is filled with anticipation

can you imagine tonight starting to watch the episode and it just being different than the versions we’ve seen so far and knowing what’s coming and being filled with anticipation and excitement that thEY HAVE PULLED THIS OFF 


The feeling of music wrapping around your body, soul, and mind is unlike anything you can understand if you’ve never been to a concert.
The giddy feeling of seeing other people with the same taste in music the closer you are to the venue. The shaking hands at the gate getting your ticket checked. The pounding of your heart in your ears as you hear the crowd. The soaring feeling of first entering the main concert area. The fleeting nervousness of wondering if it’s everything you’ve been building it up to the past few months. The jumpy starts and ‘wait it’s starting’ that you say 100 times thinking you see the artist entering. The roaring of the crowd with the excitement filling up your whole body, soul, and head. The dead silence of all the lights suddenly turning off. The anticipation of the whole crowd filling your whole body in an overwhelming breathtaking excitement. Those few seconds of the best type of agony in the world waiting for those opening lines. And finally.

The blog rushing in your ears, and the louder-than-a-bomb screams, the heart soaring and feet stomping and screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs until you just know you won’t have your voice again for a few days. The few moments where you take a step back to realize where you are, to savor it, to engrave this feeling deep into your heart and never forget it. Because you’ve been waiting for months upon months for this concert and not a damn soul is going to ruin it for you. The first song you will always remember, because even if you’ve only heard it live once it’s permanently engraved deep into your brain, the thunderous ear and heart pounding yells the sudden change from neck breaking anticipation to the heart swinging, foot stomping voice breaking pure unadulterated joy and adrenaline when you finally hear the first cords.

And of course, every concert has a few songs that take you back in time. Whether it’s songs from their first album, or songs you grew up hearing your parents playing on Friday nights when the neighbors came over and you’d dance till your feet were sore in the living room. Maybe a slow song that gave you a different type of joy. A heartbreaking joy that reminds you of the good old days, of how time is still moving forward whether you like it or not. Reminding you that just for a few hours time doesn’t exist, the songs come one after another again and again. Maybe a heartbreaking song from the past instead of reminding you of the old days and how you’re moving forward it reminds you that it was a different kind of broken perfect. It makes your heart want to pause time and cry for hours on the floor or the safe corner in between the bookshelf and the wall. But instead you hold your head high, unabashedly crying, because the people and music surrounding you make you stronger. And you’re. Not. Giving. Up. Today.

And suddenly the music is back again. The music that makes you stomp your feet and swing your head and shout the lyrics till your voice is hearse.

And then… it’s over before it feels like it even started, hours streaked by in what seems like seconds. You want to turn back time. You leave your seat, or the pit. Awestruck, maybe with leftover tears on your face, or fresh tears. You get a shirt, because this place will never leave your heart. It’s forever engraved in your heart. You’ll visit this place in your dreams, you’ll talk about it for weeks on end. Just to make sure you don’t forget a single detail. If you came with a friend or alone, you’ll sit in awestruck silence on the way home, your brain still remembering and replaying every memory. Certain bits played again and again in your head like a perfect broken record.

And then your home, and you’re so exhausted that you can’t fall asleep. You play back the videos you took. Relishing in the moment. But it’s not the same. The sound is, empty. It’s not the same. You know you’ll go back. You have to go back.

Because that’s what I live for. The heart pounding, feet stomping, head swinging, whole body experience of a concert. Because it’s not just the ears. It’s my soul, my body, my feet, my eyes. Every sense and ten other that you didn’t know existed coming to life.

You’ll be back, maybe a few months, maybe a few years, you don’t know when, but you know you will. Because this is not the end. This is not your last. The music and the crowd will always draw you back, back to a place where you and I can both feel safe.

Mulled Wine

Hi guys, here’s today’s blogmas. A little earlier in the day than normal but hope you don’t mind. Hope the anon who requested it enjoys :) Love, I xx

After too much mulled wine Harry makes an admission that’s a little more than anyone had bargained for. 2.5k. No warnings.

