is he having a neighborhood barbeque

Movie Time-ch2

Summary: continuing onto the next morning…from Tony’s perspective

Word count: 2330

Notes: Thank you all so much for the love! I really enjoy writing these chapters! Ch2 is all about introducing some characters, and setting up for a possible single Tony in the near future…because, well, we need that in our lives ;)



He was vaguely aware that it was morning, sunlight streaming in through the window and falling against his closed eyelids. He took a deep breath, keeping his eyes closed, enjoying the subtle weight of Clay’s head still resting on his chest. The quiet rhythm of Clay’s breathing telling him that Clay was still asleep.

He hadn’t realized how tired Clay had been yesterday, but he had fallen asleep not halfway into the movie, not much past 9pm. For as long as he’d known Clay, he knew him to be a bit of a night owl, so the early night had surprised him almost as much as the cuddling. Almost.

Not that he didn’t enjoy having his arms wrapped around Clay, but he had to ask himself what it meant? As far as he knew Clay had been in love with Hannah. But there had been those rumors in 9th grade that Clay liked men…he had tried not to get his hopes up back then, figuring they were just rumors at the time. He tried telling himself that now too.  All just rumors, and rumors had a dark history in their lives…

After all, he was with Brad, and Clay was probably just overly tired; he tried convincing himself. It had been hard for him to pull Clay in with just one arm, however. It felt so good to be next to him. It had felt even better when Clay leaned his body into him. He had allowed himself to lean his head down and ruffle Clay’s hair with his nose, just for a moment, when he was fairly certain that Clay had drifted off, taking in his slightly musky scent mixed with shampoo.

He had always tried his best to never make his friend feel uncomfortable, taking care that any touch was always welcome or initiated by Clay. But they had known each other for a long time, so it was only natural that they stood or walked closer to one another compared to other people, wasn’t it?

Brad wasn’t so easily convinced. He was always saying he and Clay were ‘pretty close’ and that they fought like an old married couple. It was a recurring theme in their arguments as of late.

Thinking of Brad, he felt a heaviness in his chest that had nothing to do with the weight of Clay’s head. He sighed, he had to meet Brad later at Monet’s for yet another ‘talk’. Brad, who had once been so comforting and supportive, especially when he had finally broken down and told him about the tapes, was acting differently. Lately he could tell there was something on Brad’s mind, and Brad was putting off talking about it. Instead, Brad seemed to be picking fights about random things. He tried to shake off the feeling of dread by shaking his head and opening his eyes.

He was just in time to catch sight of his mother rounding the corner.

“Hola mi hijo, you’re up early,” she said greeting him with a smile. “Do you and Clay want some breakfast?”

“Sure mama, thank you. We got to sleep pretty early, what time is it now?” he answered, searching for the clock even as he asked.

“Oh, about 6 dear. And I know, I came in and you all were snoring away. I collected your father and put a blanket on you two. I didn’t want to wake you, Clay looked so pale and tired at dinner I felt it best to just let him rest,” she said knowingly with a nod of her head.

He looked down noticing for the first time the blanket. “Thank you, ma, I’ll get up in a minute and help you with breakfast.” When he looked back up he saw his mother walking away, giving him a slight wave as an indication that she had heard him.

He looked down at Clay’s reclined body and reached up to comb his fingers through his hair. After a few passes through, he heard a change in Clay’s breathing and noticed the stirrings of Clay waking up.

“Morning sleepyhead,” he said quietly, softly raking his fingers down the back of Clay’s slender neck.

“Mmm, morning,” Clay replied. Clay pushed into his hand slightly for a moment, then began to sit up, wiping the sleep from his eyes. “Oh man, I was really out of it, sorry about that.”

“No worries man. You needed some rest, nothing to apologize for,” he replied, taking stock of Clay’s still sleepy eyes, lingering on his pouted lips.

“No, I mean I’m sorry for drooling on your shirt,” Clay said, pointing towards his chest.

He looked down to assess the damage when suddenly Clay’s outstretched finger bopped him in the nose.

