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Unexpected (But Not Unpleasant)

In which the youngest Goldstein sister is invited to accompany the magizoologist back to Britain.

Watching Newt scurry around the small bedroom that was yours before the misadventure your family had found yourselves in, a twinge of sadness arose in your body as you realised that he was leaving. Actually leaving, and not in the way where you would be able to visit. No, Newt Scamander was returning to the country in which he was born and an entire ocean separated you from the fascinating man that you had been drawn to ever since he had knocked into you and your sister in front of a bank.

“Y/N, everything alright?” You shook yourself as his accented voice met your ears. You were leaning against the doorway, the side of your head resting on the wood and your arms crossed tightly over your chest. You didn’t know how long you had been stood there and it was disconcerting to realise that you had lost all concept of time simply by watching the man.

“Yes, of course! I was just wondering if you needed any help.” You said with a smile, one that was awkwardly returned by Newt, although he averted his eyes as soon as they met your own.

“I’m nearly done, actually. I didn’t exactly bring much, I was not intending on staying long.” He told you and you let out a slight laugh.

“I think quite a few things happened that you did not intend on.” You said. You were of course referring to the madness that ensued when a few of his fantastic creatures escaped the magical suitcase that was stuck to his hand. That was only the start of the craziness as they had all been at risk from an Obscurial and had witnessed the capture of the dark wizard Grindelwald.

“Yes. Quite a few things I was not expecting.” You looked up through your lashes to see Newt’s gaze focused intently on you. It was unnerving to see such a shy and anxiety riddled man with a penchant for avoiding eye contact look at you with such a deep gaze and you couldn’t help the flush that rose to colour your pale cheeks. You averted your gaze but not before you saw Newt do the same, a dark blush covering his face and hiding his freckles within the colour. “Nevertheless, it is time for me to return to Britain.”

Your sadness returned as he said that. You knew that he had to return to his home but that did not mean that you wanted him to. Ever since you had met the man, you had been fascinated and drawn to Newt Scamander. And you knew the feeling was probably mutual; you had felt him watching you when he thought you were not paying attention and your sister Queenie never gave up the opportunity to tease you about Newt and what she had overheard from his mind. You had hoped that whatever it was between you would be enough to keep him here, in New York, with you.

Apparently, it was not.

“You will write though, won’t you?” You asked. “I do hope I have the chance to read that magnificent book of yours when it is finally published.” You finally looked up at him and saw a half smile tilt up his lips. His mouth worked as he struggled to say whatever was in his mind. He met your eyes then and you offered him a soft smile.

“If you wanted, you could always read the first copy.” He finally said, his words coming out fast and rushed and you had to pay attention to what he was actually saying. “I-if you came… you c-could read, I mean if you want to…. There’s al-always… You could come with… me.”

You stared at him as he stuttered, his words faltering and hesitant as his pale cheeks flushed once more. He stared anywhere but at you; the wall behind your shoulder, the floor at your feet, the cuff of his shirt. You felt emotion rise up in you as you realised what he was offering you. The once in a lifetime chance to visit another country and be a part of something life changing for him. He was asking you to go with him.

“I can’t.”

You both froze as you said that. The words had escaped you before you could comprehend what you had said but you realised it was true. You can’t. Your sister needed you, your wonderful sisters who had raised you and given up so much of their lives to ensure that you, the youngest, got the chance to have a proper childhood and live without worrying even though they were all orphans. You couldn’t leave them when they needed you; when Tina was going through a difficult time at MACUSA and Queenie was heartbroken after losing her chance of love with the no maj that had quickly become a part of their lives. She had a duty to be there for her sisters and she could not leave because a pretty man gave her a smile.

“Right. Yes. O-of course… I’m just gonna….” Newt’s hands waved around as he vaguely pointed around him and you tried your hardest to suppress the tears you could feel rising.

“I need t-to go and check with Queenie.” You said and he nodded quickly, his hair falling into his eyes but he made no motion to move it. You wondered if it was to hide the tears in his eyes or if he was just unconcerned about it. Maybe he wasn’t actually upset; who knew if he had offered other girls in the other countries he had visited the same thing. That broke her heart a little and she turned on her heel quickly to leave the room.