The house was filled with people wearing gaudy Christmas jumpers, their heads adorned with cheap paper hats from crackers that had been pulled randomly throughout the evening. Children ran around the house dressed as elves, snowmen and reindeers as well as other somewhat less Christmas themed characters. A large Christmas tree stood in the corner of the room. It had been decorated earlier that morning by Y/N and Gemma as Harry and Anne rustled up the buffet that now filled the tables around the dining room. As Y/N had anticipated at 3pm that afternoon Harry was rosy cheeked, slow speaking and droopy eyed from too much mulled wine. He’d abandoned the mulled wine now and moved onto what Y/N assumed was whiskey and coke – Harry’s drink.

Harry’s pastry had been rolled out ready to go on the kitchen worktop as Anne prepared the baking tray for mince pies. The mincemeat was in the bowl ready to fill the pastry cases but Harry was otherwise occupied. Anne looked up at Y/N as she stood at the kitchen doorway. The bright smile that took over Anne’s face was the spitting image of the one her son so often wore.

‘You alright love?’ Anne asked, her jewellery ceasing to jingle as she stopped greasing the muffin tin for Harry’s pastry. Her thick black hair was tied back off her face and a red apron, embroidered with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ along with the image of a reindeer, covered the Christmas jumper and jeans Y/N had seen her come down the stairs in earlier that morning.

‘Gem’s after some more fairy lights for the living room, have you got any?’ Y/N asked but getting quickly distracted by the clanging of a pan lid. Harry had the pan of mulled wine open and he was quick to pour a ladle full of the liquid into one of the glass mugs on the side. ‘What are you doing H?’ Y/N laughed as Harry turned holding the full cup of steaming spiced liquid that had been bubbling away all morning making the whole house smell exactly how Christmas time was meant to smell.

‘Just want to make sure it’s as good as normal before we serve it up to anyone else.’ Harry jested taking a sip. He winced as he did so before sticking his tongue out and waving it with his hand. ‘Wow, it’s definitely hot.’ Harry announced to which Y/N chucked and Anne scoffed.

‘Serves you right.’ Anne said with a smile before looking back to Y/N. ‘There’s more lights in the box upstairs.’ Anne told Y/N who smiled and thanked Anne before disappearing back out of the kitchen leaving Harry and his mum to get on with the food.

Half an hour later Y/N stepped away from the Christmas tree that was now full with silver tinsel and multitude of hanging ornaments and baubles. Gemma was titivating with some tinsel whilst Y/N tilted her head slightly, tucking her hair behind her ear, to ensure the tree was completely straight and evenly decorated.

‘Well look at this,’ Y/N turned to Harry’s voice. The plain cream apron he hadn’t yet taken off was covered in flour and he had a cup full again with mulled wine in his hand. ‘My two favourite girls have created a masterpiece.’ Y/N chuckled looking back over to Gemma who looked thoroughly unimpressed.

‘Hang on a minute two favourite girls?’ Anne winked at Y/N as she put her arm around Harry’s waist. Her Christmas jumper was now on show and her hair taken down from the ponytail.

‘No you’re my favourite lady mum, it’s different.’ Harry told her looking down at his mum and pressing a kiss to her temple. Y/N smiled at the sight of the clear admiration Harry had for his mother before turning back to look at the tree with Anne who had left Harry’s side for hers.

‘You want to slow down on that mulled wine Harry, you’ll be gone before anyone gets here.’ Gemma joked finally stepping back from the tree. Harry tried to protest but Gemma didn’t let him, ‘We all know what you get like on mulled wine.’

‘She’s right H, in three hours you’ll have red cheeks, be slurring and your eyes will be droopy.’ Y/N told him with a knowing smile. Harry pouted and fell onto the couch beside him, the three women laughing at his childish behaviour.

