is he a private

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Look at the replies under his tweet about the interview with Louis and Steve! Everyone is asking him to be respectful, to only talk about music and to not ask private questions.

if he’s smart he’ll listen

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RFA+Saeran's idea of a perfect date?

~I’ll try and stick with canon a bit but elaborate? Hope you enjoy!! ^^


  • He would love to sit at a café with you and talk
  • And go for a walk through a park or something afterwards
  • Holding hands
  • He looooves holding hands
  • He really values quality time with you
  • So he wants to talk a lot, know everything about you and make sure you both have some things in common
  • If you were interested in playing LOLOL he would die of happiness
  • Take you back to his place and teach you how to play
  • His hands on yours on the controls…
  • And from there…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) maybe some kissing or something ya know…

◉ Jumin

  • He wants to whisk you away
  • Maybe a private villa somewhere far away, or an island!
  • He gets so distracted if he stays close to home
  • What with work and everything
  • He wants you all to himself for a while so he can completely focus on you
  • Would have the best wine brought in
  • Chefs to cook the perfect meal
  • He might bring around some live music like a small orchestra to play while you ate dinner
  • He would probably dance with you
  • And then you’d finish the night in the bedroom with dessert

◉ Zen

  • He would love to meet you at the theater for a show!
  • He’d have a big ol’ bouquet of flowers for you
  •  It would be important for him to share something that’s special in his life, like theater
  • Plus if he gets flustered, he doesn’t really have to talk much since you’re watching the show
  • He’d creep his hand over to yours and hold it
  • After the show you two would walk down the street together
  • Maybe grab a bite from a food cart you pass
  • Ultimately though, he’s been waiting for the evening part of the date
  • It would be perfect if it ended with some frickle-frack
  • He’s been waiting for that all night!!

◉ Jaehee

  • A Zen show, of course!
  • It’s her favorite thing, and a huge passion for her
  • So to experience it with the person she likes would just be amazing!
  • She would love to receive flowers
  • And go to a nice dinner after the show
  • Her and her date could discuss the performances and what they liked about it
  • And then she would invite them back to her place for a few glasses of wine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

◉ Saeyoung

  • He would take you on a nice long drive along the beach
  • Windows rolled down
  • And after that
  • He wants to make you dinner!
  • Or order take-out
  • Whatever, just come back to his place!
  • He wants to be alone with you
  • You guys could feed each other a little bit
  • Especially dessert
  • And then cuddle together while watching a funny movie
  • And you guys would get closer…and closer..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

◉ Saeran

  • He’d pick you up at your place, bringing a single rose for you
  • He would love to go on a walk!
  • He likes to be outside
  • He would love if you hooked your arm into his and laid your head on his shoulder from time to time
  • Maybe walking to a candy store and picking out a few things to bring back to his place
  • He’d pop in a scary movie for you both to watch
  • And you would snuggle into him while you both snacked
  • Maybe make some popcorn too
  • Just really relaxed and casual and comfy
  • Eventually he’d find a way to kiss you
  • And from there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Right so regarding your Niall vs Louis PR post: such a dramatic difference could be accounted for if the clients dictated what kinds of promo they wanted to participate in. Niall obvs chose to focus on his music; Louis rly committed to his fake baby and the "family" angle. You expect people to buy into your idea that Louis is just along for the ride?? Really? REALLY? Do you practice being this gullible?

Anon i literally had to turn on my laptop just to answer you with this gif:

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How about jealous chocobros headcanons?

Okay, I’m assuming you mean jealous concerning their s/o.

