is filthy

oh not to start a thing here but like. furbology stole a furby clock from me after posting our private conversation about why i didn’t want to make her her a mod on my server to her public server

i used it to pay for something and she never sent it to me and eventually i called the purchase off. i asked her to just send me back the clock

it’s been over a month and three separate reminders through three different means so i’m just done ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Filthy Animals - Chapter Nine Snippet

“I - er - yeah, here’s the thing,” said James, his voice low. He threw a glance over his shoulder and Peter followed his gaze, but saw only Lily Evans, who was deep in discussion with two of the floating officers who’d been doing door-to-door on the robbery case she was working, and didn’t seem likely to eavesdrop. “I’m going to need this kept extremely quiet. Not a word to anyone else about it, at all. Is that alright?”

“Of course.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m an excellent secret keeper,” he said confidently. “Did I ever breathe a word about Helena’s toenail?”

James wore a look of pure disgust. “Not until now, you didn’t.“


Okay so, this is not even me just being a weeb; I am genuinely fascinated by the live Vocaloid concerts.

There’s so many things that I think about while I’m watching.

  • She doesn’t actually have a voice; it’s computer generated .
  • Someone had to 3D model not only her, but all the choreography of her dancing.
  • The real humans playing the backup instruments on stage with her are really talented in that they know exactly what they need to do.
  • Not only is she dancing, she’s dancing really well. Like, the moves they give her are tight as shit.
  • These songs are really catchy.
  • The fucking 3D animation is sooo smooth. Not only her movement, but her hair as well. It interacts with her body like real hair would, and I appreciate whoever animated her.
  • Also, whoever animated her gave her poses and movements that act as interaction with the audience like a real performer does. They way she points and winks at the audience makes it that much more believable. 

I just think it’s really interesting, and I would fucking love to go to one of these concerts some day.