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Comfortable || Conor Maynard Imagine

“Hey baby,” Conor closes the door kicking off his shoes.

“Hi,” I say as he presses his lips to mine for a split second. My eyes trained on the computer screen in front of me as tears build up threatening to fall.

“What?” Conor asks letting me know he’s watching me. I shake my head standing from the computer chair I was sat in.

“I’m so tired Con,” I say throwing my hands into the air.

Conor is taken aback by this, “Then sleep?” he says confusedly.

I laugh sadistically, “Not that kind of tired. I’m tired of never seeing you. I’m tired of not getting the version of you that everyone else gets.”

“Where has this come from?” He asks exasperatedly.

“We’ve lived together for six months. Out of those six months, I’ve seen you for two.” I  narrow my eyes at him.

“I have a job Y/N,” Conor sighs.

“You also have a girlfriend,” I cross my hands over my chest.

“You know how much I love you.”

“No, not anymore. You don’t love me. You love the comfort of having me. Of having a girlfriend.” I seeth.

“What the fuck?” Conor curses.

“You did love me-,” I say Conor interrupting me.

“Who are you to tell me how I feel?” Conor inquires.

“But you don’t love me anymore. Please don’t lie to me anymore and say that you do. It hurts so fucking much waking up without you and going to sleep without you. I can’t pretend that I’m not hurting Conor. Is there someone else?”

“There is no way I would cheat on you! I could never lie to you, ever,” His eyes darken, “But you are right about one thing.”

“And that is?” I question.

“I was comfortable, I am comfortable. Since we’re being honest, I was going to propose to you. I thought you were the one. And now I see that you’re just like every other girl out there.”

Tears fall from my eyes one after another. He spins on his heel and walks away from me picking up his previously discarded coat on the way.

“If you walk out that door, I will never forgive you,” I shout after Conor as he stomps his way to our front door, his hand is placed upon the handle. I watch his body tense. The tears that were once falling from my eyes stop.

“Then don’t.” Conor opens the door stepping out and slamming it behind him.

All it takes is one fight, to lose everything. It was that day that I realized the apartment I was stood in wasn’t my home. I realized that home isn’t a place, it’s a person. I lost my home that day.

Straight? I think not.

Warning: Smut
Length: 2.6k

Dan brags that his blowjobs could turn any guy gay. Unfortunately for him, his friends put this to the test and lock him in a closet…

“My blowjobs are so good, they’d probably turn a straight guy gay!”

That was the comment I had made during gym. It was also the reason I was currently locked in a locker room closet with Phil Lester. Who was, by the way, the school’s straightest heartthrob, and my least favourite classmate. I really needed better friends.

“So you’re telling me that Chris and your other groupies pushed me into this closet so that you could blow me?!”

I winced at Phil’s shrill screech. “If you could not shriek at me, that’d be great. I happen to like my hearing.” I mumbled from my place on the closet floor. “Look, they aren’t going to let us out until we do it, so can we just get it over with so that I can rush home and wash out my mouth?”

He flattened himself to the wall, wide-eyed. “No!”

“What other ideas do you have to get out of here, then?”

“I…” He stopped, a perplexed look overtaking his frantic one. “Are they really not going to unlock the door? Even if we wait?”

“Last month I claimed that I could eat anything. They trapped me inside of my bathroom with a platter of raw worms and crickets, everything completely drenched in hot sauce. I waited for three hours, but they didn’t let me out until I’d licked the plate clean.”

He tried to recoil further, but he was already up against the wall. “You’re not making me want your mouth all over me, Howell. That’s disgusting!”

“You’re telling me!” I groaned, getting pretty tired of fighting. “Just let me take control, and it’ll be over before you know it.”

He clenched his eyes shut, staying silent for several minutes before stepping away from the wall tentatively. “Fine… But you can’t tell everyone about this.” He muttered, watching me warily.

“Noted.” I sighed, closing my eyes and forcing myself into my sexual headspace. Then I reopened them, taking in Phil’s frame. He has nice curves, I decided, licking my lips instinctively as my gaze roamed over his hips. Good legs, too.

I crawled towards him on my hands and knees. He let out a startled squeak as my hands found his hips, pushing them back against the wall. His scent filled my nose, musky and slightly sweaty due to the gym class last period. It was exciting, causing heat to spiral down and in between my legs.

Whining softly, I glided my hands up and down his sides and over his chest, trying to feel every part of him I could reach. Then I pressed my nose to the front of his jeans in search of more of his smell. Phil jumped, gasping harshly when I nuzzled his half-hard length through his clothes.

“Do you want me to do it, or you?” I murmured, playing with the waistband of his jeans. Phil gaped at me, his mouth opening and closing but no sound escaping. Trailing my fingers daintily across his stomach, I leaned against his thigh to look up at him as innocently as I could. “I don’t mind doing it for you.”

“I-I… Um… Sure?” He squeaked. My fingers hooked into his belt loops, pulling them down and searching each bit of newly exposed skin as they slid down his thighs, pooling at his ankles. He kicked them off, glancing my way as if I was going to attack him once he was done. I simply pressed him back against the wall again.

He hissed as his bare legs met the wall, pressing up against my firm grip. “It’s cold!”

“You’ll warm up quickly, don’t you worry,” I chuckled. I focused my gaze on the outline of his semi through his boxers, which clung tightly to his thighs. Below the dark material was a seemingly endless supply of pale, unmarked skin. I decided that a slow buildup would be the best approach.

I pressed open mouthed kisses to the inside of his thighs to test his limits, tasting his skin with my tongue. Phil took a sharp intake of breath, trembling with the strain of keeping himself still. I moved slowly up from his knees to the top of his thighs. Then I took a quick detour to explore his hips, unable to resist digging my teeth into the taut skin there.

“Did you just bite me?” He stared down at me as I traced the blossoming mark with my finger.

“Mmhmm…” I decided that the dark bruises looked nice on his pale skin, so I tugged at the fabric of his boxers. “May I?”

He closed his eyes and nodded, his breathing getting heavier as I removed the last bit of clothing between my mouth and him. Then I moved to decorate the skin with more marks. Each time I bit down, a soft “ha” escaped from his lips.

“H-how am I-ha-going t-to explain these marks tomorrow?” He managed, squirming under my grip. A smirk tugged at my lips as I surveyed my work, pleased that the bruises were scattered both above and below where his gym shorts would be as well as along his v-line.

“Guess you’ll get to tell everyone that you snagged a hot boy…” I snickered quietly as Phil let out an indignant squeak and slapped my arm. “What? I’m hot, admit it!”

“You wish!” He scoffed, a faint blush dusting his cheeks as he avoided my eyes. Interesting. I trailed a finger over the various bruises, before rubbing his base teasingly.

“Dan!” He hissed, curling his fingers into fists against the wall as my hand ran up and down his length. I leaned forwards, carefully, and flicked my tongue out to taste the bead of precum gathering at his tip.

Phil keened, bucking his hips forwards suddenly so that my tongue slid along the bottom of his length. As soon as he’d realized what he’d done though, he flushed red and leaned back against the wall.

I just chuckled and used my hands to steady him before wrapping my lips around his tip. I couldn’t help but mewl as the salty flavour spread across my tongue, but it was nothing compared to the loud whimper Phil emitted.

“D-Dan… Stop teasing…” He managed, struggling against where I was holding him from pressing forwards. I pulled off, doing the opposite of what he had asked. Instead, I pressed wet kisses along the side of his length. “Howell!” He spluttered uselessly.

Giggling, I glanced up to his incredibly red face. “Something wrong?” I purred. He just glared down at me, his fingers twitching like he wanted to just grab my head and make me obey him. Heat swirled low in my stomach at the thought.

