is he even still sick

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heyyyyyy i just followed you and i love your art a lot, i was wondering if you could draw me apocalypsestuck davekat?

thanks yo

sorry this took so long. been kinda busy lately heh. but i really enjoyed this one i mean cmon. karkat looks like freakin papa vantas. how is that nOT aesthetic material?

and yes. even in the apocalypse dave still manages to carry an ipod around. i have every reason to believe he would still throw down sick beats constantly even when the rump tunnel waste has royally hit the fan

i accept tips on the donation button on the top of my tumblr page good fellow if youd be willing to just rain pennies down on me i wouldnt mind. i also wouldnt mind if you cant do that. its okay. i understand *pap pap*

i will always be taking requests. especially if youve got some more juicy ones like this one

Cuddle Buddies || Dax & Seb

Sebastian honestly couldn’t believe what Daxton had told him, the fact that his own mother had sent him to a Gay Camp in an attempt to possibly fix him was both disgusting and inhumane. It broke his heart and usually he never showed emotion in front of anyone other than his family, but this honestly broke him. Nobody deserved that from their own family, nobody deserved to be sent away to try get changed. 

He couldn’t even imagine what the other must have been going through, so he was going to do everything in his power to support his friend through it. Daxton was such a nice guy, he was the last person on earth that deserved this kind of turmoil, it was horrible. But Sebastian was going to hold his own emotions back and comfort his friend, he needed it right now more than ever. So if his friend’s own family weren’t going to show the support, he sure as hell was. Even if he was still suffering from his travel sickness.

So Sebastian set up his room so it was a nice environment, the sheets were freshly changed, he had food and drinks prepared and he even pulled out some comfy blankets and set up Netflix on his television. Most people probably wouldn’t expect him to put so much effort in, but after everything Daxton was probably going through, he sure as hell deserved the best. He wanted him to feel safe and cared for, so this was the best he could think of to make it seem as comforting as possible.

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what is your boyfriend like? :D sorry if i'm intruding i'm a curious bastard haha

Nah it’s fine.

He’s a dork. He seems all cool and intimidating but really he’s the dorkiest little sweetheart. He’s way too good to me and I love him a lot. He feels like home.

((Pssstt. If you wanna stalk him his url is callidius))

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"Well, let’s just find out together, shall we?"

“Well, let’s just find out together, shall we?”

Everything had changed in approximately six seconds, one more and he would have tasted death. One right turn of the wheel, he had been spared. If he concentrated hard enough he could still hear the harsh grating of metal meeting metal, in a collision that never should have taken place. And if he focused even harder he could still smell the sterile sickness that hospitals never failed to reek of. It had taken approximately six months, one hundred and eighty three days. And well frankly he didn’t even want to think about the hours he had spent in agonizing pain, stress and irritation. How long had he waited for this moment? How many nights did he wake with his fists curled as if he were clutching the wheel of his car? And how often did he hear the sharp intake of breath right after the crowd realized he had crashed.

Even now he heard it as he paced the underground and as his fingers scrubbed the frustration from his brow. The walls reverberated around him, his own body shaking along with it. Where was she? If there had been some silver lining it had been her. Day after day he watched as she shot up the ranks, moving her way up the racing ladder. Watched as she had taken her victory, celebrated with her hours later in his dimly lit hospital room. No one else had been worthy of the first place, only her. She was worthy of it all.

A soft knock interrupted his thoughts as the door opened and in she came. “Chris? Is everything okay?” 

Lifting his head, his lips twitched as he nodded. He had never been good at words, especially when it came to ones that mattered. So instead he stood and made his way over to her, his arms opening. In moments when he hadn’t felt like himself, all he had to do was hold her and for the strangest reason he felt whole once more.

“India.” He sighed her name, as she stepped into his embrace. He was lucky the boys couldn’t hear in on his thoughts, he was sure they would ridicule him. Fuck, he wanted to ridicule himself. For as long as he could remember the idea of soulmates was complete and utter bullshit. He wasn’t sure when he had turned so soft but maybe it was the moment when he realized that there was more to life than fucking around. Or maybe it was just the fact that it was India. So softly, he was sure she hadn’t heard him, he whispered. “I don’t know if I can do this.” His hands shook at the thought of getting back onto the track.

“Well, let’s just find out together, shall we?”

This boy who I have turned down on several occasions has tried to contact me on literally every form of social media over the past 3 years. He just found me on Facebook today. If he finds me on here I’m getting a restraining order lol

I am a hot mess today….

Ending the month of July in this wonderful surprise spirit filled experience… God is so amazing! He never fail to surprised me with such a wonder gift, using His people in such marvelous generosity & love that gives me this free ticket… even i am sick and exhausted but still, He renew my strength, He gives me time to rest and to linger in His presence…

Thank Big Daddy G… feeling so loved and super blessed!

31 July 2015
The Star Theatre, Star Performing Arts Centre, Bouna Vista
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Could’ve Been The Best

During most nights, I would end up looking at his pictures after seeing his tweets about his every-day rants on life, which I find weirdly amusing at times. Yes, these late-night thoughts of “what would actually happen had he chosen me” keeps coming back (or rather continues on to another chapter after I “closed” the previous ones). Guilty as charged, I have said I’ve already moved on from this fiasco ‘cos, duh, would he actually even choose me though?