‘The tree look’s great Gem.’ Y/N told her as she joined her and her mum to look at the large, real tree that Harry had picked up yesterday afternoon. ‘Put the lights on.’ Harry smiled on at three most important women in his life. He’d known they’d all get on as soon as he got to know Y/N. He’d introduced her to Gemma first, pretty soon after making his relationship with Y/N official. Of course, he was right and they got on famously. They often hung out just the two of them and talked all the time, it wasn’t uncommon for Y/N to know things going on with Gemma that Harry didn’t know about. It would have annoyed him had he not been so glad they got on so well.

Three hours later and Y/N was stood on the opposite side of the room with Gemma, a glass of prosecco in their hands. The pair were watching on as Harry had what they could tell was a slurred conversation with a middle-aged gentleman neither of them knew who had a tired looking little girl on his hip. As Y/N had predicted Harry’s cheeks were glowing from too much mulled wine and his eyes were looking heavy. Y/N and Gemma laughed as the man left the conversation and Harry slumped back against the wall.

‘I should go and make sure he’s ok.’ Y/N announced to which Gemma nodded as she left Gemma making her way over to her boyfriend. For the three years they’d been together, each Christmas Y/N had done the same, watched with Gemma as Harry started on the mulled wine early and later in the evening gone to make sure he was holding up ok. Harry looked up at her as she approached a goofy grin spreading over his face.

‘There she is, my sexy lover.’ Y/N frowned at Harry’s use of words not sure she really liked them. ‘I’m joking your much more to me than that.’ Harry told her reaching out for her hand and pulling her in close. Y/N chuckled pushing out of his body a little.

‘How you feeling?’ She asked. Harry looked down at her his eyes half closed, shadowing the bright green eyes she was used to seeing when she looked up at him from an embrace.

‘Ready for a dance and some karaoke.’ Harry said excitedly, Y/N laughing. She’d seen Harry drunk several times during their relationship. He was always the funny, jolly, happy to see everyone kind of drunk and she always laughed along with him. There had been one time she hadn’t, fairly early on after making their relationship status official. They’d been at a club with a few of Harry’s friends, Harry had been drinking something Y/N wasn’t sure what, but it had made him angry. He’d tried to start a fight with Niall before getting angry at Y/N all because Niall had put his arm around Y/N’s waist to stop her from falling as the bouncer barged past them on the dance floor – something Harry wouldn’t normally have batted an eyelid at. It ended when Y/N shouted at him and told him to stop being such a dick head and sober up. It was the shock he needed and it hadn’t’ happened since but every time Harry drunk something different to normal it made Y/N nervous. Tonight, he was drinking his old faithful and he was on fine form.

‘There’s nowhere to dance though H.’ Y/N told Harry who simply shrugged and put his glass on the side taking her hand again.

‘I’ll make somewhere.’ He told Y/N to which she giggled as he dragged her away from the corner of the room. He turned the music up as he passed the speakers and pulled her into the middle of the room wrapping one arm around her waist and stretching the other one out to the side of them. She chuckled as he pulled her close and 2 become 1 by the Spice Girls began playing making her laugh more at how cheesy it all was. Gemma was stood at the side of the room with Michal and Anne, she winked at Y/N a humoured smile on her face. Y/N just shook her head and turned her head away from Harry’s sister and now, one of her best friends.

Harry twirled Y/N around pulling her into his body and pushing her back out several times through the song. Other people had joined in and those who hadn’t were all watching on. The song ended and Harry pulled Y/N close kissing her sweetly and softly.

‘Told you I’d make somewhere didn’t I?’ Y/N nodded looking up at Harry and smiling brightly at his tipsy state. ‘I’m going to marry this girl.’ Harry announced loudly looking over to Anne who just smiled at her merry son. He looked back to Y/N who shook her head and frowned at him, ‘She thinks I’m just saying it cause I’m drunk but I mean it, I’m going to marry her and make beautiful babies with her.’ He was still saying it loudly but he was looking just at her. Y/N told him to stop and slapped his arm playfully, she could feel her cheeks reddening making her reminiscent of a beetroot.

