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i found this and i thought it was super adorable???? and after listening to it on loop i went “BENDY RESPONSE GO”

the funny is bendy doesn’t sing/isn’t great at singing, but if he hits a certain octave or pitch yep))

One of my favourite things about A Series of Unfortunate Events is the way it deconstructs the idea of solely wicked and righteous people, despite appearing to wholly buy into it at the (bad) beginning. 

In the first few books it seems like the world is divided into noble, if ineffective, people, and villains. As the series continues, however, we not only encounter more and more morally ambiguous characters, Madame Lulu being a personal favourite, but we begin to look back on characters we previously considered noble in a new light. 

I don’t just mean finding out about the Baudelaire’s parents past either, I mean we begin to see how characters like Monty, Josephine, Charles and Jerome were not noble, as they were unable to make the necessary sacrifices to keep the children safe. VFD is, I believe, a fine organisation, but it is a broadly selfish one, and while many volunteers have excellent intentions, their inability to see beyond their own plans, ideals and methods is a real weakness. 

The Baudelaire Children, in my opinion, broadly avoid falling into this trap, though they do do some pretty horrible things for their own survival, because their overwhelming motivation is to care for each other, and so they are never truly selfish. 

TL:DR VFD would be better if people thought about each other for a hot second

Goro Akechi is kind of a child

I mean, I know they outright say it in game, but his motives and everything are all based on an immature perception of the world that only a child would have, that whole “if I’m famous everyone will like me,” though to be fair I’ve felt like that a few times.

I like how his metaverse outfits reflect that - you have the princely, pure white outfit that he has normally, because he wants to project the image of the perfect guy and because he wants to believe that his methods and his motives are just, that he’s entitled to what he’s doing. He can’t be wrong, and he’s gonna prove it to everybody.

Also his mask has a long nose and he’s a liar like Pinocchio lmao

Then you have his actual twisted form, which is this weird black and blue (like his bruised ego lol) outfit with that helmet. Everybody else just has masks that cover their eyes, but this dude is so insecure that he’s got a huge helmet. And his outfit reminds me of like, a sentai costume.

Then you’ve got his weapons, which are a toy gun and a beam saber. The toy gun is self explanatory, but the beam saber looks kinda like one of those cheap plastic swords you’d get at the fair or at some dollar store.

Even his idea of being a popular ace detective reminds me of Detective Conan, something that a lot of kids probably watch. I mean, not just kids, but you know what I’m getting at.

Poor kid just wanted some friends. Maybe in the eventual updated rerelease we’ll be able to save him or something.


Took Nathaniel along with me to attend the Gala brought about by @hemoansbrylee and @inbrooklynnitsnow.

 I’ve got my purse ready to donate and help as much as I can girls, this is such a  great cause! I’m happy we took the time out to attend

Interviewer: So how does it feel to play the worst person ever???
Freddie Highmore: I think Norman is a nice boy and-
Interviewer: LOL! Have you watched the show???
Freddie Highmore:

My favorite thing about the Raven Cycle is that it’s basically Marauders alternate universe fanfiction.

honestly do not get all the preston hate TO THIS DAY, like if ur with the railroad drummer boy yells at you for missions just as much and i dont see y’all ragging on him

preston literally goes out of his way to try and protect a group of survivors from a massacre and recruits the player because he can’t fucking do this alone and you fuckers have the nerve to rag on him

have you heard his jamaica plains laugh??? beautiful