is he checking merlin out or is he checking merlin out

Imagine Shooting Eggsy by Accident...

A/N: Hey pals! So sorry I’ve been away for so long, I’m in the middle of exams and slowly dying :O they’re done on Thursday, so I should be back then! I got this request from @just-danishgirl and I had to write it! Hope you enjoy :P

ALSO: I’m considering expanding the range of characters I write about. Obviously still a lot of Eggsy, but maybe some others thrown in too. What would you guys think/want?

Warning: Swearing, injury.

You pulled back the string of your bow, eyes fixed on the target. Letting the arrow fly, you grinned as it hit the bullseye and knocked another arrow, piercing the centre again.

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Eggsy x Reader

Code Name:  Gawain

B don’t forget! - Eggsy - Galahad + Roxy - Lancelot (don’t mix up again)

“Eggsy you’re not working with Roxy on this one i’m afraid.” Merlin said through the headpiece as Eggsy headed up to the room that had been on the note he’d been sent.

“Oh yeah then who’d you set me up with?” Eggsy asked half joking as he readied himself for some grumpy older Kingsman.

“Gawain.” Was all Merlin said.

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And then there was Merlin

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Requested: Yup!

Pronouns: She/Her

GIF: turonegerton

Song: ‘Raging’ by Kygo

Warnings: Swearing.

Reading time: 18 Min.

Notes: None

Summary: You’ve been working nights in the tech department of Kingsman and have a run in with Eggsy that could make things a little messy.


“You invent some kinda way to write code with your eyeballs?”

A wisp of hot breath tickled her ear. Y/N whipped her head sideways to meet it. Her face collided with the brim of Eggsy’s hat. “Oww,” She exclaimed. Her eyes squinted shut as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“Sorry love.” Eggsy stood behind her chair, leaning over her shoulder, his face next to hers. “You’ve been staring at that screen for 10 minutes. I wasn’t sure you were even awake.”

“I wasn’t,” Y/N muttered. She turned back to the computer, slouched down in her chair and yawned.

It had been almost two months since she started working nights in the tech department of Kingsman. She had met all the agents her first day but only ever saw Trinity, the night watch, which usually meant she could get in a good nap during her shifts.

“Don’t see you around here much.” Eggsy stood up.

“Yea, Uni keeps me pretty busy during the day,” She spoke with her eyes closed, arms folded across her chest. “But Merlin needs my help here so I find the- SHIT!” She sat up fast, eyes gaping. “What time is it?” She frantically checked the desktop for her phone and retrieved it from under a pile of papers and a half eaten banana. It was dead.

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Dear Journal,

I woke up in the comfortable sheets of our bed. I was warm and I could smell Sirius’ sent still printed in his pillow. My muscles were killing me. I looked at my freshly healed arms, smilling at the fact that I wouldn’t have any new scars. I sat up and put on one of Sirius’ shirt over my bare chest. I approached it to my nose, smelling his perfume. I then heared Sirius and Teddy’s laugh. It came from outside. I painfully walked to the balcony that led to our backyard and leaned on the railing, trying to stay on my feet. There they were. The two loves of my life. Sirius was pushing him in his little swing. Teddy was laughing at Sirius’ funny faces. He had his two stuffed animals with him on the toddlers swing. Merlin they were beautiful. I stayed silent for a few minutes, watching them with a smile on my face until Sirius noticed me. When he saw me, his smile grew bigger and he winked at me. His little flirty moves still had the power to make me blush. He stopped the swing and pointed me so Teddy would notice that I was up.

“Dadda!” Teddy said, smilling.

Sirius picked him up and walked back into the house. I was so slow, that by the time I got to the bed, he was next to me with Teddy.

“Dadda hug!” Teddy said, as I took him in my arms.

“Hello my little Teddy bear.” I said.

“Hey babe.” He kissed my cheek. “You feeling okay?” He asked, brushing his hand through my messy curls.

“Not good but not bad.. My muscles are sore..” i tried to smiled through the pain.

“Would you like me to make you a warm bath? It’s been a long time since we had time to ourselves.. I could ask Regulus to check over Teddy?” He asked.

“Oh that would be lovely. I could really use a warm bath with you.” I smiled, kissing his lips softly.

“Okay, lay down, I’ll be back in a few.” He said, taking Teddy to the living room where Regulus and Sophie were cooking. He came back a few moments later with two hot chocolates and cinnamon rolls. I smiled.

“I know they are your favorites so I went to the bakery this morning.. Want to try a bath-breakfast-picnic?” He smiled.

“Of course I want to! How could I refuse a hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls and a warm bath with my naked boyfriend?” I laughed.

He helped me get to the bathtub and opened the tap, checking if the water was too warm. He made me choose a bath bomb for the occasion! I took the pink and blue one that Lily gave me for christmas. I dropped it in the water carefully and watched it color the water. It looked beautiful. Then, Sirius helped me undress. He slowly removed my shirt and left a kiss on my collar bone. I loved when he did that. Once the water touched my skin, a shiver ran through my body. I could feel my muscles relax slowly. It was Sirius’ turn to undress. I watched him carefully has he removed his shirt, watching every muscle of his broad back move. He tied his hair into a man bum and I giggled at how sexy he was. I remember how of a sex-symbol heart-breaker he was back in Hogwarts. He sat in the bathtub with me and i smiled.

“Why are you so smily?” He asked, smirking.

“I’m just happy to have you with me.” I blushed.

“Merlin you’re so fucking adorable when you get all blushy like that.” He said, taking my hand and playing with my fingers.

The whole room smelt like flowers. Sirius was now behind me, massaging my sore back. It felt so good. His hands gently traveled on my skin. His every move made me shiver. Sometimes I would let a small noise leave my lips. I turned around, blushing and thanked him. He gave me a soft and messy kiss and I wrapped my tired arms around his neck. Suddently we heared the door open and a laughing Teddy came in. When he saw us, he let out a small scream and hid his eyes with his small hands. Regulus was close behing him, mumbling about letting us alone. He took Teddy in his arms and, carefull not to look our way, got out of the room yelling a sorry. Sirius and I just started laughing. He took me in his arms and i layed on his chest, the warm water going up to my neck. One of his hand was holding me close while the other played with my hair.

“I love you Remus.” He said in my ear.

“I love you too.”

