is fabulousss


I kinda basiced them off of the dazzlings not my best art work and it was rushed I plan on redoing it later but yeah!

Fell!Goth belongs to you @nekophy
Fell!Palette belongs to @angexci
I kinda forgot who made Magicaltale but this is there normal looks when there not magical girls

this is my gift to chu :)

art by a-sinner-insomniac


anonymous asked:

Honestly it bothers me so much how a majority of tumblr is like "let's make everything gay!!" I mean, I love gay/bi etc things don't get me wrong but it's kinda ridiculous :\\ your sexuality isn't ya personality if that makes sense, if you're straight you're probably not gonna be all homophobic and if you're gay you're probably not gonna be all FABULOUSSS!! Ughughugh smh

I really wish that would stop. It’s annoying as fuck.