“You are such a tease.” Phil muttered, and I couldn’t help but notice how much lower and more gravelly his voice had gone. Swallowing roughly, I tried to stay on top of the rushing images in my head.

“I just know how to get you all worked up,” I winked. He spluttered again, beginning to growl something about how annoyingly cocky I was. I cut him off by suddenly lurching forwards and taking him into my mouth.

He swore, loudly, and his hands flew forwards to tangle in my hair. Blunt fingernails scraped my scalp as his fingers curled to grip my brown locks, tugging my mouth forwards. His hips jerked a bit as a moan pushed its way up my throat.

We both paused for breath. Phil panted heavily above me, while I forced myself to breathe through my nose. When I finally glanced up to his face, I couldn’t help the choked whine that escaped.

His head had fallen to the side, bright crimson cheeks underlining his darkened blue eyes as they locked with mine. I was slightly aware of my hands falling from his hips. He must have suddenly realized that I was breathing quite heavily through my nose, because he tugged my hair until I moved my mouth off of him.

I gasped for breath, aware that Phil hadn’t let go of his grip on my curls. If anything, he seemed to have tightened it, as if he was afraid I’d run away.

“J-Jesus, Phil…” I managed, lust and want rushing through my veins. He seemed to decide that I wasn’t mad at him, removing his hands to unbutton his shirt. I watched him quizzically.

“Hot in here,” He stated gruffly, pushing the material off of his shoulders and cautiously pushing his fingers back through my curls. “Is this okay?”

“Mmh…” I mumbled, leaning up into the touch. My jeans felt tight and uncomfortable, and now that he mentioned it, hot and sweaty. “I wanna strip too.”

“Are you asking for permission?”

“Yeah, can I?” He nodded, releasing my hair again so that I could shuffle away a few steps. I made quick work of my shirt, fumbling a bit with my belt before finally kicking off my jeans, leaving my underwear on.

Instantly I scrambled forwards to take him into my mouth again, moaning when he bumped the back of my throat. I was vaguely aware of Phil murmuring praise, each quiet word shooting down my spine to join the jumble of arousal filling my lower body. He slid in and out of my mouth slowly as I relaxed my jaw.

“So pretty like this,” He murmured, tugging my hair to guide me forwards again. I took advantage of his newly exposed skin, using my hands to explore his chest and sides as he controlled the movement of my head.

“Wanna touch myself…” I whined, increasingly aware of the pressure on my length. Phil tutted, glancing down at where I was shifting against the hard tile floor. Immediately I stopped and blushed.

“No, want to see you come untouched like the slut you are.”

My hips jerked at the unexpected command, but I managed to pull myself together with a strangled sounding whine. Phil hummed approvingly. Pulling my hair back, I felt him push in deeper at the new angle, until I was deepthroating his length with my nose pressed against his base. The same musky smell from before filled my nose, and I moaned appreciatively as he pulled back out and repeated the motion.

“Gonna come just from me using your mouth, yeah? Only I get to use you like this?” His voice was a low growl, possessively commanding my thoughts.

“Yes! Please… Use me, I’m… your… toy!” I begged in between thrusts, climbing towards my climax much faster now that he was saying such things like that. Phil huffed out a laugh, clearly amused by how effectively he’d managed to take control.

“Good boy,” He murmured gently, holding my head still as his tip repeatedly hit the back of my throat. It was weird, the way he effortlessly switched from commands and degradation to soft praising whispers, but it seemed that my body reacted strongly to pretty much any talk during such intimate moments.

His heavy breathing brought my eyes back to his face. “I-I’m-” He gasped suddenly, breaking off his sentence and pulling me harshly forwards as he fell over the edge. Hot liquid streaked over my tongue and down my throat, Phil’s breathless moans and praise filling my ears.

Then I was coming suddenly, pleasure spiking in my body as my orgasm racked through me. Mine was much quieter than his, considering that I had a slowly softening length filling my mouth, the last bit of his come disappearing down my throat as I swallowed around my noises.

He pushed my lips off of him wearily as he came down from his high, slumping against the wall and sliding down to sit in front of me. I squirmed in my soiled underwear, not quite sure whether to go to him or not. Thankfully, Phil decided for me by motioning me forwards and allowing me to collapse against his chest.

“Did you actually come from that?” He murmured, pressing his heated palm to my sensitive scalp. I pressed up into the touch.

“Mmh.. maybe…” My voice was raspy, almost hoarse. I blushed as he chuckled. He stayed quiet for a few more minutes, brushing his fingers delicately over my abused curls. Then he turned to look at me with a gentle smile.


“Please,” I mumbled, a bit embarrassed. He stood and went to the back of the closet, rummaging through a bin of towels while I took the chance to admire his body from behind. Turning, he offered me one to wrap around my waist to conceal the dark patch on my front. Once we were both covered, with his towel hiked a bit higher to cover the bruises, we tried the door. It opened easily. I chose not to think about when Chris had come to unlock it.

Phil ushered me through the locker room, grabbing his bag from a bench nearby and following me to the showers. The spray was warm and inviting, and Phil dropped his towel without much hesitation before stepping in with a content sigh. I followed, kicking off my underwear and throwing my towel to the side.

His eyes roamed over my frame before reaching out and pulling me under the water with him. I collided with his chest, nearly knocking him backwards and causing giggles to bubble up from our throats.

“This is nice,” Phil murmured, reaching for the shampoo and rubbing it into my hair. I hummed, closing my eyes at the blissful feeling of his fingers in my hair.


“Mm..” His breath moved to the side of my neck, tingles erupting where his lips barely brushed the skin. I bit my lip as teeth scraped over the same spot, knowing that he was going to leave a mark. I probably deserved it for marking him up so much. He took a deep breath when he was done. “You smell a bit like strawberries.”

I couldn’t help but snort at that. “I’m pretty sure I smell like sex, actually.” He swatted my arm, and I opened my eyes as he giggled, his tongue between his teeth. A smile tugged at my lips. “You have a nice laugh…”

“You have an amazing mouth.” He retorted, smirking despite the blush creeping up the back of his neck. I couldn’t help but wink.

“Oh, I’m sure my mouth can do more than that.” Phil swatted my arm again, pushing me under the spray and causing shampoo to run in rivulets down my face and neck. “Hey!” I squeaked, clenching my eyes shut to avoid getting it in my eyes. The sweet smelling suds had almost disappeared when I felt his hands slide around my waist, tugging me closer.

I’m not sure who kissed who first, but it was sweet and gentle and not at all heated or sexual. He tasted like peaches. Who gave him the right to taste so good? I cringed internally when I realized what I probably tasted like, but he didn’t seem to mind. He pulled back slowly, seemingly trying to catch his breath but leaning back in to press quick pecks to the corners of my mouth before resting his forehead against mine.

“I think I like boys.”

A soft smile tugged at my lips. “You think so?” He pulled me back for another delicate kiss, breathing a word into the tiny gap between our mouths.