“Ha, gotcha! You gotta be faster than that in the morning,” Clay said laughing, dodging as he swiped at him with a fist.

“Haha, I shouldn’t worry about you if you’re cracking corny jokes!  C’mon, let’s go get some breakfast,” he said, already getting up from the couch and stretching. He felt his back release a few pops and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hey Tony, I AM sorry about that. You could have moved me, I was dead to the world I probably wouldn’t have even noticed.”

“I was asleep to, I didn’t even hear everyone else get home,” he said, which was true. Maybe he had needed a quiet night in just as much as Clay did. They made their way into the kitchen where they could smell the delicious aroma of scrambled eggs.


The three were finishing clearing the table of their small but hearty breakfast of eggs with vegetables and salsa, when his father rounded the corner.

“Ah, early risers on a Saturday, what’s the plan for the day boys?” He said as he made a B-line for the coffee maker, kissing his wife on the way and accepting her offering of leftovers from breakfast.

“Well, I’ve got a shift at 10 at the movie theater,” Clay said, standing at the counter waiting to dry the dishes Tony was washing and handing over.

“I’m meeting Brad for coffee later, then I’ll be by the shop,” he said, sneaking a sideways glance at Clay. He couldn’t say why, but he wanted to see if Clay had a reaction to his boyfriend’s name. He didn’t seem to.

“Mmm, you guys still doing that? You don’t seem to spend much time together anymore.”

“Dad!” he said with a tilt of his head and an annoyed glance in his direction, despite his dad clearly not paying attention. However, he noticed that Clay’s head had shot up at his dad’s statement. He licked his lips and continued with a shrug, “I dunno, all he wants to do lately is argue without saying what’s really bothering him.”

His dad seemed to think on it a bit while he sipped his coffee. “Well, everyone disagrees and argues, it’s part of life. He’ll tell you what’s wrong when he’s ready, you just have to be patient.”

“So wise, mi corazon,” his mother said, giving his dad a pat on the cheek and a kiss. She turned back to him and said, “Before you run off, mi hijo, would you mind running these plates back to Mara? I’ve got to leave for work or I’ll be late!” She gestured to a stack of three blue plates on the island counter and turned to leave. “Oh, and don’t forget to invite her to the neighborhood barbeque next weekend!”          

“Of course, ma,” he said, handing off the last dish to Clay. “We got a new neighbor last week and ma just had to have her over to meet everyone. You wanna go with me and then I can give you a lift home?”

“Sure, sounds good!” Clay said, hanging the dish towel.

“You might like her, she reminds me a bit of Skye.”

“You mean scary?” Clay replied, making him and his dad snort with laughter, “Not really my type. I just make an exception for Skye because we were friends when we were kids.”

“Skye’s not that bad,” he tried to say nicely.

His dad laughed, “Skye has nothing on Mara as far as scary goes. And watch out for the dog.”

“Dog?!” Clay said apprehensively.

“It’s fine, she’s not that bad, you’ll be fine,” he said, laughing to try and lighten the mood.

“Mmhmm, well just be careful, you don’t have that kind of dog unless you’ve got something to guard. Girl can take care of herself though, I’ll give her that. Tried to show her some self-defense moves since this isn’t the best part of town, she nearly knocked me out! In my own backyard!” his dad said, shaking his head, making Clay look concerned.

“Really, she’s not that bad,” he said, trying to be reassuring. He grabbed the plates and headed towards the door with Clay in tow. “Oh,” he said turning to meet Clay’s gaze, “whatever you do though, don’t try and touch the dog, he doesn’t like it.” He walked quickly again, not giving Clay a chance to back out.


They crossed the street and took a right, Mara was renting 2 houses down. He spared a glance at Clay, who looked a little nervous. “She really is great, I don’t think she’s hiding anything,” he said, trying again to be reassuring.

Clay looked at him like he didn’t believe him, then said, “Actually, I’m thinking about the dog…I’ve gotten chased by a lot of them on my bike. The Clark’s down the street from me have this collie…” he trailed off, raising his hands in question.

