is going to be a book

Don’t hold onto me because you don’t want to lose someone else" 

"Laine, that’s not what I was doing - ”

“Don’t lie to me. The only reason we’re still together is because you don’t want to be alone. And it doesn’t work like that. I am no longer yours to keep.
—  L.A.L. || Let Me Go

War and Peace, requested by @maybe-queen-of-numenor

All we can know is that we know nothing. And that’s the height of human wisdom.

So I made a post saying that I prefer to read books written by women and consume other media produced by women.

Men got a hold of this post and I got flooded by anons and replies calling me a cunt, a sexist bitch, and worse.

So I made another post about anti-feministss complaining about the smallest shit.

And am now recieving another deluge of abusive anons and fucking idiots in my notifications.

But yeah, you men are really showing me me. Reckt, as you say. You sure did prove me wrong, lmao.

Anyway, I’m turning off notifications again so if I miss replies from my followers and friends, sorry. Blame men.

Knowing that Samuel Blachley Webb, Caleb Gibbs, Tench Tilghman, James McHenry, and (maybe) Benjamin Walker and possibly others all kept journals during the revolution while on staff but that their survival and/or accessibility is extremely limited is upsetting to me and my research.

My biggest mistake wasn’t loving too hard but staying longer than I should have with a person who never saw my worth.

it’s all fun and games until you listen to act two

“I can’t do it anymore. It’s exhausting, going through the same routine everyday, trying to live through every single day while my minds screaming that I’m better off dead.”

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (excerptsfromstories)

Maybe we’ll meet again when we’re slightly older. I’ll be right for you and you’ll be right for me but right now, I am chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to my heart.