is coming out soooooon

I’m back...?

Sort of. I’d like to start doing fic recs again, but I won’t be doing fic requests. I started getting so many, and I felt obliged to try to answer all of them, and it was literally killing my interest in wolfstar. Too much stress and exhaustion. I think I’ll keep my ask box open, if anyone wants to come say hi or if you’re looking for a specific fic, but I won’t be taking any fic requests. For the sake of my sanity.

I mean, I also may have gotten obsessed with a certain kpop group (*cough*BTS*cough*), which might have taken up all of my fic reading. But I’ve gotten back into wolfstar recently, so I’d like to share some of the amazing fics I’ve come across. 

tl:dr watch out for a new rec list coming soooooon :)