“Goodbye, Y/N.” He called after you and you froze. You closed your eyes and your face scrunched up with the emotion that you felt but you did not turn around. If you turned now to look at him you didn’t know how you would react.

“Goodbye, Mr Scamander.” Was all you said in reply, your voice a faint whisper but it carried over to him even as you forced your feet forward and walked away from him. You couldn’t help but feel you were walking away from something that you would never have again.

Dishes weaved through the air as they followed your magical command and made their way to their rightful place after a thorough clean. Ever since your emotional goodbye with Newt you had pushed your attention elsewhere to stave off the heartbreak that was slowly creeping up on you. You knew that it was only a matter of hours before Newt was due to leave for Britain but you could not find it in yourself to go and see him one last time. If you did, you knew you would not be able to say goodbye again.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you clean.” You looked up at the soft whisper of your sister’s voice, a smile coming to your face as you met Queenie’s pretty eyes. She looked better; her makeup and dress were exquisite and you knew that she was pushing her way through the pain of losing Jacob to be her old self again. You wasn’t actually sure if she would ever be herself again.

“I do. You and Tina are just never here when I do so.” You chuckled but Queenie did not. Instead, she simply stared at you and you weren’t sure if she was reading your mind or if her sisterly senses were sensing that something was wrong with you.

“It’s okay to want to do something for yourself, you know.” She told you gently and you turned away from her. It wasn’t okay to want to leave your sisters for a man, it was selfish. Especially when one of them had lost her own chance with a man.

“Newt will not mind the rejection when he returns to London.” You say to her and she shakes her head, her eyes narrowed slightly as though in concentration.

“I think that the distance between you both will only increase his heartache.” You look down at that, feeling guilty at the happiness that rose in you as Queenie said that Newt was also hurting over your rejection. “Y/N…” Her hands touch yours, gently pulling you closer to her as she entwines her slender fingers with your own. “I have known you from the second that you were born and I have never seen you as happy as you have been in the limited time you have spent with the crazy man in the other room. It is not selfish to want to carry on being happy.”

“It is selfish when I leave to be happy and leave my sisters here miserable.” You tell her and she shakes her head but gives you a soft smile. One hand rose to cup your cheek affectionately.

“You will leave your sisters knowing that they are incredibly happy that their youngest will be on the greatest adventure she will ever have. You care for him, Y/N. Do not let that go.”

It was only Newt and Tina that stood before the large ship that was set for Britain and Newt could not help the hurt he felt when he realised that you had not come to see him off. He had thought that he would be able to see your lovely face at least once more before he made his journey back home but it was not to be.

“Do give my well wishes to your sisters.” He told Tina and the woman nods, a smirk on her lips telling him that she knew that he meant one sister in particular. “And thank you for everything you have done during my time here. A-and sorry for all the trouble.”

“It’s been an… interesting time.” Tina chuckled and Newt nods, his laugh joining hers as his gaze moved down to the floor at his feet.

He swallowed nervously as he struggled with his next words but he pushed through the feeling and moved his hand to the inside of his coat where a piece of parchment rested. He pulled it out with a shaking hand and thrust it towards Tina. He looked up through his lashes to meet her confused gaze.

“Could you perhaps, if you could, I mean… Would you p-please give that to…?” He trailed off but Tina nodded as she took the letter from him gently.

“Of course.” She replied and he gave her a smile, tightened his grip on his case and, with one final nod, made his leave to the boat. He was only halfway there when he was called back and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Mr Scamander, I do believe you have forgot something!”

Newt turned on his heel with his coat and scarf flaring around him and his eyes widened as he was met with the most gloriously unexpected sight. You stood before him with your sisters on either side, a small smile on your lips and a case at your feet. Newt let out a breath as he met your eyes and he couldn’t stop the large grin stretching over his lips as he shortened the distance between you with large steps, only to be met in the middle when you ran towards him with your own grin.