Ever so often, these so-called “late night thoughts” of mine reveals how deeply I am still attached to that sick psycho even though he deliberately rejected me. What can I say, he had that cute nose (and glorious eyes. and unique accent.) that I can’t seem to get enough of. Now, on to what this post is really all about: What would actually happen had he chosen me?

Starting from that fateful day, I would be just smiling all throughout to the point that I can’t even get through the night – having thoughts of him liking me back would send my head to the clouds. Or we would be either chatting or texting the whole night ‘til we see the first beam of sunlight. With each exchange of texts, I know I would make him smile (or probably laugh) ‘cos I’m that corny (and self-proclaimed hilarious). I don’t know. We would just talk. And talk. And talk. Probably with some cheesy messages. And talk.

That coming Monday, we would meet at the lobby. It would be the first time to see each other since that night. We would just smile at each other and say, “Hey. You look nice.” And his friends would look at him with that look. And then me. And back at him. Some will be confused. Some will be happy. Some will be like, “Really?! OMG!” Guess what, I would just grab his hands, smile, and utter, “Shall we?” He will then comply.

It would take some time for his friends to settle in themselves this thing we have (if I’m even allowed to call it as such). But, that’s the beauty of it. It would be a challenge to get his friends to like me, where we would be actually getting along. Winning them would mean as much (or maybe a little) as winning his heart.

Dates? Oh, that’s easy! We have tons of options! First of all, coffee shops. Yes, it’s kind of a perfect setting to study (stop judging) and get to see eye-to-eye, if we’re going to even study (fine, you win). I just love talking about stuff or whatnot over a cup of coffee. Coffee shops are very relaxing place. I don’t even like studying in such a place (screw my first statement). Yet for him, I would go to where he wants to be, where he feels comfortable. Because for me, everywhere is comfortable as long as I am with him.

Second place would be just anywhere in school. We wouldn’t be so public with our affection (I guess he’ll bring this up) but rather just sit in one corner with our headphones on and maybe watch some movies or read notes, or we would be busy memorizing some terms and other shenanigans of our daily hell. We would have this inside jokes and every time he would hear his professor saying it, he’ll just burst out laughing. He’ll probably end up being kicked out of class. Then, I would pass by his classroom, see him laughing, and ask, “Got kicked out again?” And we’ll march down the corridor to get ice cream.

There maybe other places for his to go out to but it would be just for us. *wink* Maybe we’ll go his place. Or mine? Or probably in a mall? In the park? The rooftop? Somewhere quiet? At the bay? I don’t even know where to begin. But what I do know is that we’ll have a blast no matter where our feet ends up being.

It’s a start of a wonderful journey. Yet, I know it wouldn’t be one heck of a joyride to elsewhere. There would be bumps, crashes; fights and unsettled arguments. I might be even on the verge of giving up. But the very thought of why I even confessed my feelings that fateful night would be my strength to still hold on. I know he would do the same.

I kinda suck 7-20-15 12:35am

I’m sorry to my imaginary readers I haven’t been keeping u posted about my FAB-O fuck I forgot how to spell the rest oops guess I really shouldn’t be writing. But who’s gonna stop me *does evil laugh, then actually laughs cuz I’m kinda, most likely, definitely, crazy*carrying on well I have a dog and he’s adorable and everyone should be jealous even though he is sick still cute. Also I SAW 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER be jealous be very jealous “I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy etc” ( doing these things for song lyrics now “ just stepping it up you know gotta keep up by the way just gonna avoid the chance to bring the song that comes to mind just for u poor imaginary readers) oh and might I just add that poor Hey Violet was trying so hard to get people to get into their music but did they no me and my friend were like the only people dancing taken I was mostly dancing and doing it horribly but still they were all just sitting just doing nothing. So mean I danced my body all over my seat area luckily I didn’t hurt anyone or myself… It’s was pretty intense my awesomeness that is. I also learned that I am the more approachable one. I mean I can be out going it’s just being the youngest it kinda made me shy if that makes sense it like messed with me socially like my siblings would always pick on me so I never really felt comfortable to speak my mind I mean why bother and also right when everyone started to get friends and shit my parents split and that gives kids setbacks so basically in a different situation I would have been more out going but with the situation I was given I didn’t get that nurtured that part kinda flopped. Which unfortunately is kinda really important, but you know it’s ok I’m picking up for lost time also sorry for the gibberish up there. Crap I have to go to a funeral tomorrow I should probably be going to bed ill explain the details a different time who’s funeral it is. So until then be there or be square.

Sincerely, anon xxx

Even when I’m sick as fuck, he still tells me that I’m cute and that he loves me and that he wants nothing more than to be with me. I’m so thankful to have someone like him.. It stinks that he has to live so far away. But even if he does, it feels like he’s right here beside me. I never really thought long distance relationships worked but he’s proven me wrong. This is crazy to say but I really do think he’s the one. In so many years of meeting people, no one has made me feel the way he does.