is february 28 too much time

There comes a time when you say, ‘I don’t have to be mad all my life,’ and when you realise that happiness is what should come first. I am as happy as I have ever been. The birth of my first child Dhani last August and marriage to Olivia Arias have transformed me… I would like to devote the next part of my life to putting more effort into spiritual work. I’d like to make a couple more albums before I call it a day, but I’m not going to die for rock 'n’ roll. The music business is like any other in that the more time you spend in it, the more you come to believe that the world can’t exist without it. But when you stand back, you realise that life would go on even if there was never another pop record made.
—  George Harrison, “The Driving Force Behind The Silent Beatle” by UK columnist Mick Brown, 28 February 1979

Cades Cove Panorama 03 – Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Townsend, TN, February 28, 2014

We spend our time trying to get what we want

and avoid what we don’t want

instead of trying to be who we are

and refusing to be who we are not

within the time and place of our living.

The question is not

“What do you want?”

The question is

“What do you need to be who you are?”


“What do you need to do to be who you are?”

We spend too much of our life

In the service of the wrong questions.