Your hands gripped his as you stood before each other and happiness seemed to radiate from you, or perhaps it was him. It did not matter, however, for you stood before him looking as beautiful as you did the day that he met you.

“If your offer is still open, I would love to be the one to read the first copy of your book.” You told him quietly and he couldn’t help but let his hand leave one of yours and instead move up to softly touch the soft skin of your cheek.

“I would be honoured if you would.” He replied and you smiled, just as a yell met their ears to tell them that the ship was leaving.

“One moment. I have to say goodbye.” You said and he nodded quickly, watching you run back to your sisters and hug them before you made your way back to his side where you took his hand and led him to the entrance of the ship, pulling him along and leaving him to trail after you happily.

Many things happened in New York that he did not expect. His feelings for you were one of them, but as he watched you wave with a large grin on your beautiful face as the ship finally began its journey home, he could not find it in himself to find it unpleasant. No, he decided as one of your hands wrapped around his own, this was definitely not unpleasant.


Taehyung - Heist AU (Las Vegas Job)

Part 1 of ??

NewtXReader - PART 1 - bitter sweet love


PART 2: here

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PART 5: here 

Feel free to send requests as I will do all! Any character from Harry Potter series or Fantastic beasts (I prefer Newt Scamander ones though)

Info: fluff > will eventually turn to smut in future chapters

You and Newt have been traveling companions for years, and their friendship always felt a little more than friends. Too shy to admit their feelings a new person comes into their lives, threatening to shit the balance of things.


Newt had finally came home to London from his travels, in New York. The last couple of days had been unbearable, you missed the freckled man and you going on adventures, but here he was. In the corner of a quiet coffee shop he spilled his great tales and adventures from across the ocean to you. He spoke of a funny chubby little man with a knack for baking, called Jacob and a mind reading, dressmaker, bubbly blonde known as Queenie. However the third person…

“Y/N she was incredible, she was slightly eh…intimidating to say the least at first but merlin…is her enthusiasm for work contagious! And Pickett! He’s taken such a liking for her so I left him with her for a bit, decided it would do him good for the attachment issues” Newt chuckled.

Newt never trusted anyone but you to care for his creatures and even so it took months for you to earn his trust, but here he was allowing his favourite creature (he denies having favourites but you know better) with a woman he barely had become acquaintances with.

Sucking up your slight feelings of betrayal, you smiled, “She sounds wonderful, I’ll have to meet her someday” your attempt at hiding your feelings was pathetic but Newt was to oblivious to take notice at the hurt behind your voice. “Y/N you should come back with me! You could meet her as well as Jacob and Q-”

“Back? Your going to stay there?” Confusion spread fast across your face.

“Good heavens no, I need to collect Pickett and I also intend to give Tina my first copy of my book! She helped me think of a name, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Quite nifty isn’t it?”

“But I thought I was to get your first copy of your book…”

Red tinted his cheeks. He’d forgotten about that promise, he really owed it to you to get the first copy, after all you had accompanied him on his journeys all this time, sketching out illustrations of all the marvellous creatures to accompany his descriptions. Had his new infatuation with this ‘Tina woman’ really put you completely out of the picture?

“Em yess n-no I mean, of course yes your getting the first copy. In fact I organised a little some thing extra for your copy. It wouldn’t even be possible to complete this book with out your help. I don’t think I say this quite enough but thank you..” , he smiled at your shoes, avoiding eye contact from embarrassment

Flustered and not completely thinking straight you blurted out, “well I know how you can repay me..take me with you to New York”

An adorable grin appeared on Newts face and happiness gleamed through his eyes, “so you’ll go with me?”

Gathering your thoughts, you realised what you had said but curiosity (and jealously although you would never admit it) had gotten the better of you and you gave into your temptations, “yes of course Newt, I wouldn’t turn down an adventure with you”, you laughed.

Your heart skipped a little when he flashed his pearly white teeth and engulfed you in a warm cinnamon scented hug. Butterflies erupted in your stomach as you felt the bottom of his chin rest on the top of your head. As his hands soothingly rubbed circles into your back it seemed as though both of you were perfect fit for each other.

