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Who are your favorite blogs? I think I need to follow some more of those people you talked about in your tags haha

Okay so there are so, so many amazing blogs for The 100 so I’m not going to put all of them (because its just A Lot); instead, I’m going to cast some light on the blogs who don’t deal in drama (mostly), because I have a feeling that’s probably what you are looking for (based on you reading my tags in that post). 

For the most part, these blogs are drama-free but, the discourse all gets the best of us sometimes so its not perfect. I associate them with being the more level-headed of the fandom though, I guess, lol. 

@the-100-meta-library @abazethe100 @jontyaxefive @bellhound @kane-and-griffin @adamantinesky @parapluiepliant @lafemmeenbeige @zoemonroe @morleybell @ginalou16 @spacewalkeravenreyes @forgivenessishardforus @grumpybell @nadiahilker @indygoh @velvet-tread @cupcakeblake @sylvias-plath @junebugninja @insufficient-earth-skills @irisouy @stardust-blake @hisstericallypawesomesleepurr @blyedeeks @easnadh1 @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @reblogginhood @rosymamacita @wellamyblake @hawthornewhisperer @nataliecrown

Anyway, like I said, I’m definitely missing people, but the blogs above are definitely good places to visit if you are looking for some new people to follow (if you aren’t following them already)! Most of them are Bellarke shippers (which I’m assuming you won’t mind if you’re following me, lol) but not all (I think there are non-shippers or people who aren’t huge Bellarke shippers as well) and I don’t think I follow a single person who doesn’t like Bellamy Blake, so its pretty safe for that too. 

I follow all of these people for different reasons. Some of them are fantastic meta writers or fic writers, or make beautiful art or gifsets, etc. Others are just incredible people who deserve the world. 

Hope that I was of help, nonny!