is deceiving

I forgot you already, I don’t remember you anymore.You became a page in the past, your passion became something ordinary. And no matter how much you weaken in front of me, I will still tell you I forgot you. A long time ago you deceived and betrayed me, and my tears did not matter to you. Why would I miss you? Enough, I’ve sacrificed so much. The tears of your eyes no longer kill me, so don’t cry. I will be cruel just like you were cruel. I forgot you and you must stay away from me. 

I will live. I will see others, and I will fall in love again. That’s it, my heart is now mine.  

Hills for lunch

Find the biggest hill in town, eat it for lunch, over and over and over.

I haven’t done a true hill workout in a while. I would like to incorporate them into my routine once a week. I hate running hills, but I do like being exhausted and I like getting stronger and faster, so hills it is. 

This photo is deceiving. It’s definitely a lung buster.

This morning I took some time to really roll out my legs. Between skiing and running they are getting super stiff and bulky. I also did planks and sun salutations. It’s amazing the difference those few things can make. Onward and upward (literally…).

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Damn you have granite in your teacher lounge? Haha my middle school teachers could barely get a good Fan.

lol, I swear that’s deceiving. The teacher’s lounge is run down and old, the countertops are like a weird random nice thing in a school that’s ancient

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that MQ Artix has a literal canonical line that heavily implies he has a history with subterfuge and infiltration???

The plan to save Romero involves deceiving the enemy forces into catching Artix so that he can infiltrate their headquarters and sabotage them from the inside

and when Helia protests that it’s too dangerous, his counter argument is “I have done this before”

I seriously can’t stop thinking about this. How many times has Artix pulled off a plan like this. How many times has he infiltrated enemy strongholds to sabotage them from the inside out.

He came up with this plan on the spot in the middle of a zombie-infested city on a zombie-infested planet in a matter of moments. That implies that he’s done it so often that he has an actual script to work from in regards to plans of this nature.

He was so efficient pulling it off that he had the time to leave a snarky note for Mr Z

There are a lot of implications here and I want to discuss all of them

> Puts a bunch of thought, effort, and time formatting into a post

zero notes.

> Spew a bunch of trash

all the notes.

This website keeps me humble in the most deceiving ways.

All I ever got from you was heartbreak. You ruined me in a way I never knew I could be ruined. I believed we had such an idyllic love, but sometimes things are deceiving. And I loved you even when I shouldn’t have, I loved you when you didn’t love me anymore. And maybe that’s what hurts the most. Because I was trying to make sense of the heartbroken disaster I had become, when you couldn’t have cared less.
—  Diaries of the heartbroken (s.w.)

Episode 83 “The Deceiver’s Stand”

“Just roll another 20!” - “What is it?” - “Not as great.” - “Four.” - “Plus?” - “Nothing.”  for @juxarope