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31 and 23 from the nsfw list ( with 23 can you please write it as the first time she/he asks for this?)

Prompts: “bend over,” and “wrap your hands around my throat.”* [from this list]
797 words; Bucky doesn’t want to hurt you, but you manage to convince him to be rougher with you. (18+, smut, choking, surprise sex, metal arm awesomeness, gif for reasons, story under the cut, *edit later)

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Not to be salty on this glorious day, but I wanna see James, the black man, confront Monhell about being a slave owner. To my knowledge he hasn't been supportive of Monhell like Winn or Alex, thank god. But the CW can't fucking tell me that James would tolerate Kara being with a slave owner. Wouldn't even tolerate him being around on earth. And if he ever does tell Kara to stay with or ends up liking Monhell, that's even more disrespectful to Mehcad and James.


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Yo the chris wood confirmation, is the only source for that the article that went around a while ago from that magazine or is there another?? Because god i dont want it to be true mon-el needs to die damn it.

The only confirmation is from that magazine, sooooooo I’m holding out for the moment where he gets flung into the fucking sun and dies in a spectacular blaze of glorious fire at the end of this season like he deserves

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alright this is gonna sound weird...but you have such a wonderful ability to make little details that are typically classified as "ugly"(teeth gap, hetero eyes, etc) really enviable and help those who have those features really love and appreciate them through your characters. and idk this is weird but i have a butt chin (cleft chin is ya gonna be scientific) and i really cant find it in myself to love it. is there anyway you could help with your magical sim powers?? lots of love

omfg u angel!!!!!!!!! ;-; wowie idk wat 2 say!!!!!!!! i will say tht i def dont think any of things should evr be classified as ‘ugly’!!! wtf!!!!!!!! omfg but…… gonna make u a sim w ur glorious beautiful perf chin ok ilysm xoxo

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*sobs* kat I want orochimaru to mentor Naruto so bad. So so bad. Tsunade can take sasuke and sakura can have jiraiya (oh god) itd be so glorious I need it why did my brain think of this

It is a good thought! Have you read my Cry Havoc series? It’s got mentor!Orochimaru and Naruto terrorizing Kakashi, if you’re interested. ^-^

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POPPY DONT BE BORED! TODAY IS A GLORIOUS DAY FULL OF WONDER AND HAPPINESS AND LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA'S BEAUTIFUL FACE! ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!!! Also can we scream about wanting to write your fic but not actually doing any of the writing for it because words? I'll scream to that.

we can scream, but I’m about to fall asleep. Also, this is my new favourite inspirational message. You could compete against Lin’s tweets with this xo

You See .....

I shuffle down the street, a man of eighty years
I was once young but youth now distant
I wish I could remember youth
But I just remember piles of bodies
Death all around, naked skeletal bodies
The smell of gas chambers
You say
“Stupid old man get out of my way!”

I sit on the floor of a doorway, on blanket in the rain
I look at my life’s possessions in that bin liner
I think about the house I had, the glorious 9-5
I think about my wife. I miss my kids.
I still feel the pain of being laid off
The house repossession.
My depression
You say
“Lazy dropout get a job!”

I walk the street pushing my pram. I adore my baby.
I think about how I was going to college,
I was going to get a degree. Be a teacher.
I think about how I wanted kids. I wanted the ideal family.
I think about my school sweetheart,
I think how he meant the world to me.
About how we waited. Just the one time.
I was only 17.
I think how he said it was safe.
I miss him
You say
“Have you never heard of contraception?!”

And so I could go on ……………..

What you see
Is not necessarily
How it is

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*hands you a glass of water* you okay? keep breathing (and Abby gets to touch that chest)

*accepts the glass of water gratefully* 

Uhm NoOoO?!

I mean, I know that we already saw Marcus’ chest and arms in 4x02 god bless but now he’s standing and he’s taking his shirt off and muscles are flexing.

Like hotdamn Marcus have some consideration for my nerves!

And please, there’s no need to remind me that Abby got (and will still get) to touch said glorious chest and other parts of his body. Those images are burned into my memory although new images would be appreciated