Confrontation! Sentence Memes

  • You don’t think of anyone but yourself.
  • Admit it, you’re scared aren’t you?
  • You’re out of control!
  • I hardly ever recognize you anymore, you’ve changed.
  • You spend all your time locked up doing lord knows what!
  • Don’t sneak up on me like that.
  • I heard the commotion last night… it must of been a terrible dream.
  • Listen, about last night…
  • Here’s a tip, stop hiding behind excuses each time someone is worried about you.
  • Why are you alone most of the time?
  • Weren’t you friends with them?
  • Aren’t you tired of lying to yourself?
  • I should have known better… than to be fooled by you.
  • You’re pretty satisfied with serving on your knees most of the time, huh?
  • Quit getting in my face.
  • I’m warning you, get off my back.
  • I didn’t need your help.
  • What’s your problem with me?
  • You say you don’t recognize me, but you’re the one who’s changed.
  • When will you quit pretending to care? I’m tired of your lip service.
  • You can’t stand being next to me. Why is that?
  • Not everyone is going to leave you, but not everyone is going to stay.
  • You’re gonna get nothing but sass from me if you don’t change the topic.
  • How many have you killed?
  • What if they catch you?
  • This is dangerous…
  • I know you didn’t have the best relationship with your father/mother…
  • You’re tired of fighting, aren’t you?
  • What have you ever gotten out of this?
  • They’re using you. 
  • I was only using you.
  • I’ve known your secret this entire time.
  • Do you really think no one will find out?
  • Someone is bound to see the true you and I’ll be there for your reckoning.
  • You only push me away. Let me help.
  • Are you suggesting we commit treason?
  • Don’t fool yourself, you’re just as loathsome as I am.
  • Stop. I won’t have these unnecessary misgivings. Focus on your task.
  • Your skepticism is easy to read. What is it that you’re doubting?
  • In the end, we’ve only gotten more pain. I’m sick of this.
  • You’re going to run away?
  • We’re escaping. Tonight.
  • Make no mistake, we’re not friends.
  • You’re low. Lower than scum.
  • I’m only helping you this once.
  • Be a little more grateful about my help, you would of been a goner.
  • You can’t do this alone, let me go with you.
  • You keep can’t doing this yourself, let me intervene I’m sure we can resolve this.
  • You keep being singled out, it isn’t fair.
  • Quit mothering me, I said I’ve got this under control.
  • Maybe you should stop worrying about me and look at yourself first.
  • Help me? You could hardly help yourself.
  • Of course making friends would be easy for you, you’re eager to please.
  • You really are an emotionless robot.
  • How can you brush me off, if you’ve never even given me a chance?
  • Don’t touch me.
  • Get out.
  • Get away from them!
  • Watch out!
  • You’re in danger.
  • Your loved one is in danger.
  • If you won’t do it, I’m sure your friend wouldn’t mind being in your place.
  • Please. Talk to me.
  • Don’t you ever say that again.
  • Don’t pretend we’re friends.
  • It was easy for your friends to abandon you. 
  • Shut up!
  • Let go of me.
  • Tell them how you really feel.
  • You’re not fooling anyone with your haughty display of strength.
  • Offended? I’m surprised. I thought you were hollow and unfeeling.
  • Tell me where it is.
  •  You said you’d never lie to me.
  • There’s nothing wrong in doing what is absolutely necessary. The ends justify the means.
  • You obey order without question, you’re just a docile dog aren’t you?
  • Maybe if you stopped being such an ice queen people would enjoy being around you.
  • You scorn others around you but you’ve never once stopped to open your eyes.
BTS reaction to you saying “I love you” for the first time

anon:Hey!!!!! Can I please request the boys reaction to you saying “I love you” for the first time        


Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jin was in the kitchen preparing some snacks for your movie night. You came and back hug him saying “I love you” kissing softly his backs. He would turn back to you, wink and give you a quick kiss and then back to this what he was doing. He feels very happy that you said that. For the rest of the night smile wouldn’t disappear from his face.

“You finnaly said it.  Maybe you wanna say it again? I love when you are saying it.”


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At first he may think that he hear it bad. He ask you to repeat and when he make sure that you said this 3 words his gummy smile will show. I feel like Yoongi is not a person which would be showing you his feelings, like Tae or Hobi but this time he would do his best and make aegyo and pull you in tight hug.

“I love you too. A lot. The most in the world.”


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He was waiting for it eternity. When you told him “I love you” in the most cutest way how you can he would be drama queen. Acting heart attact and would be satisfied that he made you laught. Hobi would give you a kiss and feeling like his dreams come true.

“Your Hobi loves you too, Y/n!”


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you’re Jungkookie

“Listen, I love you and I’m getting worried about you”- you said to him when he spend 8 hour in row in his studio working. Namjoon turn to you with smile in his face. He would stand up, kiss you passionately, take your hand and leave work to spend more time with you because he don’t want you to be worried.

“You do love me huh? Same- I love you. Lets go for a walk, how about that?”


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He really wanted to hear that you loved him but he won’t crowd you. Jimin would patiently wait for it. When you said it, his cute said will show (lol he is always cute) . He was starting to worring that maybe there is something wrong with him or your relationship but now you’re sitting infornt of him, waiting for his answer and squirm in nerves.

“Awww jagi~ Of course I love you too”


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Tae was telling you that he loves you every day for few times, he text to you saying that and sometimes calling in mid of the night to say it. And it was the day when he called to you at 2AM. You were tired and sleep was all you needed now. So when Tae, all enthusiastic like always was telling you how much he loves you, you told him “I love you too but let me sleep” but it doesn’t help because he started to be even more enthusiastic. Be sure that he will tell everyone that you finally said it.

“You love me? I knew it that you will say it in one day! So can we get married now?”


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Jungkookie would be happy. Maybe freeze for few seconds and he wouldn’t know what to say. Happy in heart and can’t show it outside so he came closer to you to hug you tight and stay like this for some time. 

“I have no words for this. So I’ll only say that I love you more, Y/n.    


I would have a break down every time my mom said we were moving. As a child, you get so tired of saying bye to everyone and letting go of things. You start being scared of forming attachments because you’re scared you’ll have to leave soon. But in the end, honestly, I’m very glad to have had that experience because I feel like it made me who I am. Now I feel like I’m a very flexible person. I can kind of go with the flow and make friends and I’m good at letting things go. Which I feel, I don’t know. As you become an adult, you notice qualities in yourself, and you’re like now I know why I am the way I am, you know? And that’s a good thing.

Truly an Irresistible Mistake!

Alright so the long awaited new game is out and we’ve already received reports of a number of cardiac arrests throughout the globe….

I for one almost died from secondhand embarrassment because I decided it’ll be a good idea to play the game on the bus but I couldn’t stop blushing and smirking so first and foremost my friends: 


Take this advice from this senpai…..

I think what has made this game already so popular when it was just released is the fact that it’s really different from typical voltage games and there’s one element in the game that definitely helped; and that would be the element of surprise!

This game is full of surprises and I will list some of them here and try to be spoiler free:

1. Badass MC

This is how you get introduced to the mc:

˙ ͜ʟ˙

Like ….really….

You have no idea how much I laughed at this & this is just the prologue! Be ready my friends cuz we’ve finally got a decent MC! Voltage finally heard us!

You can already see we’ve got a refreshing MC and she truly is blunt & badass! She’s probably the most adult-like MC which could be not so relatable for younger players but she says what’s in her mind, she’s confident, funny, possessive (in a…natural (?) way) and doesn’t let the guy dominate her. 

Ok this may sound stupid to some but this is one thing I also noticed:

The MC is wearing formal suit pants! For some reason I was bothered by the fact that voltage MCs ALWAYS wear skirt/dress even if it’s clearly raining cats and dogs outside so I kinda noticed this and was lowkey happy…. /0\

2.The Boss is not a jerk!

I’m gonna guess this is how ppl would react to this:

But you read it right my friends! 

If you’re into voltage you know they have a pattern with their guys.

The first/main guy is always the boss/superior in some way/annoyingly dominant !

But Shun is the biggest surprise of this game to me after the MC.

He’s so sweetly bright to me and I loved him so much that I already hate him for loving him to this extent after reading just his main story….

He did piss me off when he couldn’t make a decision more quickly and made the MC suffer for a while but I will forgive him cuz the MC bluntly let him know “she’s tired” which made him get his shit together. 

Just to give you an idea of how original he is: He took the MC to MacDonald on their first date!:)))   I mean how cute is that lmao

He is also voiced and if you play both the endings you can get his special voiced movie and that movie made me like him even more… ugh =_=

3. Mature plot

I think everyone already knows we’ve got a mature story here.

