail had just sent down his tea cup, you gently grab it, not really alerting him yet since it’s not something unusual for you to do. Without much force you guide his tail towards you, Kurt still not taking his attention from his book.

You start placing light kisses along the spade like tip, Kurt stiffens as soon as you start.
You can tell he’s getting flustered already by how he raises his book higher and closer to his face, still not relaxing but you can definitely hear faint purrs like he’s trying to hide them.

 You smirk, placing one last kiss on it before nibbling on the edge lightly, very curious to what will happen.
Kurt squeaks, dropping his book and looking at you wide eyed, you can now see just how lavender his face is before a puff of blue smoke and your suddenly back in his dorm on the bed with a very flustered Kurt now shyly looking to the side
“Oh? Kurt I thought you wanted to read?” his tail starts swaying, tugging slightly as you still have your hand around near the tip. Kurt swallows, looking back and you, panting slightly and looking back and forth from you to his tail.
You smile coyly “did you like that?” Kurt nods rapidly, his breath hitching went your lips meet his tail once more, feeling your teeth glide against the increasingly sensitive tip.

and, Bonus: Kurt would love it if you grabbed his ass and started kneading it, and if he was on your lap when you started it? he’d almost collapse on top of you, purring into your neck, his tail swishing back and forth (if you keep it up his eyes will roll back and he will start unconsciously grinding against your leg

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Rich stared at his phone screen, huffing slightly.

“I don’t understand,” he mumbled, typing away on the device.

“Don’t understand what?” You inquired, peering at him from your spot on the couch.

He quirked his eyebrow and frowned.

“Why am I always portrayed as a corgi? Why not something like a german shepherd, or a golden retriever?”

You narrowed your eyes before bursting into laughter. “Really? Rich, look at you, and then look at a corgi. They’ll be the same picture. And anyways, corgis are cute, lovable, and funny, just like you.”

Rich’s lips lifted into a smile.

“So I’m cute?”

some wild ideas

enjolras and marius are actually friends

but !

no one realizes it at first, because marius never comes to meetings (can’t risk getting embarrassed by combeferre again) so no one sees them interacting

until enjolras is having a get together at his house and marius is there with spinach dip or something and it’s. so. strange.

like? enjolras is laughing with marius? they have jokes?? they both speak german??? marius is hugging enjolras????????

enjolras thinks it’s hilarious and marius has no idea the confusion he’s caused

... that one headcanon where Kirishima speaks more than one language

//… so like I’ve been posting headcanons for Bakugou, and I decided it’s time to present you all with my Kirishima headcanons.. so have fun. Haha! //

Right, what if…

  • Kirishima is not really good with numbers.
  • He doesn’t even know art.
  • Language is his strongest point though (and by extension, memorization).
  • Kirishima is MULTILINGUAL.
  • (You think it’s cool)
  • (It is not)
  • (Kirishima is confused most of the time)
  • (So are the people around him)
  • (Except Bakugou, he thinks everything is hilarious)
  • Because one moment Kirishima’s speaking in Japanese, and next he’s ranting in German
  • (It usually happens when he’s super frustrated at something)
  • (Like SUPER frustrated)
  • “Uhm? Kirishima-kun… what language is that?”
  • Kirishima realizes that he’s no longer speaking in Japanese and apologizes
  • in Dutch
  • Kirishima tried to correct himself
  • and now he’s speaking Russian
  • (Bakugou actually APOLOGIZES for him… sort of)
  • (“He fucking does that all the time. Last time he asked a Japanese man for directions. In KOREAN. It was fucking hilarious!”)
  • (“Oh my god, Bakugou. STOP.”)
  • English?
  • Fluent as fuck.
  • (He got those grammar rules down on point)
  • He speaks Chinese, too.
  • (Easy to learn, easy to speak according to Kirishima)
  • What do you mean Latin is a dead language?
  • It’s very alive when it comes to Kirishima
  • (He may or may not have written love poems for Bakugou in Latin)
  • (He’s totally not keeping those poems inside his bedside drawer)
  • Spanish?
  • (Oh boy do not make him speak in Spanish. He sounds hot when speaking in Spanish)
  • (Too hot there are flames all around)
  • (Do not make him speak in Spanish)
  • Bakugou is also fluent in French.
  • So, Kirishima tried to woo him. In French.
  • (Kirishima serenading Bakugo. In French)
  • (Bakugou thought he was going to die)
  • (Because if Kirishima speaking in Spanish was hot, well let’s just say him speaking in French was like hell on earth)
  • (but in a good way)
  • (very very good way)
  • (Kirishima is never allowed to speak French)
  • (For the sake of Bakugou’s heart)
  • Kirishima actually didn’t understand it himself, but he’s so good at learning languages.
  • (He can be fluent in one language in just two weeks)
  • (Bakugou is shook)
  • (and maybe just a little bit in love)
  • (that’s a lie)
  • (Bakugou’s so fucking ready to get married)

