is going to report us

Can everyone go mass report Daddyofive on youtube?

Their a family vlog/prank channel and they’re abusing their youngest child, Cody. I’m not normally for mob attacks on people on the internet but they need to be stopped. 

If you don’t want to watch the video here are Philp DeFranco’s videos on the subject with clips showing the abuse: 

Video 1

Video 2

To report them click on the flag button on this page. I reported them for child endangerment. 

he’s very proud of his expensive grandpa sweater (x)

We’ll Figure It Out (Pt 1)

gif art by @travellerintime thank you so much!

Summary: After recent events, Sam has been fighting insomnia. Dean wants to help him in any way possible. He need’s Sam to talk about his experience, and needs him to relax, and will do anything to get him there.

Pairing: Sam Wincester / Dean Winchester
Warnings: None
Tags: WIncest, First Time, Season 12 Divergance, Bunker Sex, Depressed!Sam, Caring!Dean, Comfort, Slow Burn, not too smutty


Dean’s eyes burn after what felt like 24 hours straight of reading articles on the internet about crazy events that might be in their wheelhouse. Nothing particularly jumped off the screen to him, so he took the last 2 swallows from his beer and decided to call it a night. Sam had gone to bed hours ago. A little earlier than normal, but he had been looking more tired than usual, and it’s probably just caught up to him.

As he approached his bedroom door, Dean paused and listened to voices coming from Sam’s room. It sounded like the TV, but Sam doesn’t usually fall asleep with the TV on, so he decides to check on his brother.

“It’s open.” Sam says as he hears Dean’s signature “shave and a haircut” knock on his door. Dean opens the door to find Sam watching TV in the dark, sitting up on his bed, in his T-shirt and lounge pants, sipping from a tumbler of whiskey, also not normal Sam behavior. Dean is sure something is out of whack.

“Hey, you okay?” Dean asks as he gives Sam a once over look to see if there is anything visibly wrong.

“Yeah,” Sam says with a half smile, “just can’t sleep. Trying to take the edge off,” as he gestures with the tumbler. Dean glances over at the whiskey bottle on the night stand. Still ¾ of the way full. Sam could probably still drive if he had to at this point, so Dean lets himself relax a little…his little brother isn’t sitting in the dark, brooding and getting drunk.

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Watson is so freakin thirsty in canon…jesus…no wonder they needed a wife beard…

Any Attractive Male Client in Canon: I was referred to you by my friend who assured me you could be delicate and discreet Mr. Holmes, shall we speak in private?


Watson (muttering to himself while humping the client’s leg): Petulant mouth…elegant…well-endowed…beautiful body…beautiful mind…

Holmes (stage whispering to client): please don’t report us.  we are going to be arrested at any moment…

Do You Believe in Soulmates? Part 5

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4   Part 6  Part 7

Summary: Your brothers and you meet up after years of being apart. The case you are working looks more and more like a supernatural case. But when your brother’s figure out what you are dealing with you can’t help but feel scared.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, and Smut (only a very tiny bit). The whole nine yards.

A/N: Hey guys, thanks for the patience and support. I apologize for taking so long to come out with this but I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope this makes your day a little brighter :) Plus thank you for the love and support that you have poured out over messages. I’m going through a very tough time right now and all your support has kept me afloat. There are no words to express how much I love and appreciate all of you. Thanks. I love you all! 

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds, Supernatural Crossover

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“Hey, it’s me. How fast can you get to Danvers, Massachusetts?”

“Woah! Slow down bug. Let’s start with ‘Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?’” you brother replied.

Rolling your eyes, an action that was almost second nature for you whenever you spoke to Dean, “Fine. Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?” you state out robotically, not waiting for his response you continue to talk “Okay so listen my team is looking into a case that seems to be more up our alley than the FBI’s.” You heard some muffled talk in the background and pegged it as the moose joining the conversation. “Three girls all 16 years, whose mom’s died when they were 10 were found murdered over the past three days in, and this is what got my attention, Danvers, Massachusetts.”

