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hey fahye! where do you find books you want to read? i feel like i've read everything in easy access and i don't know where to start looking for books that i may also like.

short answer: LITERALLY EVERYWHERE, oh god, someone save me

long answer:

  • libraries! LIBRARIES!!! FREE BOOKS. JUST SITTING AROUND. FOR YOU TO PERUSE. also, librarians love talking about books and if you mention a couple that you’ve read and enjoyed they will make it their personal mission to load you up with other books you might like.
    • a lot of libraries also have ebook/audible book borrowing services these days as well, so you can borrow far too many books without having to leave the house.
  • goodreads is an excellent place to be inspired even if you’re not into the community/marketing side of things; you can browse by category and see average ratings and reviews, and look at people’s ‘shelves’ tagged as all sorts of fun things.
  • podcasts are great-slash-awful for this; my to-read pile grows enormously with every episode of galactic suburbia and the hopeless romantic (in the genres of SFF and queer romance respectively).
  • there are also any number of book review blogs dedicated to making you want to cry at the sheer number of amazing things out there. try the book smugglers?
  • I am not a person who watches vlogs but I understand that book vlogging is a Big Thing too, and maybe you would enjoy some charismatic teenager with amazing hair enthusing at you about what they’re reading.

I could open up the sky
and I could give you my devotion
until the end of time

rumaan  asked:

Loving all your lotr posts ATM - they are very handy snippets of information that are really interesting. I've read the books and see the films but have never really bothered to look up more of the world so I'm enjoying reading your posts. Thanks :)

You’re very welcome, I’m happy to share the knowledge! Not, y’know, that I’ve read everything Tolkien – I never finished the History of Middle Earth (left off at about volume 8 or 9, the last volume available at the time I was reading them), and still haven’t gotten around to reading The Children of Hurin. :/

But I have read The Simarillion and most of HoME, I followed @askmiddlearth since she started (there was an expert, shame she’s been on hiatus for ages now), and of course the various wikis are great supplements to my memory. And I did lurk in rec.arts.books.tolkien back when and read their FAQ (ah, the days of “Do balrogs have wings?”), so yeah, I know the kinds of questions people have, since I once did too. :)

Okay so I thought that maybe Crayola changed their color formula or whatever cause I got the 24 pack awhile ago to use with the students and those colors were WAY off (and I know those colors like the back off my hand) like Sky Blue was significantly darker and other colors too but I’m glad the colors look normal in the 100 pack

fun things to do during a car ride
  • put on your broadway playlist of all your fave tunes from all your favourite shows and *perform* along
  • add unnecessary badly-executed vibrato to every song you can
  • sing songs with the voice of the wrong character (ex: you and me (but mostly me) from the book of mormon as javert is a personal favourite)
  • if you’re going out just put out tonight from rent on loop
  • forget to sing some parts because the singer is doing that™ and you’re transcending your earthly body (mildly unsafe if you’re driving)
I miss you. I won’t admit that to your face, or over text, but right now my heart feels like it’s shattering over and over again and I just want you right now.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#60)
I wish someone would’ve just sat me down, five years ago, ten years ago even, and told me how much growing up would feel like digging my soul out of my body by teaspoons and burying it.
—  from an unfinished story #810

You are the future of humans and monsters!

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