‘Ok that’s enough from you.’ Gemma announced pulling him away. Y/N took her chance to escape the watchful eyes of the party guests. Y/N hated being the centre of attention as Harry well knew, he’d found out the hard way. He’d organised a surprise birthday meal for Y/N with all her friends, it was the first birthday she’d had with Harry as her boyfriend and it was early in their relationship. He’d told her it was just the two of them going for a romantic meal but she’d been greeted at the restaurant by all her friends popping party poppers at her and a chair at the head of table decorated with balloons in a restaurant full of people. She’d smiled for Harry’s sake but could feel her cheeks getting hot and her head sinking into her chest. Once they got home Harry asked her about it, she was honest telling him she hated being the centre of attention and wasn’t keen on surprises of course he felt awful but she reassured him it was fine and she actually had a really nice evening. In the three years since being with Harry she’d gotten better with it, finding herself in magazines, pictures online and regularly being asked for photos by fans forced her to get over it. But having Harry say those things in a room full of, largely, strangers reverted her back to her old ways.

She found herself in Harry’s room, falling onto his bed. She didn’t want to have to talk about what Harry had said or answer any questions so she decided to lay low for a few minutes whilst people forgot or asked Harry about it. They’d never spoken about marriage or children which might seem strange considering they’d been together for three years, now lived together and had a strong, stable relationship. But that was just it, they were perfectly happy how they were and although Y/N couldn’t deny she’d love to one day walk down the aisle to Harry as the rest of the boys sung the stripped back acoustic version of ‘Better than words’ that Harry had played for her when he first wrote the song and one day have his children, but right now it wasn’t something that needed to be said.

The door opened and Y/N sat up to see Harry stood at the door, a half full glass of water in one hand and what appeared to be jam sandwich in the other. She giggled as he closed the door behind himself and swayed slightly over to the bed. He sat down beside her placing the glass of water on the bedside table before wrapping the now free arm around her waist encouraging her to rest her head on his shoulder.

‘I’m really sorry love,’ He began leaning his own head on hers. She forgot for a moment his hair was now short and was waiting to feel his long curls brush her skin before she remembered. ‘I shouldn’t have said all those things in front of everyone.’ She hummed and shook her head.

‘Don’t be silly, it’s fine you know what I’m like.’ She felt Harry nod and press a kiss against her head.

‘Exactly, that’s why it was so unfair of me to do it, I’m sorry.’ He repeated.

‘It’s ok, I forgive you.’ She told him knowing she was never going to convince him he had nothing to be sorry for. She chewed her lip thinking for a moment. ‘Did you mean it though?’ She asked wincing slightly. She felt Harry nod once again and looked up at him, he already had his eyes on her and was wearing a soft, sincere smile, one she was used to seeing daily

‘Of course I did but hey let’s not talk about it now,’ He told her. Y/N smiled brightly, agreeing that now was not the time or the place, especially with Harry still slightly tipsy and her own head a little woozy, to talk about it properly. Instead she pressed a soft sweet kiss to Harry’s lips, she felt him smile against it, his hand finding the back of her neck. ‘Shall we go back and join the party?’ His voice was much softer now as he spoke against her lips. Y/N nodded pulling away from him slightly.

‘Why don’t you finish your jam sandwich first?’ Y/N suggested with a snicker pointing to the slice of bread that was oozing with red goo and folded in half.

‘It’s cranberry sauce actually.’ Harry told her taking another bite. Y/N grimaced as he pushed the last of the sandwich into his mouth.

‘That’s disgusting.’ She told him, her eyes following him as he stood from the bread. He swallowed the food and pulled her to her feet. His hand lifted her chin forcing her to look in his eyes that didn’t appear as droopy as earlier though they were still slightly lazier than normal. His hand moved around to the back of her head holding her in place as he kissed her with all the love and passion he had for her.

‘I love you so much, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.’ It was Y/N’s turn to smile into the kiss, silently telling him she felt exactly the same.

