is he actually going to paris

Ok miraculers hear me out

Anastasia AU

Spunky amnesiac orphan Mari trying to figure out her past, who is actually Marinette, the lost princess of Russia.

Clever conman Adrien Agreste (and maybe he could go by “Chat Noir” to pull of his cons idk)

And his partner in crime, Plagg (human Plagg most likely but cat Plagg would also work well with:

The adorable, helpful pupper Tikki that Mari finds along the way. 

And of course:

A power hungry villain with strange, incomprehensible powers.

I mean I love this so much. Let Tom and Sabine be royalty???? Master Fu could be the grandfather they’re trying to find in Paris????? The other classmates could be the kids from the orphanage at the very beginning????

Idk what you guys think but I’m really in love with this

My thoughts on Paris

Since I let you know about my thoughts on the video: Paris is indeed shipper gold!! 

And indeed much more valuable than a video of someone who might be Sam, staying close to someone who might be his good friend Marina. The video says nothing really, the pictures of Paris say: BUSTED!!!

Remember Paris? Let me remind you:

Sam posting a birthday tweet that contained a bag-emoji for no reason  = did the bag mean a trip to Paris?

Sam being a happy, excited puppy all day = was he going on a short trip with his love and looking forward to it?

Sam tweeting the morning of the fashion show = he did have some free time on his hands, because his girl was at the show?

Sam and Cait both absent from twitter for hours. So absent indeed to miss they were nominated for Scottish BAFTA and both coming online at the same time then, three hours after the actual incident, to express their joy and gratitude = they met after the show and went to some dinner or Party or wherever TOGETHER??

Besides the new pictures, there was yet another picture where people thought they saw Sam in the background = chances are indeed high that SAM WAS IN PARIS WITH CAIT.

My Boyfriend’s Keeper

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

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A few days before Thanksgiving, Lila invited Marinette to dinner, followed by an upscale lounge for some drinks. It was just the two of them, no Felix to be found. Lila claimed he wasn’t feeling well.

“It’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about,” Lila said. She wore an auburn dress and brown boots; her resemblance to a fox was stronger than ever. She swirled a brightly colored drink around in her glass and kept her eyes trained on the table. “Felix also plans to visit Paris over the break,” she said.

Marinette’s heartbeat quickened. She hadn’t heard anything about that. “Is he going for business?”

“No. He went a few months ago but didn’t have time to see the sights.” Lila’s smile had no warmth behind it. “He wants to really enjoy the city I fell in love with as a teenager.” She drained the rest of her drink. “But I’m worried about him. He hasn’t been in the best of health lately. I begged him to wait for me to go with him and he stubbornly insisted he’d be fine on his own.”

Adrien. Marinette stared at her own untouched drink. What are you thinking?

Lila’s gaze burned into Marinette’s. “May I ask a favor of you?”

“Yeah.” Marinette swallowed past the dryness in her throat. “Of course.”

“Will you keep an eye on him for me?”

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Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (b. 8th February 1974) - Bon anniversaire!

[Happy forty-two years of not actually being an aristocrat, Guy!]

My Actual Wife

(A little ficlet based off this)

Adrien was giddy.  It had been three weeks, two days and three hours since he’d last seen Marinette.  Yes, he’d been counting. It wasn’t one to deny that.  However he’d been stuck in Paris dealing with the business side of Agreste Design Inc. while she was currently in New York.  Marinette hated New York, but she loved fashion.  That’s why she was there right now, and Adrien was on his way to go see her finally.  There was nothing that couldn’t be done long distance at this point.  In fact had he been smarter, had he realized just how long Marinette was going to be gone, he could have gone out sooner.  He wasn’t, and neither of them had realized the length of her stay until it was too late for him to adjust his calendar without consequences.

Life wasn’t all just meetings and buying Camembert though. Adrien had his friends and there wasn’t a lunch or a dinner that wasn’t filled with friends.  Real friends.  Adrien restricted business dinners to few and far between.  They might have been a necessity in the fashion world, but that didn’t mean it had to rule their lives.  Adrien Agreste had grown a lot from the young boy with only one friend going to school for the first time as a teenager.