May 1st 1978

I suppose so

request from @ra-veela-claw x : Draco x reader where Draco takes care of her because she got stuck outside in the rain soaked to the bone…

sorry if its short, I can do part two if this not enough. I love draco requests guys so this made me super happy… keep sending me requests guys!!!!!

Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance

Since it was the autumn holidays at Hogwarts, and you didn’t have another home to go to at the moment, due to your auntie and uncle staying, you stayed in school. It was quiet- it was miserable; the corridors were freezing cold and outside school grounds where full of puddles. Most of your house had left, and the others all went out for the day in Hogsmeade, so you were stuck in your dorm by yourself. 

You leapt out of bed, your feet hit the icy wooden floor, and your whole body shivered. It was freezing. 

The fire place had ran out of wood in your dorm, and lucky you, the only place for the fire wood- that was dry- was in Hagrid’s. So as fast as you could, you found the closest matching items near you and dressed yourself, along with y/h scarf wrapped around your neck and y/h bobble hat snug on your head. Leaving your common room, you set off to Hagrid’s. 

‘Hey Hagrid, how are you?’ you quivered as you entered the Gamekeepers humble hut. 

‘Oh, Hey love, I’m fine. Whats up wi’ you? Why are you ‘ere?’ He handed you one of his hot chocolates, in a gigantic mug.

‘ Yeh, I’m fine thank you Hagrid,’ you took a sip of the steaming hot beverage he gave to you  ‘but by any chance do you have any spare fire wood lying around, my dorm ran out you see and its bloody freezing in there!’ 

‘Ah-ugh, one sec there, ill have a check.’ and off he popped into the other room, hitting his head across the wooden beams. 

‘- AH, found some ‘ere!’ a muffled yet loud shout came from the other room. 

You stood up, taking the wood from his hands, and thanked him for the trouble you had caused. Before you went to sit back down, you heard patters on the ceiling. 

‘Oh, Merlin!’ you jumped up to see that the grounds were almost instantaneously soaked by the few seconds of rain that fell. ‘Hagrid, I’m awfully sorry, but I really must go, I can’t get this wood wet or it won’t work, thankyou Hagrid I had a lovely tim-’ and you were already running back up the hill. 

Your clothes were stuck firmly to your body, showing your bright coloured bra that you totally forgot about, but it didn’t bother you since you kept the wood dry. You walked the rest, looking like a drenched mess, when you come across a blond boy running towards you. 

is that Draco Malfoy? It can’t be. Why would he be running to me?

And to your surprise, it was Draco. He came rushing towards where you were stood, but slowed his pace when the two of you made eye contact. 

‘Er- I saw you, from the tower,’ he pointed up so you could see, ‘and you were running so, er- I came to check if you are okay? Are you okay?’ The blond boy stuttered, covering his head with, what seemed to look like, a book. 

‘oh-erm, yes, i’m fine Draco, I was just getting some wood off Hagrid,’ you shivered as the rain got colder and heavier ‘the dorm had no wood for fire.’

‘ah er, y/n’ he looked down at your chest to notice your neon underwear bulging through your white shirt, ‘here, you can use this.’ his cheeks became a shade of pink, and he wore his signature smirk, before handing you his long black coat. 

‘oh, Merlin sakes! I’m so sorry.’ you stammered, flustering at his remark, and obligingly took his coat, instantly covering your soaking shirt. 

You looked down to hide your redness, but it was too late, he saw. 

‘You know, y/n, I never thought that you would have bright coloured underwear, since you love dark colours..?’ he broke the silence, nervously laughing at the sight he had seen. 

‘well, it was the only spare I had lying arou- wait how did you know I love dark colours?’ you looked back up at Draco.

His hair flopped and became messy from the rain, it almost made him look attractive. Secretly, you blame the rain, making you think delusional thoughts about him; you have never even spoken to him! But then again, his eyes- blue eyes - made contact with yours and your stomach fluttered. Are you seriously developing a crush on Draco fucking Malfoy?

‘Ah, ur,’ he hesitated, looking for an excuse, ‘you told me one time, I remember.’

‘Draco, I have never spoken to you. I think I would remember speaking to such a pretty Malfoy,” you blurted out, not realising what you actually just said. 

‘Am I pretty, y/l/n?’ he grinned at your comment, and you felt helplessly under his control. How did he make you do that?

‘ugh,’ this time you hesitated, ‘I suppose so.’ 

You are such an idiot.

‘hm, well your not to bad yourself, love.’ he stopped walking and shuck his head at his response. 

You sniggered louder than you thought, and crunched your belly.


No, if you weren’t an idiot before, now you were.

You slipped on the wet grass, falling right on your arse. Draco chuckled, but little did Draco know, you gripped on to his hand, causing the pale boy to fall with you. 

‘Ah, so I see your already falling for me, huh?’ Draco smiled, causing you to mirror his image. 

‘ugh’ you brushed back his blond locks behind his ear, ‘I suppose so.’

arghhhh, I was really loving this request so I started to right immediately, I hope this is okay for you lovely! 

You're Supposed To Hate Me, Not The Opposite

Kingsman: The Secret Service One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Eggsy Unwin + Merlin

Warnings: swearing, violence and injury

Request: “Maybe one shot about love/hate relationship with Eggsy and reader? Or frenemy? (Friend and enemy I guess)😣😣😣” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,772

A/N: hope this was alright, please be a bit more specific in your request next time!

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Satisfied - Gwaine

Fic #11 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: Satisfied
Warning: ANGST

“It’s beautiful,” you said, admiring the dress with your younger sister. She squealed a little and nodded. She laced her arm in yours and put her head on your shoulder.

“I’m so happy, Y/N,” she said. “Do you think Gwaine will like it?” You sighed, staring at the wedding dress.


“Do you think he has everything ready?” she asked.

“I’m sure. Leon and Merlin are keeping a close watch on him.” She sat down on her bed, and started chewing her lip nervously. You sighed and put your hand on her shoulder. “Do you want me to go check?”

“Yes!” she said, jumping up. “Would you?”

“Of course. Anything for my sister.”

“Thank you,” she said, squeezing your hand. 

Merlin smiled at your awkwardly as you walked towards the door he was now guarding. You stopped when he clearly wasn’t going to move. 

“Merlin,” you said softly. 

“Yes?” he asked, smiling at you widely. 

“Can I come in?” you asked.

“What for?”

