is crazy bonkers

Crazy people, best people . Joker x Reader

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Pairing (Jared Leto) Joker x Reader

Plot : the reader just as crazy as J and she finally meets him after she escaped Arkham.

Warning : swearing?

Crazy people, best people.

You got your self in a lot of trouble this time . But who was to blame . The guy really did test your patience.  And you weren’t known for your patience.  The opposite. 

You were known for a simple reason.

You were just pure crazy . You were completely bonkers.  No matter what they try to do to you , no matter how much therapy you go through,  you never changed .

That smile stayed on your face . That look in your eyes . That tone of voice.  That laugh . It will never change. 

Oh but why were you running right now and from who ?

The police of course silly!

You see , you finally got out of the looney bin , and as soon as you finally had a breath of fresh air,  freedom,  they had to ruin the fun . The guys you didn’t take with you to freedom.  So they informed the staff and they called the cops . And so you ran . You were almost impossible to catch while on foot.  You were an expert gymnast and a very fast runner .

So it was not a surprise that you ran in to a werehouse and hid in it . And of course no one found you . They never did. They only chought you once and it was all thanks to Batsy of course. 

You sat in one place for hours before you head footsteps and voices.  One particular voice chought your attention.

“Now boys hurry up and get all the goods out of here before Batsy comes and ruins the fun again .”
That voice made chills run through your body.  And you loved it . When you heard movement right beside you , you just smirked,  knowing it’s just a matter of time till they find you . And as soon as they did one of the guys who found you turned around “Hey boss we have a visitor .” The other guy dragged you out of your hiding spot “oh yay moving ” you giggle. 

“Oh what do we have here ?” Said the same voice .

You looked up only to see the most gorgeous guy you ever saw .

He was a bit taller that you . He had amazing pale blue eyes that could drive a person insane.  Bright green hair stood out just like the red on his lips . You slightly bit your lower lip as your eyes travelled all over his body . As if burning his image in to your memory.

You smirked at him “hi there hansom ” you purred.  You saw his eyes slightly widen.  What ? Nobody else ever told him that ? Oh well . Their loss . The smile on his lips soon grew in to a smirk as he ordered his goons to let you go . “And who might you be doll face ” he said.  You got closer to him , not showing fear like the others , but showing interest and a little bit of playfulness “the names (Y/n) but people often call me The Mad Hatter ” you smiled .

“Oh the infamous Mad Hatter,  what a pleasure ” he laughed,  hearing him laughing made you weak in the knees “my , my , what a cute laughter,  I like you , a lot ” you giggle. 

He looked at you , something in his eyes , interest ? Yeah. He was just as interested in you as you were in him and it made your cold little heart skip a beat .

“Really now?  Well then how about working for me then?  Hmm ~ Together we can rule over Gotham city as king and queen ” he purred , getting closet to your face .

Felling his hot breath on your skin , his,  being so close to you , such a hot guy , you felt a slight itch between your thighs. 

“Sure thing baby ~ ”


This shit is bonkers and I love it. That chorus though!!!

I’m nuts
Baby, I’m mad
The craziest friend
That you’ve ever had

You think I’m psycho
You think I’m gone

Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong

Over the bend
Entirely bonkers

You like me best
When I’m off my rocker

Tell you a secret
I’m not alarmed

So what if I’m crazy?
The best people are

All the best people are crazy

All the best people are

Where is my prescription?
Doctor, doctor
Please listen..

My brain
Is scattered

You can be Alice.

I’ll be the Mad Hatter.

—  Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez
Zodiac Signs as Cool Words

Aries: Winklepicker- A shoe with a long pointed toe, Popular in the 1950′s.

Taurus: Bonkers- Mad; Crazy.

Gemini: Incongruous- Not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something.

Cancer: Phosphenes- The stars and colours you see when your rub your eyes.

Leo: Eunoia- Beautiful Thinking.

Virgo: Wanderlust- A Strong Desire to Travel.

Libra: Bluestocking- An intellectual or literary woman.

Scorpio: Billow- A large sea wave.

Sagittarius: Ouzel- A bird that resembles the blackbird.

Capricorn: Tarn- A small mountain lake.

Aquarius: Yonder- Over there

Pisces: Puissant: Having great power or influence