Before you could explain further Dean interrupts you, “Okay maybe you geeks know what the significance of Danvers is but you mind sharing it with the rest of us who actually have a social life?“

You laughed at the frustrated sigh that erupted from Sam’s throat, you could almost picture the bitch face that he was throwing at Dean right now. “Danvers, Massachusetts was formerly known as Salem Village, where the witch trials took place,” you heard Sam explain.

“There’s more,” you continue explaining the rest of the case to your brothers. After you finished explaining your speculations that the mother’s had made a demon deal and now demons were coming for the daughters, there was a long pause.

Dean decided to break it and says, “Okay bug we’ll be there in about half an hour. We’re wrapping up a ghost in Newton, New Hampshire. Can’t wait to see you, kiddo.”

You smile and say, “Sammy make sure you’re there as reporters and use the credentials that I had Charlie make you. And Dean, she’s married with a kid so no flirting.”

Though he had no i­dea who you were talking about Dean still managed to say, “Aye, that just means I can’t touch. I can still look, and talk.”

Laughing at your brother’s stubbornness you shake your head and say, “She also has two guns and is a terribly good shot. So I wouldn’t if you want all your limbs intact. See you soon.”

As you hang up the phone you can’t help but smile like an idiot all the way to your seat, just the thought of being near your brother’s got you giddy. Though as soon as you came in the view of your co-workers you subdued the smile and tried to act as you did before the phone call. You take an empty seat away from the rest of the team and look at the case files to try to think up an action plan. “You okay?” a concerned male voice breaks through your thoughts, thinking that it was either Morgan or Reid you sigh looking up, only to be surprised at the concerned eyes of the team leader that met you. “Yeah Hotch I’m fine,” you lie, so badly in fact that even a kid could see through you. When Hotch doesn’t stop his eye contact with you, you sigh and start to explain, “Hotch I’ve handled a case like this before back when I went undercover.”

Before beginning at the FBI you had to make up a background story. You held degrees in not only Psychology but also Criminology and Sociology. When Dean went to hell, you promised him not to try and get him out. This proved to be incredibly difficult because every moment you were awake you wanted to get him out, so you decided to go back to school and dove nose straight into a heavy course load. By the time Dean made it out of hell and came back to you, you wanted to drop everything and go hunting but after a lot of forcing on Dean’s and Sam’s part, you stayed in school for the rest of the semester before enrolling into an online school. And after Sam went to the cage, you found it difficult to live the apple pie life that you promised him you would. So you did the same thing you did when Dean went away, you dove into school and came out with your third and fourth degree impressively in a year and a half. However in order to be in the FBI, you had to have some prior work with law enforcement and after some calls, many of the law enforcement officials that you’ve helped out in the past put together stories of you going undercover for the cases that you solved as a hunter. So to the rest of the team, you started off as a field agent, who went on several undercover ops for several police units even though you weren’t officially a cop. You excelled in your field in a matter of months and the director of the BAU himself ordered for your transfer to the team effective immediately.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Hotch asked after you paused.

“Hotch the only thing that I can tell you about these cases are that it blows your mind how much there is out there we don’t know about. And for cases like this, I have to be fully focused on the case, so if I seem cold for the next few weeks I apologize,” you finish.

Hotch stares at you for a couple of seconds, and you know that he’s trying to analyze you but he smiles reassuringly and says, “When we land I want you with Morgan and me, we’re gonna go straight to the police station. And (Y/N) I know you might be intimidated to tell me things, but as much as I am your team leader, I am also your friend.”       

“So you’ve never seen these girls around here before sheriff?”

“That’s right. Never seen any of ‘em until we found the bodies. Excuse boys but that’s the FBI,” you hear the sheriff finish up what seems to be an interview with the two men that you have been dying to see. Even though you had to be professional you couldn’t help the goofy grin the ghosted your face when you made eye contact with them.