“To check on my sister’s fiance.” He was still looking at you awkwardly. “Merlin, please.”

“Okay.” He moved to the side, and you swept past him, picking up your dress as you moved into the dimly lit room. The wedding was to take place at one today, so all the prep had to be done in the early morning light. 

When you walked in, the curtains around the bed were swaying slightly, due to the open window across the room. Leon was talking softly, but stopped when he saw you.

“Y/N,” he said.

“Y/N.” You noticed now that Gwaine was lying on the bed, but sat up when he saw you.

“Hi. Eliza wanted me to stop by,” you said, looking away from the dark haired man, and turning your attention to Leon. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, things are going perfectly, actually. But I do need to check with Arthur. Could you make sure that Gwaine is dressed properly?” he asked, although was already halfway to the door. You stuttered a response, but couldn’t do anything but stand there. The door closed, and you forced yourself to look back at Gwaine.

“So, I don’t think you really need my-”

“Y/N,” Gwaine said, cutting you off as he got out of bed. You looked at him as he walked closer to you. “Are we just going to pretend that things are normal?”

“Things are normal,” you said. “You are marrying my sister today, and you’ll live a normal life.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Y/N,” he said again.

“Please stop saying my name.”

“Please stop avoiding my eyes,” he said. You looked at him, really looked at him, and tried not to look away, even though that would have been easier. “We never talk about that night.” You shook your head and did look away. You went across the room to where the wardrobe was, and opened it up, looking for what he would wear at the wedding.

I remember that night, I just might regret that night for the rest of my days,” you said. 

“Regret it?” he asked, walking towards you. You pulled out his clothes, and moved back to his bed, laying them out. 

“You’re marrying my sister, Gwaine. Whatever happened that night-”

“Was amazing,” he said, finishing a sentence you couldn’t even start. You shook your head. “Do you remember what I said to you? The first time that I saw you in a year.”


You strike me, as a woman who has never been satisfied,” he said, repeating his words. You sighed, and looked at him painfully.

“Gwaine, please.” He stared you down, until you said what he wanted you to, what you said when you saw him that night. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. You forget yourself.”

You’re like me, I’m never satisfied.”

“Gwaine. This isn’t a conversation we can have. You’re marrying my sister in four hours. Please, just let me get you ready, and I can go.”

“And what? We’ll forget about this? About us?”

“There is no us,” you said coldly.

“Y/N,” he said, walking forward, taking you by the arms. “Please-”

“Please?! There’s nothing I can do. Or you for that matter.” You pulled away from his grip with everything you had in you. “Your clothes are laid out. I’ll see you at the ceremony.”

You walked towards the door, and were glad that Gwaine didn’t do anything to stop you. Merlin was standing at the door, and smiled at you sadly.

“You have to stop eavesdropping,” you said to him. He sighed, and struggled to say something. You kept walking, knowing that you had to get Eliza ready. Every step you took was harder to take, harder to walk away from Gwaine. 

Eliza was dressed when you walked in, and she was struggling to put her hair up. She squealed when she saw you, and raced towards you. She hugged you tightly.


“Well,” you said, not realizing what she was asking.

“How was he? How was Gwaine? Is he all ready?”

“He’s starting to.”

“How did he look?” she asked, sitting down in front of her mirror as you started brushing your hair. 

“Handsome,” you said breathlessly. She smiled happily. You tried to smile, too, but it didn’t reach your eyes. Eliza seemed to look at you curiously, but looked away when Guinevere walked in. 

“Hello,” she said. “How’s it going in here?”

“Great,” you said instantly. “Right, Eliza?”

“Yes,” she said, standing up to hug her. While she did, Gwen looked at you with a knowing look. You frowned down at your feet, not wanting to meet her eyes. 

“Well, I believe there is something Morgana wants to give you before the ceremony,” Gwen said. Eliza smiled and looked at you.

“Do you want me to go-”

“No, I’ll get it. Meet me at the door before?” she asked. You nodded and she gave your hand a squeeze as she walked out of the door. You sighed when it shut and Gwen turned to look at you. 

“Not right now, Gwen,” you said.

“When would you like to have this talk? After Gwaine marries your sister and you live your life in misery?”

“That was the plan,” you said cynically. 


I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich. My father has no sons, so I’m the one who has to social climb. I’m the oldest, wittiest, the gossip, and Camelot is insidious. And Gwaine,” you said, sighing. “Is penniless, but that doesn’t mean I want him any less.” Gwen looked at you sadly, and opened her mouth to say something. 

“Eliza has to marry Gwaine. It’s my job to grow status for our family, it’s hers to find happiness,” you said.

“You didn’t think that when you first saw him.” You shook your head, knowing she was right. 

He was so handsome. He knew it, too. I wanted to take him far away from this place with me. I might have, too, if I didn’t see Eliza’s face. She was helplessly in love with him, right then.” You turned to look at Gwen, fighting off the tears that were already falling. 

I know my sister like I know my own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. If I tell her that I love him she’d be silently resigned, he’d be mine. She would say she’s fine, but she’d be lying.”

Gwen came forward and hugged you tightly, and you cried on her shoulder for as long as she could. Eventually, though, you had to pull away. You promised Eliza that you’d meet her at the doorway to the ceremony. 

“I have to go.”

“Okay,” Gwen said, wiping a tear of her own away. “I’ll see you in there.”

Gwaine and Eliza sat at the head of the table, right next to Arthur. You sat on Eliza’s right, keeping your eyes on your food. Arthur had just made a speech, and it was clear that it was time you made one, too. You locked eyes with Gwen and then Merlin from across the room. They each gave you a reassuring nod as you stood.

To the groom!”

To the groom!” the crowd repeated.

To the bride!”

To the bride!” they mimicked again. 

From your sister, who is always by your side. To your union, and the hope that you provide. May you always be satisfied!” you said, raising your glass once more with the crowd. Everyone toasted to the happy couple, who kissed as you sat down. 

You finished the rest of your speech in your head, looking down at the bubbles in your glass to keep the tears from pooling out of your eyes. “But when I fantasize at night it’s Gwaine’s eyes, as I romanticize what might have been if I hadn’t sized him up so quickly. At least my dear Eliza’s his wife. At least I keep his eyes in my life. And I know, she’ll be happy as his bride. And I know, he will never be satisfied. I will never be satisfied.

Alys wanted thoroughly interrogated Eggsy, where Eggsy stood his ground and didn’t let anything slip.