The MC wakes up finding herself in a hotel room and figures she has slept with a coworker and the rest is about how she handles the mess and tries to act professionally at the same time.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally liked it. Even though only one guy has been released so far I’m def gonna play the rest and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them potentially even more than the first route!

p.s: The sex scenes are quite intense! Probably the most intense I’ve ever seen in a voltage game; comparable to Otome CD dramas. lol

Just a heads up to people who don’t enjoy these things & *winks* at fellow sisters who’re into it! ;^)

4. A childhood friend who’s not playable!!

At first when I noticed this I was like

Like he is just your childhood friend who went to kindergarten, school, and now  works at the same company as you and just happens to be super cute!! But he is not playable!!!! At least not yet….

There’s also a cute doc who’s Shun’s childhood friend but much to my surprise he also isn’t in the options!! 

As much as I liked the childhood friend I don’t mind him just be there for her…Not in a romantic way. In real life, not all childhood friends have thing for each other and so his existence in the game like this is refreshing :)

5. MC has a pet!

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is the first time!

I don’t know why I found this surprising but if you have played Voltage long enough you’d know this is probably the first time the pet is MC’s and not the guy’s!!!

I didn’t even think about this much until I played this game and noticed and now I’m wondering why voltage has never gave their MCs a pet until now?🤔  

And well, the cat is SO CUTE!!

Overall I’ve really enjoyed this game so far! 5 episodes of Shun’s main story are free for a limited time and if you play his main story you can read 3 episodes of the next guy for free in the campaign. 

I can’t wait for the next cinnamon rolls to be released and I will update once they’re out!

If anyone wants the CGs message me. Just didn’t wanna spoil it for people who wanna play the game ^^

Happy playing ^_^)/

I’m so happy you guys are still tuning in to my Jughead Serpent story! You guys are so awesome! ****** Last part:

Jughead slammed his hand against the metal trailer door, leaving it swinging open and letting the cool air filter into his dirty,stale home. He was so angry he couldn’t see straight, his knuckles were aching for something to hit and the closest thing was his kitchen cabinet.

The meeting at Snake bar went as well as could be expected, the older members of the Serpents were gearing up for quite the battle against Clifford Blossom and his many Riverdale cronies, F.P led the meeting declaring all out war and explaining his expectations, Jughead had been minding his own business leaning against a bar stool when he heard his name leave his fathers lips.

“We’ll need to get in their heads, show them no one is safe, not even their children, Jughead can lead the march on that one. The fight at Pops yesterday was a good start but we need more, go after more than the football team, I want you to take on every Riverdale High student you can, I know you all seem to have a way with the girls, work your way there.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the young boys as they high fived and grinned wickedly. Fortunately Keith and Dean came to stand behind Jughead, a few other Serpents following, they liked Betty, they wanted to keep her safe they wouldn’t go along with this stupid plan.

“You got that son?” F.P asked dangerously. His father had been scorned by Clifford Blossom and he would stop at nothing to take him down, Jughead knew parts of his old dad were buried deep inside the jaded, bitter man but it was getting harder and harder to find him.

“Yeah F.P, you got it.” He mumbled.

For a moment Jughead swore he saw his father flinch at the choice of name, but before he had a chance to analyze it, the man was back to discussing plans to take down the north side.

“This is what you were born into Jughead, this is your legacy” he mocked, spitting into the sink and slamming his hand on the countertop.

“Is now not a good time?”

He whipped around at the familiar voice and stared wide eyed as Betty stood nervously in his doorway, her tiny white skirt and soft yellow tank top stood out drastically against his dirty metal trailer.

Shaking his head quickly, he moved towards her, gently tugging her inside and away from prying eyes

“No! No, it’s never a bad time for you.” He smiled, placing a hand to her arm and tracing a finger over the veins on her wrist.

Betty looked at him skeptically before her eyes lit up
“Is that a dog?! You have a dog!” She pointed behind him and he turned to see his trusty sheep dog, hotdog, poking his head from behind the door. Looking back up to Betty’s eyes he couldn’t help but chuckle at the unrestrained excitement, he released her and she flew towards the shaggy white dog.

“Hi love! Your daddy didn’t tell me you existed, I would’ve come here a long time ago.” She giggled as the dog placed a sloppy kiss to her cheek, she pushed her face into his fur and scratched his belly. Jughead watched the scene with a goofy smile on his face, for some reason she seemed to fit perfectly into his trailer, her bright smile and laughter instantly lighting up his dark home, the Southside could use a little bit of her sunshine.
She looked up at him and smiled, beckoning him to come join her.

Dropping to his knees he scratched behind the dogs ear as Betty cooed lovingly, there was something unbelievably maternal about her, something Jughead hadn’t seen since he was six years old.

“He doesn’t get out much, especially now with the turf war going on. I can’t let him out of my sight, you never know the lengths these people will go to hurt people like me, can’t risk this one getting caught up in the cross fire.” He looked at her fully, his eyes boring into hers, hoping she understood his hidden message.

Betty looked back at him with equal intensity
“Well some things are worth getting hurt for. I think hotdog is willing to make that sacrifice.” She answered softly, her hand coming up to grasp his cheek as she stroked behind his ear, his eyes fluttering closed

“Hey! I’ve got a plan.” She pulled her hand away, standing up and brushing her hands on her skirt
“I think we could both use an escape, and hotdog could definitely use a place to run free for a bit, there’s a carnival over in Pembrooke it’s only a few towns over, that means the beach will be completely deserted, hotdog can run as far as his little heart can take him.” She bent down and ruffled the excited dogs fur “you’d like that wouldn’t you boy?”

The dog barked and wagged his tail, pushing his snout against Betty’s palm as she giggled, Jughead smiled, grabbing his Serpents jacket from its space on the couch and pulling her hand towards his truck, hotdog happily following along before hopping in the back seat.

Jughead never thought an hour long car ride could be so amusing, between Betty’s singing (and damn was her voice the prettiest thing he’d ever heard) and hotdog howling alone, he bought his face might break from smiling so much, she laughed along to his stories about Dean and his absolute hatred of anything alcoholic and he internaly celebrated when she described Her embarrassing childhood crush on Archie and how when they kissed she realized she felt nothing for him.

He only had to bite the inside of his mouth a few times when he noticed bruises he had never seen before as she lifted her arms up making the tiny tank top rise and reveal pieces of her stomach.

After about an hour of hotdog running through the water and Betty splashing Jughead with the salty ocean waves, they were both fairly exhausted as the sun went down but neither of the teens had ever felt so happy or content.

Clutching Betty’s hand as they watched hotdog trail the edge of the water Jughead heard her sigh softly

“I wish it could stay like this, we could just stay here, never have to go back, never have to worry about divided homes and responsibilities.” She whispered, reading his mind.

He squeezed her hand tighter and nodded
“I know, it just feels like.. like the world is closing in on me sometimes, like I’m right there in the ocean but I can’t get out, I’m drowning.” He looked down at her eyes and saw her nod understandingly, urging him to finish, to let it out.

“My dad.. he just.. he wants me to be this almighty Serpent prodigy, and yeah I love the Serpents, they’re my family but.. I don’t want it to be like this.. I don’t want our town to be separated. This responsibility to do what he thinks is right.. it’s all bullshit.”

Saying it all out loud, letting float into the waves, he felt like a heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders and it was all thanks to the beautiful girl beside him who was looking at him with complete understanding and respect.

“I get that” she said “I’m so tired of trying to do what everyone thinks is right. I’m so tired of letting everyone hurt me.” She instinctively placed a hand to the bruises on her wrist “but Jughead, with you right now? I feel safe, like I can be myself, I know it sounds silly but..” she was cut off by Jughead bringing her wrist to his mouth placing a gentle kiss to her bruises.

