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I have the line from the first Lord of the Rings in elvish "speak friend and enter"

Ok, so… the first thing I thought of when reading this was that Ignis would sound sexy as all fuck speaking Elvish. Sassy Ignis speaking Sindarin… 

“Ignis might be a genius, but he wouldn’t know a pop culture reference if one hit him in the face,” Noct snorted.

Ignis emerged a while later to call them through to the dinner. He stood in the doorway, and Gladio paused to smirk knowingly. Ignis took him by the front of his tank-top, kissing him briefly, smiling wickedly.

However when the prince tried to walk through the door, Ignis held his lean forearm out and said something in a language they didn’t recognise, cocking a sharp eyebrow at him.

Prompto and Noctis looked at each other.

“Speak friend and enter,” Ignis translated, still refusing them entry.

“Are you shitting me?” Noctis gawped.

His jaw hit the floor, at the same time as Prompto chirped, “Mellon! Noct, I knew Iggy was a nerd, but he’s a geek too?!”

“What can I say, I’m versatile,” he drawled, turning on his heel.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers, I have been writing 150 word drabbles. Requests are technically closed (as of 23rd June), but you can still send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence. It just might take me a bit longer to respond now, as I’m working on other projects.

Imagine: a really cuddly Keith in the morning with Lance. Like he just hugs Lance or holds his hand and goes for those morning kisses that he and Lance both love more than they’d admit to the other. Just peaceful early morning Klance. 


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 28/?

i know everyone’s writing “even proposing” hcs these days, but consider: isak proposing 

  • isak, who is not as explicitly romantic as even, but who really nails a romantic and meaningful gesture when it counts – and probably makes it stand out even more when he does
  • isak recreating one of even’s fave romantic film moments when proposing?? yes
  • or just doing it super simply but super honest and real and them? also yes??
  • isak paying even back for all the grand gestures and surprises even definitely has arranged for him throughout their relationship
  • isak proving for even – who after 6 months together still didn’t think he was good enough for isak, and that he is somehow a burden – that isak wants even, with everything that comes with, once and for all 
  • isak, whose life philosophy is “life is now” and “take it minute by minute” declearing that he wants to spend the rest of his life with even (kill me now??) 
  • and finally: even’s reaction to being proposed to!!! imagine it!! 

But wait has anyone else thought about an au where child Peter and yondu and the ravager squad somehow run into child gamora while on a random job and maybe she’s like trying to steal the same thing as them or something but anyway what I’m getting at is starmora childhood friends au where they grow up to be ravagers together and yondu or kraglin or someone officiates their wedding 20 years later

IkeSen coming out~

English Version!

So happy since I wait for it for so long and end up playing Japanese version~

The MC is awesome, right? Hands down my fav MC since I read the prologue back then. In Jap not much differences of meaning and context, it’s just the uses of politer version of language (sonkeigo, kenjougo, masu-stem, nuances so on so on LOL *remembering all the lesson and the agony*) tones her down a bit? Since Japanese usually known of being reserved.

To cater to international audiences, Eng Version makes her even sassier~ That’s still cool tho! Hats off to Cybird official translator and proofreader~ I love every moment reading it with her being so freaking funneh smoothly. 

Currently I’ve done reading Ieyasu’s route and currently in Kenshin’s. The plot is really good, especially Kenshin! Despite being yandere, he’s cute (he’s naming all of his rabbit ahhhh) and know his boundary a bit? And I kind of liking it, my fictional guy obsessive over me xD

Kenshin route comes out during Cybird Jap ikemen election if I’m not mistaken. He surpasses Nobunaga who’s being on top before~ Let’s wait a while for his route, he’s no 7 tho! After Hide > Ieyasu > Shingen > Kenshin (not remember on yasu and shingen order, might be switched over)

While in Eng version the endings choices are romantic route and dramatic route, in Jap they are 幸福な恋ルート (kōfukuna koi rūto) & 情熱の恋ルート (jōnetsu no koi rūto) which means happy love route and passion of love route respectively~

Anyway, it’s even fun playing now since it comes for international release and seeing all the excitement, influencing me too~ I can’t wait for both Mitsuss coming out~ Would translate their previews as soon as they come out~

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If you’re not weak and miserable, wretched, suffering and dismal and self pitying and all those things, you’re gonna be a lot less resentful, you’re gonna be a lot less brutal, you’re gonna be a lot less cruel to yourself and other people.
Well that’s a pretty good start - even if you’re not a positive force for good in the world; if you just weren’t wretched and horrible, that would be a good initial contribution, you know.
—  Jordan Peterson

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もっと  なんでもくるくる頭の回転がはやかったらよかったのに。

もっと  人前に強かったらよかったのに。







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