I kind of imagine him and Harry having had an argument before he was abducted. Harry giving him a dressing down on all of the ways he was being a poor agent/had messed up a recent mission and the thought for Harry that that’s the last thing he said to Eggsy.

It’s eating him

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Merlin x Reader: You’re Safe

I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

When you came to, your head was spinning, and your arms were aching.  You looked around.

This was not your home.  You were in a dark, dingy cell, and your arms were chained above your head.  “Good morning,” You looked around as someone sauntered out from a dark corner.  Your eyes hardened, and you tried to act tougher than you felt.

“Morgana.” She grinned.

“You remember me? I’m touched.”

“What do you want with me?” She waved a finger as she circled you slowly.

“Oh, Y/N.  Dear, sweet, stupid Y/N.”  She stopped in front of you and tipped your chin up with her knuckle.  “You think this is about you?”  You shook your head and she retracted her hand.

“What are you planning?” She laughed and walked out of your cell.

“Patience, Y/N.  All will be revealed in time.” With that, she left.

Merlin ran a hand through his hair for the millionth time as he read the note over and over.

Hello Merlin,

I have some things we need to discuss.  Immediately.  And before you ignore this note and destroy it, know this:

I have Y/N.  And if you ever want to see her alive again, you’ll come to my fortress and tell me exactly what I need to know.


Merlin had raced to your room, praying that Morgana was bluffing.

But she wasn’t.

Your room was empty, and it was as though you were never there in the first place.  He turned and raced out of the room.  


You had no idea if it was day or night.  You didn’t even no how long you were there.

All you knew was that you had to get out of here.

You weren’t going to sit here and let your friends walk into a trap.  You studied your prison, and noticed that your chains were looped around a wooden beam.

A very rotten wooden beam. 

You wrapped your hands around your chains, and pulled.  The wood groaned, but didn’t give.  Gritting your teeth, you tried again.  It was closer, but not quite.

 You wrapped around even more chain, and jumped.  When you fell towards the ground, the wood did too.  You rolled out of the way as the wood came crashing down.  You grinned at your success and stood up.  You walked up the cell door and tried to think of a way to get out.  Before you could try anything, you heard the familiar clacking of Morgana’s shoes.  You ran back to the wooden beam and laid down behind it, holding your breath.   The footsteps stopped in front of the door and you heard a gasp.  The door creaked open and her footsteps got a little closer, before they turned and sped out of the room.  “She’s gone!  FIND HER!” Morgana shrieked.  Her voice faded, and you didn’t move.  When you were sure she was gone, you got up and slowly crept towards the door.  You checked both ends of the hall before choosing a direction.  The floor was covered in debris and potholes, and after almost breaking your nose on three separate occasions, you had to stay close to the wall.  You trailed your hand along the uneven stone wall, but stopped when the metal changed to wood.

 You felt around it, and eventually your fingers found a tattered rope handle.  

You slowly pulled it open, and cool air rushed out of the entrance, revealing a cold, damp puddle.  Deciding that there was no better option, you quickly entered and closed the door behind you.  You slowly worked your way forward, keeping your hand on the wall.  Things were going great, until the wall and floor disappeared.  You slid down the hill, screaming, until you ran into the wall at the bottom, face first.

Which promptly knocked you out.


“Stay close, and keep your eyes open,” Arthur said.  “We have no idea what we’re walking into.  We go in, find Y/N, and get out.  No distractions, no delays.

 Got it?”  His men nodded.  With Arthur leading the way, they descended into the tunnels that led to Morgana’s fortress.  They walked in silence, Merlin lagging a little farther behind.  He had no idea what he would do when he found you.  He had no idea if you were hurt, or even…

He couldn’t even think it.  

You were fine.  

You had to be.

You were his Y/N.  There was no one else like you, and he would be damned if he let anything happen to you.  

“Merlin!”  He looked up.  Arthur was glaring at him.  “Keep up!” Merlin didn’t answer, but sped up.  “I’ve never seen you go this long without a comment before.” Merlin didn’t answer, which worried Arthur.  “Hey.” He clapped a hand on his friend’s shoulder.  “We’re going to find her.  I pro—”

“Your Majesty!” Leon shouted and pointed up ahead.  They broke into a sprint, and stopped after a short distance.  They stopped at the base of a large hill, and their torches lit up the area.

And there, crumpled in the corner, was Y/N.

Merlin elbowed his way to the front of the group and knelt down next to you, pulling you into his arms and checking for a pulse.  He sighed in relief and bowed his head to your shoulder.  After a few seconds, he got up, with you still in his arms.  “I need to take her to the infirmary,” He said seriously.  The group turned and left quickly.

You woke a few hours later.  As your eyes focused, you realized you weren’t in the cavern anymore.  You were in a soft bed, and Merlin was gently dabbing the side of your head with a rag.  When he saw you were awake, he smiled.  “You’re going to be the death of me,” He laughed, but the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.  You felt tears prick your eyes.  “Hey hey hey,” He cupped your face in his hands and wiped your cheeks.  “Why are you crying?”

“I’m so sorry,” You said softly.

“What on earth are you apologizing for?”

“I put you in danger!”  You couldn’t look him the eye.  “I got myself captured, and—”

“This is not your fault, Y/N.” He helped you sit up and clasped your hands in his.

“But if she caught you…”

“She didn’t.  Y/N, everything is okay.” You still didn’t look at him.  “I got you back, you’re safe, and nothing’s going to happen to you.”

“But—”  He pulled you close and tucked your head under his chin.

“No buts.  You’re safe.  That’s all that matters.” You gave in and wrapped your arms around him.

And all was right.