・゚°✧ I G N I S ・゚°✧

  • omg, okay. I’ve seen a lot of people headcanon Ignis as low key jealous, like politely steering you away, no biggy.
  • But here’s the thing about ignis, and probs Galddy too, they have a time consuming job so if they have an s/o, they’re committed.
  • So when someone flirts with you, or he starts to get jealous, he won’t make a scene or anything,
  • but he will like, reach for you thigh under the table, and start tracing perverted, and distracting circles on the inside of your thigh.
  • It’s not really a naughty thing for him, he’s very touchy feely in private, he just always likes to have a hold on you.
  • If whoever is flirting with you, persists, and you can’t shake them off for whatever reason, he might just lean over, making like he’s going to whisper something.
  • Only for him to nip at your ear, or run his tongue across your ear lobe.
  • It’s more sort of a reminder to himself, that there’s nothing to worry about. 
  • That being said, he may or may not get off a bit on knowing that you’re so completely his.
  • After dedicating so much of his life to the prince, he could drown in the passionate love you share.

・゚°✧ G L A D I O L U S  ・゚°✧

  • Gladiolus doesn’t actually get jealous all that often, he’s not concerned some guy is gonna come and steal you away.
  • But on the occasion that someone does start flirting with you, he’s not subtle about pointing out you belong to him.
  • He’ll just like come up behind, put an arm around you.
  • He won’t be subtle, and glare at whoever it is, he’ll just straight up tell them to look somewhere else because you’re taken.
  • He’s going to try not to be too crude, but can’t help his hand slipping lower than is appropriate in polite company.
  • He might ask you what they were saying later, just to laugh at their futile attempts at flirting with you.
  • He’ll make it seem like he’s not even worried, but the truth is he’s always a little worried he works too much,
  • and maybe someday you might leave because he doesn’t pay enough attention to you,
  • so for that reason he tends to over do it when he sees someone hitting on you.
  • But all this will be put to bed as soon as you get home. ✧*+。(>◡<)。+*✧

・゚°✧ P R O M P T O ・゚°✧

  • Prompto can’t handle jealously, like at all.
  • If he sees someone flirting with you, poor puppy is going to feel very insecure.
  • Boys gonna start thinking, “maybe I’m not good enough”, “maybe this is it.”.
  • His reaction is gonna be to leave it alone if someone’s stepping in, he doesn’t have enough confidence in himself to talk about it now.
  • Later on he’ll bring it up though, in private, just you and him.
  • Maybe you’ve been spending time with someone he doesn’t know all that well or something.
  • He tells you, straight up, he’s pretty sure he’s jealous.
  • You know him so well by now, you hop straight to letting him know there’s no reason to be.
  • Long smutty kisses convince him, but as you know by now, your kisses fill him with confidence.
  • He loves being loved so much. He can’t believe you care about him, won’t leave him, and more than that, want him.
  • That realization, every time you give him a deep hungry kiss, makes him such a fucking perv, in like, seconds.
  • The rest of the night is spent with Prompto making certain you want him, because it’s not often that he feels sexy.

・゚°✧ N O C T I S ・゚°✧

  • Okay, so he’s gonna be a bit of a teen boy about it.
  • He’s gonna walk straight up to someone, and start dropping pet names.
  • He won’t say “piss off” out right, but he’ll be giving them that not so subtle look.
  • I think he’ll be more sort of angry, not at you, just at himself. He doesn’t like being jealous, he doesn’t know how to deal with it.
  • He really doesn’t want to pull the prince/king card on them, but if he has to, he might imply it.
  • If whoever is flirting with you continues to push even after the prince/king shows up, he’ll make it about whoever is moving in on you, maybe even forgetting you entirely.
  • Either way, it’ll be over soon, no big deal.
  • However, if you’ve been spending time with someone else, just like Gladdy and Ignis, he’s gonna be pretty insecure.
  • He has a lot of work to get through, so the idea that you fill some of the time he could have spent with you, with someone else because he’s busy, makes him more sad than anything else.
  • He’s definitely gonna blame himself for being jealous.
  • He’ll find someway to make up all the time you spend apart, he’ll set up a private dinner, or get you to sneak out with him, and take a walk through Altissia, or just through the streets of Insomnia.
  • if he gets jealous, he’s just gonna make an effort to be romantic, make sure you understand he loves you.
  • Maybe take a trip in the car on a rainy night, spend the night with each other somewhere isolated where he won’t be distracted by prince/king duties.