“You won’t regret it love, we travel so much but always for work. We never get a break to ourselves, I can show you all around New York, without having to chase after the niffler this time, hopefully”. He sighed into your hair

“So this means you’ll leave your case behind then?” You smugly asked already knowing the answer.

“Y/N” he gasped fake offended “how dare you ask me to leave my babies behind”.

Both of you erupted in a fit of giggles before Newt placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head and let out a content sigh. It felt so natural to act like this with Newt, as though it was programmed into your nature, but before long Newt became aware of the small gesture he had just given you. Stuttering he pulled away from the hug, his warmth departing from your body and blushes on both of your faces.

“Sorry-I’ll just go p-pack now”.

“Don’t forget your scarf Mr Scamander” you teased before he gave you one last heartwarming smile and disappearing out the coffee shop door

Although the journey on the ship was rough and wild, with Newt by your side anything was bearable. Once in land you resisted the urge to kiss the ground as Newt entwined his large hand with your dainty one, ensuring that you weren’t going to get lost in the busy crowds at the dock.

As you approached security Newt as usual became a mumbling mess. Even though Newt looked about as dangerous as a mouse with those freckles, his habit of avoiding eye contact and uncalled for nervousness made him appear as though he where planning a mass murder. This had become a regular occurrence for the 2 of you however you had learned how to deal with it.

“Any livestock?” The buff security man questioned, boredom practically dripping from his voice.

Newts eyes noticeably widened, panic surfacing across his features. The atmosphere suddenly thickening considerably as Newt looked hopelessly to you for help.

“Now how would we manage to fit any livestock in there mister. Do I look like a wizard to you?” You chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

“Sorry miss only doing ma job” he gave a quick tilt of his hat before allowing you and Newt to pass on through “have a good day you two”.

“Thank you! ” you called back as Newt led you away from the docks.

“Merlin what would I do without you Y/N, I’m afraid I’m quite the mumbling mess”

“I can’t Imagine how you even managed to make it through there the last time you came!”

“I was just a smidge from getting caught last time, if it wasn’t for that muggle button” he laughed “we better make our way onwards before the evening comes”

After you

What both of you had failed to realise was that your hands still remained interlocked.
3 hours. 3 hours of wandering for the Goldstein sisters’ apartments and not a daft clue where the 2 of you where. Night was closing in fast, the cool air blowing against your blouse, which was offering no protection from the icy winds. You longed for the warmth of a fire.

“N-newt I t-think we might-t be lost” you chattered out. Newt looked to your shaking frame, goosebumps rising on your skin. With concern in his eyes he turned to you
“Y/N your shaking love”

“Don’t w-worry I’m okay-y”

“No your not, your shaking like a leaf, here take this”, Newt slipped off is slightly tattered blue coat, shyly offering it to you.

“Newt I can’t take it you’ll freeze! Don’t worry about me, your not normally a worrier” smiling you attempted to put on your best Newt voice, “my philosophy is that if you worry you suffer twice”. Newt burst out laughing at your measly impression of him before turning to you seriously, avoiding eye contact.

“I’m allowed to worry Y/N about the things that are close to me. Please, I won’t take no for an answer” he said draping the coats around your shoulders.

“Next you’ll have me in your bow tie!”

“Don’t worry you could pull it off” he said giving a cheeky wink. You laughed at his comment, you loved moments like these, special ones where Newt completely let go of his reserved self. It was only with you that he could really be himself. He had no reason to think you’d judge him.

“Come on now Mr Scamander, I thought you’re meant to be a good navigator! Are we nearly there yet?”

Taking 2 fingers he gently placed them underneath your chin and titled your head slightly upwards. In front of you where the apartments Newt had described. Both of you quietly snuck upstairs and knocked on the door.

When it eventually opened a figure was standing there.


She was undeniably gorgeous. Creamy skin, dark alluring locks of hair, her posture radiating confidence and pride so unlike yourself. Dressed in a knee length skirt, showing her gorgeous legs and a silk blouse complementing her figure. Upon seeing Newt a smile lit up her face, as she wrapped her arms around him. At this moment you practically felt invisible, not to mention highly self conscious. All you wanted to do was curl up in Newts oversized coat. She was stunning and you were just… Well you.