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Thank you! I know that chara uses they/them pronouns, as I made sure to read FAQ in order to get all the info I need on the character. I am biologically female, so the voice will sound a bit strange, but I'll try my best. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we may not be able to dub it for the contest: but as soon as our computer works again we will dub the first episode of the story nnd be sure to send it tour way. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Yes of course, I’m sure your voice will be fab! I’m sorry to hear you are having technical issues, but regardless, we’re super excited to hear your dub when it’s ready. Thanks so much and good luck! <3


Request:You’re pregnant with Negans baby. He’s already stressed af about everything going on and your pregnancy. He tries to hide it from you. Then one night you think he’s having heart attack from the stress. Which leads you to go into labor that night. - Anon

Pairings: Negan x Reader

Warnings: language.

Your hand rested gently on top of pregnant belly as you smiled in content. Feeling a slight kick, you stared in astonishment. You were expected to deliver in about two weeks and every one single day was filled with excitement and anticipation. Negan was ecstatic that he would soon become a father, and you couldn’t wait to become a mother and hold your baby in your arms.

It was pure luck that you had gotten this far into your pregnancy healthy and normal. There was no ultrasound machine, but you had Dr. Carson who checked up on you regularly and helped you along in the process. Due to this, you and Negan had no knowledge of the gender of your baby. For the both of you, your delivery day will be just as exciting as finding out what big present you received for Christmas.

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Requesting a jun+first time!!! I am weak for ur smuts


Jun knew it was your first time, which was exactly why he wasn’t rushing anything; he’d much rather let you decide on, well, practically everything, even if he normally was the one with more control.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” Jun whispered against your lips as one of his hands moved down on your body, caressing you in a way it never had been before. His hand went over your chest, down to your stomach, squeezed your ass lightly and went down the back of your thigh.

Your heart was beating erratically, just as your chest was heaving fast, with quite likely more anticipation filling you than ever. 

“T-Touch me down there,” you managed to say quietly, your hands in Jun’s hair, and looked into his eyes with a small glint in yours. He gave you a sweet smile, and with his hand sliding to your inner thigh and moving up on it, brought his lips to your neck.

“Down where?” he asked teasingly just as his fingers reached your crotch, ghosting over your lower lips. You gave him a pout.

“Right there,” you said and bucked your hips a little, gasping when Jun’s fingers got between your lips, touching your clit.

He was gentle as he massaged your clit with his lips pressing kisses on your neck, at first softly but towards the end more daringly, passionately. Even as he fingered you, he took his time, kissing you on the lips affectionately while catching your quiet moans.

“Are you ready?” Jun whispered by your ear when his condom-covered cock was rubbing into your wetness as his hips rocked against yours. You let out a couple of quiet moans, your hands grasping his shoulders and your eyes dark and lustful.


Jun’s sole goal was to make it a great experience for you, and by the time you had both reached your peaks, tangled in each other and having learnt a lot about what the other one enjoyed, you deduced that he had really succeeded. 

He panted, caressing your body, and you giggled while running your fingers through his sweaty hair.

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2017 Super Junior’s new year messages: 

Leeteuk: 2017, the new year of the chicken has come towards us!! Super Junior’s new album this year!! Please anticipate!! 

Heechul: SJ >w< COMING SOON

Yesung: 2016 was filled with happy memories and everyone has worked hard. I hope 2017 will be filled with even happier things 

Kyuhyun: 2017… Pass quickly yap yap yap 2018 as well… let it be 2019 now… please… Please…

Trans by teukables 

The people in the Queerstake on Tumblr are going to be my crutches during the coming week leading up to general conference. I wish I could say that general conference is uplifting but instead it fills me with anxiety and dreaded anticipation. I’m afraid of being beaten over the head with the same old, painful messages about gender and sexuality and it completely ruins my experience.

Six of Swords.