It had been three weeks, two days and three hours since he’d last seen Marinette, and while he missed her tremendously the time did not go by slow.  There were people in his life that made the days worth while and he enjoyed every single one of those interactions.  Well, almost, after all life was not perfect.

In any regards, Adrien was at the airport.  He was going to be getting on the company jet to New York in just a few moments, but first he had to deal with his entourage.  Adrien knew celebrities and he knew what their posse could be like.  Adrien hadn’t thought he had one, but this was the first time, since their honeymoon, that both he and Marinette would be gone from Paris.  Their friends were not taking it well.

Alya had her camera up, video recording as though this was a major event.  He was flanked by Nino to his left, and Chloé to his right, having to promise them he would take care, that the flight would be smooth he was sure, yes he would call when he landed in New York, yes Marinette knew when he’d be landing.  Behind Alya were the others, Nathaniel, Rose, Juleka, Ivan, Mylène. Behind all of them was Nathalie and his body guard with the luggage.  What was his life?

Adrien paused, soon the rest would not be able to follow.  There was murmuring of if he really had to go and concern about his well being and suggestions of what to do if he stayed. He shifted slightly, the weight of his shoulder bag reminding him that he was going on a trip.  

“Guys, guys!  I love you all.  You know I do.” This seemed to have caused a pause in the conversation as Nathalie and the gorilla passed him.  “But I need to see my ACTUAL wife.  Marinette.  Remember.”

There was more talk, about how she should just come home.  How they were depriving them by being both gone.  Adrien’s heart swelled.  He didn’t know what his life was, but he loved it.  There were many hugs and cheek kissing that followed but eventually he got away, the group of them all waving to him.  He didn’t care what other people in the airport thought.  These people all loved him, loved both of them, and he loved the whole lot of them back

Hair Tips From Paris Hilton

Request by anon: Ooo drabbles are open? *in my best dean impression* Awesome! Anywhoosal, could you write a Drabble with Sam about asking how his hair is so flawless? Just a light hearted kinda thing 😬 thanks!

Word Count: 719

Version en Español: Consejos De Peluquería Por Paris Hilton

“Y/N!” Sam called through the bathroom door, knocking a few times. “We gotta get going. Dean’s waiting for us and we all know what he’s like when he has to pretend to be sophisticated.”

“Some of us actually have to spend time to get our hair to behave,” you retorted, opening the door so Sam could see the hot curlers you had yet to take out. Without checking his reaction, you turned back to the mirror and resumed the job of extracting the curlers. “You’ve sold your soul so many times that I’m sure one of those times was to get flawless hair all the time.”

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Okay, but guys…

Class Miraculous AU where all seven Miraculous users end up in the same class.

Ladybug – Marinette
Chat Noir – Adrien
Volpina – Alya
Queen Bee – Chloe
Turtle – Nino
Peacock – Nathanaël
Papillon – Juleka

Alya and Chloe are the next to get their Miraculous. Alya freaks out because ‘how is she going to maintain the Ladyblog while saving Paris beside them?!’

Next is Nino. Considering that Fu is giving up his lifelong companion, he actually sits Nino down and gives him the lowdown (as well as very firmly telling him to take care of his Kwami, much to Weyzz’s exasperation).

Together, these four manage to fight Hawkmoth. They reclaim the butterfly and peacock Miraculous and give them back to Fu (who is still looking after the box while he teaches Nino the ropes about being the Guardian).

Not long after, Nathanael and Juleka find a small box with their new Miraculous…

Alya is the only one who knows who everyone is. The magic of her suit allows her to see through the cloaking magic of the others. So she knows everyone is in her class, and tries to make excuses for them when she can. She tells Mari who she is because ‘OMG! We’re superhero best friends!!!’ And she tries to matchmake Marinette and Adrien… which is not easy when working with two identities.

Juleka using her powers to sense people who are upset and give them powers to make them feel better about themselves and show them how amazing they really are.