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“Agent Hotchner? I’m Sheriff Boldwin. Thank You for coming on such short notice,” the balding sheriff shook hands with your team leader.

“Of course Sheriff, these are Supervisory Special Agents, Derek Morgan and (Y/F/N Y/A/L/N),” Hotch introduced you two, and you shook hands with the sheriff.

“Agents, can we get a quote for the paper?” Dean walked over and said confidently to your team leader. Morgan and you tried your best not to snicker at the face Hotch was making if it was possible you were sure Hotch would have punched Dean right then and there.

“Sir, if you follow me I can get you your quote,” you interrupted before your boss could tell them off. Morgan smirked and whispered, “Try not to scare them too much.”

“I make no promises,” you playfully whisper back to him before walking to an empty office room. Once you make sure that there were no prying eyes looking into the office you launch yourself into the arms of your eldest brother.

“Hey bug, I missed you too you know,” Sam joked as you stayed in Dean’s arms for a bit longer than intended. You smile at jump into his arms next, letting out a squeal as the giant actually picks you up off the floor and spins you around. After the warm greetings, Dean gives you the address of the motel they were staying at and then tease you, “So Supervisory Special Agent can we get a quote for the paper?”

Rolling your eyes for what seemed to be the tenth time in a matter of minutes you shove him a little. “Did you guys find anything else? Any omens?” you ask. Sam opens his pocket book and starts to state off signs he found, “Well since you told us we could only go as reporters, we couldn’t look at any of the evidence but there is definitely a demon in this town. There’s been rumors of cattle mutilations, electrical storms, as well as abnormal weather six hours before the girls showed up dead.”

Taking it all in you declared, “Okay well I’ll have to stay here and work the legal angle but once I get a chance to look at the crime scenes and evidence I’ll text you. Guys this demon took out three girls in three nights, there’s a high possibility that a girl is going to die tonight, and we have no idea why.”

“Okay I’ll do some more research,” Sam acknowledges the group.

“And I’ll do some canvassing,” Dean states, at you raised eyebrow he adds, “and keep the flirting to a minimum.” You laugh at this and bid them goodbye, exiting the room but before you could get far, Dean grabs your wrist pulling you closer to him and whispers, “Cas told us about your little soulmate. You know that you’re not allowed to date, right? You’re too young.”

You look up at you older brother, trying your best not to roll your eyes, you smirk saying, “Tell you what, you stop flirting with anything and everything with boobs, and I won’t go near him.” Satisfied at Dean’s conflicted face you walk back to the conference room where the team had started to set up. By this time the rest of the team was back, their raised eyebrows made you aware that they noticed the interaction between Dean and you. The interaction, plus the smirk that was on your face must have added up to you being interested in the handsome reporter to them, and the thought makes your smile falter. A little grossed out that your team now thinks you are attracted to your brother, you take your seat across from Reid and dive into the case files completely ignoring the silent questions being asked by each of them.

Reid came in with Rossi about ten minutes before you exited the office room with your brothers. He had a coffee in each hand, one for him black coffee with 4 packs of sugar, and another specially made for you. It was a silent pact made by you two that when you guys were working a case and one of you seemed to be a little bothered, the other would try everything to make them feel better. Spencer, of course, noticed that you were bothered by this case from the beginning. He also knew that you were as stubborn as it could get and wouldn’t talk or even acknowledge that there was a problem. You would over work yourself, be too invested and then go home feeling drained and crappy for weeks. 

