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i’m just really glad that we have someone like harry to look up to and admire and aspire to be like. i don’t mean to be cheesy, but genuinely it’s great to have a person to look up to who is so generous and so kind and i’m really glad to have a role model like him like genuinely i am just so happy that we have the chance to ~~know~~ him and that he shares his heart with us because he helps remind me to be a better and kinder person every day

Happy 73rd Birthday to my Best Friend.

Dear Dad,

It’s your birthday, yay!  I feel like I won the lottery with you as my dad.  You’re the most generous, faithful person I know.  The world would be a better place if more people lived the way you do. 

You’re my rock.  I know you’ll always be there for me.  You’ve been there at my best and at my worst.  I called you one fall morning in tears and said, “I need you to come here and take care of me.”  You dropped whatever you had going on and came.

You handled losing your “hon” - the love of your life - with a quiet strength we needed.  You’ve fought your own battle with cancer and won. 

You’re the hardest working person I know.  And you’re always willing to lend a hand….even if you’d maybe rather be doing something else.

I love you and I don’t know that I can tell you enough how much I appreciate you and all the support you’ve given me.  You believe in me when I don’t believe in myself.  When I’m not strong, you’re strong for me.

It meant so much to me when you told me, “Linds, I’d miss you like crazy, but if you want to move to New York, I’ll support you because I know you’re happy there.”  I think you were relieved when I say I have no plans to move, but I know that you’d give anything to see me happy….even move to New York :)

You won’t read this until I print it out and give it to you tomorrow.  I hope you had a happy birthday and enjoy your next trip around the sun.  May God continue to bless you.



PS….Be quiet and eat your chili :)

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No but tho' I really wanted to see a grim reaper seventeen au ;-; I just love the thoughts about a grim reaper having a forbidden love with a human??

S.Coups: Seungcheol acts as both a Grim Reaper and Guardian Angel. He’d save those he thinks deserves one last chance, and collect the souls of those who have finally reached their time. He’s a generous Reaper, giving extra time for those who are dying to say goodbye to their loved ones. Then there’s you; he always tells himself that he’s given you enough time, but he just keeps saving you every time you get yourself in trouble.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan doesn’t abide by the rules. He collects souls when he wants, gives more time to who he wants, and takes away time from who he wants. He likes having the power to be able to control people’s lives. There’s one person he dares not mess with though; you. He didn’t know why at first, until he poured sand into your hourglass. He hasn’t given anyone more time in over a hundred years.

Joshua: Jisoo never collects souls in time. He always gives those who are on the verge of death one more chance to live. He only collects the souls of the good and pure, and he refuses to let any of them die unhappily. There’s clumsy you who’s always getting yourself in trouble, so Jisoo’s constantly watching over you. He’s given you too many chances to live, but it’s only because he’s postponing his meeting with you. He doesn’t know how he’d act in front of a mortal who has stolen a Reaper’s heart.

Jun: Junhui disguises himself as a mortal being, and goes around watching over those he’s meant to collect soon. After meeting you, he doesn’t know how he’d collect your soul because he never wants your time to be up. He’d disguise himself as anyone just to be close to you to save you from whatever’s meant to end your life. Words can’t even describe the relief he felt when your name disappeared from the list of those he’s meant to collect soon.

Hoshi: Soonyoung loves games. He’d visit someone when they’re on the verge of life and death, and suggest they both play a game. If they win, they get their life back, but if they lose, their soul is his. You were the first mortal to trick him, and Soonyoung couldn’t contain the smile on his face. He gave you your life back, and a few extra years to live. The next time you see him would be years from now, and he only hopes that you still remember him.

Wonwoo: While other Reapers think he’s fine with collecting souls, Wonwoo mourns the deaths of those he collects. He hates being Death itself, but nothing can change that. Rule-breaking’s an option, but messing with the human world is something he fears. He’s fallen for you, a mortal, so when your time’s up he doesn’t know how he’d feel or what he’d do. For now, all he can do is watch over you.

Woozi: Jihoon is the type of Grim Reaper who respects the rules. He collects those whose time is up, and has never in his entire existence refilled an hourglass to give someone more time. He’s the Grim Reaper; Death, not Life. However, he’s fallen for you, and when he sees you standing at the very edge of life and death… For the first time ever, he was willing to break the rules for you.

DK: Seokmin may be a Grim Reaper, but he’s always so bright and positive that he’s mistaken for an Angel instead. He doesn’t smile because he likes collecting souls, but he smiles to hide his pain. He hates collecting souls more than words can say, but there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s fallen for you, who smiles no matter what, because he knows how it feels to hide behind smiles too.

Mingyu: Mingyu is always late when it comes to collecting souls. No one understands how he could mess up so bad, but they just ignore it because he still gets his work done on time. You, who’s long overdue, is the subject of so many questions. Eventually, the other Reapers stopped asking because they think it’s just Mingyu being late in collecting your soul. But the truth it, no—he just wants to keep you alive.

The8: Minghao is more of a Guardian Angel than a Grim Reaper. He refuses to collect souls until he himself believes their time is up. He saves those he believes deserves more time. He does more saving than collecting, which gets him in trouble by the other Reapers, but he doesn’t care. The ones he saves the most are you and those close to you because all he wants is to always see you happy. A mortal can’t be with a Reaper, so this is all he can do for you.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan respects the rules, and does as he’s told. He’s your rival; while he’s a Grim Reaper, you’re a Guardian Angel. You’re always saving those whose times are already out, forcing him to refill hourglasses over and over. He collects souls when he believes it’s time for the person to be laid to rest, but you’re all about second chances. He can’t stand your rule-breaking, and you can’t stand his strong respect to them.