When an Akuma attacks, seven voices suddenly shout out that they need to go to the bathroom. It’s a struggle to find somewhere to transform because they all go for the nearest space. Miss Bustier becomes increasingly bewildered as half of her class are constantly late or missing.

Just… the shenanigans that would ensue if all seven Miraculous holders were in the same class!

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Ok because I crave more Mercutio and Paris interactions: Q. One missed call. Feel free to involve the rest of the Escalus family if you want :DD

Q. One missed call.

Paris hissed an exasperated sigh when Mercutio’s phone clicked over to voicemail: Oh shit, looks like you missed me! Go ahead and leave a message if you’re still living in the Dark Ages. Otherwise, just send me a text.

“Mercutio, seriously. I’ve texted you five times already and you haven’t answered. Call me back.” He hung up and stuffed his phone into his pocket. Did he honestly believe his cousin would return his call? Not really. He loved the kid, but Mercutio was the most contrary little monster he’d ever met. The only people whose calls and texts he answered without fail were Valentine and those two Montague hooligans. Not even their uncle could boast that, which was why the sudden radio silence was unnerving: Valentine had been the first to try and contact him, only to receive no reply.

His phone rang a couple of minutes later, and he snatched it up with lightning speed, only to see Valentine’s name on the screen. He answered.

“Have you gotten ahold of him yet?” Poor kid sounded worried out of his mind - not that Paris blamed him. Although he himself was an only child, it would take a real idiot not to recognize how close his cousins were to one another. They were pretty much attached at the hip growing up, and even now that they were teenagers - the age when most siblings wanted nothing to do with one another - not much of their relationship had changed.

“Not yet, Val. I’ll keep trying, though. His phone probably died - you know he always forgets to charge it.”

“Y-yeah. Probably. Thanks, Paris. I know you’re busy.”

“It’s no problem, kiddo. We’re family. Let me know if he turns up, alright?” Valentine agreed, and they hung up. Paris felt guilty for lying: Mercutio’s phone had rang a couple times before voicemail picked up; if it had been dead, it would have clicked over automatically.

They found Mercutio some hours later. His phone was in his hand, the touchscreen smeared with the blood from his fingers, the LED still blinking.

EDIT: There’s now a continuation of this fic right over here.

Hakyeon As Your Boyfriend

A/N: This wasn’t even requested but Vixx is my ult group so you can’t stop me

  • You probably meet him while he’s at work
  • And he’s like ‘woah’ and instantly starts talking to you
  • And you’re like 'I’m just the staff, why is he conversating with me right now’
  • Before you know it, you’re dating
  • He brings you a lot of places
  • “I have four days off next week, should we go to Paris?”
  • Stupid, posey photos in front of the Eiffel tower
  • When you come home you sleep for an entire day, tangled in each other
  • “Did you eat?”
  • “Did YOU eat?”
  • Whining
  • He also takes you backstage a lot
  • You and Hyuk doing dumb dances and lots of aegyo together
  • Being jumped by Taekwoon for doing so
  • Then Hakyeon threatening Taekwoon for attacking his girl
  • But you just laugh because Taekwoon is your buddy
  • Hakyeon actually gets jealous a lot but man he’s good at hiding it
  • But you understand it when you come home because he’s extra touchy and sweet
  • Looking at each other before falling asleep, while you brush his cheek and he pulls you closer
  • Petty arguments about who’s cleaning up after dinner
  • You always end up sharing the tasks
  • But it turns out fun because you put on music and Hakyeon is dancing around like a complete fool, making you laugh so hard
  • Temple kisses when he walks passed you
  • Cheek kisses when you cook
  • Sometimes at night he’ll put on jazz music and ask you to dance with him
  • You better do it or he’ll whine more
  • If you fall asleep on the couch, he’ll be on top humming into your neck if you wake him
  • He has probably already decided that he wants to marry you someday but wants to be sure of the right time to ask you
  • Hakyeon in bed all depends on his mood
  • If he’s stressed he’ll go real hard but if he’s calm he’ll just be very loving
  • Just so many kisses really
  • Random presents but good presents like a nice, knitted sweater or a simple necklace
  • Because he wants to spoil his baby girl
  • Skinship, like warm hugs and even pecks in public
  • Even more skinship at home of course
  • He really likes having his hands on you
  • Roadtrips to famous places in Korea
  • For some reason Jaehwan and Hyuk are tagging along
  • Loud singing and aegyo from the backseat
  • You becoming all mom-like and telling them that you’ll turn around if they’re not quiet
  • Hakyeon would get really sentimental at night and want to hold you close so he could tell you how much he loves you
  • Cups your face (squishes is actually) if you tell him something good that happened
  • Receiving so many eye smiles
  • Hakyeon really loves you and wish to protect you with his life, also making sure you are always happy