However, what he didn’t understand is how you seemed bothered by the case yet on the jet after the briefing you were happy. You tried to mask it, but you were happy. Your eyes were sparkling, your cheeks were slightly rosy, and there was a ghost of a smile on your face for the rest of the ride. Though he loved to see you happy, he was a little perturbed that you were happy while they were in the middle of one of the goriest cases they’ve investigated so far. Reid had placed your coffee across from him and was searching for you when Morgan informed him that you were scaring off two cocky reporters. When you didn’t return for another 20 minutes Reid got worried and got up to come find you, but that was when you came out of the office room followed closely by two men who resembled greek gods. Spencer watched the interaction between you and the blond reporter, his heart twisted as he saw you smirking almost seductively at the reporter, leaning up to whisper something to him, your faces just inches apart from each other. He saw the conflicted look on the reporter’s face, guessing by the smirk on your face, he assumed that the reporter must have asked you out and you were playing hard to get. Reid was almost certain that that was what just happened. He had witnessed you turning down men like the reporter before, once he asked JJ why you did that she had smiled and explained either you were interested in someone else or you were playing hard to get. Reid considered the possibility that you were interested in someone else but quickly wrote it off.  One of the perks of being your best friend was that he knew all the men that you interacted with. Aside from the team, the only men you ever came into contact with were the mailman and the barista at the local coffee shop that you and Reid frequented. The mailman was 60, married with 2 kids and 4 grandkids, and the barista was engaged to his longtime girlfriend. He had considered that you might like one of the guys on the team but Morgan was too much of an older brother to you, Rossi treated you like his daughter and you were too scared of Hotch to have any sort of feeling other than respect for him. 

Thankfully Rossi spoke up, saving you from the awkward silence, revealing to the rest of the team what Reid and he found out at the crime scenes, “It looked like she put up one hell of a fight, and from the looks of it I think our unsub is an incredibly strong female. There is no way that any of these girls could have fought a man to this extreme.”

“Are you sure about that Rossi, footprints says the unsub is a size 10, that’s got to be one big woman,” you expressed your doubt.

Rossi took your doubt into consideration with a mischevious smile he said, “Hey Morgan you’re a size 10 in shoes, right?” Morgan nods. “(Y/N), you’re about the size of these girls. Why don’t we go outside and see what kind of a fight Morgan and you could put up?” Rossi suggested playfully. As you scoff off the suggestion, Morgan puts on a smirk and said, "Nah, that won’t be fair, I would cream her.”

“Morgan, she was able to fight with a 6 ft. 240-pound man and hold her ground for 15 minutes. I think she would cream you,” Reid makes the first contribution to the conversation since you’ve all arrived in Massachusetts. He went back to examining the case files as fast as he made the comment. There was a piece of hair that fell onto his face, and it took all you got not to reach over and put it in its spot. You didn’t even notice until then but he had gotten you coffee, from the looks of it, it was the coffee Reid especially makes for you whenever he wanted to cheer you up. There was a note stuck to the side of it ‘Whatever is bothering you, I’m here,’ you smiled as you saw he tried his best to reach you. As you were filled with happiness to see that your best friend will always be there for you, you also start to feel a little guilty at the way you’ve been avoiding him. It wasn’t his fault that heaven decided that you two were meant to be, and you should know better if the heavenly bastards wanted something they would get it one way or another. 

As you were looking over at him he looked up and you send a silent thank you for the coffee and the support through your smile. He smiled as well and focused on the map trying to come with a geo- profile. While he was busy thinking he brought his lower lip in between his teeth, and you pressed your thighs together trying not to acknowledge the heat building up in between your legs. You couldn’t help the images that played in your mind as you watched him bite his lip and run his hand through the unruly mess he called his hair. You wondered what his lips tasted like, how his lips would feel against yours. How your bodies would feel pressed up against each other, how good it would feel to have him inside you. Damn it (Y/N)! It was as if you were falling more and more for him the more you looked at him. Morgan cleared his throat signaling that you were hopelessly longingly staring at the doctor. Again.

You turn your attention back to the team, as Hotch asks, “So other than the unsub being female, was there anything else that you guys found at the crime scenes?”

“Yeah,” Reid looked up from the files, “There was sulfur at the scene.”

Dammit! You thought.

“File says that there was sulfur at the other crime scenes too. Not really in a pattern but definitely significant. It’s part of her M.O,” JJ adds. Just as you were about to text your brothers about the demon theory being correct, you get a message, you read it and couldn’t stop the little gasp that escaped your mouth. 

