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Reasons to watch the LEGO Batman Movie
  • It’s so meta. Batman narrates through the opening logos and they show clips from the other adaptations of Batman and talk about how Joker and Batman have been fighting for 78 years. My personal favorite is when Alfred calls Batman out for all the Brooding™ he’s done since 1966.
  • It’s freaking hilarious. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in years. The jokes always hit the mark and even just how the characters act are enough to get huge laughs.
  • The characters. Batman is of course amazing but there’s also Robin who’s a literal ray of sunshine, Alfred who is the coolest butler ever and so much more, one of the best adaptations of Joker, and Barbara Gordon who is such a competent leader and fighter and so amazing in general.
  • Batman’s and Joker’s relationship. Having Joker portrayed as wanting validation from Batman that he is his greatest enemy but Batman not reciprocating those feelings creates one of the funniest, most amazing hero-villian dynamics ever to be put to film. 
  • It’s actually emotional. Amongst all the hilarity and action scenes the movie does take time to address the concepts of loneliness, confronting one’s fears, if you are really a good person or not (or if you’re in between), and the nature of family. It gives so much depth to Batman that is hardly seen in other adaptations and that’s what makes it so great. 

At first, I thought that cheritz is playing a joke on us by tricking us into believing there’s a new update. Boy, I was wrong and this update is freaking hilarious!!! The cheritz staff members have really done a marvelous job!!!! I can’t stop laughing looking at these new CGs!!!

  • Vax'ildan: visits Kiki's hometown; awkwardly but respectfully interacts with her dad; reassures her that they'll return and that he'll continue to support her no matter what
  • Vex'ahlia: completely naked, greets Percy at her bedroom door; ignores his plan for drinking and talking; insists on having sex literally as soon as he stops wearing so much clothing

Hayley Atwell being ridiculous:

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Hayley Atwell being Peggy Carter serious: 

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Hayley Atwell having eyeforeplay with Keira Knightley:

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Hayley Atwell being adorkable:

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Hayley Atwell being sexy af:

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Hayley Atwell having eyesex with Keira Knightley:

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Hayley Atwell wondering if you’re freaking serious:

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Hayley Atwell examining a fine specimen:

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Hayley Atwell having a moment:

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Hayley Atwell behind the scenes:

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Hayley Atwell, won’t you please be Thirteen?

I live for the relationships (platonic or romantic) where one is grudgingly protective of the other (and tries to hide it). Person A is the type that would go out of their way to help others (even at their own risk) and B is in the background shaking their head, trying (and failing) to act like they don’t care or they don’t notice but, nevertheless, helping A out whenever they see the other in trouble.

And B is always saying stuff like: “I was just passing by, minding my own damn business, like SOME *glares* people should learn to do, when I saw your nerd ass in trouble like per freaking usual” and then trying to make it seem like they help because it’ll be beneficial for them even when it’s not… Obviously, whenever someone points out that B clearly has a soft spot for A, the attempt at denial is freaking hilarious.

This is what happens when you let a loser like me use Photoshop…

I’ve just been laughing at the last skit in Sonic Shorts - Volume 6 for a while, and I wanted to use what I know about Photoshop to make my own picture of Zero the Artificial Hedgehog. I spent about two hours making this fanart of this “original” Sonic fan character, and I think it was two hours well spent. (It would have taken me less time, but it took forever to find good images and I had to start over about 30 minutes into making the picture.)

Now you may be thinking, “Jouska, why would you waste two hours of your life to make this?” and the answer to that is really easy! …Because I can! 


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