Vernon: Hansol gets attached too easily. He’s broken so many rules in the past, so because of this, he’s sent to collect only when the person has five minutes left to live. However, five minutes is enough for him to be able to see what kind of person they were within those five minutes. And when he got to you… five minutes just wasn’t enough.

Dino: Chan only collects the souls of young children. He thinks he has the saddest job of all because he collects the most innocent souls, but it’s also because he’s with them all their life, and not only when they’re close to death. He’s watched over you since you were born, so if ever the day comes that he has to collect yours, it would feel like a part of him is leaving too.

thank you for your request!!

I love how much you can help people in Origins. Most games my character is just rolling in money they’re never gonna use but at least in DAO it gives you the option to help out people who need it. Like you can give those kids in Redcliffe 5 sovereigns for that old sword so that they can pay for passage away from danger. You can give the guy that finds Leliana a nug way more silver than a nug is probably worth. You can give Zerlinda money for her baby without getting anything in return. You can give Nadezda coin for food before you even need information about the carta from her. The warden can be so generous and helpful and I love them.

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what's your opinion about venus square jupiter? tbh im kinda mortified at knowing my chart rejects a healthy love life lol :-)

This native will have a hard time accepting things when things don’t go their way. Tends to exaggerate for the future, involving relationships, opportunities, etc. Can be an attention seeker, and can go to lengths to receive it. Very likely to close off others when they want to get closer to you, and could feel as if you are being taken advantage of. Careless, and lazy. May have a problem with weight. On the bright side, you can be very charming, and your communication skills are A+. Learn to generous of others, and be less suspicious of people. ♡ 

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Its great! Your writing is amazing. It makes me happy to see writers liking Jason character, poor Jay is so neglected. I don't know if could see Jason in another animated movie o series. I love under the red hood, but that's it, I like DC animated movies but they avoid Jason like a plague... well at least they didn't used red head Jason

If we could all just quietly pretend that Morrison never put his hands on Jason that would be great. Like he couldn’t even get pre-crisis Jason’s hair right. It was strawberry blonde if I’m being generous.

But anyway, this August Jason fans have three comic books to look forward to for Jason content.

I don’t trust DC but at least Jason’s ever increasing popularity means they’re probably going to keep capitalizing on him and stop trying to deliberately ruin his character, no matter what sad, bitter and mostly talentless writers who hate Jason think.

For all his faults at least Lobdell actually likes Jason…

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..... But where would milk come from in Zootopia? Does it still come from cows? Do you think they could drink like almond milk or smth? Not very mp100 related but I couldn't hold back the thought lol

I’m not sure myself, although I remember reading/watching an interview with the creators of zootopia or something, and they said a source of milk could be almond milk. They were kinda vague. But then again the memory is vague. 

However, I feel like some cows would be generous enough to donate their milk. Maybe other animals wouldn’t milk them- but there would be pain-free machines? Maybe even milk themselves? Its an interesting topic cause I think it would be one of controversy in the universe. 

As observant as her brainy consulting detective is, there is a significant part of her that Irene has successfully kept from Sherlock.

She dances between the two worlds as she pleases, sending glows of energy with a slight flick of her wand, or weaving power networks via a few taps of keyboard on an intricate muggle device. She misbehaves with grace, taking joy in the best of both sides. Skilfully she keeps her worlds separate, a task proved increasingly difficult by the minute ever since the arrival of their son.

Nero has demonstrated signs of exceptional magical abilities from a very early age. Throw in the unquenchable curiosity, endless ideas for various forms of experimentation, plus a generous sprinkle of irrepressible mischief, and it’s the perfect recipe for mishaps to occur on a regular basis in their two-member household.

Despite what Sherlock has been led to believe, and aside from Irene’s own inclination to steer away from sentiment and domesticity, herein lies the principal reason why she’d declined his subtle and carefully worded suggestions for her and Nero to return to England, to London, with him.

Little did she know that a critical premise, one upon which she’d based her interactions with and decisions regarding the consulting detective, was on the verge of shattering. Or rather, it had been an erroneous assumption to begin with, and she was just about to uncover certain.. enlightening facts.

It didn’t exactly come as a surprise when her beaming 11-year-old boy showed her his second acceptance letter that summer, from the prestigious wizarding school across the Atlantic, a few centuries older than her own alma mater. (She was very pleased of course, even as Nero ended up choosing Hogwarts over Ilvermorny.)

Their shopping trip through Diagon Alley, however, did give her an inkling, when several strangers (around Sherlock’s age or a few years older) strode over to greet them with delight and enthusiasm. (“The youngest Holmes! Off to learn to become a brilliant wizard, now aren’t you? Excellent, excellent.” They said.)

What confirmed her suspicion with absolute certainty was the sight of a familiar impeccably cloaked and umbrella-wielding figure (the Minister, apparently, according to the whispers around her) on Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross.

Which meant a long talk with Sherlock was in order, Irene noted as she watched Nero hop on the train. Her expression spoke unmistakably of pride.

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I'll take a reading, dear. General in nature. Let's see how badly it hands me my own ass. XD

Oh, this will be good. -rubs hands together- 

For you, I drew the Ten of Pentacles. “The Ten of Pentacles signifies emotional and spiritual abundance in nearly every area of your life. The number ten usually indicates completion, and in this case, the journey was well worth it. So be generous, not only with your money, but also with your wisdom. Provide guidance to those who struggle. You will be rewarded tenfold.”

My interpretation: It’s time to climb out of your proverbial hermit shell and share your abundance, damn it. :P


A tsundere motion.

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