To slow down or speed up the hands of time is a losing battle, but that doesn’t stop you from fighting. In order to be victorious, embrace each moment. Do not mourn for your past. Look fondly on those days that were filled with joy. Anticipate the magnificence of that which is to come, but do not be consumed by it, or you may overlook the beauty of the present.

One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2

Chapter 3

Caroline arranged the two den chairs in front of the fireplace while setting the empty scotch glasses on the table preparing everything for the annual tradition tonight when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. Reaching for it saw the screen highlighted with one simple text “Salvatore Bonding Night begins in 5 have glasses ready” from Damon. She smiles to herself thinking how she’s already ahead of him when she hears the front door swing open, she takes her seat and reaches for her empty glass holding it in anticipation for Damon to fill it before he even sits down.

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  * For the Anon who requested, enjoy! *

          The place was huge. As small of a word ‘huge’ is, it was anything but. You were astonished and couldn’t help but let your eyes wonder. The bar extended for quite a while compared to the night clubs here in Metropolis. You continued to walk, rather stiffly in your dress, until reaching the main attraction. The room was filled with people. It made you nervous with anticipation of who you’d speak to first. Like any other time, when you became nervous, you noticed you were being more observant than usual, avoiding eye contact with those around you. You noted the walls were a nice colored cream, high slanted ceilings and the sparkling chandeliers. There was an indoor pond situated in the center that you thought, oddly enough, went well with the rest of the décor.
           You walked over to it to sit by the edge. Playing with the water was a great distraction. The water was chilled on your fingertips. It was clear, and as your eyes scanned the design painted on the bottom, you noticed a sparkling little something or other. You couldn’t make it out, really. But, your curiosity got the best of you. Quickly and quietly, you scanned the room to be sure no one was watching you. You didn’t lock eyes with anyone, which meant quite frankly, no one was watching nor did they care. You reached out to the small shiny object, then a little more, your hand reaching across and to the bottom.


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Six of Wands.

To slow down or speed up the hands of time is a losing battle, but that doesn’t stop you from fighting. In order to be victorious, embrace each moment. Do not mourn for your past. Look fondly on those days that were filled with joy. Anticipate the magnificence of that which is to come, but do not be consumed by it, or you may overlook the beauty of the present.

from songwriting to unexpected acting, there’s never a time where people aren’t blown away by harry’s genius. he’s a multitalented legend at best, who’s achieved so much at a young age and continues to seek opportunity within himself. his success is an endless journey of possibilities filled with anticipation and striking love as deserved.

I see so much resolve in Ichigo’s face in that illustration that it almost hurts. And it’s not just his face, though it blows me away on a monumental scale.

Its the way his hand isn’t tightly clenched, but just loosely enough to convey how relaxed he is but at the same time filled with that nervous anticipation. How ready he is to tell Orihime how he feels, but still so humanly nervous.

He has been told for quite some time that Orihime is too good for him (in various ways actually). And even though Ichigo is the poster child for fighting against what others believe, I feel like it did stick with him a tad. Just enough to warrant Renji feeling the need to approach him.

And oh my gosh, what I would give to see what happened after this confession… because this precious Strawberry has been loved for quite some time now.

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7 Minutes In Heaven

Veronica x fem reader

words: 1545

“We’re going old school tonight,” Cheryl spoke up, stood at the front of the room, a beer bottle hanging from her fingers. “seven minutes in heaven.” You felt a sense of unease wash over you at those words. Seven minutes of heaven. That game never ended well. “Who wants to tryst in the Closet of Love first?” she didn’t wait for an answer, “My vote is ‘V’ for Veronica. Anyone care to second it?” she waited, raising an eyebrow.

Veronica hesitated, “Actually, um- “

“Yes, Lodge! Yes.” Reggie interrupted her, excitement drenched his voice. Lust and anticipation filled his eyes. Veronica didn’t get a chance to speak as the game commenced.

