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Dan and Phil x Harry Potter x Life is Strange Crossover [Part 2]

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Potter lives, and there’s still a chance the war might be won. Protect Potter at all costs; he’s on a mission from Dumbledore. The freedom of the entire wizarding world depends on Potter’s survival.

It’s what Dan’s been told - it’s all he’s been told before he’s thrown into the heat of the battle. Now he finds himself, abandoned by his powers, face and hands covered in grime and blood, at the door of a Potion’s classroom about to collapse upon itself. On opposite ends of the room, his best friend and Harry Potter are heavily engaged in duels with the enemy. Then the ceiling breaks - the stone falls over their heads. Dan doesn’t know a spell strong enough to levitate the cascading rubble all at once. He can’t save them both.

On your second run, you - armed with retrospection - conserve your power for the final battle. You end up saving those you weren’t able to protect the first time - you cast shields in advance, pull students out of the way of impending explosions. At the same time, you’re hurled into a variety of new situations that force you to use your power to survive. Your power, once again, fails you long before you reach the most important decision of the game. 

It occurs to you then this has always been a game about futility. You are not Harry Potter. You were not there when Peter escaped, or when Cedric and Dumbledore died. You don’t know about Horcruxes and how Voldemort can be defeated. You could not have prevented Voldemort’s rise to power. You could not have prevented the battle of Hogwarts. You could not have avoided the final dilemma. 

You are not Harry Potter. You may have time-rewinding powers, but you never had a chance of rewriting the course of the story.

Dear fans

Who don’t write fan fiction
Who can’t make edits or fan art
Who can’t go to cons
Who can’t cosplay
Who can’t buy merch
Who think that because all they can do is support without having a “talent/skill” or the money to attend events or buy stuff that they don’t matter.

You matter, your support matters and we see you. You are enough.

Hogwarts Houses When Scared
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  • Gryffindor: thinks of the stakes, and what they're challenging. They seek support in memories of loved ones, and try to convince themselves they must face their fear
  • Slytherin: reviews backup plans, and what they would do if everything goes terribly. They try not to show their fear, knowing others can use it, but they confide in those closest to them
  • Ravenclaw: tries to reason out their fear, checking if it's rational, and seeing what they can do about it. They tend to understand that they're afraid and deal with it as soon as possible
  • Hufflepuff: retrace everything they've done, and see if they have truly done the best they could. They try to be logical and objective, but don't feel shame in admitting they're afraid

harry potter and the chamber of secrets by jk rowling

“your aunt and uncle will be proud, though, won’t they?“ said hermione as they got off the train and joined the crowd thronging toward the enchanted barrier. “when they hear what you did this year?” ⏤ “proud?” said harry. “are you crazy? all those times i could’ve died, and i didn’t manage it? they’ll be furious…” 

The Hogwarts Houses When They’re Angry


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Hufflepuff - Too cute to be taken seriously.

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Ravenclaw - They go dead quiet. Uhh, you might wanna give them some space for a while.

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Slytherin - RUN. AWAY. MOVE. TO. CHINA. OH GOD. 

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Ravenclaw: Ugh, this old detention room is still as creepy as I remember.

Slytherin: I still can’t believe that you got a detention.

Ravenclaw: One time the maths and science club got into a heated debate.

Ravenclaw: And let’s just say Mickey Murphy’s pocket protector didn’t protect him very well.

Slytherin: ………

Slytherin: My respect for you has just increased.

My high school is a mix of preppy annoying kids and druggie maniacs but the best part about it is how everyone has strong feelings over Harry Potter and the entire universe. My school is very focused on the arts and literature, which I guess contributes to it. If a freshman wears HP merch you can find seniors talking to them about it, which would never happen otherwise. It’s like a big family that all has love for Harry Potter which is my favorite part about my school.