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craig’s letterman jacket has an “h” on it, which makes me think that the gang goes to hartfeld, in which case sean, craig, darren, logan, and chris would all be on the same football team. obviously not at the same time because darren, chris, & sean are all the star quarterback at different points, but it seems plausible that darren & sean might’ve been on the team at the same time, since endless summer says that most of the characters are 21-22 (born in 1995-1996), maybe the freshman is later or earlier in time by a year or couple of years

“I don’t have anything to say that will cure the loneliness. In fact, there are still nights I have a hard time sleeping too, and Darleen has been gone for several years. You will always miss him, Brandi. But, it does eventually get a little easier. Life.”

Dina nodded her head and smiled towards Brandi.

“It helps to have friends to talk to that understand.”

“I am so thankful for you both” Brandi replied through the tears. She stretched out her arms and squeezed each of her friend’s hands. “I don’t know what I would do without you two.

Darren and Brandi stood and watched Dustin walk into his bedroom and then she turned to him.

“Come on in, Darren. Close the door. Where was he?”

“He was sitting by the pond in the park. I don’t know if he went anywhere else before that. He doesn’t want to talk to me…yet.”

Brandi nodded her head again

“Thank you for finding him. I know Dirk’s home alone, but would you like a cup of cocoa before you leave?”

“I’d love some.”


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He needs to find something like this to do on a regular basis.  Singing.  Dancing.  Music is what lights him up inside.  He was meant to be on stage; its why I spent every ND group number watching him.  I don’t think I realized how much I missed watching him until these 2 episodes.  

“I was so worried. Where did you go?”

“I’m sorry I ran out and you had to miss your outing, Mom.”

“I’m just glad you are okay. Did you see Darren?”

Dustin nodded as Darren knocked lightly on the door and entered the house.

“Thank you for going to look for him Darren.”

Darren looked over at Dustin who didn’t seem surprised he followed him home.

“Anytime you need help you can call me, Brandi.”

“I’m going to go to bed.” Dustin interjected.

Brandi nodded, and stroked Dustin’s arm as if to make sure he was real and still standing next to her.

“I…I’m sorry I worried you Mom.”

Brandi nodded again, not trusting her voice.