“All right. Gather round, kids.” A mischievous smirk infiltrated Cheryl’s expression. “Let’s see who’s riding the raven tonight.” She said, placing the bottle on the table and spinning it. You could see Veronica glance over at you, a nervous expression was written on her face as she bounced her knee up and down to contain it. You gave her an encouraging, small smile as you watched the bottle spin, your own heart threatening to burst from its ribcage. The bottle had begun to slow, as you watched it, tentatively.

It stopped.

The lid of the bottle pointed directly towards you. Cheryl circled around behind the two of you, sat on the edge of the sofa. “Veronica. Y/N. Your 7 minutes starts now.” You avoided contact with everyone and everything as you stood up, exhaling a breath you hadn’t realised you were holding in. Cheryl held door open as the two of you stepped into the small closet, no words exchanged. Cheryl giggled with an evil manner as she shut the door, leaving you, your claustrophobia and Veronica in there. Your eyes stayed on the ground for a while, unsure what to say.

“So, um,” you cleared your throat, “do you miss New York?” you asked.

“It’s been less than a week, but, yes.” She laughed. You looked up, making immediate eye contact with her. You felt almost intimidated as she stared further into y/e/c eyes. Your breath hitched in your throat, instantaneously regretting your decision to look up. You laughed awkwardly, averting your eyes to shelves behind her; they were suddenly something of your interest as you made an effort to avoid eye contact, succeeding for a while before her gaze had become too strong and you reverted to staring into her deep, brown eyes. She stood, just slightly taller than your petite frame.

“I saw you earlier at the dance with Archie.” She started, “Are you guys a thing? Or?”

“No.” you answered, “We’re just best friends.” You paused for a moment, “Why do you ask?”

“No reason.” You gave Veronica a tour when she first arrived, she helped you get into the River Vixens and you had become good friends- but, in that moment you couldn’t help the awkwardness that was building up, threatening to suffocate you. The River Vixens.

“Just trust me.” She had whispered to you, before placing her hands on your face and kissing you, taking you by surprise. The memory played in your head. And, of course, Cheryl was unfazed, or at least acting to be unfazed, and threw you her usual neglect, welcoming Veronica. But, Veronica wouldn’t have it as she stood up for you. Against Cheryl Blossom. Or ‘Cheryl Bombshell’ as she called herself on twitter. You were ready to accept that you would never be on the cheerleading squad, but, Veronica sure did show Cheryl the fire- or ice, her ‘speciality’ as she put it- inside her. It sure did work, as just minutes later, you were dressing into the River Vixens uniform.

“Why did you stand up for me?” you interrupted the silent, intimate staring. It had, maybe, been a minute into the seven minutes you had.

She sighed, “Believe it or not, I used to be one of the many Cheryls in New York.” She told you, as if she was waiting for you to ask, “I was never happy with myself as a person. So,” she continued,” I made a pact with myself that when we moved here, to Riverdale, I would change myself for the better. Seeing Cheryl’s thing for you, I thought it would a great place to start. So, I’m going to help you slay your dragons, one by one.”

“But why me?” you asked, “Of all the people in Riverdale High, why did you choose to befriend me, and help me.” You may have sounded slightly sour but you were being genuine, “Don’t get me wrong, though, because I am so grateful, and I can’t thank you enough.” You started to ramble. You rambled when you were nervous. The more you kept talking, the quicker the minutes would pass- or, so you thought. She didn’t say anything for what felt like minutes but as you looked down at the timer, it read ’05:07’. 5 minutes left.

“Well,” she thought, “You gave me the tour on my first day, and you made the day I was dreading into something so much better.” She hesitated, “ok, I don’t want to sound cliché, but, it felt like destiny.” She chuckled, causing a smile to tug at your lips.

“Why did you kiss me?” Silence. Her smile dropped and her cheeks visibly flushed pink, her usually confidence fading. Why was she suddenly so tense?

“Well, to get you in to the River Vixens, of course.” She tried to save herself from embarrassment. You didn’t want to push any further so you stopped asking her questions.

“Thank you.” You said.