“Newt! Oh my it’s been so long, Pickett’s just dying to see you again. I don’t quite think our plan worked, his attachment issues aren’t going away it seems”

“I do hope he behaved. The little bugger sometimes has a habit of scratching people when he doesn’t get his own way” Newt said back. His unreserved persona confused you, normally he only acted like this with you. Your presence remained unnoticed until..

“Ah Newt! It’s so good to see you! Huh and you’ve brought a girl! Awk isn’t she just a honey” a blonde dressed in a skimpy nightgown emerged from behind Tina.

“Sorry I didn’t see you there! You must be Y/N, Newt told us so much about you, I must say you two do make quite the cute couple” Tina said gesturing to your hand which was still locked in Newts larger one.

Automatically Newt retracted his hand from yours as though it where fire and exclaimed, “oh no, no we’re just friends”

To you his tone sounded offended, repulsed even. Was he so ashamed for someone to even consider you being together. What was so wrong with you? Where you not good enough for him? Of course you weren’t, all you have to do is compare yourself to Tina after all. You felt your stomach drop at this realisation and from the corner of your eye you saw Queenie shoot you a sympathetic glance. You’d completely forgotten that she could read minds.

“Come on sweetie”, she proclaimed stepping towards you, lifting your luggage,“you have to come on in dear so we can get acquainted! Jacobs made some delicious pastries for your arrival!”. Newt Tina and yourself followed her into the room. The apartment was very cosy and you feel as though the decor of the room really illustrates who Tina and Queenie are, as personal touches are added everywhere.

“Come, sit, sit, you must rest", she ushered you and Newt into the living room and demanded you sit down from your long travels at once. “Now, now Queenie we must celebrate Y/N and Newts arrival! Why don’t we go down to the Bling Pig for firewhiskey”. Tina proclaimed

“But the pastries” Queenie whined

“Oh Queenie, Jacob can whip up another fresh batch when he gets back home later. It’s not everyday that we have guests”

Before this conversation got any further you decided to interrupt, “sorry as lovely as that sounds I brought nothing too fancy with me”

“That’s not a problem honey, you can borrow one of mine” Qunnie smiled sweetly
Panicking you raked your mind for another excuse but instead she simply tutted you. “Now we’ll have none of that! I have this adorable little dress that I’m too big for but it would fit you perfectly, you look gorgeous” She rambled on as you were dragged towards her room.

I’m sure she will” Newt whispered under his breath

Something told you that this was going to be an eventful night.


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anonymous asked:

HIIIII! i wanted to ask can you recommend good canon!verse fics? Some of your favorites maybe ? Have a good day xoxo

Helloo! :)

I have an entire tag for canon!verse Destiel drabbles that I enjoyed, you can check it out here!

And some longer fics set in canon!verse that I really liked:

‘When the angels stop falling and Castiel makes his way out of the trees, he finds himself alone and oceans away from the Winchesters. For once, Dean flies to him.’

✗ Professional Couple Only
‘There’s a haunted apartment building in Vermont, and the ad says “Professional couple only”. Dean and Cas rise to the occasion.’

✗ The Path of Fireflies
‘After his humanity is restored, Dean wakes up in bed with Castiel, a wedding ring, and no memory of the past twelve years.’

✗ The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass
‘After Season 8, episode 6, “Southern Comfort.” Dean goes to sleep in a motel room in Texarkana, and he wakes up 17 years old, in his childhood bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, 1996. He has no idea how he got there, why his parents are still alive, why his brother is an adorable freshman with no memory of his adult life, and why the only ally he has in this place is the angel he left behind in Purgatory – somehow also 17 years old. They have to get out, that’s the important thing. Only, falling in love with his angel wasn’t a part of the plan…’

Have fun! 

Nothing will ever be as important to me as this moment is. Not only is it my favorite moment between my favorite brotp, but it says so much by saying so little.