“It’s not silly, I feel the same way. I can’t remember a time where I’ve felt so… at home.” He whispered against her pulse.

Betty brought her free hand up to his cheek, cupping it and smiling shyly

“Are you gonna kiss me or not Jughead Jones”

With wide eyes Jughead didn’t waste a second, dropping his lips to hers and instantly melting, it was like a ship coming into dock, she tasted like strawberries and vanilla and he had to muffle his moan against her lips. She gripped the lapels of his jacket and brought him even tighter against her, the taste of cigarettes and peppermint was now officially one of Betty’s favorite flavors.

The moment was broken in a flash as Hotdog leaped on both of them sending them flying into the sand, Betty dropped on top of Jughead as Hotdog attacked his dads face with messy kisses.

“Alright boy! Okay!” He laughed freely, his hands coming around Betty’s waist and pulling her against his chest as they sat facing the ocean.

Sure there was a war going on in their very little town, but right here right now, two damaged kids had found their home and they weren’t giving it up for anything .

Okay, so this gifset really got me thinking (thanks @bellarke-stydia )

Let’s talk about one of the first realizations we came to this season, shall we?

I’m talking about the first episode. Everyone kept calling Clarke “Wanheda.” Then, at the end, Bellamy calls her “Princess,” reminding her of who she is, and keeping her grounded. 

All throughout this season, various characters have been bringing up L.exa a lot. Like… a lot. Some would argue, far more often than is really necessary, and I know there are some people who are getting very tired of it. There are a lot of people who have been upset with the writers for some of the ways they’ve used her name. 

Characters, even characters that never saw L.exa and Clarke together would tell Clarke that L.exa would be proud of her. Roan said that Clarke learned nothing from L.exa, and that she’d be disappointed. Clarke herself used L.exa to try and get the grounders not to fight in the conclave. 

What if that isn’t as pointless as a lot of us thought? Hear me out.

I think it was a long-term set-up for a parallel of that first episode, leading up to the parallel between L.exa’s betrayal of Clarke and Clarke’s betrayal of Bellamy, specifically involving Clarke’s relationship with love.

Clarke’s character arc this season has been centered around her own leadership, and her struggle to do what is right in that position while also battling her own trauma stemming back from, I think, the massacre at Mount Weather. 

All season, as I said, characters have been comparing Clarke’s leadership to L.exa’s—especially Clarke. 

Clarke’s opinion of who she thinks she should be has changed because of this. In the City of Light, L.exa said, “I told you my spirit would choose wisely,” which I think played a large role in why Clarke thought it would be okay for her to take the flame. But I digress. 

This enormous weight of responsibility and trauma and stress has reached a peak for Clarke in 4x11 when she pulls a gun on Bellamy (as seen paralleled to L.exa’s leaving Clarke and skikru to die in bellarke-stydia’s beautiful gifset).

The question to ask here is: What’s the difference? 

L.exa believed that love was weakness, at least at the point of her betrayal. As such, she had no one to talk her down, no one to advise her in a way that she’d listen. 

The same is not true for Clarke in season four. It’s been proven over and over again that, to Clarke, love is strength. From The List to “you keep her centered,” Clarke needs to be able to be open with someone—to share the burden. 

Everyone has been pressuring Clarke to be more like L.exa, to compartmentalize and do what’s best for her people specifically, no matter the cost. But that’s not who Clarke is. She can’t function like that without breaking, like we’re going to see in 4x11. 

Some people are worried about the gun scene in the promo, but in my opinion? We have nothing to fear. 

If there’s one difference between the Betrayal parallels, it’s Bellamy. Bellamy’s arc this season has been learning when to know when someone can be saved. “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved,” is true. But Clarke wants to be saved. Her hand shaking so violently in the promo is proof enough of that. Pulling that gun is a cry for help.

Remember Jaha’s line in Day Trip: Part Two? “How many people do you need to save before you forgive yourself?” The answer is, “just one.”

There’s more than one way to save someone. And we’re going to see it when Clarke stops hearing “Wanheda,” and instead hears “Princess.” 

One of these days I’ll be able to look at my activity feed and not feel a spike of anxiety at realizing there’s that many of you out there looking in at my little fishbowl bubble on the internet, but today is not that day.

Hello, trashcans, welcome home, I’m the vampire editor person who just wants to rest.  If you’re here for more Death smut, food discourse and or shitposting then boy have I got some good news for you.

I’m currently working on about a million and one writing projects, exerts of which can be found under various different tags, the most prolific probably being #Hunger Pangs and #the vampire werewolf thing. (ie the polyamorous paranormal romance erotica between vampires and werewolves (very NSFW extract) which already has it’s own AU despite not being published yet, as well as a gritty Scottish romance novella (extract) based on a pun, a pun based bakery romance (extract), a pun based werewolf Scottish romance (have you noticed a theme yet), and  a modern day romantic (probably smutty, I mean who am I kidding at this point) comedy concerning Scotsmen with questionable morals. Also skeleton smut now too and possibly a vampire wedding planner romcom because apparently I have lost control of my life. 

If you’re completely new here you might notice some people calling me “mom” or other variations therein of familial relation. It’s perfectly okay to greet me as “mom” or “tumblr mom” even if we’re not mutuals or we haven’t spoken yet, I’m so used to it at this point I even respond to it in public. ‘Cause that’s a thing that’s happened more than once.

Please have patience if you are sending me asks or IMs. I am but a humble smut peddler with chronic health issues who somehow ended up with a high traffic blog, and a loving and devoted tumblr family. I try to answer everyone, but sometimes things get left behind. Sorry. If you get tired of seeing my health posts, you may wish to blacklist the following tags: #chronic health tag & #chronic health tag: teeth, that way I can bitch and moan into the void and you don’t have to put up with me if you don’t want to.

I hope whatever made you click on me was worth it and you enjoy the content. I try to make this blog as safe as possible for everyone. All smutty content is clearly tagged and under cuts, and if you need me to tag something for trigger purposes, please let me know, I will be more than happy to do so.

Other than that, welcome, hope you’re having a good day and don’t be afraid to come say hi <3

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Hii, Could you do a Bts reaction to another member falling asleep on their s/o??

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster: Of course he would wake up his hyung and take his place on your lap.

*Clears Throat* “Why is he-? YAH! Go sleep somewhere else”

Originally posted by yoonseok

Kim Seokjin: He would get defensive because other member looks to be a little too close to your lady bits.

Hey hey hey!! Push him off!”

Originally posted by bulletproof-heaven

Min Yoongi/Suga : In all honesty, Yoongi wouldn’t care much because he knows that you are very motherly, but he also knows that he gets to have to all to himself later.

I see someone beat me to it. Just remember who you belong to.”

Originally posted by bangtan

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope:  Hobi doesn’t mind sharing, he just wants to lay on your lap because it’s more cushion. 

Uuuugh hyuuuuung! I’m tired at least let ME have her lap!”

Originally posted by jhope-shi

Park Jimin: Jimin would probably playfully fight with his sleepy hyung but is secretly very serious.

She’s mine!”

Originally posted by bts-jimin16

Kim Taehyung: Like Hobi, Tae wouldn’t mind sharing. Tae just loves how nurturing you are toward the everyone and feels lucky that you are all his. 

“That’s so cute”

Originally posted by btstaehyunged

Jeon Jungkook: He won’t like it, but he will allow it and pout at you later for not pushing off the other member.

