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Coming Out Day

By James, 15, Trans boy

October 11th

Coming out day

I type a text


Just so you know,

I’m really a boy”

I stare at these words

For a minute

Then two

Reword it

Rework it

And stare even more

I hit send

And immediately regret it

But I can’t go back now

So I type it again

And send it again

To somebody else

Two minutes later

I get a text back


Two hours later

I get another


Congrats on coming out,

You’re a rad dude!”

I’m terrified still

And I still regret it

But all in all

This went okay

It’s October 12th

And I almost skip school

You support me in texts

But what about real life?

“Hi James!

Jormbles, Jorb.”

The name in my head

On somebody’s lips

“She - sorry, he”

It’s weird and it’s wrong

And yet so, so right

“If I ever mess up

You have full permission

To hit me with a gecko.”

Why a gecko?

Why not?

October 13th

I bring a toy lizard to school

Just in case

You know

But they don’t slip up once.

I’m still terrified

But I finally feel

Like I made the right choice

And I’ll be okay

hey so

i know i haven’t posted a lot of art in a long while

and i only recently found a digital platform that works for drawing but i need validation since i haven’t done lineart in a year so

is it looking okay-ish or should i put an end to this abomination now?

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Prompt: *Aaron on the phone* "I know this is out of t-the blue b-but I think something bad has happened to me and I don't want to go before letting you know how much I love you.

“What are you…Aaron?” For a minute he expects him to laugh and tell him it’s a wind up but then he hears a horrific wet coughing sound over the phone and he’s on his feet and running out of the pub before he can think. “Where are you?”

“S-scrapyard…I don’t…”

“I’m on my way right? Two minutes, Aaron!” He should hang up, call an ambulance or something because he knows, Aaron’s in trouble, but he can’t because he can’t leave him. He spots Kerry outside the salon. “Kerry! Call an ambulance. It’s Aaron. Scrapyard. Hurry! You hear that, Aaron. Help’s coming.”

“I-I love you. Jus’ wan’ you to know.”

“I know, of course I know.” He’s running as fast as he can, legs burning. “Aaron! Stay with me.”


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And another day was gone. Well, more or less. Brynn run down the stairs, eager to take her books and go back home, she knew her bed was waiting for her and a healthy nap. She was so tired she had to redo her locker combination three times, her brain half dead. As she was ready to finally run away, a voice called her firmly from the other side of the hallway. Oh damn… was the only tought she had the time to articulate, before Maple spoke again. 
“You know that I’ve been waiting for you, I think we need to talk…“ her tone was soft and mellow, even if Brynn could perfectly spot the threatening hint, she had no doubt why every guy in a 50km radius was falling for her. “And I don’t think there’s anything to talk about, I didn’t do anything.” replied Brynn lifting her eyes and pointing them straight into hers. “Already defensive, huh? I just wanted to talk, it’s not as if I declared war… yet.” Brynn was getting tired of her attitude: 17 years old and she acted as if the world was hers, when in reality all she had was the admiration of her peers cause genetics decided to bless her somehow. That menacing tone, as if she could destroy her life: she already destroyed her reputation, Maple already played all of her cards. There wasn’t anything else she could do against her. 
“Okay, tell me then: what’s wrong?“ asked Brynn with a sarcastic tone, she was doing her a favour after all. No one was paying her to listen to Maple’s troubles, right?

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Can we talk about how Sojiro seemed to be this really hard-ass type of guy, but he later on adopted seven kids and a kitty cat? Good times

I could talk about Coffee Dad and his band of children all day tbh. Like he cares for them so much by the end of the game and he is so proud of his children for saving the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if they looked up to him as a father figure, since most of them never had one… I just want Sojiro and his kids to be happy. ;A;

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Hi! So I’m a nonbinary biromantic asexual. I want to come out to my parents, particularly the nonbinary part (I’m afab) so I can finally stop shaving my legs and cut my hair to how I want it. But my parents have been very adamant that I present myself as “feminine” (but I don’t always feel like that!?). They’ve revealed themselves to be very homo - bi - and trans-phonic. Idk what to do 🙁 — feeling dysphoric and lonely.

Lee says:

If you think that you’d be in danger if you came out, or that your safety would be threatened in any way, then you shouldn’t come out yet. 

Helpful links:

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in response to social media anon: at 17 i came out on facebook, before telling my dad. it's a really good way to get the news out to more distant friends/relatives and i dont regret it at all. however with immediate family, it's a good idea to try and talk to them individually as well; my dad was really offended that i'd told facebook before he could 'get used to it'. from what I gathered though, people's reactions were the same as if I'd done it in person. good luck!!



First off, I want to apologize if this post will come off as rude or anything. I do not wish to come off rude, but I need to say this one way or another.

Starting today, I will not be answering asks that simply say “hugs to (insert character), kisses to (insert character). 

I will be honest, and most of the asks I receive before, and until now, only state of hugs and kisses. As much as I love seeing the much love MS!Au receives, I want to draw something fruitful. Something with an “idea”- not just simple fanservice and all that.

I look forward to receiving asks that have intriguing questions, or intriguing requests (which I may or may not reply immediately to), and seeing the inbox spammed with many questions just warms my heart (literally, you guys are awesome owo)

However, the fact that half of those messages are just “i wanna hug (insert character)” or “can i get a hug from (insert character)” kinda dismays, at the same time, warms my heart. Warms bc I am reminded that people support the AU. Dismayed because that’s practically all there is to it. A compliment and a hug/kiss- nothing else. 

Unless the message with the request of “hugging” is alongside another idea (i.e hc ideas, questions, etc), I will answer them. Again, I don’t want to be rude, but I hope you guys understand :<

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I'm a gay trans guy without much access to masculine clothes, so everyone in my school thinks I'm a butch lesbian and I'm too scared to tell them the truth. Help?

okay so I’m not going to give advice on a topic that I don’t know much about but if there’s anyone in a similar situation, could you please help? I don’t want to say unhelpful stuff