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iguana’s 2017 4CC recap

That moment when you start talking about yourself in the third person’s point of view #iwentthere

Anyway the past weeks have been full of interesting, beautiful, controversial, what the fuck moments. To put it shortly, all those ingredients consisting the very essence of figure skating. Aren’t you glad you got yourself into this hell beautiful world of art and sport in which people are gracious and well mannered and they totally do not bitch and moan about scores, results, politicking and other nonsense. Right? 

So 4CC was supposed to be the ~test event~ for the Olympic Games and I’m not gonna lie, if the Olympics are going to be remotely similar to this event I’m just gonna give up on life, beliefs, values and I’ll admit everything I’ve believed in has been a beautiful lie. Injuries, PyeongChang jitters, meltdowns, you name it. I spent the ladies event wishing somebody would call the ambulances, doctors, psychologists, ANYTHING to put most of those girls out of their misery. That competition was so damn tough I felt like I hit my own butt against the ice every time I saw them bombing their programs, bombing their bodies, bombing each other, idek. During the men’s event I was screaming my face off when I saw Yuzuru landing a decent quad loop, only to press my face against the floor the moment he doubled and I mean DOUBLED the next quad. Bro. How do you. How do you rotate a quad loop and fart the salchow. How many times does it have to happen. On the other hand Wenjing Sui and Cong Han owned the party and I’ve had their SP on repeat for the last few days. DAMN. Technically perfect, face giving on point, hair flipping also on point, what else would anyone want? And then there was Tessa Virtue and her lolz partner Scott Moir effectively trolling the rest of the field. 

And now here are some of the things I’ve written down DURING the competitions because honestly, nothing can beat whatever shit your brain is spewing when you’re watching the thing versus when you reminisce about it.

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5 stages of grief of a Fitzsimmons fangirl after watching AoS S2 finale

1. Denial and Isolation: No no no no no it’s all a dream, Simmons is ok, Fitz is ok, they’re going on a dinner date, my life is ok leave me alone!

2. Anger: WTF IS WRONG with you writers??? They suffered enough. Leave the science babies alone or i s2g I’ll kill a bitch! AAAAAAARGHHHH

3. Bargaining: ok maybe it’s a nice stone… Eugene (the stone) is nice, I’m sure he’s going to give her a make up and a nice dress and haircut and tips for the dinner date, yep. pls Eugene I’ll do whatever you want!

4. Depression: omg they were going on a date, he was so happy and in love with his stupid lovely face and heart eyes and she was so happy and in love with her stupid lovely smile after all what happened in season 1 and 2 omg my life is a mess I can’t wait 4 months leave me here to die *dying whale noises*

5. Acceptance: Ok, Simmons is trapped inside that stone, but I’m sure Fitz will do everything to save her because now he’s her boyfriend! I believe in Fitz! And I believe in Simmons! They’re going to fix this, together!