“You have no right…”

Originally posted by ktaejin

I know i know! I’m not good at reactions but i also can’t sleep so might as well blog. I hope you guys have a good night. LOVE YOU ALL

~Admin Coco


whew! the batch of ml fashion requests, finally! these took so long for me to spill out you can actually see my style change. thank you to everyone who requested, you all have the best ideas i swear. also sidenote: if you don’t see your request here, that’s because i have bigger plans for it >vo+

Forever || Alec Lightwood

Originally posted by magswoods

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader (Platonic)

Fandom: Shadowhunters (The Mortal Instruments)

Request/s: can you do an imagine with Alec and reader have a really really huge fight and they say each other terrible things and reader decides to live (leave?? I’m guessing) but Alec stops her and they make up. Thank you!

Warning/s: None :D 

Author’s Note: Like I’ve said, I will only write platonic imagines for Alec and I’ve had a couple but I got an idea for this one straight away. Also, let me know if you want to be tagged in any specific imagines (fandoms, characters, etc), I’d be happy to do that for you guys. Another thing, this is set in the TV show version.(as I haven’t read the books yet)

Gif Credit: @magswoods

Tags: None (message me if you’d like to be tagged)

Stubborn was the perfect way to describe Alec Lightwood. Whatever it concerned, if Alec thought something should be done, there was absolutely no changing his mind. Unless, of course, you were Isabelle Lightwood or Y/N Y/L/N. A lot of people knew how close Alec and his sister were, but everyone knew how close Y/N and Alec were. They were practically inseparable.

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Melodramatic, But It Turns Me On

summary: teenage!phan are at a sleepover and begin to have a bit of fun with the sex dices they’d found earlier that evening. 

warnings: smut (kinda)

words: 5.3k


I was gonna write more of illaks but apparently a weird 1am idea took priority and now . idk what this is laugHs oops

Im so tired I cant even think straight im sorry if the majority of this makes 0 sense I need 2 have a nap

This is probably the closest yall will ever get to me attempting smut lol appreciate it while u can x x

(if u don’t know what a ‘sex dice’ is click here)


Phil’s always felt weirdly privileged to share Dan’s bed whenever he sleeps over.

It’s not like it’s anything he’s a stranger to – quite the opposite really, but out of everyone, Phil’s the only one Dan will actually let in his bed on account of the fact he can actually have a decent night’s sleep without Phil taking all the duvet or accidentally rolling over and pushing him off the bed. That’s Kyle’s trick – explaining why he’s down there whilst his marginally less irritating best friend is up here under his duvet, sharing his mattress. It’s nice sleeping with the knowledge he won’t wake up either freezing cold or on the floor.

Phil’s used to them being the last ones awake – having been friends with a bunch of total fucking lightweights for the best part of three years, it’s become the norm for the rest of them to be down there, asleep. They’re wrapped up in empty sleeping bags and spare duvets whilst the only two who can actually handle their drink are lying side-by-side, a cut above the sea of empty bottles and shot glasses littering Dan’s floor. They’d passed out about half an hour ago, leaving the two slightly tipsy teenagers still giggling over what had been a contribution to the night’s entertainment along with the heated games of ‘never have I ever’ and one too many Malibu shots.

“Does this not feel weird to you?” Dan’s eyebrow quirks in Phil’s direction as he holds the two small wooden cubes in his hand. “I feel-… it feels- I don’t know- gross, kind-of,” he huffs out a chuckle.

“Why would-…” he squints in the darkness, “-… lick-… elbow-… feel weird to me?” he replies, a threat of sarcasm in his tone.

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The truth is I’m strong but I’m tired.

Strength is believing in love when you’ve only known heartbreak.

It’s drying your own tears that no one knew you cried.

Strength is overcoming your own demons or vices.

And looking at someone who completely broke you and you forgive them.

Strength is helping others even when it’s you that hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

It’s trusting everyone even though you have every reason not to.

Strength is biting your tongue when someone is unkind and realizing it’s a reflection of them and not you.

It’s holding on and believing in something you know you deserve but haven’t gotten yet.

Strength is when everyone doubts you but you believe in yourself anyway.

But the truth is I’m strong but I’m tired.

I’m tired of being hurt every time I get my hopes up.

I’m tired of anticipating the worst and watching it play out.

I’m tired of being let down.

And always blaming myself for things.

I’m tired of people telling me I need to change. Then every time I try to I lose myself in an attempt to make them happy.

I’m tired of constantly being challenged and always having to be the bigger person.

I’m tired of thinking too much about people who care too little.

I’m tired of overthinking.

I’m tired of spending 15 minutes of coming up with a text only to get an answer K.

I’m tired of trying so hard to please others when I don’t ask for much in return.

I’m tired of staying up at night as thoughts consume me and I can’t sleep.

I’m tired of carrying this weight on my shoulders from my past that haunts me.

I’m tired of being strong for everyone.

I’m tired of always figuring out the solutions when it isn’t even my problem, to begin with.

I’m tired of the explanations that came too late.

And people walking away with no reason when I’m the one holding the door saying, ‘I’ll miss you.’

The truth is caring as much as this hurts. It’s knowing pain at levels others never will. It’s knowing sadness and darkness the way others don’t. It’s experiencing heartbreak that hurts more than any physical amount of pain

But on the other end of such intense emotions is knowing a love so deep, it fills you despite their absence. Despite a sadness you can’t shake, on most days, you’ll experience the happiness that makes it worth it. Despite the pain of endings, you’ll look forward to new beginnings. Because you know when you get it right it’s worth it.

And the truth is if you ask any person who is like this, what they would choose, they wouldn’t change anything about themselves even if they are tired.

There is something rare about a person that strong. They are the healers of the world. They are the light for others in darkness. They are the hope when everyone has lost it and they end up being loved deeply by everyone for being exactly who they are and not changing when others allowed pain to change them.

The truth is though regardless of how tired or hurt or disappointed these people feel, the fact they haven’t changed is why they are different. Pain changes most people but for some they see pain simply as the other end of the same spectrum that love is on, so they stay the path and keep their heads high.

-Kirsten Corley

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So here is my request: on a hero day Michael refuses to take off his jacket the heat gets to him which makes him start to throw up from the heat stroke I think(?) and Jeremy gets super worried and is like whY MICHAEL -ear

Here you go!! I hope this is what you wanted?? It’s kinda sucky// also can anyone tell me how to do read more on mobile??

Anyway here it is!!

It was hot. Unbelievably so. It was so hot that you couldn’t help but remember the humans were nonchalantly killing the earth everyday, because this was some Global Warming type heat. Everyone was pretty much dying. You’d either be at the beach, eating ice cream, sitting on an AC, or complaining all day. Michael had hidden himself in his basement, laying on the floor in nothing but a tank top and his boxers. He was sweating up a storm, convinced that death was coming and this was the end. He groaned, too hot to game, or smoke, or do anything really. His phone lit up, playing the Luigi’s Mansion theme, he instantly knew it was Jeremy and picked up.

“Yah…?” He sounded awful, but to be honest Jeremy probably did too. The poor kid was so pale that he could get a sun burn just from looking at the sun.

“Hey man! It’s Jeremy-”

“No shit man, who else would call me.”

“Ok so the heats gotten to you, that’s cool no big. But are you still up to picking me up? It’s ok if you’re not I mean- it’s ok cause I- cause I know you’re probably too tired. Everyone is so- hnng yknow??”

Michale’s eyes widened. Shit. He was supposed to pick up Jeremy from a date with Christine in 20 minuets, and here he was laying in his boxers.

“Yeah! Yeah no problem Jere, I’ll be over soon.”

Jeremy let out a sigh, just from that Michael knew he was planning on walking if he bailed. “Thanks man, you’re the best.”