Whooooo, hoped you liked that, more importantly I hope it was what you wanted. 

War of Love (Lafayette x Reader) Part 7

Words: 1416

Warnings: None 

Tags: @fandomsinabookshelf @pearltheartist @unprofessional-inhumanbeing

A/N: Sorry about the short chapter! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

General Lafayette! You’re finally back!” Hamilton said, shaking his hand. The others did the same, smiling and laughing with him. His eyes never stopped glancing over at you, pink on his cheeks. Once he made it over to you, he held out his hand.

“Private Washington…” He said softly. You placed your hand in his, shaking it lightly. You could tell he fought the urge to kiss your hand, and instead, put his hand on your shoulder.

His smile was still the same, and it made your heart skip when his brown eyes met yours. You noticed that his curly, dark hair was slightly longer, and he wore his commander outfit instead of the other. You two reluctantly let go of one another, and he said his good luck remarks, walking to the head of his battalion.

“Wash is lovesick, look at those eyes. Isn’t Laf so dreamy?” Mulligan whispered into your ear. You pushed him away, laughing nervously.

“Quit it, jerk.”

“Mulligan isn’t wrong, James. A blind man could see the love between you two.” Hamilton stated quietly. You frowned at both, and soon, the battalion finally made it to the camp. You could tell the army was low on supplies, because there were battered tents and broken weaponry around. Again, your platoon was sent closest to Washington’s tent. It wasn’t as big as before, and when you walked in, there were just blankets on the floor. Mulligan sighed, sitting down in the small area. There was nowhere to set up a card table, besides the small table in the corner, and it seemed like the five of you lying in there would be a tough fit.

The sun was setting, and the battle was to happen in five days. For dinner, there was a loaf for each tent, served with one beer for each man. You hoped Lafayette would come soon.

“So, you guys, who’s sleeping next to who?” Laurens said, staring at the small space. Hamilton took the far end, leaving Mulligan, Laurens, and I to decide. Laurens went next to Hamilton, and Mulligan went after. Once they decided that, you began crawling towards the spot next to Mulligan.

Non, mon amour. Vous séjournerez á côté de moi. Je vais domir á côté de lui. (No, my love. You’ll be next to me. I’ll sleep next to him)” You turned to see Lafayette walking in, closing the tent flap behind him. You could tell it was getting more and more cold out there, and you worried for the dropping temperatures once it grew dark.

You smiled at Lafayette, nodding. “Of course.”

“Speak English.” Mulligan mumbled, half-asleep. He cuddled up to Laurens, much to the man’s dismay. Although, he didn’t seem to mind when Hamilton moved closer to him. Lafayette laid down next to Mulligan, waiting for your arrival.

Sharing a room with four men and sleeping next to them were completely different things. You imagined your mother scowling you for doing something so scandalous, but you knew you had to do it. It was getting colder and colder outside, and the wind didn’t help with that at all.

“Lay down already, you’re making me anxious.” Hamilton mumbled, glaring at you with one eye.

You held back your pride and moved onto the floor, a foot or so away from Lafayette. You shivered under the thin blanket, your back to Lafayette. You could feel his eyes bore holes into the back of your head, and it took every muscle in your body not to turn around.

Vous avez froid? (Are you cold?)” Lafayette whispered. You shook your head quickly, your teeth shaking from the cold. Lafayette sighed, and you felt his arms pull you towards him.


“You’re going to freeze, mon amour. This is the only way to keep you warm.” He slid you closer, and soon, you were in his arms, his body laying against yours. Your cheeks burned, and you turned around, his eyes on yours.

“Fine…” You mumbled. You couldn’t deny that you were in fact, warmer than before. You questioned whether or not he rested next to you just to do this. When you glanced up at him, there was a small smirk on his face. You buried your face into his chest, feeling his chest rumble as he chuckled, holding you tight.