Because when Jemma dragged Fitz up from the bottom of the ocean, he changed. He became different. And although it wasn’t her fault, and she was dealing with her own demons, Jemma left. And she left him behind with a damaged brain and a damaged heart.

(He knows how it feels to be different, and he knows what it’s like to be alone.)

And not only was he different, but everyone else treated him different, too. He tried to hold on, hold on tight to who he once was but his hand shook and his words mixed and everyone looks at him kindly and pitifully and it frustrated him.

Now Daisy’s changed, now Daisy’s different. She was scared of what she became, and she felt very alone.

And Fitz couldn’t hold on to who he was, but he could hold onto her. He held on to her right and tells her what he had to learn for himself– that it’s all okay. That she’s different now, and there’s nothing wrong with that

When Daisy feels like she’s drowning, Fitz holds her hand and helps her up towards the surface.

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Curious, what are your favorite jinyoung facts?

I have honestly so, so many but here… I have compiled a top ten list although know there are SO MANY MORE!!

1) Jinyoung is from the ocean but can’t swim

2) he wants to be an elementary school teacher if not an idol

3) he was kind of a shit student in dance growing up, said he didn’t take things seriously but now really appreciates all the support given to him

4) his favorite nickname fans in America call him is Prince 

5) he read The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Meyers

6) oh he also read 50 Shades LOL and recommended it to the entire audience of JJP MTV diaries LOL

7) he wrote The Star and everyone told him it was too depressing for a Christmas song so he wrote Cant lmao 

8) he says he’s a romantic and has more motherly qualities bc of his two older sisters

9) he likes the Arctic Monkeys 

10) that he likes a woman who’s hardworking and ambitious - his ideal type  

I begged @didjamissme for a prompt yesterday and she gave me Patater pre-school au so… here you go tumblr, enjoy the fruits of my labor.

The first day of school is always daunting, Kent thinks as he surveys his classroom one last time and nudges a corner of the quiet time rug flat with the toe of his Sperry.

It’s daunting, but it’s fun. It’s another year of watching his full day preschoolers grow and learn and develop and GOD if that isn’t the best feeling in the world he doesn’t know what is.

He’s been teaching in Seattle since he graduated from UBC with his teaching degree and finished up his Masters at UW, and he loves it. He loves the city, the people, the fact he’s hours from the mountains or the ocean or the rivers or the lakes. He loves the night life and the daily vibe and he loves the fact that the Schooners literally play two light rail stops from his apartment and he has season tickets.

He’d played Juniors in Portland for two seasons before being traded to Seattle for the last two and his overager season, and after aging out without being drafted he’d gone up north and played four years of college hockey while getting his degree to teach small humans.

He wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

At 9:45 on the nose he props open the classroom door that leads to the playground and greets the parents and little ones and invites them inside, shaking parental hands and soothing a few worried kids and a ton of worried parents and getting everyone involved with crayons and nametags with big block letters for them to color and have on their desks.

It’s 5 till when he looks up from where he’s crouched in the front corner of the room and his only coherent thought is ‘Oh shit he’s hot.’ Followed closely by 'Oh shit that’s Alexei Mashkov.’

Kent knew the story. Everyone in Seattle knew the goddamn story. Alexei had adopted his goddaughter after a terrible series of events that left him the only person with any legal say over her. Three years, a Stanley Cup and two All-Star nominations later there’s a giant schooners DMan holding a small one in his arms gravely listening to her prattle at him in a mix of English and Russian standing in the door of his hockey themed classroom.


Kent decided it was probably time to pretend he was a fully grown human that knew how to adult and hoisted himself up from his crouch, meandering over and sticking out his hand in greeting.

“Good morning! I’m Mister Parson! You must be Anna!” He greeted with a smile at the little one and then a smile for the very. Tall. Hockey man. “Kent Parson.”

Alexei smiled and shook his hand, “Alexei Mashkov. I think you know of me.” He said, nodding his head at the big “Schooners Read” banner Kent had on one wall. It had all the players on the roster from two years ago. Including Mashkov.