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Ugh, fine. (x)

The flight to Paris is miserable - for Enzo, not her, because in his 100-plus-year existence he has never been in a commercial airplane.

When they finally land, his hand crushing hers, Bonnie laughs. For him, not at him, of course. “I can’t believe you’ve never flown before.”

He doesn’t let go of her hand all the way out of the airport, through customs and into a car. “We were in the middle of the second world war when I was locked up.” Enzo pulls her closer in the backseat of the cab, after Bonnie hands over the directions to their hotel.

Bonnie kisses his chest with a sad smile. “I always forget. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, love. I forget too when I’m with you.”

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What plot hole in Beauty and the Beast (2017) are you talking about?

Ok so *spoilers* for anyone who hasn’t seen BATB 2k17 obviously

But remember the enchanted book? It’s magic is pretty ambiguous, so we don’t super know the rules, but here’s my interpretation of this situation. The beast mentions something about picturing the place you’ve always wanted to go in your mind’s eye, and then the book will take you there.

So…my question is, if this was meant as a way for the beast to look out at the world to see that he was no longer apart of it, then is he only transported through his mind’s eye? If he can actually, physically travel anywhere, then what’s the point? If they actually go and do the touristy things in Paris like the beast originally mentions, then doesn’t that mean other people can see them? Isn’t that what he’s avoiding?

So using this logic, I’ve determined that they can only mentally travel to different places through the book, so they can see it in their heads, but their bodies are still in the library. This being said, how is Belle able to take the rose rattle back with her? I understand the symbolism, (which is a bit too on the nose for my taste, but I can let that go), but still, that should go against the rules of the magic book.

I’m all for adding stuff to remakes, its what makes them unique, but when introducing plot devices, especially magical items that are only ever mentioned once and never brought up again, I’d prefer for the rules to be laid out and followed. It shows that the writers put some real, critical, careful thought into bringing this animated classic to life.

Hate Sex Masterlist

Don’t Make Me Your Enemy - cuddlephan

Summary: Phil had only joined the school football team because of the yearly school trip to Paris. He was actually pretty shit at football and he hated it, hated most sports but he thought that getting to go to another country and go to Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower (minus the matches they’d have to play) was a much better way to spend his school holidays than cooped up indoors on his laptop or Xbox like he usually was.

Going Down (ao3) - brenduckurie

Summary: Dan likes Muse and Phil misses a meeting. They fuck in an elevator.

Lustful Hate (ao3) - skyressshun

Summary: Dan and Phil hate each other, at least that’s what they tell themselves.

Push Leads to Shove - jiliancares

Summary:  Dan and Phil are known arch enemies. It’s a bit of a surprise that they end up fucking then, isn’t it?

Spoilt (ao3) - insert_aesthetic_url

Summary: 2012!Phan angry hate sex. Dan’s being a spoilt brat and Phil’s had enough of it. He decides to punish him.

The Duplicative Meaning of ‘Fuck You’ (ao3) - wordsongs

Summary: 2012 Phan + Hate Sex.

The Next Best Thing - interrupted-by-fireworks

Summary:  Everyone in the world has matching numbers to find their soulmate.

Where Have the Times Gone? (ao3) - somanydestiel

Summary: 2012!Phan hate sex.

Ghost of my Past || Closed

Ladybug grunted as she stumbled down the dark streets of Paris that night. Her eyes were partially open and one arm cradled her bruised ribs. She had no idea where she was going but she knew she needed to get away from that basement before he found out.