Prince and Princess of Hell. Meet us at the motel ASAP.

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While the impeachment of South Korea’s president is a serious affair, we all needed a little laugh at the end of the day. Who better to provide it than a go-to source for many of us Korea reporters, Bob Kelly. Kelly was appearing on the BBC via Skype when his younger family members decided they, too, wanted to appear on international television. 

As someone who works from home and has two small children as well as unruly cats, this is pretty much a regular occurrence. How it hasn’t happened while I’m broadcasting live yet is a mystery to me. 

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Guy waltzes into my optometry office at 12:30 (i.e. the normal time that people are taking a break to have lunch). He FREAKS out that we won't drop our lunch to see him. Because he just HAS to be seen because he has a very important meeting later and he needs contacts to be able to see. Apparently he's going to report us the feds (good luck, they don't give a crap about optometrists, try the state board there buddy) for not seeing him, because we HAVE to see anyone that comes in apparently, hah!

Well he does need contacts in order to see how big of a massive dick wart he’s being. Better make them bifocal so he can see his entitled procrastinating ass from near and far. -Abby

Last Kiss-2


“Morgan check.” He came walking up the hill, meeting up with JJ. After following clues that lead to know where.  “(Y/N), is she okay?” He saw the look in her eyes, he felt his heart drop. “JJ, tell me?”

“She’s missing….Spencer can’t find her.” Morgan was torn between doing his job, and going to find (Y/N). 


I slowly opened my eyes, I heard whimpering close to me, my head throbbed and felt fuzzy. I was in a dark and dank basement, I turned my head towards the whimpering. “Katie James?”

“Whhhooo are you?”

“I’m Agent (Y/L/N) with the BAU, people are looking for the both of us.” I push myself to a sitting position, trying to remember how I got here. Spencer and I were canvasing the James’ neighborhood. There was a little boy about five or six that was lost. I was helping him, find his dad, I left Spencer’s side.

We found his dad, I pulled my gun, fired a shot, I’m not sure why and then everything is gone until now.

“I’ve seen the news reports, he’s going to kill us in two days!” Katie was was getting hysterical.

“I need you to stay calm, we’re going to get out of this, either on our own or my coworkers will come for use.” I felt my ankle, the unsub got that gun. Hand to hand combat it is, I just had to wait for him to show up. “I need you to play along, with whatever he wants. It will buy us some time.”

“He wants a wife a mother….”

I closed my eyes. “Then you play along, you tell him that you want to get know him first. I will take care of you.”


The whole team was worried when there was no sign of (Y/L/N), a second team was called in to help with the case.

Morgan was on his third cup of coffee, pacing the conference room. Spencer stood in front of him. “I’m sorry Morgan, I didn’t protect her….” He had tears in his eyes.

“Kid, this isn’t your fault.  You had a job to do, we’re going to find her.”

“But the gun shots…”

i’m so pissed that i just had to go report the youtube account of a literal nazi who used a special character to disguise the word “nazi” in his username after multiple account suspensions because youtube actively fucking RECOMMENDED his shit to me. this is the worst future

New Kingsman 2 photos give us first look at The Golden Circle

Taron Egerton returns as Eggsy

He’s back – Taron Egerton returns as everyone’s favourite council-estate scruff turned international super spy. He’s suited and booted with the latest gear and a suave new suit. But has he got what it takes to stack up against the Statesmen? If nothing else, Taron Egerton is certainly more experienced.

Source: Yahoo Movies UK

Channing Tatum rocking that cowboy hat

It’s no secret that Channing Tatum is in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ – he’s been officially cast for some time. But we still don’t know much about his character. We do know that he’s a Statesman Secret Agent… and it sounds as though he might have a rather awesome-sounding weapon. “Brand new, beyond-Bond gadgets include a mechanical attack dog and an electric cowboy-style lasso that slices through bad guys.” Surely that’s got to be Tatum’s lasso?

