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Hey there, hope you're doing well! Firstly I just wanna say that I've been struggling with writers block the last couple of months, but your writing has really helped me get past it. You've inspired me to give writing my all again and for that I just wanna say thanks! Secondly I'm currently working on a Swapfell fic and I was wondering if you had any headcannons for the SF!skelebros? I love the way you portray them~!

I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling inspired!  =D  I’d absolutely love to read your Swapfell fic, so send that wonderfulness my way~.  

& also, can I just say that your art is amazing?

I should also have a tiny disclaimer that I’ve been told my SF!bros aren’t exactly the norm, and that the backstory/healing magic stuff I’m about to go into is something I just made up on the spot.


  • Captain of the Royal Guard
  • Calls himself the MALEVOLENT SANS but is known as the Tiny Tyrant by most of Snowdin.
  • Has the shed set up as a cell/interrogation room, with barbed wire wrapped around the bars.
  • The cell contains a filthy dog bed, with water and food bowls.  The floors are strained.
  • is an absolutely horrible cook.  He makes burritos, filled with glitter and meat doused in vinegar.
  • His puzzles aren’t puzzles, but traps, and they’re intricate and ingenious.  They involve quite a few spikes and nets made of razor wire.
  • His eyelights are blue, as is his magic.  
  • He’s highkey thirsty, but hides it behind accusing the other person of flirting.
  • Easily manipulated if he’s ego’s stroked just right.
  • Uses the term “WORM” when degrading someone, and “MANGY MUTT” or “LAZY PIECE OF GARBAGE” when degrading his brother.
  • is incredibly strong but still has Papyrus do his dirty work sometimes.
  • Calls Papyrus PAPY when not insulting him.  
  • Lets his emotions rule him when he’s angry or upset enough.  Snowdin trembles in fear of his tantrums. 
  • Claims his standards are THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE STANDARDS because he’s never found anyone WORTHY OF A DATE WITH THE GREAT MALEVOLENT SANS.


  • Used to work in The Lab with the Riverperson
  • Smokes dog treats to calm himself down– and regular cigarettes in a pinch.  
  • Sans hates when he smokes in the house, so he usually smokes in the shed or the basement.
  • Chain smokes when he’s stressed.  Also frequently drinks.
  • Uses the term of endearment “darlin’” casually.
  • is much more subdued around his brother, whom he calls “m’lord”, of course.  Around him, Papyrus rarely puns, and while he offers advice, he usually doesn’t go against Sans’s demands.  
  • When he’s away from Sans, however, he’s more of a wise-cracking flirt.  This is purely because he doesn’t want to steal the spotlight from his bro.
  • Capable of remembering RESETs.  
  • Hates riddles. 
  • Has a higher LOVE than Sans
  • Capable of using healing magic, but only Sans knows about that.  
  • “Dog” aesthetic.  From Mutt, to the dog treats he smokes, to the collar/leash combo.
  • Always eats whatever Sans cooks without complaint.
  • Has found that barbecue sauce is the only thing that possibly gets the lingering taste out of his mouth.
  • Papyrus lost his tooth in a fight, when he was defending Sans in the scuffle listed below.

Backstory of the bros:

Papyrus is the older brother in my version of them, and he raised Sans as a babybones.  When things went sideways in The Lab, Papyrus became more withdrawn; he stopped sleeping, instead spending his nights secretly trying to decipher the Riverperson’s riddles to figure out how to fix the machine.  He obsessed over it for a while, and the timeline distortions made him apathetic.  He took to drinking and sleeping with various monsters after a long night at Muffet’s. 

His care-taking of Sans slipped through the cracks.  He hadn’t noticed that his brother had been getting picked on at school because he was a smaller monster, one with a squeaky voice and a bark worse than his bite.  It made him an easy target.  

Sans was late coming home from school one day, and when Papyrus woke up from his nap (he’d been up all night in the basement, obsessing over the riddles and simultaneously chain-smoking and heavily drinking), he went looking for his brother, only to find him getting beaten up by several monsters.  In retaliation, Papyrus unleashed hell on them.  He ended up in a fight with their parents before it was over, and several monsters winded up dusted.  

By the time Papyrus got home with Sans, his brother was horribly injured, two giant cracks going through his skull, splitting it open over his eyesocket.  His ribs were cracked, his leg was broken…

And Papyrus was injured, too.  

His drive to protect his brother was what unlocked his healing magic–something he’d only ever read theorems of in The Lab.  Not many monsters are capable of wielding two different forms of magic, save for Boss Monsters like himself.  He was able to heal his brother for the most part, although his healing job was sloppy.  

However, it came at a price.  It damaged his SOUL in the process.  
He almost Fell Down.

Sans had to step up, to try to come to grips with the fact that his brother was comatose, staring off into space on the couch for nearly a week, his HoPe at an abysmal 1.  He wanted to become stronger so he could protect both himself and Papyrus–especially given the fragile state of his brother’s SOUL.  

He vowed to join the Royal Guard.

Papyrus pulled through, and he gave up on his obsession with the machine.  Instead, he spent more time building up his brother’s confidence, spurring him on to reach his dreams.  He became fiercely protective of Sans after almost losing him.

Those that wanted to compete with Sans for a position in the Guard (it’s a highly competitive and deadly process to get in) targeted Papyrus to get to Sans.  That made the smaller skeleton realize that their bond was a weakness–he couldn’t let someone know that it was a way to get to him.  He couldn’t let them potentially dust Papyrus because of him.  

So, he started treating Papyrus like dirt publicly.  He demanded to be called m’lord, and Papyrus agreed without question.  He started demeaning Papyrus, and his brother never once talked back or refuted his claims.  Instead, he went along with everything he said, continuing to bolster Sans’s ego.  

Sans got into the Royal Guard and rose through the ranks.  He bought Papyrus the collar to show ownership–and as a way to state to everyone that messing with the MALEVOLENT SANS’S property would result in getting dusted on the spot.  He became more and more carried away with treating his brother as his literal attack dog, even pulling him by a leash while Papyrus walked behind him with a cigarette between his teeth and his hands shoved in his pockets.   

Papyrus knows why Sans treats him the way he does, and he’s fine with it because he still blames himself for the attack on Sans years ago.  Over the years, however, Papyrus has started believing the demeaning remarks against his character, which has left him with low self-esteem and even lower self-worth.  Still, as messed up as both of the brothers are, they still value each other above all else.  Sans would do everything in his power to keep Papyrus safe, and vice-versa.  All they have is each other.

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