Everyone thought Ladybug had died ten years before. But she had just been teleported to a basement of a house in an abandoned part of Paris by the akuma. Hawkmoth had been there and captured her, taking her earrings and chaining her to the wall. That’s when the process started. He wanted to know everything. How she got the miraculous, who Chat Noir actually was, how to use the powers. Marinette had held together for the first year, but time had worn her down. Every night she had a dream about her friends and her family which quickly turned into the nightmare of her life. It was an understatement to say the girl was scarred mentally.

But today she had escaped. She couldn’t quite remember how it happened but she escaped and was now in the bright lights of Paris. She let out a soft cry of relief. She was free. She was finally free. In her left hand was Tikki. Luckily the kwami had disappeared after the earrings had been out for long enough. But Marinette had taken back the earrings before she left and now she had one of her friends back.

The powers of Ladybug had managed to get her to the city but Tikki was almost as weak as Marinette was. The transformation had dropped and now Tikki rested in Marinette’s pocket. The girl stumbled down the empty road trying to find her way home but she was in so much pain and her mind was fuzzy so much that she couldn’t focus.


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I'm a bit sceptical to Kit actually being in LA, they've been having night shoots all week and Kit was seen in Yorkshire on Thursday afternoon.. The man who posted the picture with Kit is now in Paris, so maybe they saw each other in London and the tweeter who said he saw Kit in Echo Park, LA was mistaken? But it is possible for Kit to have gone to the US, but it seems like a long trip for such a short stay. If he really did go there, I hope it was for an audition for a new project!

Hes done it before! Fly in for one night or day and right bck … so its definatley possible! Im more excited for gunpowder tbh:) cant wait for that

Joe Sugg imagine || Eiffel Tower. ||

Anonymous said:

Could you do an imagine where there’s a YouTuber trip to Paris with zalfie and Caspar etc. And Joe proposes to y/n on top of the Eiffel Tower and everybody else knows he is going to do it and then they all celebrate?? Love your imagines!!!

- - -

“We are … The biggest lot of tourists right now.” You muttered standing in a line up for the elevator to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, most of you had, had intentions of walking up the tower until you realised how lazy most of you actually were… And tired. Even health kicked Marcus had shaken his head at the stairs and stood behind Joe and yourself holding hands with Niomi.

“Cute tourists, though.” Tanya glanced back at you with a bright smile, Jim’s arm was around her waist lovingly.

“Very cute.” You agreed with Tanya who always looked so bubbly and happy.

“Yeah, but I’m married to the cutest one – no offence, guys.” Alfie said grinned from the front of the line waiting for the elevator to come back down from the top, he lent in and gave Zoe a quick kiss who blushed a soft pink and giggled.

“Oh you wish, Deyes.” Caspar rolled his eyes scoffing at him, while smiling. “Everyone knows Josh and I are THE cutest.” He put his arm around Josh’s shoulders pulling him into him as Josh struggled to free himself, jokingly of course – they weren’t together.

Everyone laughed, except Joe who just kind of smiled a little bit, which made you curious. Joe hadn’t been acting entirely like himself since you all arrived in France yesterday morning.

“Are you okay?” You asked him, like you had asked him this morning and yesterday evening and afternoon, feeling like was wrong he wasn’t telling you about.

Which concerned you since Joe told you everything, you had been together for a very long time and the best of friends before that since you were children.

“Fine – just kinda tired.” He answered you, before biting the edge of his bottom lip and glancing back to his phone, “jet lag, maybe.” He wasn’t looking at you, knowing you knew that was a horrible reason.

Your eyebrows knitted together, France was only an hour ahead of England. “Okay…” You said lowly, just accepting the answer.

Getting into the elevator, “here we go, guys!” Jim said holding his vlogging camera at himself with a big smile. “Eiffel Tower!” He exclaimed and everyone seemed to cheer in excitement. “Aren’t you excited, (Y/N)?” Jim turned his camera on you and Tanya giggled a little before trying to stop herself.