She laughed, “Anytime.” Her eyes shot wide open, in horror, “I mean like anytime I’ll help you.” She shook her head, “Not that you’d want me to kiss you again.” She sighed, looking down. “Um.”

“What if I did?” You dared, your voice smoky.

“Um, I guess that would be fine too. Not that I mind. I think you’re a great kisser.”  She replied, her confidence built up again, her lips curved into a wicked smile. She took a step closer to you. Her hand mindlessly grazed over yours as she glanced at your lips recalling the memory.

“3 minutes left on the timer,” you said, desire drowned you as you looked down at her deep, red-painted lips. When you spoke, you were almost questioning if there was time to fulfil your craving. Her eyes were gentle, but were yearning for your touch.

There was a moment of silence before she lowered her head, leaning down to your steadily, flushing face, a predatory gleam in her eyes and surged forwards, crashing her lips to yours, passionately. You met her lips, just as eager, both your noses and lips melded together. She dragged her tongue over your lip, causing a needy groan to escape your lips, which only served to bring your bodies even closer, her hands caressing your face as you tangled your fingers in her soft, black waves, urging her face even closer.

When she felt you swipe your tongue over her top lip, she opened her mouth willingly, letting out her own moan as your tongue danced teasingly around the ridges over her mouth, your tongues battling in desire. You bit her bottom lip gently, in turn, causing a whine to flee through her lips. She bit down on yours harder, licking pure heat into your mouth.

You broke away, panting, still wanting more. Without a thought, her hot, wet lips connected with your neck, trailing soft kisses, grazing her teeth over your skin as you cried out in ecstasy. Her lipstick was probably smudged over your lips and in a trail down your neck. A hand fell to the back of your dress, grasping the zip, the other still at your face. You were both unexpectedly interrupted by Cheryl knocking the door.

“The game is called 7 minutes in heaven, not 10.” You heard everyone whistling and shouting through the door. “Sorry am I interrupting something steamy in there.”

Veronica paused looking up at you, in terror. You both exploded in laughter, as you attempted to wipe the smudged lipstick off your mouth and neck as she aimlessly tried to fix her hair.

“No,” You shouted through the door, “We’re coming out in a second.”

“Coming out as gay.” You heard the familiar voice of Reggie’s orotund voice behind the door. You shook your head at his pun, laughing. Although, it was true.

You straightened out your dress, flattening your hair once more before looking at Veronica. She gave you a nod and a smile. You opened the door, unable to hide your grin as everyone sat, cheering at the two of you- even Cheryl had a smirk on her face.

Veronica lead you outside where the party wasn’t as loud. The stars blanketed the dark sky and the opalescent moon shone at the centre.

She stared into y/e/c orbs, her usual smile plastered her face.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” She asked you, her smile shrunk slightly at the thought of rejection.

“Yes.” You answered simply as her smile grew in relief, pleased with your reply. She pulled you into a hug then placed a soft kiss on your lips, reminiscing your warm touch as she pulled away.

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My favorite thing about Mars is how they're always so supportive of the fan art and fan content that Long Exposure gets! They're so nice and although there's no set upload schedule for LE, they always tell us when it's going to take longer to upload the pages and it makes me happy and fills me with anticipation!!! I honestly just love Mars in general. <3


The month of September is about you and

purple sheets are about you,

I was writing about you way before you ever knew, way before I ever knew, everything has been leading to poems about the softness of you. I’ve been dreaming you up all my life.

Your absence was so vast then, it filled the air with cracks of anticipation. Now, your leaving is pulling the ground from underneath my words, is laying me bare on a canvas pulled taut with the silver strings you threaded through my life, knots everywhere you stop and - oh no, let’s keep going instead - let’s stop over there - but now again not -

I’ve been dreaming you up, I’ve been writing you into life, but there aren’t enough dimensions in which we cross paths. There are so many missing pieces. The universe has a dull way of withholding.

I want to paint you this perfect picture, but I don’t know where to start. Everything is so messy when you’re in it.
—  All my poems are about you (or about your absence)