Source: Yahoo Movies UK

Jeff Bridges as the Head of Statesman?

Again, not much has been revealed about Jeff Bridges’ character, but it’s been reported that he’s going to be heading up Statesman – the US equivalent of Kingsman. He certainly looks the part, but will he be an ally to the British agents or a right royal pain in the ass?

Source: Yahoo Movies UK

Halle Berry as Ginger

It looks as though Mark Strong has a bit of competition in the nerdy, tech-side of ‘Kingsman’ as Halle Berry is revealed to essentially be the American version of Merlin – the man who ran the Kingsman armoury in the first film. But could there be a romance on the horizon? “She had her clipboard and her glasses, just like Merlin,” said Strong. “And what happens when two tech nerds come together? Might there be some geeky love?”

Source: Yahoo Movies UK


Guys please don’t let this be The Great Greenflame War 2 trust me I went through the first Great Greenflame War and it was not pretty I watched several people leave and several friendships dissolved and I would hate for that to happen to you guys so please can we get along let the anti Greenflame shippers grumble and let the shippers ship them

Antis please respect that the Shipper people believe Lloyd is mentally 16 and thus see nothing wrong with him being romantically involved with Kai and I can tell you Tumblr won’t do a thing to take the Artists who draw Greenflame as you may say its Pedophila but they see it as two fake characters that got shipped together it after all physically Lloyd is 16 and they don’t know Ninjago like us so they’ll go after your account for false reporting

Shippers let the antis be upset and let them think that Lloyd is a 10 year old stuck in a 16 year Olds body it’s their right afterall

We are all entitled to our opinion I don’t want The Great Greenflame War 2 to happen please guys

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why do you think addison is eavesdropping on emison? and is she going to out them like in the whole school? or report to athletic super? thoughts?

Well, she did threaten Emily less than a minute before. She probably is going to use them as ground for blackmail, or yes maybe report them. Obviously this won’t stop Emison from having a relationship, as we have seen their future scenes.

Honestly I think Addison could be like involved with A, like A had Addison enroll in Rosewood High School to torment Alison with the memories of her past. Addison has practically the same name as Alison, as well as a similar jaw and chin structure. The character looks kind of like Alison did in high school

Intended Response -- Tim Drake x Reader

Here it is, the last part to my very first prompt on this page of ours! It’s been fun and I’m glad everyone seems to have enjoyed this little continuation! Hopefully this will bring everything to a nice, clean end. Enjoy my lovelies!!

By the way, (Y/S/H/N) stands for Your Super Hero Name!

Part One    Part Two    Part Three

Word Count: 855

You had a smug grin on your face at Tim’s obvious discomfort.

The superhero had practically tripped over himself in his haste to make up for the missed date from yesterday. Canceling any plans he’d previously made, he swore that you two would spend the day doing whatever you wanted. A few ideas had sprung into your head, but this one seemed the most entertaining. Plus, it put your boyfriend in an awkward spot.

“Were our uniforms really necessary?”

Your grinned widened. “It’s Comic-Con Tim, of course they were necessary!”

“Don’t say my name so loud!” Your boyfriend hissed. His paranoia was quite amusing. “What if there’s a villain here?”

You thought it best not to point out the person in the terrific Joker costume not far from you. The last thing you wanted was to be thrown out of the nerdiest event of the year because Tim couldn’t relax for one day. Instead, you expertly maneuvered the two of you away from the costumed man and headed towards the stands. The dark-haired male kept a firm grip on your intertwined hands, not wanting to lose you in the massive crowd. It’s not like he wouldn’t be able to find you. He’d been quite persistent in putting a tracker in your costume so it would be easier to keep an eye on you when you were called away on missions.

Forgetful as he may be, Tim really did have your best interests in mind.

“Just try and relax? This is supposed to be fun!”

Tim stared into your pleading (E/C) eyes then sighed. He gave a defeated nod to signal that he would attempt to relax. With a workaholic like him, that was the best you could expect.

