is he flipping us off i cant tell

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Tell us about Hale please! Anything. I want to know more if possible!

sure thing! theres a bunch of things i cant rly say but they’ll all be covered in my friends comic Beyond the End!! give it a read its real good

hals a part of the story c:

hes basically just.. death’s son. somehow (i know how :3c) and hes helping his friends get back to heaven to flip god off and walks backwards into hell. he’s a mute and he talks via his chest tattoo which forms words for him and people have to look at his boob window shirt to know what tf hes saying. i mean he could have learned sign language but. hes too lazy for that honestly
as his beast form he doesnt have the chest tattoo so he projects the words between his horns for ppl to read

he technically lives in hell and is smth like satan’s right hand (and his cat also). hes living there and posing as a demon but hes not quite one. hal doesnt belong in hell just like he doesnt belong in heaven 

he loves water despite being a cat tho, and his dad is the coolest dad B) (who wouldnt want a mobster looking dad who is also death. probably no one actually)

id have to ask my friendo @duskdragonxiii if they let me reveal the Good Info on hal, but i feel like itd take away from the story to reveal them :’>

6. Stage Fright

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read a/n.  here is part 6 of my virgin Luke short story. i hope you guys like it. 


“lets go to bed” you heard Luke whisper as he rested his head on your shoulder. After that night you spent together almost 2 weeks ago,  you ended up spending most nights together. 

“right now? its not very late” you said to him. usually you guys stayed up pretty late so it was weird he wanted to go to bed at only 10. 

“yep. right now” he says with a very serious face. you got up and walked with him to his bedroom. 

“so why are we really in here right now? becuase i’m not very tired yet” you say as you flop your body down on the fluffy bed. 

“well i know something that might make you tired” he says suggestively. 

“so you are going to do something that bores me to the point of sleep?” you say mockingly. 

“oh shut up. you know what i meant” he says as he crawls on top of you and connects your lips. 

it was true. you did know what he meant. since that night a few weeks ago you guys had done it just a couple more times and after you both would fall asleep rather quickly. 

he kissed you as his hands roamed your body. he removed his own shirt before his hands make quick work at removing yours. he kissed down your body slowly till he reached your leggings and started pulling them off.  

you felt his fingers run up your leg before reaching your panties and pulling them down then smirking up at you. 

“what?” you asked him

“nothing. i just really like getting you naked” he said as he tossed the small piece of clothing to the ground. 

he crawled back up your body and kissed your lips again while his hand slid behind your back to unclip your bra. he removed it and then moved his face to your chest. 

his mouth went to one nipple and his hand to the other. you couldn’t help but moan at his actions. for not being very experienced Luke sure did know what to do to drive you crazy. 

after a little bit he moved from you chest down you body. you watched as he placed delicate kisses on your hips…and that was when you knew.  

you knew you wanted to have sex. right here, right now, and with Luke. you had been thinking about it for days but it never seemed like the right time..till now.
right as he was about to place a kiss on your sensitive bud you stopped him.

“wait” you said quietly

“is everything okay?” he asked worried he had done something wrong.  

“as much as i love what you are about to do…i have a better idea” you informed him. he moved so his body back on yours so he could be close to your face. 

“and what is this idea baby?” he asked you 

“well…i was wondering if…if maybe you wanted to have sex instead” you say not quiet looking at him in the eyes. 

“oh i want to… trust me i want to” he said as he kissed you hard.

the kissing continued as you felt his hand move towards your heat. his fingers started rubbing circles over your clit as you started to get wet. one finger slid inside you and started pumping in and out.

after a minuet you made him stop so you could flip him over and and get him out of his pants and boxers. you pulled his boxers off and were met with his half erect dick. even after seeing it a few times the size still always surprised you.  

you decide to skip using your hand and went straight to using your mouth. you took the head of his penis in your mouth and swirled your tongue around it as you sucked on just the tip. it didn’t take long till you could tell his was completely hard. 

“stop babe..i cant take anymore” he said as you pulled away from him. he sat up and pulled your face to his as he kissed you again. he turned your bodies over so he was on top and in control again. 

“do you have a…a condom?” you asked him suddenly feeling mad at yourself for not asking earlier. he nodded his head before moving to the side of his bed and reaching his hand into his bedside table. 

he pulled out a box and opened it getting one foil packet out before coming back over to you. he kneeled next to you and ripped the packet open and pulling out the rolled up latex. 

he started putting it on but you noticed his hands were shaking slightly. he kept trying to roll it down but his shaking fingers and the lubricated condom were not mixing. he got frustrated after a few tries and threw it behind him before reaching to get a new one. 

“are you okay Luke?” you asked as you sat up next to him. 

“i’m sorry… i’m just nervous” Luke admits as he starts to open the second condom wrapper. you put your hand over his to stop his actions. 

“why are you nervous? you seemed fine earlier” you told him since you were feeling confused. he dropped his head a little before answering. 

“i just am thinking too much… i think” he tells you. 

“well maybe if we talk about will make you feel better” you suggest. you were feeling nervous of course, but you were surprised that he was more nervous than you. 

“okay” he whispered as you both laid down on the bed. you felt his hand reach down and connect with yours. 

“so tell me…whats giving you stage fright” you asked and he laughed a little at your use of words. 

“a couple things i guess" 

“well tell me the first one” you told him. he was silent for a few moments before he told you. 

“i just don’t want to disappoint you..i don’t want to be responsible for messing up your first time and that makes me feel… pressure i guess”  he told you truthfully. 

you couldn’t help but let a small laugh escape your lips. he turned to face you with a hurt look on his face.

“no baby i’m not laughing at you” you reassured him as you reached your face to his to lay a small kiss on his pink pouting lips. 

“its just that..well don’t you think i’m worried about the same thing?” you asked him “i mean…i have literally no idea what i’m doing” you admitted with a small giggle.

“but it different for you" 

"how so?” you asked feeling more than confused 

“you just have to lay there and do literally nothing and i will think its amazing…i have to…like do stuff” he says with red cheeks. the sometimes shy boy was struggling with having a conversation like this. 

“but you are forgetting something Luke” you said as you rolled yourself so you were laying on top of him. “i have never done if you do something wrong..which you wont…i wont know the difference" 

he couldn’t help but smile at your words. you leaned down and connected your lips again. the kiss started to deepen but soon it started to feel different.. you realized Luke wasn’t really moving his lips anymore. you pulled back and looked down to see that Luke’s face had returned back to the nervous one it was before. 

"is there something else?” you asked him

“okay there is a chance there is another thing” he almost whispers to you.   

“tell me baby” you say as you sit up on his stomach. 

“i just love you so much..and i don’t want to hurt you” he said to you with sad eyes. 

“well… the reality is that what we are about to do will probably hurt… but i’m not going to blame you for that” you say truthfully. 

“can you at least promise me something?” he says as his hand reaches up to touch the side of your face. 

“of course baby..anything" 

"if it hurts too bad i need you to tell me…and then we will stop and try again a different time okay?”



A/N- so i had planned on part 6 being the part they finally do it..but then me being me wrote too much and had to push it till part 7. also there was only going to be 7 parts but now it looks like there will be 8. i hope you guys don’t care that there is so many parts leading up to them having sex haha. but anyways i hope you like this part!!!