is he british

So uh, Penn has like 18 brothers, and this is Rec, her younger bro! He’s the Sin of selfishness, but he acts as a waiter/butler to the rest of the demons for some reason. He spends all his time in the kitchen and is very reclusive. He’s the most sophisticated of the demons tbh, he’s British, smokes and loves to cook. (secretly loves to decorate cakes lol) :’3
He’s Hetero n single. But he HAS been seen to crush on a guy before >o>

but alec and magnus greeting each other with ‘mister lightwood’ and ‘mister bane’ every time they see each other in increasingly more obnoxious english accents


Captain Flint observing from the quarterdeck


The Doctor + The Master - last and first looks.

Irish John grew up in gaeltacht district and curses @ u in gaeilge constantly but talks dirty to Sherlock in gaeilge because he’s the only english person John likes lol. Carries taytos instead of guns. Made it all the way to The Great Game, and after the pool scene immediately took Sherlock home and Gave Him The Business because, “JAYSUS WHY DID YE NA SAY ANYTHING, WE COULD HA BEEN UP TO IT THE WHOLE TIME YE MADMAN!”

Takes forever to say bye to on the phone, “byebye bye bye aye bye bye bye luv bye oh wait bye bye bye”