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Bad Day (Connor M. x Reader)

Publicities says- can i request a connor imagine where the reader is feeling a bit down that day and connor takes care of them? just lots and lots of fluff?

This became more of a drabble, sorry! I hope you like it <3

Words- 490 (I am so sorry haha)

Warnings- Nothing but fluff

Things have been just peachy.

You didn’t get a ton of sleep last night, and nearly everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. There was a surprise project for your history class, and a test in your math class that you didn’t study for. You also accidentally spilled your lunch all over Evan, and you thought the kid was about to cry.

After that, you decided to just stay in the bathroom all day, which didn’t work since Connor dragged you out. Typically, he would just sit there with you, but he also knows that you will stress over school work.

You continued your day, doodling in your notebook, barely paying attention to your classes. When the final bell rang, you ran to locker. After you put everything in your locker, you felt skinny arms wrap around your waist.

“Connor, can you carry me home?”

“Get on my back.”

Your eyes widened as you turned around. “Dude, really?”

Without saying a word, Connor turned around and crouched down. You smile and carefully climb onto his back. Connor places his hands under your knees and trudges out of the school. This isn’t the first time he let you do this, but it was defiantly not something Connor does often.

Before the two of you made it home, Connor stopped by the local ice cream shop. He made sure that you stayed on his back, paid for everything, and ordered your favorite ice cream. You could tell people were put off by your position, but at this point you couldn’t care less. The fact that Connor was doing this for you made your day worth the pain.

By the time the two of you made it to your house, Connor’s hair had quite a bit of ice cream in it. Luckily, either he didn’t know, or didn’t care. You’ll probably help him clean it out later.

Connor walked into your house and carried you to your bedroom, placing you onto your bed. Before you could say a word, Connor walked out. You waited there, making room for him for when he came back.

When Connor comes back, he is holding different blankets and pillows. He places them on top of you, and crawls into the bed next to you.

You bury your face in Connor’s chest, while he wraps an arm around you.

“Wanna talk or sleep?”

You smile and lift your head slightly. “Can… Can we just sleep?”

Connor smiled softly at you, and gently pulled you closer to him. He sighs and places a small kiss on the top of your forehead.

Your smile widens as you close your eyes and listen to Connor’s heartbeat. It was a comforting feeling, knowing that Connor will be there in the morning, hopefully still sleeping. No matter how horrible your day is going, you’re glad that Connor will stay by your side, taking you out for ice cream, or snuggling with you.

I was looking through the photos with Richard I have on my phone device and, may I say, how wonderful the black and white/sepia ones are??…. ^_^