“Ooh,” he said with a raise of his eyebrows and a nod, “that makes sense then why you always take the long way to get to your house.” Clay shot him a surprised look, but they were at the driveway. He stopped and put his hand out so Clay was stopped on the sidewalk instead of going up the drive. The garage door was open and he knew from experience owner and dog were bound to be close by.

“Mara!” he called, ignoring Clay’s questioning look, he would find out soon enough.

“Hey Tony!” came a voice from the backyard. “I’ll be right out!”

As they waited, Tony tried to read Clay’s face. Mara was blonde haired and blue eyed, covered in colorful tattoos, and from his brother’s reactions to her, very easy on the eyes. Again though, he had trouble reading Clay’s response. The wide eyes could have been for her or the giant black mastiff at her side. He frowned slightly, wondering why he cared so much all the sudden who Clay found attractive. He turned towards the pair coming towards them. The dog was quite a sight, he wasn’t sure of the breed as his owner had only vaguely admitted that he was a mixed breed, but he was sure that mastiff had to be mixed in somewhere.

“My mom wanted me to return these to you, and to make sure again that you know about the barbeque,” he said with a slight roll of his eyes. It had become a bit of a joke between them as his mom had invited her no less than 15 times already.

“Haha, well thank you and tell her I’ll definitely be there with some more dessert,” she said as she accepted the plates with a mock bow.

“Will do,” he said with a nod, the he gestured to Clay, “This is my friend Clay by the way. Clay, Mara. Mara, Clay.”

“Nice to meet you,” Clay said as he nervously shot his hand out towards her, earning himself a warning growl from the giant opposite him. Clay immediately retracted the hand, instead grabbing Tony’s arm and stepping in closer. He could feel Clay pressed at his side and it was quite distracting, so much so that he almost forgot Mara was there.                          

“Sorry about that, he’s not very trusting of strangers,” Mara said, setting a warning hand on the dog’s back.  “This is Lewis, by the way. He’s great once you get to know him, but very protective.”

“It’s ok, Clay’s just had some run-ins with dogs on his bike, you know how it goes. And Lewis is a pretty big dog.”

“Oh yes, Lewis loves to chase things. I’d tell you not to run if he comes after you, but either way would end badly,” she said glancing at the dog. “So, Tony,” she continued with a swat to his other arm, “no more Brad then huh?” Indicating Clay’s hand, still on his arm and seemingly reluctant to let go.

“Oh, no, uh, Clay really is my friend, we had a movie night last night and I’m giving him a ride after this. I’m meeting Brad for coffee in a bit,” he tried to look excited at the thought.

“Oooh, ok,” she said, a knowing look in her eye as she looked at him. “Well I hope it goes well, you should come by after.”

“Thanks, I’ll tell you about it later.”

“Ok, well bye boys. Nice to meet you Clay! Hope to see you at the barbeque!” she said as she turned, dog in tow.

“Nice to meet you too,” Clay said from beside him.

“Dude, that dog is huge,” Clay said as soon as they had crossed the street.

“I told you. So, what did you think of Mara?” he asked.

“She seems nice, despite being utterly crazy for having a dog like that,” Clay responded with a shrug.

“You don’t think she’s, I dunno, pretty?”

“I really wasn’t paying attention, dude, a little busy trying not to become a hell hound’s next meal! Uh, I like her tattoos though, they remind me of yours.”

He was glad Clay wasn’t looking at him because he had broken into a smile. That had to be good if Clay met someone attractive and thought of him…Right?                                                                                                                                   


Husband!Dean x Wife!Reader

Summary: Dean’s enthralled when he feels the baby kick for the first time.

Warnings: Fluffy af smut. Unprotected sex (*insert funny pun about safe sex here* butseriouslyguyssafesexishellaimportant), oral sex (reader receiving), and that’s about it folks.

