is he even still sick

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To counter the negativity, we need to spread more Bellarke positivity :) So, what is your favorite Bellarke scene from each season?


But seriously, this is a ridiculously difficult question!!!!  I am going to try and pick ones that are a bit more underrated.  

Season 1 - The scene in 1.10, where Bellamy wakes up and looks for Clarke??  Oh my god that scene.  She’s the second thing he looks for and it’s clear that even though he’s still very sick himself, he’s worried about her.  And then she comes into screen and you can literally see the relief on his face.  Ok, she’s alive, it’s all good now.  Add in the “feeling better?” and “I do believe in second chances though.”  You can just stick a fork in me because I’m done.  Bellarke gloriousness.  

Season 2- I have to be cliche here.  It has to be, hands down the scene at the gate in the finale.  I cried.  I literally cried.  I don’t cry, not over t.v shows, (especially cw shows!!?? what!!??) The music, the acting, everything.  I think it was that scene that changed me from an invested fan into an involved fan.  The look on Bellamy’s face, the words they exchange, the call back to the epic, EPIC tree scene, the kiss on the cheek.  I just…… MY EMOTIONS!!!!

Season 3- My god there were so many Bellarke scenes.  I’ll say 3.02 when Bellamy tries to rescue Clarke and she rescues him right back.  Because above all else, that scene, that episode GAVE US HOPE.  It saw us through 3A, it gave us just enough to keep going.  It was a brilliantly done scene that had me internally screaming.  




watched bear flu and for real panda being a hypochondriac is so accurate like 100%

also @ice bear being miserable sick and actually just doing what chloe told him, good on you

also I’m just saying, they were still in stack formation coming through the door and I am just saying if anything from my headcanon was right it was that Ice Bear would still try to carry the stack even when he’s sick, he even tried again later in the episode. part of my headcanon was right yass

Grizz was great too it was funny seeing him trying to prove to chloe that he was healthy, poor chloe having to deal with Grizz’s antics especially

Good episode, had it’s laughs, and had a twist that I didn’t expect!

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pre pecabeth-- "Perseus Jackson why weren't you a breakfast today I had something important to tell you!" "I don't know, probably because ive thrown up 8 times in the past hour." "Oh... Sorry." And then maybe Annabeth being sweet but still the old banter they usually had. Props if percy wont let her in the bathroom and refuses to tell Chiron and Annabeth doing it anyways.

Percy had made sure to lock the door behind him when he started feeing sick last night. Even after everything that happened, he still felt incredibly nauseous. Still, it was a relief to not be alone anymore, even if Annabeth was trapped on the other side of the door.

He didn’t know how long she stood out there, berating him for not getting help (“Even you can get dehydrated, Seaweed Brain.”), and threatening to call Chiron if Percy didn’t Get out now, Percy finally relented and unlocked the door. Annabeth found him slumped against the doorframe, pale, sweaty, and trembling with fever and exhaustion. It ended up being a long day for both of them.

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