“I am … SO excited!” You said bubbly trying not to let the way Joe was acting wreck your short Youtubers trip to France. “Paris est tres beau!”(Paris is very beautiful) You said, being fluent in French you were ecstatic when a France trip came up.

“Hear that guys? She’s SOOO excited.” Jim turned the camera back to himself with a smirk and he winked at the camera, “why did you just wink?” You asked uncomfortably feeling as if you were missing something significant.

“I didn’t! … I mean, something in my eye.” Jim said smoothly casually looking away from you. “Right…” You said eyeing him suspiciously before the doors opened letting you off of it.

You walked around trying to avoid getting in peoples photo, while in awe of how beautiful the view was. “Oh my gosh!” You said standing close to the railing look out onto Paris.

It was beautiful, “wow.” You whispered, “Selfie!” Zoe came up to you grinning brightly, you put your arms around each other and she snapped a picture of you two both smiling.

“Babe, will you take a picture of me?” Joe asked carefully with a smile, “of course.” You said as he held out his phone to you, he stood by the edge fixing his leather jacket and his hair.

“Joe, you look fine.” You laughed a little bit at him, opening the camera on his iPhone, you held it up.

“Shit, shoes undone.” Joe said disappearing from the phone’s camera frame quickly. “Joe, you can’t see your shoes in the picture!” You laughed, taking the phone away from your face to look down at him.

You almost dropped his phone as your eyes widened.

Joe was on one knee, holding a red velvet looking ring box opened at you, the diamond inside of it glittered from the Sun above you.

“…” You tried to say something but no words came from your mouth as you kept staring at him and he looked the most nervous you had ever seen Joe in his life.

“(Y/N)…” He trailed off, clearing his throat; “I usually don’t have trouble with words… As you know, I talk – a lot.” He said which made you let out a small breathless laugh and a half nod. “But finding the right words to say right now … It’s been a struggle. Not because there isn’t a ton of things I wanna say… I just want this to be memorable. - I mean right now it’s starting off like every other speech, I think.” He stammered.

“I love you, I think you know that. But I plan on spending the rest of my life letting you know that I do, from bringing you a morning coffee to kissing you good night before we fall asleep and everything in between.” He smiled as you were melting into a large puddle.

“I can’t say that life has gotten better since you walked into it – because you’ve always been in my life since I can remember. You’ve been my best friend my entire life and my life has been amazing, I think that’s because you’ve always been there.” He winked at you.

“I was going to write a list of things I loved about you – but I couldn’t find a roll of paper long enough. Then I was going to make a video listing everything I loved about you – but there wasn’t a memory card big enough. I just want you to know… If you say yes, to the next question I’m going to ask you – I promise, no one will work harder then I will to remind you how much I love you and cherish you.” He smiled carefully.

“(Y/N), will you do me the biggest honour of my life and marry me?” He asked now, watching you – his eyes scanning through yours.

Everyone was silent around you, eyes on you waiting for your answer to Joe who was waiting nervously.

You brought your hands up wiping some tears from your eyes, nodding quickly. “Yes! Yes!” You said quickly and relief washed over Joe as he stood up quickly and cheers surrounded you both.

Joe walked up to you, smiling he took your left hand into his and carefully slide the ring onto your ring finger, looking up at you he had tears in his own eyes of happiness.

You both breathlessly laughed at each other, before he put his arms around you, pulling you close against him, your hands held his face as you kissed him deeply.

Joe picked you up off the ground carefully as you were both still kissing and he spun you both around lightly in happiness, before setting you down again.

“Hey – hey, don’t cry.” Joe whispered seeing more tears streaming down your face and you sniffed. “Sorry.” You whispered, before you both kissed again, pulling away you glanced up seeing a stream of confetti floating down around you both and you glanced behind your shoulder seeing your group of friends with handfuls of it throwing it upon you, they were all holding a single red or pink rose,

Zoe stepped up first grinning. “Joe loves your eyes.” She said softly, kissing your cheek as she handed you the rose, “welcome to family.” She added walking by you as Alfie came up to you, “Joe loves your smile.” He handed you another rose, winking at you, walking on to join Zoe. “Joe loves your laugh.” Tanya said, hugging you close before she handed you a rose, grinning.

