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Last night a first-year from India was asking me about my dogs and, upon learning their origins, he exclaimed triumphantly: 

“Oh wow, I knew it. I KNEW IT. I can really tell. My family feeds about 10 street dogs in my neighborhood, and they all look like exactly like that. When I saw your dogs I kept staring, like: ‘Why do those look so much like dogs from home?’”

OK, so I wrote a complaint to the BBC. As I’m not from the uK, I wrote a real letter:

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922

Hamburg, 29th January 2016

Sherlock Series 4

Dear BBC,

once, you were the beacon of truth and originality. Your shows were groundbreakingly brilliant. As I am a livelong fan of Sherlock Holmes, I was especially delighted by the new adaptation done by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. I followed this series since 2010.

Therefore, can you imagine my shock when I just watched series 4? As I don’t live in the UK, I pre-ordered the DVD and just watched it over the weekend. I loved everything on this series up to The Abominable Bride. But series 4 was not only disappointing, it is, in my honest opinion, pure treachery in regard to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. Please, let me explain:

Especially The Final Problem has nothing to do with how a Sherlock Holmes story works and it’s a right affront to say that it was adapted from the works of Conan Doyle. because it wasn’t.

No, this is not about canonical purity (like “Eurus wasn’t in the books!” whining). It’s about the structure of the narrative that makes a Holmes story.

Sherlock Holmes is not a magic wizard - he operates by logic. Therefore, his deductions are comprehensible and reasonable. When he explains them, people can follow through (even saying that it sounds easy when explained). The deductions follow logical rules to determine the truth.

Now, by introducing an omnipotent, superintelligent, crazy and therefore unpredictable previously unknown factor like Eurus into the above equation, who, because she’s mentally ill and a genius, is motivated by inexplicable and irrational impulses, the writers literally threw over the board. It’s not a game anymore, indeed, because this is not the Holmesian game as it has been played for decades. It broke the rules, it revoked the contract the writers had with the audience: that when a Holmes story is adapted, the viewer has a chance to solve the puzzle. The lost sister was never foreshadowed in any episode, not even hinted at, before suddenly taking centre stage in the penultimate episode. That, at least to me, is rather cheap storytelling, even cheating on your audience.

Because we didn’t have a chance to figure it out. The writers and the director reduced that beautifully crafted, exciting show to a pile of senseless rug pulls just for the sake of it. There is nothing to analyse, no motivation to look into, no making sense of it. And that is not only true for The Final Problem now, because by carelessly interlocking the Eurus factor with previous episodes, Moffat and Gatiss even destroyed the frame of reference I thought they had established.

Another point I want to complain about, that intelocks with Eurus, is the show’s dealing with its female protagonists. They either sacrifice themselves for the male hero(s) (Mary), are reduced to a sobbing, pining mess (Molly), used in a purely sexual way (Irene Adler) or have to be locked away because they are superintelligent and therefore crazy. Whereas Sherlock and Mycroft were shown to control their mental powers and reign them in to make use of them (Mycroft as a government official, Sherlock at least as a freelancer, albeit with a drugs problem), the sister wasn’t able to channel her extraordinary gift. She doesn’t seem to have got any help, but was just locked away. To me, as a female academic, that says that very intelligent women are also easily bound to go off the rocker because they are too emotional (Eurus apparently killed Sherlock’s childhood friend because she was jealous). I find that depiciton of female genius highly problematic.

And please tell me why the show was marketed with the catch phrases „Miss Me?“ - a hint to Moriarty – and „I love you“ or „Sherlock is in love“? Because Moriarty was only shown in a flashback and wasn’t that important after all, because he was only employed by Eurus; and with whom Sherlock might have been in love didn’t register with me. Certainly not with poor Molly Hooper, or Irene Adler (who’s a self-proclaimed lesbian). Was it the sister he didn’t even know he had? Well, you certainly love your siblings, but I hope you are not actually in love with them, as this indicates romantic interest…

In all, I feel rather let down and a bit cheated by Sherlock series 4. Sorry for throwing that at you, but as I said, I truly loved this show once.

Yours sincerely

This is the reply I got:

On the plus side, it’s not the general ‘NO JOHNLOCK’ response - on the down side, they simply say that you can’t please everybody (true), and, as the series is so hugely successful, it doesn’t really matter if a few people had issues with the series…

Yet I do think that the conclusion is the most vital part of a series, especially if the conclusion throws most of the previous series overboard and retcons large parts of its own narrative.

*shrugs* But what can you do?



TV Shows of 2016

↳ 2/50. Agent Carter

The cancellation of Agent Carter still hurts. The show really found its creative stride in its second season and the move to LA was perfect for Peggy Carter. The supporting cast got more things to do, especially the always delightful and loyal Edwin Jarvis. Most importantly the show was just so much fun every week. I really miss it and it stings knowing it won’t be returning. There is a chance that we could see Peggy again in the movies or even an Agents of SHIELD flashback but it seems unlikely we will ever see characters like Jarvis or Sousa again which is a huge loss to the MCU.

anonymous asked:

Kinks: Daddy..... Dog/kitten (my little kitten; leashes, collars) Spanking ;) Headcannon: Ciel likes doing role play during the do.