He smelled like leaves and rain, and you couldn’t help but feel at home with that scent. You were almost like a child in his arms, since he was so tall compared to you. You enjoyed being in his arms, but you would never tell him that. You were sure that smirk still rested on his face.

Your eyes grew heavy, and you struggled to stay awake. But, sleep won the fight, and you were soon unconscious.


“Woah, look at this…” You heard Laurens mumbled softly. A voice chuckled softly, and you could tell it was Hamilton.

“They look so cute,” Mulligan replied, “I wish we could capture this moment forever. See, told you guys they were meant to be. Although, I did bet on Laurens and Y/N getting together.” You heard some shuffling and cussing, and a small chuckle from Hamilton.

“You guys, looks like Laf is waking up. We need to move.” You heard the tent door open, and you looked at them retreating.

“I’m gonna kill them one day…” You mumbled. The man hugging you chuckled, and you tensed up, completely forgetting his was there.

“Oh? Can I join?” You laughed timidly, looking up at him. He was gazing at you, his hair messy. You tried moving your legs, and found it tangled in his. Lafayette smirked.

“I don’t think that I want to move anytime soon…” He smiled, rolling on top of you. You couldn’t think over your heart pounding in your ears, trying to handle the whole situation.

“Has being away changed how you think Lafayette? Holding someone against their will? Oh, what shame.” You joked, trying to get out of his arms.

“I am certain it has, Y/N. But I wouldn’t do this just to anyone. Just you.” You both stopped moving, staring at each other. “Tu m'as manqué.”

“I missed you too.” He glanced down at your face, and you could have sworn he began leaning in. You slowly closed your eyes, letting him.

“BRAHHH BRAHHH!” A voice yelled, causing you two to jumped away from each other. Mulligan stood at the tent opening, smirking happily. “I see the lovebirds are getting along fine.” He laughed, Laurens appearing behind him.

“Morning guys. Lafayette, strategy talk in Washington’s tent at 0600 hours.” Lafayette glanced at his pocket watch, and sighed.

“You could have said ten minutes, John.” Laurens shrugged, then turned to you.

“The General wants to see you now, Washington.” You scrambled up, quickly brushing your teeth and fixing your outfit. Once you looked decent enough, you walked out of the tent, and into the General’s.

While General Washington sat down at his desk, there was a man standing in front of it. He hand his hands behind his back, talking to the general.

“Your excellency, you wanted to see me?” You spoke, moving away from the door. Washington stood up, smiling.

“Private James Washington, come in. Have you met Aaron Burr?” He gestured to the other man, and shook your head.

“No sir.” The man, Burr, glanced at you quickly, then turned back to the general.

“As I was saying sir, I look forward to seeing your strategy play out-”

“Burr?” The general interrupted.


“Close the door on your way out.” Burr stiffened, then march out, giving you a glare before leaving. Once he closed the door behind you, Washington waved you over to sit at the chair in front of him. You did as he told, sitting straight up.

“Have I done something wrong, sir?” The General shook his head, placing a pamphlet in front of you. You looked down, immediately recognizing your father standing next to George Washington in the small art. You looked at the painting, then stared at the general, confused. “I don’t understand.”

“I know your father, James. Once I noticed you had the same last name as me, I researched into your background. It was mostly out of curiosity, but soon, once I saw the painting of your father, Y/F/N Washington. I couldn’t believe it.” What couldn’t he believe? You stared at the general, waiting for more information.

“Son, Y/F/N Washington is my long-lost brother. James, you are my nephew.”

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(I don't remember if I already sent this ask in, sorry if I did /~\) How would the US/UF/SF bros react to an SO that just casually massages their hand (or other body parts, depends on how they're sitting)? Like, not even on purpose (sometimes) they just casually do it without noticing. Thanks ^^

US!Sans: His handbones are kind of sensitive, so he doesn’t like that as much, but he doesn’t mind anywhere else when you’re cuddling.

US!Papyrus: He likes it. He doesn’t do it much to you outside of a massage context, but he’ll lean whatever bone you’re rubbing into your hand.

