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People are sleeping on Leon and Connor. Literally every night they play the best hockey together, their on ice chemistry is so good just watching them gives me chills. Then off the ice!!! They’re so supportive and good to each other, Davo never lets an opportunity go to praise Drai and his strong, large body (ok Davo) and mention that he’s so under appreciated plz just love his boyfriend guys he’s so GOOD. And Leon, despite being asked about Connor every single night, is always like, ya Davo’s the best thing to ever happen to this planet, do u see his hockey? He’s magic. They’re good friends off the ice and awesome on the ice and so cute together. They’re so giggly and sweet around each other but also super focused and become a #powercouple on the ice and I’m pretty sure all the oilers ship them (lovebirds come on). I just want people to love them more.

  • Marcus tells Adrian first.
  • He’s mumbling and nervous, unwilling to look Adrian in the face.
  • He flinches when a hand falls on his shoulder, but Adrian’s grip remains strong. 
  • “We’ll need to do something about your hair then. You completely butchered it.”
  • Marcus gapes at Adrian and then can’t help the bubble of laughter that comes up when Adrian gives him a warm smile.
  • The process is a bit chaotic as Adrian does his best to fix Marcus’ attempt at a hair cut, but when he’s finished, Marcus is pleased.
  • He doesn’t have time to say his thanks as he’s whisked from the bathroom and then has piles and piles of Adrian’s uniforms tossed into his arms.
  • “I don’t think I’m that much bigger than you, at least one of these should fit.”
  • Marcus heart lifts because finally he doesn’t have to wear his old clothes anymore.
  • Not unless he wants of course. He’s not afraid to admit his legs do look nice when he’s wearing a skirt.
  • After a few tweaks and questions of, “How does your chest feel?”, Marcus finally thinks he’s ready for their next class.
  • Adrian sticks by his side as they leave the common room, the both of them ignoring the few stares, but it’s not until they see students from other houses that Marcus starts to get nervous.
  • Taking a deep breath, Marcus focuses on the feeling of Adrian with him and the thought that he is Marcus.
  • He can hear the whispers of other students though and musters his best glare as he and Adrian make their way up to class. 
  • Most of it, he can handle because it’s not that much different from before, but seeing the Gryffindors when he enters the classroom is another story.
  • He can feel their stares despite the fact that barely anyone has taken notice of his entrance in the room.
  • Marcus presses closer to Adrian as they take their seats and he buries his face into one of the textbooks.
  • “Looking good, Flint,” a familiar, too familiar, voice comments from nearby.
  • However, it’s not filled with sarcasm or disgust like Marcus had expected. He glances up from his book and swallows when Oliver’s eyes are still on him.
  • “It’s Marcus now,” spills from his mouth, his finger toying with the page of the book.
  • “Marcus,” Oliver repeats. “I’ll remember that.”
  • A small smile threatens its way onto Marcus’ face, but Oliver’s already turned away and the class has started. 
  • Marcus barely focuses on the lesson however because Oliver
  • Oliver goddamn Wood
  • had said Marcus.

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you know what i’d rather have our group than an ‘easy’ one?? with an easier group we’re expecting to win and well, we know how that turns out. we want to be the best?? we have play the best, right?? it’s a good chance for our players to show their worth and there will be some great matches for the fans too!!

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i was really really really excited about the new trailer for shadowhunters but there was no malec. why wouldn't they show us something? i'm convinced that the new showrunners are kinda grossed out by gays. i really am. i don't know why, just got this strong feeling. i know heartfacts are similar to fake news, but this time... i kinda believe it. am i wrong? why would i feel this from them? there must be something if i'm feeling it, no?

there is a malec moment - it’s in the trailer, but like a lot of the promo it’s a quick flash.

the whole promo is barely 22 ish seconds. magnus got to drink and quip and throw up wards, alec is also knocked flat on his ass in magnus’ loft (which implies a malec moment i hope?)

i mean i’m not happy with how s2a was done and i agree it really needs to be improved, but this was a general promo for s2b, not a malec promo, so they did okay, i think. especially since this was also introducing sebastian.

wait for the malec promo, we’ll get one!

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Holy shit holy shit, I feel like we fucking breezed through 500 T3T how did this happen? It’s time for another vote!! Here’s what I’ve got on deck:

1) For Your Entertainment (Courtesan Reader fic) - Ardyn Chapter

2) A/B/O Gladio in heat fic - this will take a little research but I’M READY oh god please be gentle

3) Chocobro RP gangbang - reader is a “spy” and the bros gotta use their dicks to get the information out of her lol.