Thanks to deanwssister for requesting this one!

draco’s boggart hc

inspired by this post!! it’d be super cool if u guys checked out this post first and like/reblog it and all that good stuff (pls go check it out its much better than mine) :)

(hmm its only a hc right now but I might turn it into a ficlet in the future when I can actually write. stay tuned)

*edit: this turned into a ficlet with batshit organization im so sorry

*edit 2!! here is part two!! (only in the sense that they’re both boggart hcs. they’re not related in any sense. well. i guess they could be. pls check it out and give me some love xx)

  • It’s 5th year and after curfew; Harry’s flicking through the Marauder’s Map to check for any teachers around while he makes his way back from the kitchens to the common room. He catches a glimpse of Draco Malfoy’s name on the 4th floor.
  • What the fuck is Malfoy doing on the fourth floor?
  • And Harry being Harry, he abandons his quest back to the Gryffindor Tower and tails after Malfoy.
  • By the time Harry gets to where he is, they’re both in an unused corridor. A really unused corridor (so unused that Harry’s only been here once in his 5 years at Hogwarts, and that was the first week of first year when he and Ron got lost on their way to Transfiguration). Dust is piled on any possible surface and cobwebs are in every crook of the walls.
  • Harry stays about a few meters behind Malfoy under his cloak and watches him go around trying to open the doors (Merlin knows why, but Harry intends to find out). He figures they’re all locked with particularly strong spells because none of the unlocking charms they’ve learned are working—until they reach the final door of the corridor (a storage closet, probably, but that still didn’t explain what Malfoy was doing here).
  • They both hear the click of the age-old lock opening and Malfoy mutters, Thank Merlin, to himself and stiffens immediately. He starts to slowly back up until he’s in the middle of the corridor.
  • Someone comes out of the doorway and Harry realizes that it’s Malfoy
  • Wait, two Malfoys? But that’s not Lucius. Is this Dark Magic? What the hell is Malfoy up to?
  • The second Malfoy (shirtless, Harry’s mind adds) doesn’t look like the one Harry’s been trailing. He’s a lot taller, for one thing, and a lot bonier (from what Harry knows from post-Quidditch showers, not that he was watching, anyways). His hair looks dead and flat and comes past his shoulders. His skin, from what he can tell from the dim lights, is paler than Malfoy’s (Harry didn’t realize this was possible); it looks gray and transparent. His eyes are sunken and dark circles droop beneath them. The Clone also bears the Dark Mark; Harry knows the real Malfoy doesn’t.
  • Clone Malfoy strides up to the real one and starts to tell him about how many mudbloods and blood traitors he’s killed and tortured, all the kids in his year that died at the hands of the Death Eaters. The Clone starts talking about Voldemort’s victory and how the times are changing; his reign is bringing upon a new world. Harry barely catches a whisper from the Clone about how Harry downright despised him until the Dark Lord killed him once and for all.
  • Malfoy chokes on air at one point and starts to breathe erratically, short, sharp, and heavy. He’s sobbing and his face is blotchy red and a mess of tears. He’s on his knees trying to breathe, his hands clawing at his throat. The Clone taunts on.
  • Harry finally snaps out his paralysis and realizes, Jesus fuck, Malfoy’s having a panic attack. It hits close to home; he’s been dealing with them for a while now, especially this year. 
  • Harry throws off his cloak and throws a silencing charm at the Clone, and then quickly realizes that it’s a boggart. He banishes it with a Riddikulus! and runs over to Draco.
  • Harry pries Malfoy’s hands from his throat, wipes the tears from his face, and holds his face, looking into his eyes. They’re terrified, and his pupils are dilated, hiding most of the gray.
  • “Shh, it’s ok Malfoy. ‘s just a boggart. We faced them third year, remember? Come on, breathe with me.” and Harry counts slowly and does breathing exercises with him.
  • Harry awkwardly (I mean, they were archenemy up a few minutes ago) holds Draco in his arms on the floor. He’s calmed down a lot, and is crying into the crook of his neck. Harry has one hand at the base of Draco’s neck, lightly petting and caressing. The other is rubbing up and down Draco’s back while he whispers soothing things.
  • “It’s ok. I’m here and alive. And I don’t hate you, Draco. I really don’t.” Surprisingly, Harry finds this true. Maybe it was the unintentional intimacy they just shared.
  • And when did Malfoy become Draco?
  • They sit there for a while. Neither say a word, and they don’t know how much time has passed. Draco’s no longer crying, but they’re still holding each other.
  • “Er, so what was your boggart?” Draco doesn’t say anything. Harry was probably dumb for asking to begin with. Who’d want to share their biggest fear with their nemesis?
  • “The littlest Death Eater. The Death Eater’s son. Voldemort’s inner circle.” Draco closes his eyes and takes a shaky breath. “It’s who I’m destined to be.”
  • Fuck.
  • And then Harry realizes that Draco isn’t so different as he is. They’re just players of the game, thrust into a situation they didn’t ask for. He doesn’t say anything.
  • Harry realizes that he has a half-melted piece of chocolate from the kitchens and hands it to Draco. He stares for a second and splits the piece in half and gives half of it to Harry, popping the other piece in his mouth.
  • A little confused, but Harry eats it anyway. Draco looks over and smirks. He reaches his thumb over to Harry’s mouth and wipes off a bit of melted chocolate and sucks it off.
  • Harry’s face flushes red.

extra! Harry was so insistent on following Malfoy around 6th year because of their secret relationship( 1) they were kissing and having sex in secret (obv) and 2) he was super worried for Draco because he was rly stressed about something but wouldnt tell Harry what)

vulcancherry  asked:

Hartwin, 34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

“So, when is this party going to start?” Eggsy mutters, pretending to casually look around the bar. Some girl in the corner winks at him, giggling, but he only gives her a polite nod of acknowledgement before turning back to the bartender.

“’Round two o’clock,” Whiskey says, leaning over with the pretense of polishing the counter. “Intel says they’re going to be striding in and talking to that man in the corner over there, the one in the red plaid with those two other guys.”

“Seems to me that fixing rodeos is a bigger deal than back in Britain,” Harry comments. He’s ordered a pint of Guinness and a tray of chips - oh, sorry, fries - for himself and Eggsy to share, claiming that drinking a Kentucky martini as tantamount to selling one’s soul directly to Satan.

“For one, we don’t have rodeos,” Eggsy points out.

“And that’s why Tequila keeps asking you to one,” Whiskey replies. “Thinks you two need some culture.”

“More than chicken-fried steak and deep-fried peaches?” Harry retorts, and Eggsy can’t help smiling, despite secretly admitting that those peaches had been pretty good. He’d eaten at least two, along with some funnel cakes that Roxy shared with him during their last mission at the county fair. Statesman loved to invite them over, even when the extra manpower wasn’t needed, and when Eggsy had a free moment, he always took them up on the offer.

Kingsman still needs rebuilding, but their American “cousins,” as Merlin calls them, are happy to help. Ginger herself came down to help Merlin set up the network, and Eggsy had to quietly excuse himself once they started making eyes at each other while talking about software and connectivity. But really, he’s happy for them, happy that Kingsman’s getting back on its feet, happy for Harry for doing the same.