So, in my opinion this is when Chloe got poisoned. This shot is very specific, if he was just hitting her like that, without purpose, without holding his fist like that(see, sideways, like he is stabbing her with something) they wouldn’t show it. Why she didn’t feel it? Simply because he threw her on the ground after that, and she basically was hit with her whole body, plus if the needle was tiny - the pain would go away quite fast. So here is my theory. I don’t believe she was poisoned from hugging Lucifer. A) IT’S LIKE TOO CRUEL THE WRITERS LOVE US B) He would be affected too right when she next to him. So I doubt it’s gas residue. 

Did you know that in Germany the word “Potato” is also used as a term of platonic endearment. Like something to call your friends. A Platonic Potato if you will. That’s why I sorta headcanon that sometimes when Romano just calls Germany a “Potato” sometimes without the bastard part (wether he forgets to or not I don’t know) Germany feels a little warm inside because finally he’s starting to warm up to him. Germany wants to make many friends he just doesn’t know how. So he tends to feel happy when Romano calls him a “Potato”. My Big Buff German Puff deserves all the love and friendship that he desires. Sorry if this was a waste of time for you. I’m sorry.

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There’s no need to apologize my dear, I love it. Germany being socially inept is important to me as are headcanons that involve fun facts like this.

(read on AO3)

When Sam was a freshman he took an English class in film analysis, a course that he’d read online would be maybe kind of hard, but a fun way to fill a gen ed requirement. They’d watched some German movie during the queer cinema portion of the class, something scratchy and pastel-tinted from the eighties, and Sam still remembers the essay he wrote. What he remembers more is the protagonist’s boyfriend, quick-tongued and strong, knife-sharp and soft, laying in a bed draped in pink satin. Pretty. A dozen years or more since he saw it and it’s stuck with him—one of those things he gets reminded of at unexpected times, the memory catching like silk against brick. It’s better than a lot of memories he’s got.

They’ve just wrapped up a pretty simple case of ghost possession in Chicago—dead cop using the living to kill minor offenders, gruesome but easy to figure out once they got the details—and now Dean has declared that they absolutely must have deep dish before they leave. It’s when they’re walking down Belmont to the nearest Giordano’s that a storefront catches Sam’s eye, and he stops in his tracks for a second. It’s—not the same, not what was in the movie, but it makes the memory rise in him again. Silk and flowers, soft pretty colors. The sort of thing you might buy your wife, but Sam doesn’t have a wife, does he.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Dean says. He’s got his hands tucked into his jacket pockets against the chilly wind, his stubble heavy because they were going too hard to allow for time to shower and shave. “I’m starving, man, and you know it takes an hour to make a good pie.”

“Yeah,” Sam says, but he’s miles away, in his head. Dean frowns a little, comes back down the sidewalk towards him, and he’s all denim and leather, short spiked hair, and Sam knows he’s got a gun in his waistband and knives hidden in his boots, but he flicks his eyes back toward the display anyway, and this time Dean’s eyes follow his, and he watches the way Dean’s expression goes shocked, pretty eyes wide and his soft pink mouth dropping open before he catches himself and sends a sidelong look Sam’s way.

After a moment, Dean says, “Making a Christmas list, Sammy?” His voice is deeper than usual, a little rougher. Not saying no.

Sam takes in a deep breath. “I’m gonna stop in here for a minute,” he says. Dean’s eyes flicker to the window, back to Sam. “You go on ahead, get us a table. I’ll catch up.”

A couple of guys walk past them and Dean watches them go, little knot of a frown pulling at his brows, before he looks back up at the window, at the lingerie and robes draped over muscular mannequins. “Okay,” he says, finally. “But you take too long and I’m having them put pineapple on your half.”

Sam huffs a laugh, something tight uncoiling in his chest. It’s not a no. “Deal,” he says, and Dean nods and turns to head back down the street, and Sam has no compunctions about watching him go, watching the long strong lines of him, and just thinking about what they’re going to do is a melting warmth in the pit of his stomach. He doesn’t know how he’s supposed to wait until they get home.

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