It feels weird not to have a Prompto prompt again tho I did just write him… I’m not really sure which way this one will go tbh, though I’m certain Ardyn won’t win it after the Episode Ignis trailer. 8′D;;

Based on where we are I assume voting will close in the next three days or so. But we’ll see.

One of the things I like about the deathmatch gamemode is that I can play whoever I want and nobody can flame me for it because the only person I’ll be letting down is myself

Boyfriend Jeonghan

As I said, here’s part 2/13 of the boyfriend series, in time for Jeonghan’s birthday!! (it’s not his birthday yet here and won’t be until tomorrow, but it’s 10-04 in Korea so might as well post it now!!) Reminder that I’ll be going in age order and posting as I feel inspired, so please don’t send in requests for the next part!! Thank you~!!

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  • probably would’ve admired you from a distance for a while because a) he wanted to be absolutely sure he wanted to be in a relationship with you before he made a move and b) he was a lil bit too shy to say something right off the bat
  • He seems like the type to easily get lost in his thoughts so he probably day dreamed a lot while looking at you
  • Would frequently be bopped on the head by the other members to bring him out of his daydreams, scaring him half to death
  • When the day came to ask you out, I don’t think he’d be super nervous
  • Like I mean obviously he’d be a bit on edge and he’d put a lot of thought into it but since he had spent so long making sure you were right for him I think he’d be pretty confident about it
  • His confession would be something straight out of a manga
  • Seriously like he’d take you out somewhere were it was just the two of you, maybe holding your hand in his as he told you that he thought you were really cute, and he hoped you would be willing to give him a chance
  • Once you said yes he’d just break into this heart melting smile
  • Would definitely be an extremely romantic boyfriend
  • Spoils you 24/7 I s2g
  • Except he would only buy super pricey things on special occasions
  • Other than that he would get you the most adorable shit on the face of the planet
  • Like he’d buy you a bunch of stuffed animals
  • Or even just like five dollar clearance jewelry that he saw at the mall and thought you might like
  • LOVES to buy you hair clips and sometimes he’ll even wear them himself and y’all match aw
  • Seriously tho like even if you don’t have particularly long hair your collection of clips would be extensive thanks to him
  • Really likes to style your hair for you
  • Especially using the clips that he’s bought you because it just makes him feel that much closer to you
  • Like while it might not seem like a big deal to other people, him doing your hair for you is a seriously intimate, important thing that the two of you share
  • You would just sit down in front of the mirror, closing your eyes as you let him do his work, and he would stand behind you, ponytail in his mouth and a loving gaze in his eyes as he gently worked the brush through your hair
  • When he was finished and put the clip in, it would be the gentlest, most tender thing ever
  • He would just quietly whisper, “There you go, Jagi,” as he pinned it wherever he thought it would look best, quietly stepping away to admire his work.
  • Might even give you a quick lil kiss on the cheek before he backs off
  • Really likes holding hands
  • Like no matter what the two of you are doing he’d find a way to entwine his fingers with yours
  • Nervous? Holding hands.
  • Happy? Holding hands.
  • Sad? Holding hands.
  • His hands must be so soft and his fingers are so slim oh my god just imagine the feeling of holding hands with Jeonghan it would be so n ice
  • From time to time would just give your hand a little squeeze and flash a smile in your direction
  • His favorite physical part of you would probably be your legs
  • Like he’d just love to run his hands over them honestly just like wow!! legs!! he loves them so much!!
  • Favorite way to sit would be with him sitting on the couch and you sitting lengthwise with your legs resting on his lap
  • holding hands if possible too ofc
  • But if not his hands would just rest on your legs, occasionally just running up and down them
  • If you’re ticklish hE WOULD LOVE TO TICKLE YOU SO MUCH
  • The first time he did it would’ve been an accident but once he saw your reaction he would get an evil little smile on his face and your fate would be sealed
  • He’d always do it when you least expected it to get the biggest reaction out of you
  • He’d pin you to the ground, straddling you as he tickled you til you couldn’t breathe
  • Then, in cliche movie fashion, as you both caught your breathe you’d just kind of stare at each other, smiles falling off your faces as you just admired how literally stunning one another were
  • With red cheeks, he’d lean in and give you a kiss, probably leaving you flustered beyond belief
  • At that point he’d just giggle and roll off of you, asking if you needed a glass of water or anything
  • Absolutely lives for aegyo
  • Like honest to God anytime you want something just do aegyo and he’s sold