“Oi, you two, you’re doing it again,” Whiskey says, looking at them with a raised eyebrow, and flushing, Eggsy turns away from Harry, trying to subdue his full-blown grin. “And we got our man walking in now.”

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Peculiar (Newt x Reader) pt.1

Originally posted by wandamaixmoff

A/N: A lot of y’all been messaging me and requesting a fic and who am I to NOT write one?! I love Newt. I love Harry Potter. Hope you’ll love this, guys. It’s quite long, so if you don’t want to actually feel like your in Hogwarts (i tried) and just interact with Newt you may skip to the end (this is a startup to a story, so don’t expect much. it’s cute tho. and you interact with him through the chapter so no worries). It also jumps a lot between perspective’s so be warned
WARNINGS: VERY LONG and this is only part one. 
PREMISE: An aloof, though kind, Gryffindor Quidditch player with an attention span that of a gold fish catches the eye of one extremely shy Hufflepuff that promises her to show all of Hogwarts’s magical creatures in an attempt to show off.

peculiar masterpost.


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“We should work on checking off the rest of your high school bucket list together. It can be our senior project.”
Merlin grins out at the lake. “What was the list again? Skip school, check. Detention, probably check. Homecoming game, impossible unless you have a time machine. Make out under the bleachers—”
“Can be arranged,” Arthur says quietly, and Merlin shifts over to say he’s the only out gay boy at the school as far as he knows, thanks, but he gets tripped up by the look on Arthur’s face, intent and a little nervous and nothing Merlin’s ever seen directed at him but something he recognizes. “That is, if you—oh, fuck it,” he says, and Merlin kisses him.
Arthur x Reader: Lions of Light

I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

“I don’t know what to do, Arthur,” You stressed to your husband.  “Thomas’ fever still hasn’t gone down.  Has Merlin gotten back to you yet?”

“No.” Arthur ran a head through his hair as you sat next to him on the bed.

“He’s sleeping now.  I’m about to go back to him.” You said apologetically, before kissing your husband’s head and returning to your son.

Arthur’s heart ached for his son, and he wished more than anything that he could take away his child’s pain.  He had summoned Merlin awhile ago, hoping he would know a spell or two that could make Thomas better.  If anything, he would’ve hoped seeing his Uncle Merlin would cheer him up.  A servant came in, telling him that Merlin still was unavailable.  Arthur growled in frustration and stood up.  If Merlin wasn’t going to come to him, he’d just have to go to Merlin.  He stalked out of his family’s chambers and towards Gaius’ infirmary.  He didn’t bother knocking and strode right in.

“Look, I’m sorry, but tell Arthur I just can’t see him right now.”

“It’s not to see me,” Merlin poked his head out of the back and came out.

“Oh, you actually came down yourself?”  Merlin asked.  “Is this an urgent problem?”

“Kind of.” Arthur replied.  “It’s Thomas.” Merlin perked up at the mention of his ‘nephew’.  “He’s been sick for a few days and now he has a fever.  He can’t get out of bed, and we can’t think of how to cheer him up.  So,” This is where it got awkward.  “I was wondering if you’d be willing to come up and visit him? He loves when you do magic.”

“…Well if I had known that was why you wanted to see me, I would’ve shown up with the first request!” Merlin told him.  “Lead the way.” Merlin followed him back to his chambers.  Arthur made a beeline for the backroom.  He knocked softly before walking in.  You were sitting on the edge of Thomas’ bed, gently dabbing at the sweat on your little boy’s face. You looked up and smiled tensely at Arthur and Merlin.  Arthur sat down next to you as Merlin sat on Thomas’ other side.  Your son’s eyes fluttered open, and he grinned weakly.

“Uncle Merlin!” He rasped.

“Hey, buddy.” Merlin smiled.  “Your papa told me you haven’t been feeling well.” Thomas shook his head.

“I’m getting better!” Thomas protested.  Merlin looked at you, and you shook your head, smiling at how energetic Thomas was now. You tapped Arthur’s shoulder and the two of you stood up.  

“We’ll let the two of you have some fun,” You kissed Thomas’ burning forehead and walked to the door.  “Don’t let him get up, Merlin.  He’s not ready for that.”

 Merlin nodded, and you and Arthur left.  The last thing you saw before you closed the door was Merlin waving his hands and conjuring up  a lion made of light as Thomas’ eyes widened in wonder and delight.

Merlin came out two hours later.  “Well?” You asked.

“He’s sleeping now.  I gave him two potions.  One broke the fever and the other cleared his throat.” You sighed in relief and grinned at your husband.  “It’s only temporary, but I’ll have another batch ready for tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Merlin.” You said as your husband nodded at him.

“It was my pleasure.  Let me know when he starts feeling better,” You agreed, and Merlin left.  

“I’m just going to check on him one more time,” You told Arthur.  “You can go to sleep.  I’ll be there in a minute.”

“If you’re checking him, so am I.” You smiled and crept to the door.  You held a finger to your lips and looked at Arthur.  He nodded, and you slowly opened the door.  Floating fairy lights of every colour were dimly glowing, bobbing gently in the air.

And your son was sleeping peacefully for the first time in a week.

Thanks to Cbo717 for requesting this one!

Hartwin Fic: Teamwork

“I’m looking to open an account,” Eggsy says. He tilts his nose slightly upward in the air. Newly rich in his bespoke Savile Row suit, able to put on airs and look down at people. 

“If you could just fill out this form,” the lady says with the kind of patience only people working in customer service can muster. 

“Not that kind of account,” Eggsy says. He doesn’t even glance at the form. “I’ve just won the sweeps, you see." 

"Ah,” says the lady. “Just a moment." 

The manager is gracious and flatters him. "I want to check things out,” Eggsy says. “Make sure your bank is secure." 

The manager smiles and nods, apparently taking no offense at the implication that his bank is anything less than fully secure. 

He’s offered coffee, tea, something to eat. His tour starts with the staff working the windows and moves on from there. Eggsy looks at it all, asks stupid questions phrased in large words that he presumably learned from watching too many movies, and nods knowingly at the answers. 

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Hot for Teacher

[Part One] [Part Two]

“What can I help you with?” Eggsy asks, taking his place behind his desk, putting a shield between himself and the devastatingly attractive man on the other side.