Each of your friends had come up to you, smiling and telling you something Joe loved about you and handing you a rose until you had eight roses, four pink and four red.

You were in a state of awe and shock, turning around seeing all your friends standing by Joe, who was smiling brightly, holding four more roses, two red and two pink.

He held them out to you, “a girl needs a complete dozen.” He smiled at you. “Oh my god.” You whispered, taking them carefully. “You guys knew!” You clued in at your friends who were all smiling and recording, “of course we did!” Caspar laughed.

You had all come to the Champagne bar on the top of the tower to celebrate, “thank you guys, so much – this as been amazing.” You couldn’t find the words to show how thankful you were, you were sitting of course beside Joe, holding hands below the table.

“You’re welcome, sweetie – we love you. We were honoured when Joe asked us to be a part of this.” Tanya smiled as the others nodded.

“Thank you.” You said again feeling like you couldn’t say it enough, you turned your head looking at Joe, you smiled and puckered your lips slightly as he lent in kissing you quickly. “Love you.” He said softly. “Love you, too.” You smiled.  

honey moon w/brad

A/N: this was a requested smut by anon asking for smut in a weird place (; 

you and brad where on your way to your honeymoon in paris through plane and you couldn’t be more excited. brad had a private flight organized and you were more than suprised to say the least. “ BRAD. you did not need to do this!” you said in an excited tone. “only the best for my beautiful wife” he said sweetly kissing you. “this is crazy, i cant believe were actually married” you said breathless. “i know, howd i get so lucky” he said now looking into your eyes holding both of your hands in his. “i should be asking you that” you said smiling slightly laughing. “were going to paris, holy shit” you said when it really hit you. “yes babygirl, yes we are. now come on, lets get on the plane.” he said pulling you onto the plane finding your first class styled seats, the two of you fitting in one big comfy seat. with a closing curtain for privacy and whatnot. you sat next to brad and cuddled next to brad before the flight started and stayed there in content.

soon the flight started and brad and yourself started to watch a movie together, after maybe two movies you fell asleep in brads arms making him smile down at you and tucking your hair behind your ear. you were asleep for about a half hour before brad began to hear muffled moans leave your lips, causing him to wonder a bit. he tried to not let his mind wander to sexual thoughts because the two of you were in fact on an airplane and its not the most sane thing to do right now. he heard his name escape your lips a few times, and he was trying really hard to control himself from getting turned on in that moment. as time went on you got more and more into your dream and began lightly pressing your hips to his thigh. “oh fuck, i cant do this” brad mumbled running his hands up and down your side. he began to kiss your jaw leading down to the base of your neck until your eyes fluttered open humming in appreciation. he smirked down at you kissing your shoulder driving you crazy making you run your hands up and down his back. “was my princess having a naughty dream?” he said in your ear turning you on more than you were already turned on. “mmhh,” you said playing with his hair. “would you like to tell me about this dream, hm?” he said as slow as possible. “well, you were there, and you eat me out right on the plane and then you taught me how to ride you and you made my body feel amazing” you said getting lost in thought. “you know baby, i can make that dream an actual memory” he said before kissing you deeply on the lips. “mmmh, please brad” you whined.

he started of just simply making out with you on top of him, some grinding involved but more kissing and touching than grinding. he slid his hands underneath your shirt pulling it over the top of your head exposing you in your bra to him. he ran his fingers over your stomach and your bra straps pulling your bra off, automatically attaching his lips to your chest teasing you to no end. “shit, brad don’t tease me” you said pulling his hair. “shh, princess be patient.” he chuckled leading his hands down to your sweatpants pulling them down and feeling you through your underwear. “baby you’re so wet” he said in your ear while playing with your clit. he pulled your underwear fully off and you stopped for a second. “now something isnt right here bradley” you teased running your hands underneath his shirt pulling it off of his body causing him to laugh a little at your comment. he unbuckled his jeans and pulled them off semi relieving his bulge. “there we go” you giggled pulling him in to kiss you. “okay babygirl i want you to sit on my face” you looked at him weird for a second. “really” you asked already straddling his stomach. “yes baby please, itd be so hot” he said with his hands having a firm grsp on your ass. you moved your hips right over his face before he attatched his lips to you where you needed him most. the more he got into it the more his name left your mouth as you began to rock your hips a bit. “shit brad im cumming” you moaned. “yes baby, cum all over my face” he said into your core making you crash into such an intense orgasm you didnt know what was happening. “holy shit” you said breathless. “that was fucking hot” brad said whiping his face.