  • He’d pinch your cheeks all the time and just be like “You’re too cute, Jagi!!!”
  • And then immediately follow it up with “But I’m cute too right”
  • “The cutest”
  • Cue the most adorable lil grin you’ve ever seen in your life 
  • Likes cooking with you!!! So much!!
  • Honestly like sometimes he’ll show up and he’ll just have the most excited look in his eyes and he’ll be like “Jagi we have to try this recipe out!!”
  • And y’all get cute lil matching aprons and he ties his hair back all serious like
  • He’s actually really good at cooking?? Like even when you make more complicated recipes they always turn out totally delicious
  • And of course there are a plethora of taste tests the entire time
  • But he refuses to taste something on his own/let you taste something on your own
  • You have to feed each other like the disgustingly cute couple that you are
  • He likes to talk about the future a lot
  • Sometimes when you’re all cuddled up together he’ll just get this starry look in his eyes and you can tell he’s thinking about the future
  • And he’ll just ask in a soft voice, “Do you think we’ll be like this in a few years, too?”
  • Even if the discussion starts off kinda heavy, it’ll always get a lot more happy and lighthearted, talking about everthing from kids to where you want to live
  • You two talk about the future so much that it just becomes a normal thing, not at all as scary as it is for some couples
  • He would really love it if you were close with the other members
  • His love and his second family getting along well would make him happier than anything else
  • Honestly the members would all love you
  • Since Jeonghan is Seventeen’s mom you’d be like another parent to them
  • And of course just the fact that you make Jeonghan happy would be reason enough for all of them to love you
  • For all his cuteness and bubbliness, I think he’d take relationships really seriously
  • Like you would literally be the most important thing in the world to him
  • You are priority number 1 and he will do whatever it takes for you to be happy and healthy
  • The other members might even tease him sometimes for how in love with you he is but he doesn’t even mind because, yeah, he really is in love with you
  • Like they’d see him on his phone and be like “He must be texting ______~” just to get a reaction from him but
  • “Huh? Oh, yeah. They say hi.”
  • And then the guys would just kinda stare at him, defeated, like “oh… okay,,,, we say hi too”
  • He is all for lazy dates
  • Like he would go out an pick up some fast food and then you would just hang out in your pajamas and watch TV together
  • If you told anyone about your lazy dates they would just be like “why that’s not romantic at all”
  • But honestly it’s the cutest thing ever
  • Just cuddled up with one another, feeding each other french fries and being adorable
  • Or fighting over the fries tbh it could go either way
  • He would let you win tho bc he’s a gentleman
  • Jeonghan is definitely 10/10 the kind of guy who would love to slow dance
  • Doesn’t matter when or where he will ask you to slow dance with him
  • That stereotypical dancing around the living room with no music on? He is so into that
  • It’d be a super romantic, sweet thing for a few minutes
  • But then he would burst into silly Jeonghan mode with no hope of return
  • He’d pick up the speed a lot until you two were practically just prancing about the entire house
  • The smile on his face then would be the kind of thing you’d never forget
  • It’d be so genuine, no barriers or anything holding him back
  • You could just see the love overflowing from his face
  • He’d be laughing that cute little Jeonghan laugh, too
  • Who am I kidding it’s not a laugh it’s a giggle
  • He just has this calming aura about him so he’d be great to have around when you’re upset
  • He’d use one of his hands to hold yours, the other to stroke your hair
  • “It’s alright, Jagiya,” he’d say in a calm voice, “Just let it out, you’re going to be fine.”
  • He wouldn’t care how loud you were sobbing, how much you cried on his shoulder, etc. He’d let you do whatever you needed to do to calm down.
  • Once you got past the initial sobs and hysterics, he’d just hug you tightly, singing softly to you
  • I don’t think there would’ve been a specific moment that he knew he wanted to marry you; he would’ve just had a feeling all along
  • It’s not like it woud be a secret, either
  • Since you two talk about the future so much, it would be made quite clear that he intended to spend the rest of his life with you
  • He’d talk about it to the other guys alot, too
  • They’d all want to be in on the proposal since you’re such a big part of their lives
  • So he’d probably go for a scavenger hunt thing
  • You’d have to go through each of the members before finally getting to Jeonghan
  • When you finally got to him, he’d be waiting eagerly with a big smile
  • Since he was probably leaving sweet notes for you with all the other members, he’d just keep it short, getting right to the point:
  • “I love you more than words can say. Will you marry me?”

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