is driving me


This was a brutal half. The hill at mile 9 was more like a hike. I was doing really well until then and thought I was going to pull a PR but that hill took everything I had in the tank. I walked a lot after that. We also kept having to go over these bridges that were super steep. I’m glad I made it. Official time was 2:39.


i should be asleep

i disappeared for like three days again!!

also this is so bright!!!!! on mobile!! so much!!! brightness!!

and the sketch bc i think it’s cute

Some seiyuri sketches in my sketchbook :33 @nakazanie

my little sister heard me breakin out in the middle of a Britney jam last night (?) or whenever the fuck I had my super manic episode where I cleaned a bunch of shit and bc she knows very little abt pop culture and even less abt mgs, she pretty much assumes anything I like is somehow tied to Liquid Snake

she pulled out my earbud and said “Eli, does the blonde Snake listen to…. the song that goes.. umm…. ‘hit me baby… one more time’??” 

And i was like ??? Who am I to say he doesn’t?? And she’s trying so hard to connect the dots???? So I just said “I bet he does. I bet he listens to it every single day. I bet he even dances really stupid to it like I do.” And that was the answer that she needed so she just trotted off.  

so if you guys ever wonder where I get any weird ooc Liquid Snake ideas, there’s your answer. 

So I… have been thinking way to extensively of an Accordo Group ‘Prequel’ to FFXV…

So, the gang is walking back to the van, when surprise!

The bad guy is inside the Mystery Machine!

…because Fred just leaves it unlocked while they’re gone for hours!

I guess he didn’t learn from last time.

Even the monster’s expression is freakin’ perfect.

“Like, seriously, dude? You just leave it unlocked?”

“I mean, I’m an unspeakable abomination, and even *I* lock up my van during a snack run.”