is dah best art

theheroineofmydreams  asked:

Aaaaaah! You dah best! And one tough cookie! I honestly love ALLL your art! (Especially subscribe and punch or septiplier and pewdieken <3) Aaa all the love for the cookie senpai!!

thankiiies! woah the houly trinity! S&P and mah two main otps. WELCOME WELCOME UR ON DAH GOOD BLOG.  ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლ

anonymous asked:

What should an artist do to get more people to see their stuff? Do you have any advice on the subject? (By the way your art is awesome! :3)

٩(。•ㅅ•。)و I don’t have any special advice. But i have an awful negative point of view on this subject.

3 steps to dah success:

1- fan art,fan art and again fan art

2- tags,tags,tags everything

3- …wait.

 ٩(╬ŏ3ŏ)و I hate sayin’ this, but a big part of my friends are absolutely lovely artistsa and they draw like gods! …but nobody likes/rebloggs their art. Why? bc no fan art. Only original artworks. and tagging original artworks is sooo difficult. Nobody will find ur art. Even if u r dah best artist in dah world.

ofc,there r some solutions: groups on deviantart/facebook ect.  Find u a community. Tumblr is not dah best place tho’.

If you can’t then..draw sometimes a fan art and tag it. ppl will find u like this. Maybe at first only for the fan art,and then for ur personal art.

I think i’ve alread talked  about that but i feel very concerned bout this problem. Its not your fault, not even of the ppl. It’s just the system that doesn’t put forward our personal art. Or yea’, it’s too difficult.  8A8