“now are you gonna be a good girl and ride me princess?” he said sitting up and taking his underwear off and grabbed a condom. “mhhm maybe” you teased taking the condom from his hands. you pumped his cock a few times before sliding on the condom hearing him groan from the simple pleasures of your hand. you stood up and began to straddle his waist teasing yourself with his tip. “please baby dont tease me, i need you so bad” he moaned in your ear. you slid your self on him making yourself moan a little, from the new introduced angle. “yes, just like that babygirl” he said encouraging you to keep going. you ground your hips into him multiple times earning groans from both you and brad. “fuuckkk, baby im so fucking close” he said in your ear. you rode out both of your orgasms and was in pure bliss. you sat down next to him and took a breath trying to catch your breath. “that was, just. wow, holy fuck” you said with no words. “was it what you dreamt it to be babe” he said cuddling you. “way fucking better” you said still dumbfounded. “by the way that so doesnt count as honey moon sex my darling” he said sweetly kissing your cheek. you had a blanket over the two of you as you were interrupted by the stewardess.

“hi- oh i didnt mean to- just the plane is landing now and i thought id let the two of you know” he said quickly before leaving. you and brad looked at each other in silence before bursting out laughing leaning into him. “that was so embarrassing” you laughed, “eh he’ll get over it” brad laughed starting to put clothes back on.

KCON PARIS : Jikook fanaccount

Okay, since i got asked on twitter and on my main tumblr to do it here, i’m going to do a fanaccount of two tiny jikook moments i noticed from what i saw on stage.

During the ending, Jungkook picked up a bunch of confettis from the ground and threw them at fans but it also landed on Jimin and he had the cutest reaction ever (well he’s always cute ;;). Tbh i lowkey think Jungkook did it on purpose, but you can’t actually see it properly on fancams since they focused on Jimin… Anyway i’m going to link the only two videos i found!

Here at 0:30 :

And here at 2:32 :

Also, i felt like Jungkook was following Jimin almost everywhere during the ending, he stayed kinda closed to him. For exemple, just before they bowed to us, Jungkook decided to go behind Jimin although J-hope was already here, he casually moved JH away lmao (with Jin’s help?). I think you can see it here at 0:10 :

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anonymous asked:

I adore the thread you have with Phoebus' mun and I read your tags so I'm curious if you could tell us about how Esmeralda fits into Adams' past?

// I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. 

Well, first I’ll just tell you that before I had the Belle that I do now (who also RP’ed Esme at the time.. so *itwasn’tcheating* lol) Adam actually had a little AU romance with Esmeralda. 

In one thread, she was actually the one to break the spell. As other threads appeared, Adam and Esme really started to fall in love with one another. As he tried to rise up and take the throne of France, Esmeralda informs Adam of the occurrences going on in Paris with Judge Claude Frollo. Adam feels compelled, and responsible to not only save the gypsies (and Esme), but to overthrow the Judge and take back Paris (which would be rightfully his.) 

Since upon having Belle now, Esme and Adam have had to take a step back from their fiery, passionate relationship - but if they’re ever put together… their love is still there. It’s one of those “I want you but can’t have you” type situations. He gets *very* jealous of other men watching her lol 

Basically, Adam wants to save his people - including Esmeralda - and he loves her.

New Growth

pairing: genderbent!ladynoir | words: 1.5k | rating: k+

note: Inspired partially by this fic (please go read it !!!) and an ask I received.

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