“Can I sit?”

Eggsy nods and motions for Harry to sit down, the older man smiling as he lowers himself down and crosses his legs. Eggsy can’t help the instinctive swallow when Harry adjusts his suit sleeves, a flash of wrist sending his mind into chaos. Jesus Christ, what was this, the Victorian era? Why was he getting turned on by a flash of someone’s wrists?

“Mr. Unwin?”

Eggsy’s head snaps back to attention as Harry looks at him with concern.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, sorry Professor Hart,” Eggsy says hurriedly, “and call me Eggsy, will you? Mr. Unwin was my father.”

“As you wish, Eggsy,” Harry says with a smile, “in that case, call me Harry.”

“Harry,” Eggsy whispers to himself before addressing the other man, “well, Harry, how can I help you?”

“I was hoping you could give me a heads up about what my students are saying about me. Not specifically what they’re talking about, confidentiality of course, but just their general impression about me.” Harry looks at Eggsy with earnest eyes and Eggsy almost caves in and tells him everything. He doesn’t think that ‘all your students want to fuck or be fucked by you and it is tearing this university apart’ would go over well though.

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Eggsy Unwin Imagine - “Not Your Moneypenny” (Part 3)

Title: Not Your Moneypenny (Part 1) (Part 2)

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Summary: On Eggsy, Roxy, and (Y/N)’s first mission together; Eggsy feels uncomfortable, Roxy gets closer to Rose, (Y/N) has to take drastic measures, and things just really don’t go as planned. 

A/N: Sorry the very very long wait for part 3! I’m pretty sure part 4 will be the last, so request away :) 


“Don’t be so awkward.” Roxy muttered under her breath, gliding effortlessly across the overly waxed floor, waving to fancy looking teenagers she didn’t know. Surprisingly, they waved back.

“Well, I’m sorry,” Eggsy rolled his eyes. “Not everyone is used situations like these as much as you are, Miss Princess.”

“Could you stop being such a pretentious dick for a second and get rid off the stick up your arse?” Roxy stopped in her tracks. A few of the guests around them turned their heads, judging looks on their face.

“Sorry.” Eggsy bit his lip. He knew that he was probably being really annoying, but could she really blame him? What with you, who seemed like you hated him, and Roxy, who seemed to be totally at home when he’s never been more uncomfortable in his entire life, it would expected of Eggsy to feel awkwardly out of place.

“Look,” Roxy sighed, taking a glass of champagne from one of the waiters that passed by. “It’s just a mission, alright? Go in, do our jobs quickly, go out, and we will never have to see these people again.”

“Yes, until of course you have another mission that involves them,” they heard your voice interject through their earpieces. “Lancelot, Galahad, I expect a little bit more focus.”

Almost instantly, Roxy blushed in embarrassment as she straightened up her posture.  

“I second that.” Merlin said irritably. “How are you doing, Morgana?”

“Doing good, Merlin.” you informed as you walked away as casual as possible, making sure that no security cameras caught you trying to flee from the party. “I found the way to the security room. Although, I’m not quite sure how I’m gonna…” your voice trailed off as you eyed a waiter carrying red wine on a platter. “Nevermind. I’ve got an idea.”

Roxy and Eggsy exchanged a questioning look.

“Alright,” Merlin sounded like he was the only one who understood what was going on. “Please do be careful, Morgana. As for you, Lancelot and Galahad, break off and do a round check as casual as you can.”

“Got it.” the two of them replied at the same time.

You nodded in approval as you heard Eggsy casually strike up a conversation with what sounded like a teenage boy. You made a face, not expecting him to do so. Roxy on the other hand, returned to Rose Gallagher’s side, striking up what sounded like an escalating conversation. You hid your smile as you approached a waiter.

“I’ll have one, please.” you pointed at the glass of red wine. The waiter politely handed it to you before walking away.

“Knights, what you’re about to hear from me will only stay in this mission, understood?” you murmured, lifting up the glass to your lips.

“Mhmm,” Roxy hummed as Rose spoke, indicating that she understood, while Eggsy coughed a ‘yeah’.

You sighed before chugging down half of the wine and ‘clumsily’ disappearing into an empty hallway, running further and further away from the party, and closer to the security room.

“So, Oxford or Cambridge, Mate?” you heard the boy ask Eggsy through the microphone attached to his suit.

“Oxford, definitely.” Eggsy lied easily. “You?”

“I think your dress looks dashing on you!” you could hear Rose’s flirtatious voice through the other end.

“Oh, umm, thank you.” you could hear Roxy blush through her voice. “I really like your dress, too.”

“You must share your secrets.” Rose giggled. “Who designed it?”

Their conversations became background noises as you put on your Kingsman glasses, looking around to see all the different art paintings on the walls of the narrow hallway.

“Merlin, can you see through my glasses on your feed?” you whispered as your glasses quickly scanned the hallway.

“Yes, good job, Morgana. I’m in. Go down the hallway and turn left, on your right is the door to the security room.” you could already see Merlin’s game face in your head. “As for you, Lancelot and Galahad, they just closed the entrance door. I suspect that if Norman is planning to strike tonight, his people would be in by now.”

You could hear the both of them hum subtly in reply.

“Oh, so you’ve graduated already?” you heard the boy that Eggsy was talking to. “Which year?”

“Last year, Galahad. You’re young, remember?” you whispered as you stopped in front of the door, taking off your heels and slinging them on your wrist.

“2014.” Eggsy quickly took your advice.

“Good job,’ you complimented before inhaling deeply, lightly ruffling your hair with your fingers and smudging your light pink lipstick to create the illusion of messiness. “Knights, I’m going in.”

You zoomed out on the rest of Eggsy and Roxy’s conversation as you barged into the room, giggling. Instantly, a bunch of security guards sitting in front of security monitors turned their heads to you, eyebrows raised at your disheveled state.

“Oh!” you slurred, your half full glass of wine shaking in your unsteady hands. “Babe, look, we’ve seemed to have stumbled into-“ you paused to turn around. You turned back with a frown on your face, your brows deeply furrowed. “Did you see the man with me leave?”

You could hear Eggsy and Roxy try not to splutter in the middle of their sentences upon hearing your drunk cover.

“Uh, Ma’am, ya’ ain’t supposed to be here.” a man with a bushy mustache raised his hands warily as he came closer, indicating that he meant no harm. “Ya’ should leave.”