The rest of the day was spent going from panel to panel and competing in costume competitions. You’d nearly lost it when Tim had managed to make it to the finals of the competition only to lose to the same guy you’d seen earlier dressed as the Joker. The two of you had received massive amounts of praise at how accurate your costumes looked and posed for some many pictures, you were certain Bruce would find at least one of them. The scolding you two would get was well worth it though.

By the end of the day, Tim was asking if you could come back next year.

“So, not as awful as you expected?”

“No way!” The man had a goofy smile plastered to his face. “Plus, I got to spend the entire day with the woman I love.”

You giggled and slapped his chest playfully. “Careful there bird boy. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were talking to (Y/S/H/N) and not me.”

“Good thing you know better.”

Tim drew you closer to his chest and planted a kiss on your lips. You felt yourself grin against his lips and mentally thanked whoever was listening that you had such an awesome, nerdy, caffeine-addicted, forgetful, sweet, and loving boyfriend like him.

Your phone going off successfully ruined the moment. Tim groaned and placed his forehead on your shoulder. You patted his back comfortingly before retrieving the ringing device. A smirk graced your lips and you couldn’t resist showing the caller ID to the pouting man. His face paled at the name on the screen. With a soft chuckle, you swiped across the screen and placed the phone to your ear.

“Hey Bruce! What’s up?”

“Care to explain why there are reports of Red Robin and (Y/S/H/N) making guest appearances at the New York Comic-Con?” The Dark Knight asked in a dangerous tone.

You full out laughed at him. “Really? You’re going to believe reports of us appearing at a convention where literally everyone is in costume and could be dressed like us? I’m beginning to think your paranoia is getting a little out of hand.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. You could faintly hear Jason and Dick laughing in the background at your snarky remark. A rustling sound over the receiver let you know that Bruce had covered it so that you couldn’t hear him yelling at the two to keep it down. His voice soon come through clearly once more.

“I’m sending Alfred to come pick you up. If you two really are in uniform, I swear…”

“You worry too much!” You felt oddly smug at the irritated grumble your words elicited from the man. “I’ll keep an eye out for Alfred. See you tonight!”

Tim’s face was still pale by the time you had hung up. Worried, you reached out a hand and shook him gently. This seemed to snap the man out of his stupor. He shook his head from side to side trying to clear his mind. You could see the gears whirling in that genius head of his. You squeezed his shoulder reassuringly.

“Don’t stress! I’ve got some civilian clothes stashed in a storage closet.”

“You knew he’d find out! You and Jason planned this!”

“Oh, no dear birdie,” You said with a sickeningly sweet smile, “this one was all me.”

~Mod Nerd Bird

Josh Dun x Reader Fluffers

Good morning, because it is almost 1 am here where I am! I hope you are enjoying the imagines I have posted before this and I hope you are having a good time wherever in the world you are. 

This imagine was requested by a fantabulous Anon.

Could you write a Josh Dun x Reader? I literally don’t even care what it’s about, just make it super fluffy. Thanks!

Rating: PG (For the fluffiness and the possible swearing that may occur)

Warnings: None specifically, only that it is pure fluff and is too precious for this world.

I know it’s short, but I sorta based it off of a GIF imagine I wrote earlier. I hope you enjoy it!

- Kasi

Going on tour was fun, plain and simple. Touring the country, or countries, and seeing all the different cultures and kinds of people there are was something you enjoyed a lot. But if there was one thing that you enjoyed more than that, it had to be seeing all of this stuff with your boyfriend Josh. You and Josh had been together for a few years now and you had gone on every tour Twenty One Pilots had been on. 

Over time you had become friends with Tyler and the crew and everyone else that was in Josh’s life, making your previously sad and quiet life happy and vibrant. 

It was a few hours before a show and everyone was kind of just milling around getting things placed for when the stage needed to be set up. You and Josh were sitting side stage against some amp cases, just relaxing and no doing anything special. You pulled your legs up so your knees were at your chest and you rested your chin on top of them. Suddenly from the dressing rooms you heard Tyler come running out obnoxiously and stop in front of you and Josh.

