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I got a notification today informing me that TES: Legends is now available on mobile devices. So far the app has run quite smoothly, and the interface seems pretty close to the PC version. The game board is a bit small to my liking - a couple of times I had some trouble picking the cards I wanted, especially when I had full hand (I imagine this could be nice on tablet or any other device with slightly bigger screen, though). Still, it works reasonably well and hopefully the mobile version will be tweaked further to make it more convenient to use. Definitely something for me to play during bus rides and such. :)

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Can you explain the Katsu guy's personality?

Kyobashi is known throughout the MPD as a playboy and he is infamous for having seven girlfriends, one for every day of the week. Despite his love of women, he does have preferences; he is more intrigued by women who are difficult to predict over those who blatantly seduce him.

Although he is very open about his desires, he hides his emotions well and is quite enigmatic. He prefers to keep women at a distance; for example, he doesn’t allow his girlfriends to come to his apartment. He is also often called a sadist due to his predilection of being in charge when it comes to intimacy and romance.

spent last evening and the one before facetiming with F and there are so many things about him that make my heart go !!! and i miss him terribly, i wanna skip ahead to the part where we both have cool flats in berlin (or, flats at all) and can hang out all the time. (me: “i hope we’ll live close to each other” / F: “but just far enough apart to have an excuse to sleep over all the time”)
and i just keep being positively surprised by how well he treats me and understands me and is affectionate in a very open and honest way. for the first time i’m with someone who doesn’t make me feel like i have to try hard to impress and keep up, i can just be. i mean we didn’t have the “i have ridiculously romantic feelings for you” talk yet but i feel like at the moment we’re walking together in the same direction and that’s nice. i was convinced i would not start something serious with a guy again but somehow we just stumbled into each other’s lives and i’m very ok with that.


A few days after her first conversation with Luca, Vivienne showed back up at his apartment to speak with him. She still hadn’t heard from him about his plans for Trey and she needed him to act quickly. Not only was it hard for her to keep pretending she didn’t know anything, Ethan was upset that he was being asked to keep Luca’s secret as well.

“Ethan won’t keep this to himself for much longer, Luca. We have to decide what to do about Trey.”

“Didn’t you explain things to him?”

“Of course, I did. But he knows you’re alive and he’s being asked to keep it from Asher and Chloe. You have to realize how difficult that is for him.”

“I do realize it. But this is important and he should understand that.”

“He does understand. But it’s a lot to ask of him.”

Going silent, Luca nodded his head in understanding. Ethan was his son and had missed him just as all of them had. And to be the only other person in their family besides Vivienne that knew he was still alive had to be hard. Especially when he hadn’t even gotten to see his Dad for himself, “Maybe it would help things if I spoke to him. In person.”

“You want to go to his house?”

“I was thinking maybe he should come here.”

“I can ask him. If you’re sure it’s safe for you both to meet.”

“It is. Trey doesn’t know I’m here for the moment.”

“And what do you plan to say to him?”

“I was thinking of going with the truth,” Luca replied, clearing his throat nervously. “I owe him that much.”

“Do you want me to be here, too?”

“I appreciate the offer, Viv. But I think it might be better if it was just the two of us here, so we can talk man to man.”

“Okay, I understand that.”

“So, you’ll ask him?”

“I’ll ask him.”

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Iwa Sketchpage! Pick/Tag your fav. Mine’s bottom left corner for some reason.


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


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Hey hey hey, @lanceweek​ Day 1 is here !  Inner Space/Outer Space.

Well i bet now you know how weak I am ? I couldn’t miss an occasion to draw Blue with her paladin 💙