Yes, I agree. I can easily imagine Sebastian making secret orders with Nina Hopkins for gorgeous underwear with lace and ribbons, lovely costumes too (I don’t care if it is an anachronism, the entire kuroshitsuji universe is anyway). Anything that compliments the supple curves and soft, pale skin of his young master - and then see him blushing furiously when presented with the garments, but Sebastian knows Ciel is already excited and aroused by the mere thought of assuming the role that goes along with the little costume/lingerie of the evening …

Only to have Sebastian peel it off later on, layer by layer (perhaps leaving on a few - simply because there is nothing the demon loves more, than having his master while he is wearing the delightful garments, especially the laced little panties)

“leave them on, it’s kinky”

- quote: @rabid-bunny

thefearofcod  asked:

your moodboards are so delightful, especially the perfume ones, and I wondered if you could recommend any graphic-making tutorials or resources for someone who wants to make graphics and has, oh, let's say, precisely no experience or idea what they're doing? Asking for a friend

I’m so happy!  Thank you!  Everything I know about making moodboards I learned from @morethanprinceofcats.  Here’s how we do it.

1. Get pictures (I find them on pinterest, mostly.)  For best results, try to pick out a general color pallet beforehand.

2. Make them all squares.  Doesn’t matter the dimensions, as long as they’re squares.  I don’t have photoshop right now, so I use to crop them.

3. You don’t have to make the middle one a gif, but I like the way it looks.  I find gifs on tumblr, pinterest or google, and crop them into squares using

4. Upload them as photos on tumblr, three rows of three, with the (optional) gif in the middle!

Things especially delighting me this weekend:

  • Gideon McDuck, Scrooge’s crusading anti-corporate crime journalist younger brother.   
  • Dishonored. Finally got stuck into it and it’s the business. 
  • The Blossoms, their big spooky house, and their generally appalling ways. 
  • Ovaltine Nutritiously Delicious Chocolate Light.

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memesandmurder  asked:

the neon demon is such an amazing movie tbh I'm obsessed with it. it's so aesthetically pleasing and i really loved how jena malone's character went completely fucking crazy. i didn't expect her to go this far lmao And the end credits were beautiful

I’m fucking obsessed too! I rarely re-watch movies nowadays because I get stressed out thinking of all the ones I haven’t seen, but I keep having an impulse to revisit that one! 

Jena Malone was especially a delight, unfortunately for the same reason that was her character’s downfall: a bit too passionate! It had been too long since she played a disturbed person.

I thought Abbey Lee as Sarah was absolutely mesmerizing too. I desperately want to look like her.

Can you pinpoint why you like the movie? I don’t actually understand what I enjoy about it!

isaved15percentongeico replied to your post “FIC | Orphan Black | Cophine Not-Drabble Cycle 16.7”

I have no idea how late I am, but this came up on my timeline and it is honestly the best written cophine series I have read. ����


You are never too late to tell an author you liked their work, especially with such a delightful message! Thank you!  

The fic was written in 2013 when S1 ended and before S2 aired. Which is why none of it fits in canon anymore. At all. So I’m always surprised to find people still discovering and reading this fic and even more bowled over and flattered that people still enjoy it. I kind of wish you had read the version on AO3, just because you would have suffered less typos (presumably).

Thank you! :)

Today at petsmart
  • Me and Oscar: *waiting at checkout*
  • 2 little boys: *run up to Oscar and extend hands...but pause!*
  • Boys' mom: Boys, what do we say to owners of doggies we don't know?
  • Boys: Can we pet your puppy?
  • Me: Only if you like kisses!
  • *the boys proceed to get slobbered on by Oscar who LOVES children*
  • Me: Thank you both for asking before you petted him. That's a great and kind habit!
  • Boys: We have a doggie just like yours! Our pit bull loves to snuggle. But we know not every dog does.
  • And that was our best interaction of the day. Teaching kids to be kind and courteous of dogs is a fantastic habit.

Otoh, for most of my life i couldn’t even approach pet sounds altho many ppl i trust rec’ed it v strongly to me bc i had this like horrible cartoon fascist (hyperbole but like) gym teacher who took especial delight in tormenting and humiliating me and one method was to make me run laps in the gym while everyone was outside and she would for some fucking unguessable reason put a radio on playing that fuckin 80s beach boys album, like, kokomo and shit, and needless to say i developed this super unpleasant association. but thank goodness we grow out of all unwarranted negative associations bc i really love this and i will fight anyone who even suggests sgt pooper’s lame ass marching band is better, fucking no.

sneachtacait  asked:

*shyly nudges in url cuz she needs at least one nice thing today*

Send me a URL and I’ll write something nice about them.

We don’t know each other all that well [i need to fix that] but the interactions we have had are always a delight, especially when it comes to our bonding over Ducks. [i must send you more pictures]

You are a cutie patootie and have shown such kindness towards me and have always taken the time to make sure I am okay, and I promise that is something I have not taken for granted. You are such a caring, considerate person and deserve so much peace and happiness.

I look forward to getting to know you even more than what I already do.