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Omg ;w; I wanted to post this forever ago but I wanted to wait till I finally had my gift done. @sinning-a-skeleton is so sweet! Look at Spirit! He’s adorable!!! :D and Umbreon is one of my favorites ❤ dark type is my jam! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry my gift is so late… I’m so glad we’re friends and you’ve motivated me so much to keep going not just with writing, but trying to improve my art too. I love the book x3 it’s so fun to flip through! Hopefully it’ll help me get better with proportions and poses haha! I have finally finished my gift to you, I just need time to get to the post office. But it’s coming I promise! 😘

the posture theory

for @drownedpoet​ and the two anons who asked

  • neil has great posture
  • since he’s shorter than most adults, standing and sitting up straight always gave him a better vantage point to survey areas when he was on the run
  • it also helped when he was younger and had to appear older 
    • so people would stop asking so many questions about why “such a nice young boy was doing things he shouldn’t be"
    • it made things like buying cigarettes, driving, and carrying a gun so much simpler when he wasn’t being interrogated every five minutes
  • breathing was much easier as well in the bulletproof vests he always wore
    • wearing kevlar is a lot like wearing a chest binder, it’s restrictive and makes breathing a pain in the ass
    • sitting up straight was at least a partial solution to this problem
  • not to mention it gave him an intimidating look that kept people at a healthy distance and made sure he wasn’t bothered
  • it also made it easier to jump into a fighting stance in a seconds notice if necessary
  • sleeping back to back with his mother reinforced the habit 
    • neither of them could sleep if there was even the smallest gap between their bodies
    • life on the run from people constantly trying to kill you makes you rightfully cautious and a little bit paranoid, so it’s nice to have the grounding weight of someone you trust at your back
  • he also used to be a dancer, but that’s another au/headcanon
  • andrew, on the other hand, has terrible posture
  • his childhood was spent slouching down trying to disappear and look like less of a target
  • he would sleep curled into himself with his back against the wall so he would be harder to grab
    • it also made it harder for drake to take his clothes off
  • hiding was easier as well
    • getting used to being tucked into himself made squeezing into tight spaces for up to a couple of hours at a time to avoid drake much more comfortable
  • slipping away from being held is about 90% easier when you’re slouched as it allows for quicker movement
    • this didn’t take andrew more than twice to learn
  • andrew never really saw the point of good posture when his body never really belonged to him anyway
    • this is his depression talking, but he doesn’t care
  • i mean what’s the point of worrying about posture when you don’t plan on living long enough to be affected by it?

All the cool kids seem to be participating in this new meme where you post pictures of yourself in high school along with a photo of yourself now. Well, you guys already know how I look now, so here are photos of me back in high school. I highlighted myself so you know it’s me if you can’t already tell 😛. I even still hang out with many of the people in these photos too, although I’ve since upgraded my beer game.🍻

Fellow Maul fans, it’s been one heckuva ride (so far..) And no matter what happens by the end of season 3 I just want to take a look at Maul through the years because…. feels.

TPM Maul:
-and strangely seductive???
-horrible dental hygiene
-murders your baes and steals your heart

-messed up
-I mean wtf
-broken in every sense of the word
-needs help
-and food
-you just want to hold him

Galactic Domination Maul:
-still hot
-(hot damn)
-v-neck shirt 👌
-has dreams to monologue about
-literally is 100% aesthetic
-murders your baes but you’re too far gone to hate him

Destroy the Sith™ Maul:
-sass grandpa
-no legs no shirt no problems
-finally seen the light??? Hahaha no
-magically perfect teeth
-still hot like how even
-Lady Tano

Destroy the Sith™ (more like Kenobi) Maul 2.0:
-polo shirt
-literally never shuts up
-seriously he has no filter
-still doesn’t succeed at anything
-tries so hard
-can’t take a hint
-you think he just needs a hug