“You two look bored, let’s go on an adventure!” Tyler exclaimed and you looked over at Josh, confused and slightly worried about Tyler.

“We’re good. You go on an adventure and report back to us when you are done,” Josh told his bandmate before Tyler stared for a second and then basically pranced off toward the stage. You giggled to yourself before you felt arms wrap around you and a giggle from Josh sounded in your ear.

“Josh, what are you doing?” You laughed while whining. He just tightened his arms and began kissing your neck. The two of you then fell over into the middle of the walkway. All along your sides you felt Josh begin to tickle you. Laughter and screams left your mouth as the two of you rolled around on the floor and got in the way of the crew members. Normally the two of you would just sit there and talk, but apparently Josh had other plans.

In a moment when Josh paused his tickling, you took it and sprinted away from him, in hopes of stopping the tickling but also just because you wanted to run around and be weird. But you had never been a very fast runner so when you looked back to see if Josh had noticed you were running away from him, he was almost already caught up to you.

“Ah, no, Josh!” You laughed as his arms wrapped around your waist and picked you up. The two of you then fell over once more on the stage and burst out into loud laughter before you just laid there. Touring can be stressful sometimes with everything that is always going on, but sometimes there are moments that make it all worth it.

A Perfect Storm Part 15

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Cas, Sam, Riley, Jesse, Rowena, Crowley

Summary:  Reader is an actress on Supernatural.  What happens when she’s ripped from her own world and thrown into Sam and Dean’s?

Word Count:  1158

Warnings:  Language

I keep forgetting to mention that @for-the-love-of-dean has been my wonderful beta.  She knows what’s coming and still agrees to read it. You have been warned.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.

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A Perfect Storm Part 15

Looking around the room, you assess your ‘army’. Cas, Dean, Sam, Riley, Crowley and Rowena. A ragtag band of misfits if there ever was one. They all look to you expectantly, somehow you’ve taken point as leader of this mission.  

Crowley is here because he’s damn near nuclear over the demons that have defected to Jesse’s side. Rowena claims that she had to pick a side, so her money was on you. Crowley brings an army of demons with him, Rowena has drummed up the support of a coven and Cas has managed to gather some wayward angels to join the cause.  

“What’s the plan of attack?” Sam asks.

“We need to keep watch on Jesse’s tomb. We’ll take shifts. He should be ‘rising from the dead’ in the next twelve hours or so,” you explain. “Let’s break up into shifts.”

“I have demons stationed throughout the graveyard,” Crowley offers. You nod at the King of Hell, but you don’t trust that his demons will report back to you.  

“We’ll take the first watch,” Riley breaks in, reaching for Sam’s hand.

“Yeah, as long as you two are actually ‘watching’,” Dean teases. Sam blushes, it’s endearing. You hope to Chuck that the two of them make it through this.

“My concern is for the innocent followers,” Cas speaks up. “This will come down to a great battle between (Y/N) and Jesse. Demons and angels, all fighting against one another. There will be humans in the crossfire.”

“I agree, that’s my concern too. Cas, is there a way to shield them somehow?” you ask the angel.

“I can have my angels try to remove them from the battle,” he offers.

Rowena chimes in, “Leave the humans to the witches. We can cast protection spells over them.”

“Okay, so Rowena, you and your witches protect the innocent. Cas, you and your angels keep everyone out of the way of Jesse and I. Crowley, your focus is the opposing demons. Dean, you Sam and Riley, just, stay safe, okay?”

Dean looks at you, his jaw clenching. “I’m not letting you go in alone.”

“It comes down to Jesse and I. We both know this. If we survive this, the world is going to need the three of you to keep fighting,” you argue.  

“If we survive this, I don’t…” he trails off, but doesn’t finish his sentence when he realized all eyes are on the two of you. “Forget it. Sam and Riley, go take up position. Report anything new back to us.”

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