Kent was not blushing.

“Ah, yeah. I played in the dub as a kid. Gotta share the love of hockey, right?” He looked down at the tug on his hand and smiled at Anna.

“Let’s get you settled in!” He told her and with a final smile and wave to Alexei as his high school student assistant shooed the parents out the door and pulled it closed, Kent calls the attention to him and shoves all thoughts of Alexei Mashkov out of his mind.

Well.. Out of his mind until he can go over to Bitty and Jacks after school and lay on their couch and moan about unfairly pretty hockey men.

The year goes, it passes in a flash, and his casual friendship with Lyosha grows into something more like best friends and on the last day of school as Kent is hugging Anya and assuring her kindergarten will be wonderful and that she will see him all the time that Alexei reaches out and loops his arms around them both.

“School is over, Kenny. You not teach Anya anymore. You can date me now, yes?”

Kent is absolutely blushing at that.

But he nods and tries to control his smile and instead of making a fool of himself, he tucks one arm around Anya and the other around Lyosha and he smiles and nods his head.

The reward is a kiss on the cheek from not just Alexei (who is grinning like a crazed loon), but one on the other cheek from Anya who still has both little arms firmly tucked around his neck.

Life is good.

I love the way he looks at me. Shy and half-cocked as though he is caught off guard, like he is retracing his steps to remember all the ways to make me smile. He brings me flowers every Sunday and tells me stories about mermaids and sirens with their sharp claws and beguiling lips. He says I remind him of the sea and attaches me to a metaphor I’ve never heard before, when I thought I must have heard them all. I think someone broke his heart once and now he can’t bear to be apart from the ocean. He said it’s strange how the smallest things can wreck a ship. Like a rock, or a wave, or a hairline crack in the hull. He calls me his little Stowaway and he says it sadly, tenderly, as though I can sink him.
—  Stowaway by Lang Leav
GOT7 Reaction | When you’re afraid of the ocean

| Alrighty so I have a somewhat odd request (pls don’t judge meeeee), but could I please request a bts/got7 reaction to going with the whole group to the beach but then you admit to them that you have a strong fear of the ocean/deep water? (I couldn’t remember if you still did reactions for bts, but if not then don’t worry about it 💙) | I am shookt by BTS’s Not Today i am dead wow~Admin H

Mark: ???? low-key so confused?? he’s an LA boy so like? beach is normal. Once you explain i think he’d understand, even if he still thought it was a little silly but he’ll be gross n cheesy and protect u from the ocean.

JB/Jaebum: he’s gonna low key come off as insensitive, but then once he sees that you’re not kidding and you really are upset by the ocean he feels really really guilty and he apologizes to you even if you don’t realize he was being a butthead about it but he spoils you for the whole day and a little bit after

Jackson: u dont like the ocean? okay!ur never going near the ocean again! never! Jackson is gonna do his entire power 2 make sure that u are comfortable 24/7 and never have to go near the big bad scary ocean unless u want too!! if u guys go to the beach he won’t leave ur side for a second and constantly be asking u if ur okay

Jinyoung: mr gentleman is so so caring and understanding about this alright he’ll never push you any more then your boundaries but he wants you to get over this fear you have bc the ocean is wonderful in so many ways and he doesn’t want you to miss out on having a fun time bc you’re afraid

Youngjae: sunshine would never ask you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable!!! he might be disappointed if you’re afraid of a pool though, just because there’s nothing in a pool that could get you, except him! 

BamBam: Bammie is young, and he might tease you a little bit over it until he realizes that it is a legitimate fear you have and he feels awful about his teasing, and he’ll literally get on his knees and beg you to forgive him, even if ur not offended by it but after that he’ll do his everything to support you and help you overcome any fears you have about the ocean 

Yugyeom: honey pie is like Bammie in the fact that he’ll tease you, but he always knows the line and he won’t ever dare to cross it bc bigger fears like the ocean are hard to get over, but he’ll gently bring up maybe talking to someone about it or maybe even going for a couple’s swimming lessons or even just going and splashing in some tide pools as baby steps