Requested by anon~

A/N: Phewww two stories in one day? I musta been productive today haha! I hope you enjoy this! Also, stay tuned, we’re almost to 600 followers. Get excited for the milestone, I have something planned!

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Never in a million years did you expect that you and Dean would be living a cherry pie life. It wouldn’t be an exact picket fence and neighborhood barbeque kind of life, for you’d still live in the bunker. You decided that you’d be done with hunting forever, but Dean would take it on part time. After all, a baby needed its parents.

You were about seven months along, your tummy showing through your shirt. You still remember the day you discovered your pregnancy. Your period had been super late, and you decided to take a test. Three came back with small pluses. You were nervous to tell Dean at first because after all, a baby being born into this life didn’t usually mix. But, when he did finally find out (by finding one in the trash), he was ecstatic, tears running down his face as he murmured how excited he was to be a daddy.

You’re broken from your thoughts as a slight pressure on your stomach makes itself known. You smile softly, placing your hands and feeling the movement. “Dean, the baby’s kicking!” you call out. No more than five seconds later, his frantic footsteps echo through the halls.

“Did I miss it?” he asks breathlessly, quickly sitting next to you. 

You nod ‘no’ before lightly grabbing his hand and placing it on your stomach. The baby’s movements gently soften, as if he or she knew daddy was here. Once the kicking subsides, Dean’s hand never leaves your tummy, his eyes shifting over to you. You notice misty tears in his eyes as he lightly caresses your cheek with his other hand.

“We did this babe. We’re going to be parents”, he whispers out, voice wavering with emotion. You nod, your own tears forming. Out of all the bad in this world, you and Dean would finally have something good.

Emotion overcomes you and you place your lips on Dean’s, lips locked in a passionate, loving dance. It’s been forever since you’ve been intimate with him, for he was afraid of hurting your child, even though the doctor said it’d be fine to have sex. The baby wasn’t born yet, and he was already protective.

But, it’s been far too long, and you’ve been longing to show your love to your caring husband. You slowly, but surely, swing your leg around and straddle his strong thighs. His hands find their way to your hips, securing you.

Your lips meet again, and this time, you feel his excitement growing. He pauses to place loving kisses on your neck and jawline, his hands rubbing circles on your hips. 

You shrug off his plaid shirt, revealing his strong biceps. His shirt soon follows, and so does yours, after he carefully helps you remove it. Your bra is unclasped from your body, and his hand is immediately there to greet your swollen breasts. You groan; your breasts were never this sensitive before. 

After he’s satisfied with the attention to your breasts, he gently pulls you off of him and places you on your back on the bed behind you. His body is immidately on yours, careful not to crush your protruding stomach. Dean unbuttons your jeans, placing a soft kiss to your tummy before pulling them down your legs. 

Your panties soon follow, and Dean’s eyes are blown with lust. He gives you a soft kiss before heading down south, his warm breath on your core. A broad lick is given, and you can’t help but moan. It’s been too damn long, and this feels so right.

He suckles your clit as his fingers move in and out at a steady speed, quickly bringing you to orgasm. It crashes down on you like a train, and your vision goes white as you cry out Dean’s name. 

He coaxes you from your high, gently rubbing your thighs and stomach. Once you can see again, you lovingly place your lips on his. Soon, he’s standing as naked as the day he was born, his cock standing at full attention. 

You want to repay the favor, but he pushes your hand away gently. “As much as I love when you do that, tonight’s about you, my beautiful wife and future mother of my child”, he whispers in your hair. 

As Dean lines up with your entrance, he looks in your eyes. “Are you sure baby? We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” You admire his gentleman demeanor, something you’ve always loved about him. 

“Of course. I want you, Dean.”

With your word, he pushes himself inside you, both of your groans filling the room. It feels amazing to be filled by your husband again, and most of all, it feels amazing to share more intimate moments with him. 

He takes it slow tonight, taking time to make love to you. He whispers praise in your ear, telling you how beautiful you are, and how great of a mother you’re going to be. Your heart swells at this, and you begin to murmur praise into his ear as well.