“Anything for my player one” shit, he shouldn’t say stuff like that- he was dating Christine and-

“Haha yeah..see ya soon”

Michael stood up and started to get decent. The second he got out of the basement he groaned. It was so much hotter up here and he hadn’t even gone outside yet. He fixed his hair quickly, and went to grab a pair of shorts and a tank. But…he found his closet empty. All he had was his jeans, a tee shirt and hoodie which were still laying in the bathroom.

“Mother of All That Is Sucky.”

Dragging his feet into the living room, he found his mom over the washing machine.


“Hmm??” She didn’t look up

“Did you wash my clothes already..? I need to go out real quick.”

“Yes, they’re in the wash right now. Sorry…”

Michael could deal with that, he’d just wear a tee shirt with jeans. He’d be a little hot but-suddenly he realized something, a sense of dread washing over him. He had to physically bite his tongue as he asked his mom a vital question.

“Mami…did you wash my gray sports bra” his binder.

“Yes why?? I know that’s your favorite but-”

“Nothing.” He turned around and dashed away “Nothing at all!!”

He stared at the clothes on his bathroom floor and sighed. There was nothing he could do really. There was no way he’d go without his binder, it was the only one he had too. He checked the time…he has to pick up Jeremy in 10 minutes. He sighed and put on all the clothes, including the hoodie. He yelled goodbye to his mom and hopped into his car.

The car ride was even worse. He had an old, used car. Recently the AC had broken, and so had the windows. Michael found himself leaning over as he drove, sweat dripping down his neck uncomfortably. He had to breath through his mouth, panting as he suffocated in the car. He felt like he was really about to die. His heart raced almost painfully, shaking his whole body. In the mirror he could his face was bright red, his hair no longer stuck up. It plastered against his forehead and puffed up from the humidity. He focused the best he could on driving, but all he could think was “hot hot hot”. His jeans stuck to his legs, his jacket felt like a physical oven. He almost didn’t notice that he’d pulled into Christine’s driveway.

As though he were waiting, Jeremy ran outside, waving goodbye to Christine. Jeremy looked pretty cute, the boy was wearing shorts and a loose tank top. The pac-man tattoo on his arm was clear as day, he wasn’t sunburnt surprisingly, he must have spent the whole day inside with Christine. Probably..doing couple stuff Michael thought sadly. The second Jeremy made eye contact with him, his smiled widely like the skinny dork he was and waved. Michael gave a small uncomfortable smile and groggily moved to unlock the door. God he felt like his skin was static, his cheeks and hands tingled, simple tasks felt difficult to do. Jeremy opened the door and yelled a strange noise when he felt the excessive rush of heat hit him.

“HoLY crap!! Michael it’s like…like death in here!!”

Michael wiped some sweat off of his face, trying to keep his breathing steady in front of Jeremy. “Yeah I’m sorry…AC’s broken. I got some water in the back though if you wanna grab some.”

Jeremy nodded and closed the door, reaching over to grab a water as Michael started the car again.

He heard the bottle cap twist, “Mikey…buddy I love you but why are you wearing that? It’s way to hot in here it’s gotta be over 100 degrees!”

“My uh…” he cleared his throat, he would have flushed in embarrassment if he didn’t already have all his blood in his cheeks, “my mom put my binder in the wash.”



Michael felt completely strange, the sides of his vision filled up with black spots, no matter how much he blinked the wouldn’t go away. He didn’t need to regulate his breathing either, he was oddly relaxed, his breathing slow. His stomach though…he felt like there was a rock sitting in it, which didn’t help his dizzy feeling. He was probably swaying, he knew that. He couldn’t hide this, not when his mouth tingled and tasted strange. Like…his mouth tasted fuzzy? Did that even make sense? He didn’t even care about how far gone he was at this point with how garbage he felt.

“Dude you are really sweating…like crazy. You should drink a water too..”

“Yeah that’s fine…just pass me one?”

Jeremy nodded and already handing him one as though he were prepared. He sounded pretty worried, in the back of his mind Michael knew he should reassure him. But they were at a red light and all he could think about was chugging the water.

“Michael no offense but you look like shit. Maybe we should get out the car and relax for a bit? Let the car air out?” Michael’s extremely pale face was starting to concern him, his fingers shook as he gripped the wheel, and Jeremy had never seen Michael so red.

“No..its fine, really we’re almost there.” The light turned green. Michael kept driving.

“Dude I really think that you should pull over. You…you really don’t look good.”

Michael shook his head, that rock in his stomach had grown in size. It was all he could think about. He barely even spoke when he said “how was Christine’s”

“What? Dude that doesn’t-”

Jeremy was cut off to let out a very girlish scream when Michael suddenly swerved to the side of the road, nearly hitting a truck.

“Michael what are you-?!”

Michael got out the car, and quite literally through himself to the ground, so out of it that he couldn’t even cringe as his knees his the pavement. His vision went mostly black before fading back in, and that’s when Jeremy started to hear him gagging.

“Oh shit-”

Michael continued to throw up the water and Doritos he’d had today onto the grass in front of the side walk. Jeremy got out the car, placing a hand on Michale’s back and rubbing it.

“Shit Michael are you- are you sick? Do-do you- shit what do I do?”

Michael couldn’t answer, unable to stop the painful dry heaves that wracked his body. All he could make out was Jeremy saying “shit” every now and then. When he finally stopped throwing up Jeremy held a water bottle up to him. Michael shook his head weakly, not even able to speak.

“Michael ? Come on man you gotta drink after all…all that” Jeremy tried his best to not look, they didn’t need two people throwing up. “…please?”

But again Michael shook his head, his breathing excessively slow and calm to the point of being scary.
“Jeremy I- dude I’m gonna pass out…”

At that Jeremy felt his heart jump. “What?!” If he wasn’t scared before, he was horrified now. He put a hand to Michael’s face and nearly screamed.

“Oh my god! Michael you’re burning up!”

Michael simply blinked sluggishly as a response, Jeremy didn’t even know if he heard him. He moved to unzip Michael’s jacket, and only then did he get a response.

“No…” his words slurred together dangerously, like his tongue couldn’t move, “can’t let…don’t let anyone see”

“I won’t, I wont! But we gotta take this off ok?!”

Either Michael was too weak to fight back or Jeremy’s panicked tone convinced him, either way Jeremy tugged of Michael’s jacket.

Then Michael gagged again.

“Ok…ok listen we’re gonna put you in the car and I’m gonna drive you home ok?”

“Whhat? You’’ve never driven before you can’t.”

“I can have the SQUIP help..! They’ll know how to drive…it’ll only be temporary-”

Even through his incoherency, Michael has him a death glare.

“Are you-are you fucking stupid?”

Jeremy cringed, “Michael I gotta get you ho-”

“You can’t listen to anything that damn iPhone tells you to…’re so better off got the girl..the..the life.”

“Ok ok Michale you’re right, calm down.”

They had to take a break in their argument as Michael gagged again, bringing up nothing but bile.

“Don’t you…fucking…” Michael’s eyes rolled back as he dropped like a rock, like a puppet cut from strings. Jeremy screamed again, catching his best friend.

“Michael ! Michael?! Can you hear me?!”

When he didn’t respond he weighed his options of using the SQUIP. But no, Michale would kill him if..when he woke up. He brought out his phone and with a shaky breath dialed 911.

When Michael groaned, Jeremy instantly leaned over him.

“Michael ? Dude? You awake..?” Came his unsure voice.

Michael opened his eyes slowly, feeling like he just woke up from a coma. He looked around and saw he was in a hospital and instantly knew some bad shit went down.

“Oh god…what happened?”

Jeremy took a seat next to him and nervously grabbed his hand, fidgeting with Michale’s fingers.

“You…you had some pretty bad heat stroke there. Well..heat exhaustion? I can’t even tell anymore. You passed out and I called an ambulance.”

“Mmm…thanks Jere-bear.”