UF!Sans: It kind of feels weird to him but he gets into it in private. Even in some public settings, it’s a little reassuring.

UF!Papyrus: Definitely not in public. He’ll swat your hand away. But in public…he kind of likes the feeling more than he’ll admit it.

SF!Sans: He is really fucking ticklish, and he is going to make your life miserable if you do this to him. It doesn’t help that his laugh is high-pitched and absolutely adorable.

SF!Papyrus: Chances are he’s doing this to you already, so he likes getting it back. Little touches like that are calming to him. 


(Gif used is not mine)

  • Secretive PDA.
  • Sensitivity, He would pick up on all your emotions quickly.
  • Private skinship.
  • Watching him cook for you.
  • Him only looking at you.
  • His eyes lighting up when you walk into the room.
  • Shy eye contact.
  • Lots of cuddling and anime Marathons.
  • Having him sing for you.
  • Poking his cheeks to annoy him.
  • Being gentle.
  • Small couple accessories like rings, phone cases, bracelets.
  • Him listening to every word you say.
  • Seeing him worry about you when he has a scene with another girl in a drama.
  • “Are you sure you want me to?”
  • “Kyungsoo, it’s just acting. Don’t worry.”
  • Having to stop him from murdering the other members.
  • Teasing him about his height, lovingly.
  • Kyungsoo doing something he doesn’t want to do for you.
  • Him getting flustered by your compliments.
  • Getting calls from him when he’s away, no matter how tired he is.
  • Watching different variety shows just to see him turn red the second your name is mentioned.
  • Him not wanting you to lose any weight.
  • Playing random video games together when bored.
  • Recommending novels to each other.
  • Surprising him with a stack of all the books he had mentioned we wanted.
  • Having him cook for your parents.
  • Being his #1 fan.
  • Him taking you on a “Wine & Paint.” Art class thing because he found it ‘interesting’.
  • Doing lots of things because he thought they would be “interesting”.
  • Making him smile even if he really doesn’t want to.
  • People thinking he’s quiet but talks a bit when he’s with you.
  • Him changing his lockscreen to every new selfie you post.
  • Because he wouldn’t really like to talk selfies, you take lots of off guard/ candid pictures of him.
  • Looking at things that remind you of each other no matter how weird it is.
  • Keeping your relationship fairly secretive. 
  • Satansoo would come out if anyone said anything bad about you.
  • Him wanting to protect you.
  • Anything dorky he does makes you laugh, even if he didn’t mean too.
  • Playing music and watching him bop from side to side.
  • Him complimenting you all slickly then pretending he didnt just compliment you or say thing.
  • Over all Kyungsoo in a cute,squish who loves you more than anyone ever could.

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i think ksoo was sending mental signals for nini to follow him to the bathroom for the winky wonk sexy time and xi*min picked those up and chany*ol was like gotta cockblock and nini was clueless af i was gonna anon this but fuck it😁

Honestly xDDDDDDDD I had those thoughts as well but xDDD 

Cause I thought that long eyecontact could’ve been code for “bae let’s take this somewhere private” and yeol being the goof he is was like “I need to pee too” and followed soo, and then nini waved bye bye to sexy time angrily xD

3 years from now when I am a published author:

Toadfish Zwar is a destitute novelist from Sydney’s Inner West. Despite growing up in a priveliged household and attending an expensive private school, he lives in utter destitution, drinking ALDI liquor and smoking Double Happiness. Nevertheless his books ‘meaning at the bottom of the chop tray’ and ‘On my last stick of Air Waves’ are reasonably good sellers, some referring to him as the ‘Australian Tim Winton’

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Lainey - you're a fucking doormat who is no better than Onision. He is humiliating and releasing private info about Billie, Ayalla and he is a fucking predator to underage girls and all you do is mope on Twitter? I will support you if you leave him because it proves that you're above him, but you are just laying down and whining. You need to do something, Lainey. This isn't a healthy relationship. You are no better than him.