Soon, you’re approaching your peak again, and by the twitching of Dean’s hips, you know he is too. A subtle, soft, but still great pleasure overcomes you, Dean following close behind, spilling his seed into you.

You take your time to regain your breath as Dean remains still and keeps his intense green eyes on you. “I love you so goddamn much.”

You slightly move up, placing your lips on his. “I love you too Dean.”

He gently softens inside you, and later, his body collapses next to you. Dean opens his arms and you gladly cuddle up against him. His hands absentmindedly comb through your soft locks, and the rise and fall of his chest begins to lull you to sleep. Before you can slumber, however, a soft kick awakens you.

You guide Dean’s hand to your stomach again and watch as his eyes lighten up at the little movement, his wonder childlike and free. 

Soon, you’d have a little baby girl or boy in your arms. And both of you couldn’t wait.

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∇ with Jack/Bitty (of course!) Love the blog by the way! :)


oh god, old age/aging headcanon: 

this is so funny like idt they’re even going to be any different except instead of living in the haus they’ll be living in some big house with lots of extra bedrooms for when kids and grandkids and teammates come to visit and a big yard and a lake nearby and several pets and jack’s photography on the walls like it’s just gonna be jack falling asleep in front of history documentaries and bitty bebopping around the kitchen as he bakes more stuff than they can eat and then bringing it over to their neighbors oh god their neighbors love them so much jack probably like has a toolbox and offers to repair shit for people all the time and they let him even though they can do it themselves and he probably also really loves grilling shit on the barbeque? why is jack such a suburban dad they probably invite everyone in their neighborhood over for barbeques and to swim in their pool all the time ALSO THEY HAVE A PORCH SWING AND THEY SIT ON IT HOLDING HANDS LIKE 98% OF THE TIME. THEIR NEIGHBORS GET WORRIED WHEN THEY ARE NOT SITTING ON THE PORCH SWING HOLDING HANDS AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT OF ANY DAY

domestic au where nobody dies, and the entire Fargo cast are all neighbors in a picturesque suburb, and there’s weekend barbeque’s and block parties and a home-owners association, a yearly 4 of July party, a Thanksgiving food drive, bake sales, etc.

everything’s pretty much the same except with less murders; Lester and Pearl are the couple everyone knows is fighting all the time, Sam Hess has the biggest house in the neighborhood, is a huge douche, and everyone gossips about how he’s always cheating on Gina with hookers, Chaz and Kitty are reasonably well off with their son, Molly is always in the neighborhood visiting her dad when she’s not on duty

weird single guy Lorne Malvo moves into the house down the street from Lester, no one knows what the heck his deal is; what does he even do??? (he’s an editor for a publishing company) but he’s kind of unsettling so people avoid him and don’t ask a lot of questions. his house is always the spookiest on Halloween despite not being decorated, and he’s constantly trolling the rest of the neighborhood

Gus buys a house and gets a job with animal control, which he enjoys much more than his previous job as a police officer; him and Molly hit it off almost immediately, and Greta ropes Gordo, and even the Hess boys, into helping her with parent trap shenanigans

Numbers and Wrench are the trendy couple who move in a few weeks after Gus and Malvo; Numbers is a bit of a snob at times, he writes or paints or something, and he’s a bit of a neat freak. Wrench is a baker, and despite being a professional, is always making a mess in their kitchen, much to Numbers’ displeasure. He seems really serious and grumpy *likeNumberscough* and intimidating when they first move in, but then he starts bringing ridiculously good cookies and cakes to the weekend barbeques and everyone figures out he’s just this huge adorable puppy with a great sense of humor

Numbers and Gina become bffs for some reason, and they hang out and drink wine and gossip about the neighbors. Wrench is always swarmed by all the kids at any neighborhood functions that have food. Wrench and Numbers argue even more than Lester and Pearl do, but it’s pretty clear even after their worst arguments that it’s nothing like when Pearl and Lester argue.

i really want this au ok