Jeremy blushed at that, crossing Michael’s finger over one another. He was a nervous wreck.

“You shouldn’t have been wearing your hoodie…especially in your car. You know better than that dude”

“You don’t get it ok Jeremy? I couldn’t let anyone see-” his eyes widened and suddenly he shot up in his bed

“Michael your IV-!”

Michael caught his jacket lying on a chair across the room. His eyes were wide and frantic as he looked down, but Jeremy held his head up.

“Don’t worry I didn’t let anyone see. I covered you with your jacket in the ambulance, and blanket here. You can wear mine when your mom gets here…” Jeremy sounded like he’d planned this out for hours, and honestly he probably had.


But then Jeremy smacked his arm.

“Ow- Jeremy!”

“Never! And I mean never do that again! I think my heart stopped beating there for a moment that was terrifying!”

“I’m sorry Jeremy I’m-”

“Don’t-I know. I know…just…you’re health matters too, you know?”


There was silence for a while. Jeremy was still holding his hand.

“At least I have the best player one in the whole world”

Jeremy smiled at that, and rolled his eyes “yeah, you’re really lucky. Go to sleep, stupid.”

Even if Jeremy was dating Christine, he’d accept this little moment. And as for Jeremy…after all this was over he’d tell Michael he’d broken up with Christine and why.

siberiasiren  asked:

Cami, are you okay? I think you oughta take a break...All this drama and stuff is probably tiring...I mean, I know you wanna work on the animation, but your health/happiness comes first. If fans get impatient then screw them they aren't true fans >:/

Let me asure you that I am not, in the slightest, affected by this “drama” thing.

I only told people to stop talking about it on the chat because it was annoying for everyone else.

People think I’m like concerned or affected by the topic and I’m here just thinking if I should eat icecream before the stream or while doing it.

Alpha/Beta/Omega sentence meme!

Feel free to add your own!

  • “Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be an (alpha/beta/omega) instead of an (alpha/beta/omega)?”
  • “What’s it like? Going through (heat/rut)?”
  • “I think the world would be a better place if we didn’t have alphas or omegas- imagine, everyone as a beta!”
  • “I said no!”
  • “I don’t understand how people can cheat once they’re mated- everyone else smells wrong.”
  • “I know we didn’t get off to the best start, but I want to try again; I want to court you, please? Or at least be friends! I don’t care that you’re an (alpha/beta/omega), I want to know you.”
  • “I’m tired of dealing with my (heat/rut) alone, could you please help me?”
  • “I like it when you get jealous/possessive/protective~”
  • “You know… Next time we have sex… I wouldn’t mind being bitten, we’re practically mates anyway right?”
  • “Did you bite me?!”
  • “I have goals in life and I’m not going to let being an (alpha/beta/omega) slow me down!”
  • “Some days I just want to say ‘fuck biology’ and settle down with a Beta, less drama with them y’know?”
  • “So I’m not an (alpha/beta/omega), that doesn’t mean we can’t be together!”
  • “Wow you smell really good today; new perfume/cologne?
  • “If potential mates can’t handle the fact that we smell like each other because we’re friends then they aren’t worthy mates.”
  • “Remember those sleepovers we had when we were younger, and we’d whisper about what we thought we’d present as, tease each other about what we thought our mates would be like… We should do that again, we’ve got lots more to whisper about now.”
  • “Omega’s aren’t slaves and they’re not porcelain dolls!”
  • “Not all alpha’s are controlling egotistical assholes!”
  • “The next alpha to look at me like I’m a piece of meat is going to get my foot up their ass.”
  • “I’m sorry if I freaked you out, I didn’t like the way that (alpha/beta/omega) was looking at you- it creeped me out and I didn’t know if you felt comfortable around them.”
  • “I don’t care if you do or don’t have a knot, I’m not interested in sex with anyone.”
  • “You DO realize I’m aromantic, right? I don’t want a mate.”
  • “Oh gods, did your heat just start?”
  • “I love how submissive/dominant you are.”
  • “Can we just cuddle tonight? I want more than just sex with you.”
  • “Slick tastes really gross, does it taste better to alpha’s/omega’s?”
  • “Knots sound so scary, are they really worth all the hype…?”
  • “If you had kids one day what do you hope they’ll be?”
  • “Can you walk me to my car please/walk me home? I get nervous being alone at night…”
  • “I want you as my mate.”
  • “What do I have to do to make her/him/them realize I want her/him/them to claim me?!”
  • “I still want a wedding.”
  • “You’re the only (alpha/beta/omega) I trust with this…”
EXO ships facts

So, I’m new in this fandom but I already die because EXO ships are real af

I’ve been into youtube and I have a theory.

1. Kai is totally in love with Kyungsoo

2. Kyungsoo hates everyone but he is very sweet when it comes to Jongin

3. Baekhyun is so in love with Chanyeol like a middle school girl and actually gets nervous every time he’s around

4. Chanyeol is in love with Baekhyun but he’s kind of scared because he knows that the things he’s feeling are so strong and he doesn’t know how to handle it, so pretends he’s interested in Kyungsoo (when they’re actually friends, because KS hates everyone, especially Chanyeol)

5. Sometimes Baek gets tired of Chanyeol’s bullshit so he also pretends he’s not interested and spends time with Sehun or Yixing or anyone around him

6. Chenmin is real

As I said, I’m new and I don’t have all the information about the ships, but please let me know if you think any different.
Sparring Partner

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1088

Summary: You need to practice your fighting skills and Steve is more than happy to be your sparring partner. 

Your chest was heaving with each breath as you rolled across the foam mats set up in the gym, moving back to your feet quickly and punching out at the open air. You’d been down here practicing since dawn, practicing kicks, hits, jumps and rolls; everything really. You needed to be better and if better came by spending every day down here than that was what you were going to do.

You’d taken it to heart the other day when Steve had told you that you were behind the others during a mission; he hadn’t been cruel in the way he told you but you could read between the lines well enough.  You didn’t have the past training like Natasha or come equipped with a suit like Tony and Sam, nor did you have any inhuman abilities like Wanda; you were just you and you needed to up your game by a lot.

Kicking out in front of you, you felt yourself lose your footing, your elbow taking most of the punishment as you came crashing back down onto the floor. You gasped, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes as you cradled your arm to your chest, angry at yourself for having failed a kick you’d watched Natasha make dozens of times before.

“You’re trying too hard.” Your head snapped around to find Steve leaning against the back wall, his arms crossed over his chest and his lips held in a thin line. Scrambling back to your feet you hastily wiped away the tears with the back of your hand, hoping that he hadn’t seen them. “Your moves should be fluid and natural, almost like you’re dancing.”
You nod your head, swallowing around the lump in your throat harshly as you watch him walk towards you, kicking away his shoes and stripping off his shirt. Your eyes widen as he steps onto the mat opposite you.
“What are - what are you doing?”
“If you want to get better y/n you need to practice with someone else, you can’t keep punching at

thin air and hoping for the best next time we’re out on a mission.”

Steve lowered himself into a starting position and you felt the heat prickle at the back of your neck as you mimicked him. Being down here by yourself was bad enough but embarrassing yourself in front of Captain America was ultimately a lot worse. You’d only been harbouring a secret crush on him since day dot, finding it hard enough getting your mind to think straight whenever he was around you let alone coordinate yourself properly while sparring. You could already see that this wasn’t going to end well.

Steve didn’t give you much of a choice though as a second later he lunged towards you; you tried to block him with your leg but he used it against you and brought you back to the floor. Balling your hands into fists you got back up swinging out at him. It went on like that for a while, Steve would knock you down and you’d get right back up, managing to make a few good hits yourself. Each time you did he would praise you and you felt that heat at the back of your neck go up by a few degrees.

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