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Hello! I was wondering how Sans, Papyrus and Undyne would react to Constant Affection All The Time(TM) from a s/o

Alphys, you ain’t slick…trying to figure out how your gf would respond to a whole lotta cuddles?

Sans: It’s kind of overwhelming for him. He’s not exactly a romantic. Not to say that he’s complaining: he’s a little surprised by how much he enjoys the constant cuddles/compliments/kisses/gifts. He really really loves it, and it motivates him to make a little more effort in this area.

Papyrus: He loves it. Just like his dating manual says! He can give just as much as you can, and usually does. I’ve always thought, though, that he might be a little bit embarrassed by too much overt affection in public. Like, cheek kisses, hugs, all of that’s fine, but too much flirting makes him just a little uncomfortable in a public setting. In private, though, he can’t get enough.

Undyne: While she may like to ambush you with hugs and kisses, if you do it to her you will have a flustered fish on your hand. Like, her blush is the same color as her hair. Doing it in front of the Dog Guard makes it worse. “WHAT’RE YOU LOOKING AT, PUNK?!” She snarls as she kind of wraps an arm around you. Still, while it startles her, she loves it a lot. May honestly make it a little bit of a competition. 

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Justin timberlake just won a people's choice award and talked about his son a lot in his acceptance speech and everytime I see a celeb talk about their child and how normal it is, I get so mad that Louis can't even MENTION his son without people screaming that's private!! Or how extra!! Or why is he being reduced to just a dad!!! Why are they using his fatherhood to promote a song!!!!! Like, it's all just utter BULLSHIT! All of it!!! It's normal for celebs to talk about their kids!!!!!

Isn’t it nuts????

I’m seeing Nick posting about a friend of his having a baby and all his snaps are of this baby and nobody’s like “wow that’s so extra that’s so fake, using this baby for promo like that.” Nobody looks at babies this way!

I follow soccer and football players are always posting about their babies. Look at Ronaldo/Neymar/Messi’s instagrams - constant baby photos. They celebrate goals and dedicate them to their kids. Or to a friend of theirs who’s had a kid. They bring their kids up onstage with them when they win awards. They are always so extra about their kids. They always get papped with them as well. Every week they get papped taking their kids out to a park or to school.

It’s only Larries who want to claim babies are props because Larries see babies as props.

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And obviously antis are saying that asking about his son is respectful! Yeah! Of course! Because you see only that! Apparently, only Larries heard that disrespectful question about Jay. And, moreover, he is promoting JHO, not his private life.

they were listening and it was all white noise until “baby” and “freddie”

Chapter 20

Grant and Dabu hopped off the private jet feeling good. He walked to the waiting limo, followed by his new supplier, Decarlos Perez. He’d been in Cuba finalizing their partnership for the last few days, while also enjoying the sun and festivities. Dabu enjoyed the numerous Cuban women throwing pussy his way, while Grant preferred the one who was waiting on him at home.

Home…they definitely were going to go looking for their home. Being that they were very lowkey, it probably going to be some quaint two or three bedroom and he’d have it no other way. Picking up his cell phone, he decided to give Noire a call. He hadn’t heard from her in the last few days and missed her voice.


She picked up on the third ring, and her voice sounded very congested and hoarse, as if she’d been crying.

“Hey ma….what’s wrong? Are you ok?” he asked, concern lacing his voice. At that, he heard her start to cry. Her sobs were gut wrenching and nearly broke his heart.

“He-he’s dead Grant!!! And it’s my fault!!!”

“Wait….who’s dead, Noire? Look…I’m on my way ok? Sit tight.” He hung up his phone and turned to Decarlos who was enjoying some scotch.

“I apologize, but I have to get to my fiancé. It’s an emergency. We’ll link up later.” He shot a quick text to Sergio to meet him with his car. “You can let me out here,”

Ten minutes later, he was on the way to Noire’s apartment. When he got there, he let himself into her place and caught her on her couch, curled up and crying. She didn’t even acknowledge his presence. He locked the door after him and walked up to her.