“No!” you hiccuped, slapping his hands away. The younger guard’s eyes widened as he not-so-subtly checked you out.

“The young one needs to keep his eyes to himself.” you could hear Merlin growl through his earpiece. You disregarded the comment as you kept your drunken front.

“I need to find the man I was making out with-“ your eyes widened as your empty hand flew to your mouth, your cheeks darkening. “I mean, the man that o-owns these glasses.”

Another middle aged looking security guard sighed as he stood up. “Ma’am, I really don’t think that it’s a good idea-“

“Please? I don’t even know his name,” your voice broke, your eyes watering. You honestly believe that you could win an oscar for this performance. Why be a spy when you could be a crying actress?

“Uh,” the man with the mustache turned to his colleagues.

“Let’s just help her out, Mate. She looks like she’s about to cry.” the young one bit his lip warily, moving in his chair in a distracted manner. Your eyes widened giddily like a child as you turned to the two older men. They shared a look and you were worried that they might say no.

“Mister,” you slurred at the younger one. “If you help me, I’ll give you a reward.” you bit your lip suggestively, wiggling the wine glass in your hands cheekily. Through your earpiece, you could hear Eggsy’s voice break abruptly and Roxy cough upon hearing your provocative words.

The younger security guard’s face perked up as the tips of his ears turned red. “Do me a solid?” he plead at the older ones.

“Fine.” they sighed at the same time.

“Thank you.” you smiled happily, moving your bare feet closer to the monitors. You had to hide your smile; you hit the jackpot. From the monitors, you were able to see every single little corner in the museum. You kept an eye on Roxy and Eggsy on separate monitors while pretending to look for ‘the man you made out with’.

“Do you see him?” the younger one wheeled his chair closer to you.

“Umm,” you hummed, pretending to trip on your own feet, clumsily plopping onto the young security guard’s lap. The security guard wheeze as his eyes widened. “Oh!” you giggled.

“Morgana, be careful.” Merlin grunted protectively. You didn’t flinch.

“How about ‘em?” one of the older security guards pointed at a random guy, wanting you out as soon as possible.

“Hmm,” you hummed, pretending to think about it as you eyed a girl who was suspiciously inching closer and closer to the sculpture. “He doesn’t look very familiar.”

The other old security guard groaned.

“Look! She’s coming awfully close to the sculpture.” you giggled drunkenly, half speaking to the security guards, half speaking to Eggsy and Roxy so that they would keep an eye on them. Roxy, who was quite near the sculpture casually turned so that she could see it behind Rose.

“She’s probably drunk as hell,” the middle-aged one sighed. “Like you.”

“Oh! He looks f-familiar!” you pointed at a random guy, sensing that they were losing their patience.

“Him?” the younger one’s voice faltered with jealousy. You resisted the urge to roll your eyes.

“Hmm, I think sooo—“ you drifted off in a light-hearted tone.

“W-what the fuck, Mate?!” you could hear Eggsy through your earpiece. You tried not to look panicked as your eyes dodged quickly from screen to screen, looking for him. From the corner of your eye, you could see Roxy looking around nervously.

“Galahad, don’t fight back. We don’t know who we’re up against.” Merlin’s alert voice rang through your ears. “Morgana, can you see him through any of the screens at all?”

“What the hell? Where did he go?” you growled, biting your lip nervously. You didn’t have to turn around to see that the boy you were sitting on widened his eyes at the change of your tone.

“The fag can’t even fight,” you heard Eggsy’s attacker chuckle darkly. From what you could hear, it was the boy that Eggsy was talking to.  

“Excuse me, Rose. You have been lovely, but I have to look for my brother,” you could hear Roxy sputter quickly before leaving Rose confused and alone.

Almost a second after Roxy disappeared from the screens, you heard her let out a muffled shriek.

“We have your brother, too.” the person who attacked Roxy sounded like a girl. It took you only a second to realize that the weird girl near the statue was gone. You put two and two together. “Do you and your little amateur friends think you’re smart? The Morgans don’t even exist.” the girl spat. You didn’t hear Roxy say anything but you could hear her struggling against the attacker.

“Good Lord,” you could hear Merlin groan from the other end. “Galahad, Lancelot, I need you to stay calm. Morgana, looks like you’re going to have to do double the work tonight.”

“Alright.” you huffed. It wasn’t like it was a hard thing to do, you just really didn’t want to ruin your pretty dress.

“Morgana, the screen on the left.” Melrin’s voice changed into his game voice; stoic, controlled, and focused. Your eyes locked on the screen, seeing a few teens coming closer and closer to the sculpture. “Looks like you’re going to have to move fast.”

“Boys,” you turned to the security guards, standing up from the young one’s lap. “Looks like you’ve failed, no reward then. Woopsies, better luck net time.” you coyly giggled before dashing out of the security room, your drunken state no longer slowing you down.

“Merlin, can you please put Eggsy on my feed?” you asked. Almost instantly, you could see what Eggsy was seeing on your glasses.

“Yep, and I’ve managed to lock in to their security system. Here’s that left screen.” next to Eggsy’s vision, you could see the security footage of that screen appeared on your feed. You halted to a stop before turning the corner that lead to the party.

“So,” you smirked. “Shall I save Lancelot and Galahad, or shall I kick some arse first?”

Close Call

Fandom: BBC Merlin

Word count: 1997

Characters: Reader, Arthur, Merlin, the Knights of Camelot (no ships)

Warnings: sexist attitudes towards reader, fighting, slight injury

Summary: Uther doesn’t want you to go with the Knights chasing bandits. Arthur disagrees.

They didn’t want you to come with them.

You shouldn’t have expected anything else from the Knights of Camelot- their honourable, chivalrous behaviour was famed throughout the land. Still, in your mind, there was a difference between honour and downright stupid refusal to accept change in any form. And letting a woman accompany the knights on a mission to stop a group of bandits would involve a lot of change. Apparently, the fact that you could beat any of them in a fight, with ease, wasn’t relevant to the matter.

“Y/N, I have no wish to continue this discussion with you,” Arthur sighed when he saw you lingering in the great hall after the Knights’ meeting.

“I don’t see why not,” you rolled your eyes. “Arthur, you know full well that I can be helpful on a mission like this. One of these days your pride is going to get you hurt.”

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