“Ma…I’m here.” He spoke softly. She looked up at him, watching as he sat to her. Her tears intensified and she hugged herself tighter.

“T-they found Ray….dead in his apartment Grant. He’d b-been missing for three d-days and nobody had heard from him. They’re saying he….he committed suicide. W-with painkillers. It’s my fault!!!” he rubbed her back as she became hysterical, trying to calm her down.

“We fought that night! And I told him to get out of my life! Grant….I made him do it! I killed Ray….!”

Grant stood them both up, making her look him in the eyes. “Listen to me. You did not kill Ray, baby. It was not your fault.”

Noire cried harder, starting to hiccup. Grant hugged her tight, letting a few tears slip out of his eyes. He hated to see Noire like this. No words were spoken as he simply rocked her back and forth and rubbed her back until her sobs became quieter and quieter.

“I’m here, ma. We’re going to get through this, iight?” Noire nodded into his chest, feeling his love and support in the midst of her sorrow.

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Can u write headcanons about Mycrofts way to seduce his s/o in different places like 221b or his office

Mycroft abuses technology to the fullest when it comes to seducing his S/O in different places.

Like REALLY uses it for very non-government approved reasons such as: using it to send or receive any erotic visual or audio materials.

 Sending what looks like innocent packages at very places that obviously are not when opened followed by commands to put them on or eat it.

Sometimes the gifts will be nice (non-offending to various passerby’s) in means to seduce his S/O.

There will be a lot of food porn/play that comes into this.

Kidnapping his S/O in random cars to give them a ‘private show’ definitely pans out more when he’s still in the country.

So does random 'surprise groping’ which only works if his S/O knows he’s in the country. The last time he attempted this without his partner knowing he was still in country his S/O broke his arm.

Mycroft also likes to 'buy’ time on electric billboards to send less than decent anonymous messages too his S/O but don’t worry its usual during a time when there are no minors afoot.

He leaves very compromising photos of him for their viewing pleasure in their work office.

He may or may not take control of Baker Street to have his S/O do s strip tease or an impromptu dance together.

Face-time can be used virtually anywhere so he can personally seduce his S/O wherever they go.


Blake: Can we go talk somewhere…private?

Quence smirked at Blake. He knew what she wanted to do and he never says no if it’s offered to him freely. They’ve had this fling going on for months and neither one knew that the other band-mates knew about them.

Quence: Uh, lets end practice guys and try again tomorrow. I need to have a meeting with Blake.


*NSFW post is queued up next…FYI*

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My dad found my private vids but now he says he'll buy me drugs if he can watch me fuck guys. Loving life rn

….. That’s, uhm, yeah, I have no words.

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He used the excuse of she blocked his texts to post incredibly private stuff about Billie on Twitter but he literally could have tried a thousand other ways to contact her like if it's that important send a letter. He just wanted to put her down. Disgusting


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//www(.)google(.)com/amp/www(.)marieclaire(.)com/celebrity/news/amp20507/justin-timberlake-silas-privacy-issues/?client=safari. This article talks about how Justin Timberlake is protective of his son and values his sons privacy. But Wow, so Justin wants privacy but at the same time talks about his son on a huge awards show!?!! And it also states that Justin doesn't post a lot of pics of Silas to keep him private. But what?? He does post some pics!!! How can he claim to value his sons privacy??

[imagining larries swooping in saying “privacy??” like the seagulls in finding nemo saying “mine??”]

Meanwhile, while accepting his award tonight:

“…my two favorite people in the world: my wife and my beautiful son… who may or may not be watching right now, but if you are, buddy… uh… the nanny’s fired. And, uh, I love you, and go to bed, and… you’re the reason why I wrote this song.

I’m so conflicted, I can’t tell whether I think Justin Timberlake, father of a young child and pop sensation and celebrity from the age of 16, is an exploitative father for reminding people he’s a father unprompted, or a good one for demanding privacy.